Love is our new reality

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One Who Serves via James McConnell, March 18th, 2018

One Who Serves

Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum. Om. Om. Greetings to you!

One Who Serves here with you to continue as we have been doing for some time to bring you closer and closer to the grand moment that you have all been waiting for, that we have all been waiting for, that we have all been working toward.

That is not to say that you are not to be in the moment as always and in all times here, because as you await this grand event just as we do, you continue to live your lives. You continue to move and have your being in the expression that you need to at the given moment and continue to enjoy your life.

And that is the important part. In-joy! Enjoy. Be in the moment. Find the joy in every moment that you can because this particular part of your life is going to be gone very soon.

As you know your lives, they are going to change intensely. So in the time moving up to the grand event, in the time moving up to these waves of energies that are going to increase drastically here … greatly — let’s use this word better here ‘greatly’ — as these energies increase greatly you are going to be prepared even more and more, or acclimated as Sananda has used this term before. You are going to be acclimated to these energies so that when they come in more and more fully, not only will you have the eyes to see and the ears to hear but you will have the love expressed within you so that you can open up to those that are longing to find the answers themselves, just as you have.

So we would say here to you to continue to keep those seatbelts fastened because yes things are going to get rocky here for a moment and then they will smooth out. So while the storm is beginning to rage around you more and more now, find that calm, that peace within you. Find that, be in that eye of the storm. Because that is what is going to take you through this transition and prepare you for all that is yet to come as you are prepared to assist all of those others that are going to be seeking out this assistance. Okay?

Do you have questions here for One Who Serves?

Q & A

Q:  [emailed question]  When the wave of frequencies from the Central Sun beams forward for The Event will this be the time that the entire Earth is covered in daylight (Light)?

OWS:  We would say certainly light yes. There will be an affluence of light that has never been here before. It is as you go out on a beautiful spring day and you feel the energies as you move outside and you feel the sun’s warmth and you see the beautiful blue sky and you feel the light as it comes to you from the sun. Especially as you look directly at the sun or even with your eyes closed as you gaze at the sun and you feel those energies and you know it is the light coming from the sun. Well now experience the light coming not only from the sun but from the Galactic Central Sun. That energy, that immense expression of energy and light coming from the sun. And it will appear as if the days have become super bright and the nights even, at those times, become super dark because it is the expression that is coming that is going to spread the light and the energies across the planet as these waves of energy come in and certainly as the pulse of energy comes from the Galactic Central Sun and increases the light a thousand-fold here. Okay?

Q:  [emailed question] How does the Galactic Federation or Prime Creator predict or model the different elements of managing the transition to 5-D for planet Earth (for example: the financial change, introduction new technologies, etc.) and how humanity will react to these events. What tools and techniques are used by the master planners?

OWS:  What we can say about this is not so much the tools that are used but that there is a great plan in motion. It has been in motion for a very long time and it continues to be shifted and changed as mankind’s consciousness shifts and change. Mankind’s consciousness is what determines the path and the path of the great plan that is going to be … is in the works here, it is going to become, come to fruition. And as the consciousness of man continues to change it alters the plan so that there is a plan a “A,” a “B,” a “C,” a “D.” And the shifting is needed as consciousness continues to shift. So mankind’s consciousness it was what determines the probability and the possibility of this plan developing and being worked out as it needs to, and the exact moment that it will be brought into the picture here. In other words, take down the 3-D illusion and bring you up into the higher vibrations into the higher frequencies of the higher dimensions here. So all of this is in motion. All of this is in process but it cannot be completely predicted based on mankind’s consciousness shifts and changes in every moment. So you must look at it as the bigger picture here, not from your more individualized picture. Look at it from the point of Prime Creator. As Prime Creator assimilates or works with this plan as it develops in every given moment based on the consciousness in every moment of every individual on the planet.

Q:  [emailed question] If we came from other star systems and the Pleiadians are our ancestors, what was our vibrational frequency before we decided to incarnate into a human being? For example were we 5-D, 6-D, 9-D, etc.

