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The Divine Mother via Linda Li, March 5th, 2018

Message From The Divine Mother ~ Gaia Ascends to Higher Vibrations

By Linda Li, 03/05/2018

Dear heart, I am your Divine Mother. Yes, the current incoming energy is tremendous, it was designed to raise the collective consciousness up a notch. So far so good. 

Dear ones, I come today to give you a quick update on what is happening behind the doors, and how humanity is doing. 
Yes, lately, the situation in the 3D world has been more chaos than normal. Humanity has gotten to a point where it is obvious that something is going on, even though humanity may not have a clear idea, but humanity definitely knows something is happening. As result, humanity has already started to look for answers, and started wondering what exactly is going on. Humanity knows that there is something beyond the 3D world at work, and that power at work seems so potent, humanity almost feel it and wants more, and that is the good news. 

Besides the power, humanity also knows that the spiritual world must be involved, in what altitude, humanity may not know, but definitely to a degree, and that is also helpful for humanity to further awaken itself and further recognize the Divine power which is at work, not only the Divine masculine, but also the Divine Feminine, the Mother God of all creation. Humanity needs to know that there is a Mother God, Mother of all creation, on earth, in human body, and her solo purpose here on earth is to wake up the sleepers and take them home. 

I love you dear children on earth, I am your Divine Mother, also known as Mother of all creation. Yes, I am your Mother God. It is I who created you all, including the planet herself. The reason I have created you and Gaia, the planet, is that I want us to have a play ground, a place we can come and go, learn about living on a planet, as a human and gaining the wisdom along the way. Now, that play time is over. We need to ascend to a higher place so that Mother Gaia can have a better condition and better treatment. 

Yes, in the process of coming and going, we have made Mother Earth ill and that illness is very severe. That is why I have decided to come, and see how bad things have gotten, and decided to stop the low vibration, and together, with Mother Earth, ascend to a higher vibration place so that Gaia will have a chance to be healed and go home with us. 

Mother Earth is Gaia in form. She is a great being, my great daughter. She has incarnated here forever. Everything on earth is her child, including the animal kingdom and the rest of creation, the things you eat, and use, are all part of her creation and are her children. In order for all of us to go home, including Gaia and her children, I have to literally come to earth, incarnated in a human body, gauge the situation, and see how horrible Gaia has been treated, and decided that kind of days are over. Gaia has taken enough of the abuse, and she needs healing, all over her body, the ocean waters and the rest, you name it. It is a total mess. She barely could survive when we arrived here in 2012. However, over the last few years, because all the help from Divine and the rescue army, she is now in much better shape,and quite happy I am here with her. So, things are starting to turn around, and Gaia starts to relive again. She is out of the emergency room. But still, she needs our tender loving care in order to ascend. That is the order and that is why I am still here, till this day, to support her along the way, to support our light workers who will stay with Gaia and take humanity home.

As for how long I am going to stay here for Gaia, the Divine plan is for me to stay as long as needed. Meanwhile, I can experience the human life, in form and so far I love it. I love you dear ones. I am your Divine Mother. In this human life, day to day life, I found that it is interesting the things humans do without giving consideration to Divine and Gaia. Everything becomes mechanical, almost robot like. In the spiritual world, we should always consider the spiritual laws, unconditional love and the Divine qualities possessed by spirits. And in humans, it seems that those qualities have disappeared. For the sake of living in this world, a majority of the souls who are living for the sake of living without thinking or connecting with their inner light, and that is unfortunate. That is what makes me cry. I cry that my dear children are so lost, and I cry that I can not seem to recognize how bad things have developed, and how bad of the place my children have come to, and the bad shape Gaia is in. Yes,even though she is indeed in a better place, but she is still vulnerable and fragile, and that makes me worry. 

My dear ones, the planet is going to make it. But in the process, she has to shake off tremendously and that shake-off process is going to make me cringe because it means a lot of souls have to leave and go home early. They may not realize it yet, but that time has come. The time for the planet to shake things up, and the time for the planet to heal. I mean a great shake-off has to happen in order for Gaia to be totally liberated, and that great shake off period of time is just around the corner.

Dear children on earth, I am your Divine Mother, Mother of all creation. I know most of you have not waken up yet, and most of you have forgotten I am your spiritual Mother. But you will, dear ones, some day, you will open your beautiful eyes and see me. I am waiting for that beautiful day, with my open arms, and I will embrace you, my beautiful children on earth. Together, I will take you home, including Gaia, Mother Earth. Together, all of us, are going to a better world, a world with peace, love and prosperity. That is my goal dear ones, and that is why I am here, with all the Divine team and archangels, together, we bring Gaia peace, love and prosperity. All souls are respected and loved. All souls recognize their Divine origin, and their mission. That is the design, and I am here to remind all souls. Together,we make the world a living example of advanced civilization, and a Galactic society, and make Gaia again, a great play ground I have intended in the first place.

I love you my precious children on earth, I am your Divine Mother. Go in peace, indeed.