Love is our new reality

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Saint Germain via James McConnell, January 10th


(Continuation of guided meditation when St. Germain takes over)

Now begin to see things changing. Those that were of the darkness now coming into the light. Those who were of the darkness and would not turn into the light, see them leaving. And in place of those see only peace and love throughout the land. The entire world coming together as brothers as sisters. As one with each other. Everyone helping their fellow brothers and sisters all coming together. They are all one people. We are all one race. All one unity. A unified force.

You can see councils forming everywhere here on the Earth. New members coming into these councils. Ones who wish to spread the word, spread the light and love. Peace across the planet. Know that they do not have to have the experience to be a part of these councils. They only need the desire. Desire to serve.

See now many ships coming. Many ships showing themselves in the skies. Many of you have already been seeing that as we have been doing this exercise. You can see the ships coming, landing in what have become space ports, no longer airports but space ports. For all can enter the ships and travel throughout the Solar System, throughout the Galaxy. You can enter the trains that are deep within the Earth and travel within all areas of the Earth within minutes whether above or below.

Wherever you find yourself now, take this image that you have, take this vision that you have and bring it back with you. Come back down the Pillar of Light. Come back into the room, wherever you find yourself. Back to your physical bodies. Know that what you have just done has been more helpful than you can imagine for the entire world process.

Just as you are doing this, there are many other groups around the world doing this same process. “When two or more are gathered in my name, there I will be amongst you.” This was spoken by Yeshua. but Sananda was speaking through him.

Know that many of the changes that we have been speaking of, that you have been hearing of, are certainly in the works. Nothing is being held to chance. All is being orchestrated as you have heard many times now. Because of this mighty orchestration, because of the many pieces of this mighty puzzle that need to come together, it is taking what would appear to you to be a longer wait. But I tell you now, that it is only a short time on the entire stretch of the space-time continuum.

All is being readied. All is being put out in front so that it all can move forward at the pace, in the frequency, in the time frame that is necessary.
You are all a part of this. All of you. All who would listen and read these words; you are all a part of this great plan. Some have a larger part. Some have what they would consider a smaller part. But all are a part of this, none the less. There is no greater. There is no smaller when the plan is all as one.

Whatever you are doing in your daily activities to visualize, to create in your mind the New world, you are having an effect. With all of these lines, all of this coming together to create the new Golden Age, there is nothing that can hold it back any longer. They can continue to try, but their efforts are coming forth now as futile.

We are with you. We have always been with you and will always be with you. We are your brothers and sisters. There is nothing, nothing at this time that can hold this back from happening. Just trust. Trust in yourselves. Trust in each other. Trust in the love you have for all of mankind. All of mankind is about to go through a major shift.

I am St. Germain. I am grateful for the times we have to share and I look forward to the time when we can meet in person. You will remember me and I will certainly know you.

Peace to each of you. Continue on and know that all will take care of itself as you move forward in your everyday moment.