OWS:  First of all there is no ‘if you came from other systems.’ You all did come from other systems. So that is for certain here. And as the idea of where you came from and what dimension you came from and vibration, you all came from higher vibrations, higher dimensions, to come to a point where you volunteered to literally bring your vibration down to this three-dimensional illusion and be a part of this experiment here. Just as Gaia herself volunteered to lower her vibration as it was needed to be a part of this expression. Now it is time for all to raise their vibrations back up again. This is why we continue to say the memories are coming back to and will come back to you. Because as these memories come back you will realize where you have come from, where you have been before, the vibrations that you came from. This is why so many of you find yourselves in this dense vibration of the third dimension and feel like you need to leave it and go home, and you do not want to be here anymore because you have realized that you are beyond the 3-D illusion now and you are remembering the higher vibrations and you long for those higher vibrations once again.

Q:  [emailed question] Are we going to have the opportunity to see our family members who already ascended when we go onboard the ships or would that be at a different time?

 OWS:  That is a wonderful affirmative yes! You are all going to experience your families that you have left long ago, and those families that are even here in your lifetime now that have passed on. There is going to be a remembrance … rather a reunion that you cannot possibly imagine at this point. Take your greatest party you have ever been to, your greatest celebration you have ever had in this lifetime, and magnify that hundreds of times over, and know that is the celebration that is waiting for you, that we have been preparing. We as the Ascended Masters, we as the Galactics, the Agarthans, all of us have been preparing this celebration and making it so that it is going to be something beyond your wildest imaginations as you come aboard the ships, as you come into the Inner and Hollow Earth, as you find yourselves going back with your families that you had left long ago.

Q:  I’m hearing about the 432 sacred number being everywhere in all of life and things of that nature. Are we remembering the sacred knowledge and information and will we be setting up let’s say education or ashrams and things of that nature to help reeducate ourselves, or help remember these things to help us with the New Earth? Could you share about that – things of 432.

OWS:  It is all about vibration. We have spoken of this many times. Vibration and consciousness. And as you continue to raise your vibration your consciousness will raise accordingly. And as you raise your consciousness you will raise your vibrations accordingly as well. So as you find that your music and your various vibrations that are created by music will resonate much more with your consciousness as these vibrations of your consciousness raise. You see? So as you find yourself drawn to various musical experiences that make you feel good – not make you feel high or in terms of make you excited or anything of this nature, but bring you to a balance within yourself, the harmony within yourself, if you will. And this is what you are moving toward, going back to we would say, because at one time your classical music and your different vibrational music that you had long ago and even not that long in your various lifetimes here as we find it, you had experienced this feeling that these various masterpieces brought to you as you listen to these piano concertos and all of this. It brought you feelings of peace and calm and oneness. But it was shifted and changed by those who did not want this so they changed the vibrational frequency to a totally different vibration so that it would excite you and it would excite your lower chakras and work within your lower chakras instead of the new vibration that is coming and old vibration even if you look at it this way that is coming back, that will bring you into these higher vibrations as you listen to it. Okay?

Joanna/Shoshana: What I find is that numbers are part of universal language that can be translated easily by all beings. What would be purposeful for this caller would be to meditate on each number that comprises 432 to find the personal meaning within that number for himself and to understand what the message is for him. Thank you.

OWS:  Yes. Wonderful. It is all about finding the personal harmony for yourself where you resonate. This is how the healing processes are coming forward where they are going to use more and more of the vibrations, sound vibration, color vibration, that is going to resonate with those parts of your body that are ill at ease in those moments bringing about a balance situation within you. And these vibrations are going to resonate with the cellular vibration within you. This is how this is coming. And this is the precursor to those of the crystalline chambers that we have spoken of many times. They are called now that are being released now the tachyonic chambers. And they are coming even now as we speak are already available across the planet here as we are finding it. And more and more will be brought forward. This is part of the transition of moving from your medical science as you know it now into a more molecular and cellular science that is coming forward.

Q:  I had a three-part question about dimensions. I understand that processes are constantly expanding so the first part is are higher dimensions constantly being created? What is the highest dimension? Can it be defined by a number?

OWS:  Yes, no and no. Or rather yes, yes and no. You are constantly raising your dimension. In other words eternity is just that, eternal. And everything continues to shift and change and the dimensions that are available now are not going to be the same dimensions that are available in the far future. Just as they are not the same dimensions that have been available in the past. But if you bring all of this together, the past, the present, and the future all as one, it is all considered one dimension. You see?

