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One Who Serves via James McConnell, March 4th, 2018

One Who Serves

Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum. Om. Om. Greetings to you!

We are here, we are back! We are ready to go ahead! We are ready to move along here, to get this show on the road, you might say. To keep things rolling. To rock and roll, all of these things that you say, all of these crazy sayings that you use. But they are so apropos these sayings because they mean awakening, they mean the continuance of the awakening process within all of you. Rock ‘n roll; move ahead; enjoy life; find the moments of the joy; find the joy in every moment, rather.

Go ahead, move forth, enjoy, express, experience, because all of this is your life. All of this is your expression, your reality. And you need to work on creating the very reality that you are and that you want in your lives. Okay?

We are ready now for your questions. Would there be questions here for One Who Serves? Fire away as the saying goes.

Q & A

Zoe:  Excuse me … can you hold a minute. Let me tell the people on the phone what our question process is so they can start populating the queue before you start.

You can’t just jump in like we do on a regular Sunday call so to ask a question, press 1 to raise your hand.

When I open your line, I’ll announce your area code but you’ll also hear a recorded message saying you’re live. Start by telling us your name, and location.

And here’s the important part: Ask your one question briefly, concisely, neatly, succinctly, and any other synonym you can add to that list because — please understand this — the more specific and succinct the question is, the better the answer is going to be. Sometimes One Who Serves will try to help you target it, and sometimes they’ll guide you in for a landing. But the simple fact is … they will not / they cannot answer what is not asked. So formulate a tight question in order to get to the best answer. And if you need to give background info for whatever you’re asking, keep that to a minimum too. Otherwise it just convolutes the question. And also, the more people your question will benefit, the better your answer will be. And afterwards then please press 1 to remove yourself from the queue.

So thank you. That’s all I needed to say.

A/R:  Also Zoe those in the house where James is probably can’t press the button or put their numbers so they would possibly come first. Is that correct?

Zoe:  Well yes as a matter of fact that’s what’s happening right now. And you guys can jump in whenever you want, as you know, because your line is open. So go ahead Ruby. Thank you for waiting.

Q:  [emailed question] Every so often there is an overwhelming burst of radio talk shows about the RV/GCR exchange. They seem to be despaired about what to do and when to exchange. We know that no one knows the day and time and we are not to worry about the exchange process. However Zora said that we are waiting for 800 numbers to call for exchange and even the Dinar Chronicles has set up a page for the 800 numbers to exchange. I don’t know how reliable that is. Can you enlighten us on how or who would notify us when it’s time to exchange?

OWS:  What we can tell you is not who will notify you but that you will be notified in various ways. As the times come, as those events take their course, you will be in the knowing. You will be aware of these things. But it is more important that as consciousness raises it will all become very self-explanatory as these things develop. You will not need to be sitting by the phone or sitting by your computer or anything of this nature and waiting to hear an announcement that yes, now you can go on and call this number, this 800 number, or whatever it is.

We are not saying it will not come in this way. It may. You may have these numbers to call when the time comes, when the announcement comes. But it will likely not be an announcement that will come over the, what you call the mass media waves here. It will come more as a knowing and understanding at the level of consciousness that you find yourself in that moment. You see?

So there is no need to worry. You use the term worry here. Please do not worry about this. Do not be concerned about this because everything will take its course and be exactly as it needs to be in the right moment. And know that you are in the right moment at the right time. When we say you we are talking to the collective you here. Not only to this one who has asked this question. All of you will be informed and know the right moment where you need to be and it is all part of the great orchestration of the great plan that is in work her

Q:  [emailed question] On February 20, 2018 someone posted a video about two UFOs shooting at each other over the skies of Nevada. The name of the video is Shocking Footage of UFOs Attacking Each Other Over Nevada. Zora of Hollow Earth said it was a UFO visitor from outer space and Ashtar Command directed it to leave the planet. The visitor refused to obey orders and Ashtar Command proceeded to eliminate it. Can you comment further on that event?

OWS:  What we can say on this as well as many of the other events that have already occurred and that are coming and we speak here in terms of ‘are coming’. There are many more of these incidents that will happen. Many more will be aware of these things, will see these things, and will know that they are not alone. If Disclosure is not going to come from the governments themselves, from the heads of governments themselves, then it will come from those who are bringing Disclosure to them. In other words those of the Galactics will bring this about in one way or another. So it is coming. It will be a part of this. These expressions that are happening are real. There are these events, these space wars you may call them, that are occurring. We have told you many times Star Wars is real. You see? It has happened, it is happening. It is happening in many places across the galaxy and across the universe in similar respects to this occurring. Where do you think this story came from? It came from the collective consciousness or the universal consciousness and was picked up by that one who wrote this. And then it was taken from there and made into a movie and another movie and another movie and so on and so on. It is all part of the same great Galactic story that has been going on. So what is occurring here now is true as Zora is saying it. There are those ones coming from other areas of the galaxy that are not being allowed to be here. At the same time there are those that are attempting to leave the planet, that are attempting to escape the planet, and they are not being allowed to escape and leave here as well. Okay?

