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Sananda via James McConnell, March 18th, 2018

I AM Sananda.

As always as I come to you to be with you, with this group, with this program, I AM here to continue this process we began so long ago. And I come now to remind you of those promises that you made as the volunteers that you are to come into this system, to bring this system forward; to bring this evolution of man forward. That is what each and every one of you are here now in this moment to do. This is the mission that you came for.

Many of you have not yet come to exactly what your mission is going to be. Some of you already have. It is all a matter of a process that you are moving through: to remember. To remember those times, those experiences that you’ve had in the long past. To find you here now in this moment, this moment that is directly in front of the Grand Event as it comes closer and closer to being realized here at this level of experience; this expression this consciousness here on the planet.

And the moments that you have been expecting and waiting for are coming now in waves of energy. You are feeling these energies as they come in and move through you and raise your vibrations. And as your vibrations continue to raise you will find that whatever maladies, illnesses, sicknesses that you might have had, they will dissipate now as these energies become stronger and stronger and you yourselves become stronger to be able to handle these energies.

We as a group have been preparing you for these times. You’ve been brought together to bring your mission forward as a group, as one, as a family, so that when those moments come, when you are then called for, when your name is called out — and we all know your name as your vibration just as you know us by our vibration — and those experiences that are ahead and those experiences that you’ve already had are preparing you for all that is coming now in the moment. For always remember you are here in the moment. The past is only the past. The future has not yet been written. But in this moment you are creating that future that is ahead. Not only for you, each one, but for the collective you, the collective mankind.

This is the process of your ascension. And as you continue to move through this transition — and this is a transition area period — as you move from the old three-dimensional illusion that has been created here, that you have had a part in creating. As you move from that into the higher vibrations of the fourth and the fifth dimension you will find that your thinking processes, your visualization skills, all of this will create your new world as the new age, the New Golden Age of man begins.

This is the time prior now to the great changes that befall you. And as these changes become more and more prominent; as you become more and more aware of the energies as they increase all around you; as more and more of your brethren, your brothers, your sisters become more aware of these energies as well, they will begin to awaken just as you did. And as they awaken they will be reaching out and need reassurance that they are not crazy.

Just as you reached out when you first began to awaken and began your connection once again to your Higher Godself, so too will they do this as well. And as you reached to your Higher Self and they will reach to their Higher Selves, they will seek out answers. And you will be there to provide those answers as they are requested.

I AM Sananda. I leave you now with all of my peace, my love, to be shared with all of you as One. For as One we are in this together as always.


Channeled by James McConnell

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