Now that, we know, is very difficult to understand at your three dimensional level and it is difficult for us to even begin to share this to you so that you can begin to even fathom to understanding it, but all is one. And there are infinite dimensions just as there is only one dimension. So all of this is going to come together to you at later point when you had experienced the sense of oneness. But when we say later point that is putting it in a time sense. We cannot do that because it is all happening now in the moment. So in the now moment you are already in the higher dimensions and you are already in the lower dimensions. So you are in all dimensions all at one time now. And your multidimensional selves are experiencing this in many different dimensions at once here. You see?

There is never going to be a point where there is going to be a number to the dimensions. We cannot say there are 100 dimensions we cannot say there are 1000 dimensions because dimensions are eternal in the now.

J/S:  All is expanding always and forever through Divine Consciousness and Creation which is you as the One.

OWS:  Yes. Wonderful.

Q:  I have participated in some very powerful educations that help people get rid of their past and are also vibration-raising and I know that some of these have a similar root as Scientology. And so my thought would be that Scientology was of the light. Now we’re hearing all of this stuff come out about how bad Scientology is. Is Scientology of the light? Did it get corrupted? Or is this a cabal tactic to take people away from it?

OWS:  All religions, all experiences such as this have a root in the light. There is never a point where it comes beginning from the darkness. But there are points where as it moves within the light the ones that are moving with it in this expression then begin to move toward a darker expression and bring it into a sense of not of the light. So what we are saying here is that all of your religions began as one and they as these religions began to move into a sense of darkness, or a sense of control rather, moving with control as the prominent need for these various religions, then this is moving away from the light and more toward the darkness. And all of these religions though are going to move back from this sense of darkness back into the light and realize that all of the religions are one from the beginning anyway.

J/S:  And One Who Serves, in the third dimensional reality there is always duality.

OWS:  Yes. That is correct. As you move from the lower vibrations from the third dimensional illusion then you move more and more and more out of the sense of duality.

Q:  This is about a dream I had a few days ago and I don’t usually remember my dreams. This one was pretty vivid. I was looking up in the sky and saw big black and red eagles flying around. And there were especially two that focused above me and were kind of almost hooked together, doing a dance around each other. The next thing one of them had come down and was embracing me and it felt wonderful. It felt like a love affair, like just wonderful. And then he was gone. And then the next scene I remember I was walking up a big street and on the left side, which is where the eagle had come from, there were these huge trees everywhere and I was looking up all the time. I was walking with a small child in my right hand. And I was looking up to see him again and find him again but these trees were in the way. That was the dream. Now my interpretation was something like once drawn … maybe I should just let you interpret it. May I?

OWS:  Please say what you were going to say first.

Q:  That for me, that connection, the longing for the beyond and wanting to be there but being held up here maybe because of an attachment to my children. I’m not sure.

OWS:  Whenever you have dreams of flying or these, as you say, these eagles flying it is a dream or interpretation of your fourth chakra. That is the air chakra. At this point it is saying that you are being worked with in your fourth chakra more and more. This is the love center. And the love center is reaching out just as this eagle came down to you this is your fourth chakra embracing you. This love center within you embracing you so that you are feeling this energy, feeling the love coming to you from your Higher Godself. Your Higher Godself is reaching out to you.

Q:  Beautiful. Is there any reason why they were black and red? Or that they were eagles?

OWS:  The idea that they were eagles is your sense of the majesty of what the eagle brings here to your society. The beautiful eagle that flies freely, soars across the sky. This is your indication that you are going to be soaring — not necessarily flying in this way — but soaring into the clouds coming closer to your Higher Godself. Reconnected here as we find it.

You wish to add something Shoshana?

J/S:  I have the red and black as the feature of prominence. And for this one [caller] to take notice of this dream, they showed vibrant colors so that she would remember.

OWS:  Wonderful. Very good.

Q:  I was going to say, One Who Serves, the last caller mentioned in her dream state she sees the eagles but like today I saw a hawk. And lately I’ve been seeing lots of hawks just flying, hovering. So from the collective consciousness — not just my own consciousness — but the collective consciousness that I’m part of, and the multidimensional consciousness that I Am, would seeing hawks, would that be related to majestic consciousness or remembering our consciousness or our fourth chakra communicating to us that we’re returning back to that opening of our fourth chakra?