Q:  [emailed question] When the light worker community learned of what was to come with the currency exchanges did people just start purchasing Dong, Dinar, etc. as they felt guided? Is there somewhere you can recommend that I can learn more about what to purchase and how it all works?

OWS:  As far as learning how to learn more you always have that special place that you go to: Ask Google. [Laughter] So you can certainly go there and there is much information that can be gathered in that way. To understand what is occurring, how it is occurring, and the idea that it was given some time ago through many different sources and was suggested at those times to purchase these particular currencies and this and that, that was correct. It is not so much that you have to have it. You do not have to have it. You will not be destitute if you do not have it. You will simply not be a part of that particular expression as it comes forward. But also know that again everything is being orchestrated. So if you are not part of that particular currency exchange as it occurs, you will be a part of the other expressions that are coming forward in terms of the trillions and trillions and trillions of money that is going to be released to the world for these various projects and such. It will be released to all so that it will bring about what is being called as far as balance goes. Balance is the important thing here. To take away the haves and the have nots so that everyone has. You see?

Q:  I received this week the thought or the idea that asking me to invest and look at information about crypto currency and politics in Canada. So I am asking for guidance if this info comes from my guidance or is it a mind thing?

OWS:  Was your question whether you were receiving guidance directly? Is that your question?

Q:  Yes, about the crypto currency.

OWS:  As we have said previous at other times when this question has been asked, this crypto currency idea, this is something that has been created by the cabal predominantly. And they have attempted to shift the financial system in their favor so that it does not leave their control. You see they know that their system as they have used it now, the what is called the SWIFT system, has been in their control for a very long time and they wanted to keep that control. But they know that it is being taken away from them and they attempted to bring something else into the picture where they could still maintain control. And this is their attempt to do so. Now we are not saying directly that this idea of crypto and Bitcoin and all of these types of things are not going to be a part of your expression, because that has not yet been fully determined as we find it. But the financial system that you are under now is going to greatly change and it will change again to bring about a balance situation onto the planet. Not only this country here, your America, but Canada, and Europe, and Africa, and so on, and so on. All will change as a result of this. But the final analysis, the final result that is intended here is to move completely away from the need for any kind of financial remuneration or exchange in any way in the manner that you have been used to. Okay?

Q: How are you wonderful One Who Serves?

OWS:  We are wonderful. We are wonderful as always. We do not know anything else but. How would you like to have that as your expression?!

[Call temporarily being facilitated by another AA family member, this time a male.]

OWS:  That does not sound like our Zoe there. What, is there a transformation here? [Laughter]

Q:  So I’m wondering, when this very large pulse of light comes, for our people who are so indoctrinated in that negative Christianity where there is absolutely no room for any other thought — and I noticed too that a lot of such people have a lot of health issues and everything going on — so I’m wondering, when this large pulse comes will they see it in an instant like, really truth, if you will, in clarity? And also how will their physical bodies deal with that at that point?

OWS:  We can tell you that they will feel it at whatever level that they are at, whatever level of consciousness they are at in the moment. Many will shy away from it. Many will not believe it. Many will say it is of the devil. You see? They will follow their old programming, their old religious programming; what they were indoctrinated into. But there is also going to be, there is a plan in the works here as well, that will help to alleviate some of this for many of them. And it will be, it will show, across the entire planet at the same time, an image of that ideal that they recognize. or those here, for those of the Christian orientation it will be Yeshua showing himself in the sky, as you would know it, in some order, in some way here. We cannot be specific yet as this will be, for many of you that are aware, it will come in the way of a ship and the New Jerusalem being shown here where it could not be not seen across the planet you see? You understand this? At a three dimensional consciousness level you may not be able to grasp this. But at a higher fourth and fifth dimensional level you can begin to understand how all of this is going to come about here. It is going to be a grand event and also many grand mini events as we

Q:  I have a question on behalf of my son Valentino who is 11 years old and is a little shy to ask the question. It was about a dream he had the other night. He didn’t understand and wants to know what meant. He is only 11 but he is awakening. In his dream he said that he was taken to an old house it was very old he said I was there but there were two of me. And he said I directed him into a room where there were multiple old portraits of many, many people, and I directed him to one particular portrait of a man who was dressed in very, very old day clothes. And I said to him in that dream that this is St. Germain and I speak to him every day. And I was telling my son — this other me telling my son about St. Germain. And all these other people, beings, children, and I was talking to him about all of them but I mainly directed him towards St. Germain. And then he woke up in the morning and came into my room and said mum, who’s St. Germain? So I was like wow, okay, you had a dream about St. Germain. So basically he’s really perplexed and I am a little bit too about what that was about for him. So I’m wondering if you could help there.