OWS:  Absolutely yes. It is certainly this. This is for all that become to experience, become more and more aware of the flying creatures, the birds, and the various types of birds as you begin to feel your sense of oneness with them, you feel connected to them. This is not only your fourth chakra but this is your expression. You are reaching out. You are wanting to fly again; fly again home you might say. Even to the point of your seeing the ships and all of this. This is all a part of the transition as you are moving through these expressions here.

Q:  I was talking late at night with my adult son on the phone and all of a sudden we heard all this beepings and I’ve been reading about codes. And we looked and there were a whole bunch of numbers. Were we being coded or something we’re going to remember? I wrote a lot of the numbers down. 

OWS:  When you are saying you are hearing beeps on the phone, is that what you’re saying?

Q:  Right. And then when I looked on the phone it was like 4477047700 – all of these numbers were coming up. I’ve been in numerology before too but is this a kind of a code or something?

OWS:  We do not understand here how you can be seeing these numbers on your phone.

Q:  Well I just took the phone down because it was beeping and I kept seeing all the numbers running across on my phone. [Cell phone] Like I was dialing in.

Q:  [Interjection]  Could I just say something. It could be just your year. Because sometimes like my ear hits the dial pad and it could be your ear hitting it.

OWS:  What we are finding here as there is not a great deal of significance to what you are experiencing. This is a glitch you might say in your phone or your contraption that you are using at this particular time. It is not saying that there is … although we are finding that there is a sense of surveillance, you might say, that is occurring here. Not to frighten you or anything of this nature but to let you know that it can happen and does happen at various times, that there is this connection that is coming from other levels of your governments and all of this. This can be a possibility here as this is occurring. It could also be as the one that just said simply a bunch of numbers that are being hit here. But to understand what is occurring here is not something that you have to be concerned about at this point. Anything further Shoshana on this?

J/S:  I believe that that is accurate.

Q:  Because of a harsh situation I put myself in in 3-D, I start worrying about me not doing what I came here to do. I mean my mission. And worry that I received I will know more about it and at the right time especially after the event. And the other thing is that I wanted to be there for the Advance but for this kind of situation I cannot and I received the thought that I can bilocate to be there to participate. So what has spirit to tell me about it please?

OWS:  As far as you’re being able to bilocate and be here astrally, certainly you can do that. Be a part on the phone here, be in that connection and in that connection there is no time and space so you can be here as much as you believe that you are here. That is one thing here. The first part of that, can you repeat what it was here?

Q:  Yes. So because I put myself in a harsh situation, a harsh experience, 3-D experience, because of that I start worrying of me not doing what I came here to Gaia to do. I start worrying about my mission. I’m not doing my mission. I’m not doing what I’m supposed to do. Or I’m not on the right path. 

OWS:  Ye. And what we do hear is the reason we asked you to repeat this is because you repeated it the same way again. And that is the use of ‘worrying’ here. There is no need to worry about what your mission is. Your mission is what it is. And when the time comes, when the frequencies raise enough within you, then that mission that you are here for will continue to evolve and bring you to the right situation, in the right moment when it is time for this. So no need to be concerned about this. This is for everyone now. Not only this one who has asked this question but all of you. Do not worry about anything here because it is all part of the orchestration. Just be who you are in the moment and everything will work out for itself and you will be guided as you need to be here. Okay?

J/S:  And I have a message for you if I may. The message is that your intuition and your awareness is very high in this lifetime. The ingredient that is missing for you is to trust it.

Q:  I wonder if I can share that Sananda showed me an image of the reunion and it was absolutely wonderful. As you said it was a party, a celebration we will never forget. And that many of us will come back. I remember him putting his arms of my shoulders expressing to me that yes, I have to come back, and that vibration, that moment was just so precious. But I want to turn it around to what I was wearing. I was wearing a gold suit and I wanted to understand what the significance is of the colors of the suit everyone was wearing. Some were wearing blue, I wearing gold, and I wasn’t sure is that because of the New Golden Age. Why was I wearing a golden suit? Was it symbolic?

OWS:  Perhaps it is just due to color at that time. Just need for various colors. You do not need to focus so much on what the colors are but the idea and the excitement and the joy that you experienced within this celebration. This is what is important here. Not so much what one wears just as there is not importance to someone’s name here, but your vibration. It is all about vibration … has always been about vibration. And your colors, themselves, are a vibration in itself. So whatever you are feeling in that moment would be the color that you may tend to want to adorn yourself with in that time.