OWS:  We are finding in this dream is that it is an expression of the old versus the new. The old mansion, the old pictures, all of this is the old consciousness within this one. And the idea of you being two different ones is the higher self of this one. The old higher self you might say and the new one that is coming. You see the higher self, you may not know this, but the higher self is also based on your consciousness as well. So if your consciousness is low and a very — what is the word here we are looking for — just a lower extreme consciousness, then your higher self is going to tend to be along with that as well. This is different than many people would think here in these terms. But this was showing that the other part of you, the higher self, the higher consciousness self, was directing this one and bringing the consciousness of the St. Germain to him.

This is also a connection this one has with the St. Germain as well. He does not yet know this, he does not yet feel this but it is a beginning process here. Whereas this one being 11 years old is beginning to move into the timeframe and the frequency within this one, to find their own way now in life or so. The beginning of the puberty stage as you know it.

Q:  Yes it was so wonderful. His eyes lit up and he was like, mom, who is St. Germain?! And he said it like that [excitedly, inquisitively]. And I do feel, yes, obviously we’re all one and we’re all connected but it’s a little bit more of a connection with St. Germain and Valentino or his higher self. Exactly how you said it. There’s more to this wonderful surprise I guess he will see very soon.

OWS:   That is correct.

Q:  If there would be life crystals on Earth which connect you with the higher dimensions of light and light of Metatron and Lady Sananda [Lady Nada], with Lord Sananda and wish to share them with all the cosmic spirits and all the angels and archangels. But they are not from this world, but they have manifested on Earth carry them with you. Once you have them in your room and they liberate all of your chakra systems, they liberate the whole outer and the house and everything and release you from all karma once you communicate with them, would you use them?

OWS:  What we can tell you if we are understanding this question correctly, you are speaking of light crystals is that correct? That carry the light language. And these light crystals are in various places across the planet. Yes that is true. But more and more are going to be manifesting themselves on the surface of this planet, within the planet itself, and are going to come forth. Just as the Atlantis and Lemuria utilized crystals it is all coming back to the planetary surface here. You will have the use of crystals very much so again. But in this time when these crystals are reintroduced as they once were, there is not going to be the black consciousness that came with them. The dark consciousness that they began to work with here.

Crystals are amplification devices. They will amplify the light and they will also amplify the dark.

Q:  So my question was if those divine light crystals would be manifested on Earth would you use them?

OWS:  Would we, the ascended Masters the Galactics would we use them?

My dear friend, my dear brother, we are already using them. We already have access to these things. To these light crystals, light crystal chambers — you’ve heard that term before, have you not. The light crystal chambers. This is predominantly what these are about here. And this one that is asking this question is receiving this understanding and this knowledge or rather remembering this knowledge. And this is where this is coming from. And those of us, what you call the Ascended Masters, what we call the Galactics, the Agarthans, all of this, we already have access to these various crystals, the light language, all of this. You will also have access to this as well

Q:  I was wanting to find out will we be experiencing an ice age several years from now? We’ve been told that we have 72° weather and now I’ve been hearing that we’ll be experiencing an ice age. Can you elaborate on that?

OWS:  You are not going to be experiencing an Ice Age, not any time soon we would say. In fact it is going to be the opposite. You are going to experience the beauty of climate once again. The balance of climate, we can say, where all will be 72° or thereabouts across the planet. Now there will be certain pockets that will be available that will not be in that degree but there for the most part the entire planet will become a temperate planet just as it once was. No Ice Age in your future here. Not near future here. And if there were to be anything of this nature then all would be accommodated as needed to be in that time. You have heard before if it ever came to a need — and this was the old timeline now, so please understand this. In the old timeline the ships were there and ready and prepared to be able to beam up all of the people on the planet within 15 minutes or so, if you can imagine. And this has been done before. Not here on this planet but other planets when needed. So it begins to give you an idea of the technology, the spiritual technology that is available at the higher levels of consciousness.

Q:  Thank you so much One Who Knows.

OWS:  We are One Who Serves. [Laughter] But that is what we are here for: we serve. We do not know everything. We only know as much as we need to know, but we don’t know everything.  [Laughter]

Q:  I have a question about our air with all the light waves coming through right now across Gaia. I’ve been experiencing more than once, when I’m outside late at night, (that’s when I do my grounding and connecting,) and when I breathe in I always connect with the universe and I always look up and I’m taking my deep breaths and so forth. Well last night I was experiencing this once more. And what’s happening is I’m feeling like something is dropping in from the air into my throat and into my eyes. It would fall into my eyes as I was looking up at the moon and actually make me have to blink because it would be pretty intense like something just poked me. Something fell through the air. Could you explain to me what that may be if you have an answer for that?