Q:  Regarding the three stars of Orion, the Belt of Orion: there are three stars aligned and the middle one is a touch off. I’ve been seeing them everywhere for about a year, year and a half now. I don’t look for them but I see the formations in so many things whether it’s rocks on the street or houses lite up or whatever. Even one day I dropped some oil on my boot and there it was on my boot. My favorite linen shirt now has three tiny holes in it in the same pattern. But they even showed up on my cheek about a year ago. Three little spots same formation. I never hear you talk about Orion. Is there anything about that? Do I have any kind of connection with it?

OWS:  We think, as we are looking into this, that you already know the answer to that and you are just looking for confirmation here. But certainly, yes, you have a connection here just as those ones that are arranged the pyramids in this exact way. The great three pyramids there in Egypt were arranged in this exact formation because of the connection to that area where you came from in those experiences. So that is an affirmative yes you have a connection there. You may continue to be seeing this just as others may experience this as well. So all of this is about your memories returning. Even that sometimes an unconscious level they may come to you.

J/S:  The message that I am getting for you is that when the pattern repeats itself it is a significant thing. And that as the being that you are, it is important to reach out and understand this constellation and its ancient meaning. And as you reach out and investigate this constellation and its ancient meaning memories will return to you.

Q:  If I understand correctly one title for our group is First Wave Indigo Starseeds. I know that the indigo is light ray and I believe it represents a level of attainment we have reached, I may be wrong on that. But can you tell us more about the Indigo Ray and the abilities we have at that level?

OWS:  Yes we can say to you that many of you are associated with this particular Ray, the indigo, the purple Ray here and you are expressing at that level and moving together, come together here as a group as a soul group in this particular Ray. You are working with the Yeshua, the Sananda here. And this is particularly an expression that you are bringing forth here. When you yourselves are drawn to this particular color in the higher frequencies that this brings here, then you are finding that you are coming back to the remembrances from which you came. Does this answer your question?

Q:  Well okay so it’s not necessarily a level of attainment, it’s just kind of an expression of their frequency that we are expressing at that time. Is that what you’re saying?

OWS:  That is correct. Not so much to look at attainment because that begins to separate you from your fellow man. It begins to put you into an elite status. And we would never want you to think in those terminologies because you are all one. We are all one. And there is no reason to differentiate yourself from one another other than a sense of responsibility. That is all.

Q:  So I kind of was looking at soul evolution as kind of a series of attainments and you get greater abilities as you advance along the path. Does it not really work like that?

OWS:  It does not work that way. That is again putting you into an elite status and that is what you are moving away from in your new Golden Age. It will move you from a status of what you attain to a status of what you are responsible for. This is how the hierarchy in the higher vibrations, higher dimensions work. When for station, you might say, is dependent on responsibility. Not station as to what you attain in terms of power and control and all of this. Do not think in those higher terminologies, for that will be after the transition, after your ascension, all of that will be in the past.

Now we have one more question that has been asked by one who did not want to ask the question directly but we are getting it from the James so we will answer this. It is about the Kumaras and who the Kumaras are and where they come from. And when you hear Sanat Kumara and Sananda Kumara and all of the other Kumaras they are from the planet Venus primarily in terms of the Seven Flame Lords that came from Venus to assist the Earth evolution here. And those of the two, the Sanat Kumara and the Sananda Kumara were the ones that stayed on to bring this evolution forward. The others have moved on. But the Sananda and Sanat Kumara are here to see this through to the end and they even into the beginnings that are coming forward here. So they are going to be with you, are with you and will move on after they are no longer needed here at this level of evolution. That is what we can answer for this question at this point.

Now we need to release channel here.

As you continue on to experience these waves of energy that are coming in and will continue to come in, you will feel these moments come over you where you will be excited in one moment and be completely down and depressed, and what you use the term earlier, aggravated in another moment. And this is to be expected as you continue to feel these energies moving into you and you resonate with these energies. And the more that you resonate with these higher energies that are coming in then those times of aggravation and anger and all of this will dissipate more and more where they will be replaced by a sense of joy and happiness and goodwill toward, not only others, but toward yourself as well.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the one.

Channeled by James McConnell

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