OWS:  Was your feeling of this ia positive or a more negative feeling?

Q:  Well it wasn’t negative. It was just happening and I thought whoa. I removed myself from outside and went to the garage to finish because every time I would take a deep breath it would do something to my throat or when I was looking up it would hit my eyes again. And I did it a few times. I went back out to see if it would occur again. No negative.

OWS:  What we can tell you for this then is that the energies are changing, are shifting. We have been saying this for some time. And you will be experiencing these energies in many different ways. Some will come as feelings, some will come as memories coming back to you, but others will come simply as you are saying in terms of a physical sensation. You will feel the energy itself. You will know it as it moves into you. You are more and more of you are beginning to smell a difference in the air are you not? You are beginning to sense something is out there. Something is occurring here that is different. Are you not?

You are beginning to experience the fresh air that is coming in and much of this is coming now as these various chemtrail operations are shutting down. They’re going to be closing down almost completely here very quickly and you will find that the energy in the air will also shift as a result of this. Those of the Galactics have been heavily working in this area as well. If they can — think about this just for a moment logically — if they could beam up 7.5 billion people in 15 minute time period, do you not think that if they wanted to they could clean the air? [Laughter] Ya think? That is what they have been working on. You can almost look — it this not this way so please do not think of it in this terminology — but think about it as they have these giant machines that can send air out from these machines to the entire planet. You see? Fresh air. Fresh air that is full of oxygen.

That is what this planet is missing at this point the pure oxygen. It has been purposely curtailed and diminished by those activities of the cabal across the planet. Those of the dark forces. But this has been diminished greatly as well. As we have said and as Sananda said, their funds have been depleted greatly; their resources. They are no longer have the ability to wage war in the respect that they have been doing up to this point. Okay?

OWS:  Any other questions here before we release channel?

Zoe:  Hi it’s me again. [Call facilitator returns.]

OWS:  Transformation occurred again here! [Laughter]

Zoe:  It looks like they are all cleared

OWS:  Wonderful. Wonderful questions here that were given. Have you noticed the change in many of the questions that are coming forth now? Much higher-level, what you would call higher-level consciousness and what we would call higher-level consciousness as well. And this is an indication that all of you are moving in the direction that you were meant to do all along here. Not that we were wanting you to do but that you were wanting to do as a collective here.

So everything is going exactly as it needs to. Everything again is always a part of the orchestration and you are a major part of this orchestration. Always remember that we cannot do it without you, just as you feel you cannot do it without us. But we will only help you as much as you are ready to help yourselves.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the one.

Zoe:  Thank you all for joining us today and adding your lovely energy to this project of remembering the ancient wisdom.

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 If anyone has a skill to volunteer to help James with this mission to help awaken and gather our fellow 144,000, get in touch with him please or Moses. We can use translators. Even as simply as directing other people to the call, that’s a Light Warrior’s service. The Ascendeds have been imploring us lately that it is time now for us to step forward and help others awaken to the Light. So that is what we should be doing.

And before I go I want to thank Darrell for really going much much further than I thought he was going to have to come in order to come help me with this situation that I ran into here. So that was Darrell if he didn’t have a chance to tell you who he was. [Thank you Darrell!]

So that’s it for us on this end. How about you guys in the house? James, are you back? Are you ready to take your call over?

James:  Yup Yup I’m back. Just real briefly thank you so much Zoe for everything you’re doing it was wonderful. I love your humor that you’re bringing into it I guess the One Who Serves is rubbing off on you now a little bit too.

Zoe: Sorry I ditched you like that. It was an emergency.

James:  Yeah in the moment that’s always great. Darrell thank you so much for jumping in there like you did. Appreciate that. And Rita thank you so much for everything that you brought in. It was wonderful as always.

And I want to thank everybody for being on the phone with us, or being on the computer if you’re on the computer, however you find your way to the BlogTalkRadio show. Remember this is a once-a-month, we do this the first Sunday of every month so anybody and everybody can be a part of this. They don’t have to be a member of Ancient Awakenings directly but my hope is that as more and more people become aware of our group and our program here that they will want to be a part of it directly as you all are.

So thank you all for being with us and I’ll say adieu for now. See you all next Sunday and have a great week. Love you all. I guess you can cue the music now Zoe.

Zoe:  Okay. Love you bye.

A/R:  Thank you very much. Bye for now.

Channeled by James McConnell

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“Believing is seeing!”