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One Who Serves via James McConnell, May 27th, 2018

One Who Serves

Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum. Om. Om. Greetings to you!

One Who Serves here. You can un-mute your phones now. Anybody out there? Hello! Hello! Anybody out there? [all responding]

Very good. We do not have message here at this time but we will take your questions now. You have any questions here?

Q & A

Q:  I had a dream about searching for a book called Mercury Stars. I was in a bookstore and this book was about 5 inches wide, maybe 13 inches long, white, and the title was in gold. I was excited to find this book and there was a lady next to me who said I want one too. I said I’m sorry this is the last copy. And I glanced back at the shelf and there was another book that read Mastering Mercury. So I wondered if you could shed some light on this dream.

OWS:  This is a book of remembrance. A book of remembrance for you. That is why you cannot share it with another for this is your book. Your book of knowledge. Your book of remembrance. Is what we can tell you at this time.

Q:  I was wondering if I was doing some work on the planet Mercury, perhaps. Or is there a school?

OWS:  Not as we find it, no. There is no connection there. But it is within your book, your book of remembrance here. And we cannot give direct understanding of this but you must go in … [open phone line interference].

Q:  Thank you One Who Serves, I’ll continue to go within.

Q:  What’s the point of my experience to be worked to the death almost? Why? Is that like everybody else sending energy somewhere else and I need to be worked and worked and worked to survive in this world. What’s the point of it?

OWS:  The point of your survival as you are saying is just to be. To be here. To be here now. To be in the moment. And it is your contract that you came in here with, as we are finding it, that is bringing you to the state that you are in now.

But that is not something that needs to continue. Because as it is a karmic situation that you believe is still there, at your level of consciousness you still believe it, it is no longer necessary. Because karma, as you know it, from past lifetimes is over. We have said this many times. Other sources have said this in many different ways. Karma is over from your past lifetimes if you allow it to be. Now that is to say there are those that have medical conditions and all of these things that stem from those karmic debts, you might say, that they are paying back but they do not need to pay them back anymore. So if you have a medical malady of some type, if you have any type of emotional distraughtness, if you have anything that is holding you down, keeping you trapped you might say, feeling trapped within your physical body, it is no longer necessary to have this.

There are many different ways tools that you can use those use of crystals that is being brought back to the understanding of man at this time from your Atlantean heritage and these things are being brought back now. There are many tools that are coming forward. Many medical technologies that are going to be released much beyond your medical technology that you have today. Light years you could say beyond that.

So we would say to you who is asking this and anyone else who is feeling like they are at their wits end, you might say, it is time to let that go. You no longer need to have this. If it is pain you no longer need to have it. If it is something that is holding you back from doing something that you know you need to do then you do not need to have that hold you back anymore. We know it is easy for us to say because we do not have to be concerned about this anymore. But for those of you that do it is also easy for you if you allow it to be.

And that is what you must come to. You must begin to believe and then you will see. Believe it and see it! Not seeing is believing. No longer. It is now believing is seeing and that will continue to catapult you into the higher vibrations of the higher fourth and into the fifth dimensional experiences. And when you are in those higher vibrations then nothing can affect you anymore. And we say nothing can affect you. Okay?

Q:  Okay. So it was a [inaudible] actually and not health issues, that’s all. I understand what you’re saying.

OWS:  Very good.

Q:  Yesterday morning I felt a huge wave of energy going from my head throughout my whole body. My question is can you tell what is it and is it related to the sun shot, to the sun gazing to the lights gamma coming from the sun changing our DNA cells? Any information that would help me or help the collective about the role of the sun and the [inaudible] and what was that experience.

OWS:  We would say in some ways all of the above because the energies are coming in more and more into the planet. And those that are acclimating to these energies, such as all of you are coming more and more to be able to handle these energies and work with them, as they continue to rise you will continue to rise. And as these energies come in they are foreign to the physical body in the state that it is in the three-dimensional understanding. But as you move into the higher vibrations, as your carbon body becomes more and more crystalline then it will hold more and more light. And as more light is held then it will be able to take these energies that are coming in and be able to work with it more directly where it does not create the symptoms that have been happening to many across the planet over the time here. We are speaking of those of the ascension symptoms what are called here. And you are continuing to move through these symptoms and allow for more and more and more light to anchor in your body.

This is why the Merkaba now has been given to those of you that have not already experienced this. For you have this and use this as a tool to be able to withstand the energies more easily. If they are too great coming in at a time and you do not want to have it be that strong, you can surround yourself with a Merkaba and it will be relaxed. The energies will no longer be as strong. And if you want them to come in and be strong and you can work with it and handle it then let it come. Let these energies come within you. If you have the headache, if you have the stomachache, if you have the back ache, know that these are just temporary. There are just your DNA being reinitialized you might say in some ways and these energies are bringing this bringing you higher and higher into the higher dimensions here. Okay?

Q:  I’ve got a funny question. There is this young chap on YouTube that makes wonderful videos about the Pleiadian King Plachacha. I’m rather perplexed about this because he/the Pleidian King Plachacha says after the compression breakthrough, after The Event, after the changeover, that the Pleiadians will come down and they can interbreed with humans to create another hybrid race. Please tell me what you know.

OWS:  What we can tell you is the Pleiadian race as you are saying is in many respects your future. They are your future. They come from the future. They were you, you are they. So they are already somewhat interbred within you, as you could look at this. This is why they have been the ones that have been predominantly selected as those who would make first contact here when Disclosure is ready to happen here. And at that time they will land, they will be here en masse, and they will present themselves and you will see that they are very much already like you and you are already like them. Okay?

Q:  Can humans interbreed in that way with Pleiadian once we have ascended? This is way into the future.

OWS:  Where do you think you came from?

Q:  [Laughing] I’m telling myself things I already know but thought I would ask anyway.

OWS:  You are already a product. You are already a product of interbreeding between species. The human condition is already a product of them.

Q:  Beautiful. It’s amazing that we have this wonderful DNA. And wonderful we are a product of this wonderful race the Pleiadians, the Venetians, the Syrians, the Andromedans. It’s beautiful. It’s just a blessing to hear it. So King Plachacha: he’s a real king then?

OWS:  We are not going to say directly on this one that you are saying but we are going to give an affirmation to much of what you have asked. Yes.

Q:  I was watching a video on hybrid humans which I guess is springing off of what she said but humans that are hybrids now either because they did that insemination or because it was added later on, it resonated with me. I’m not going to ask am I a hybrid but I am going to ask are some of us on this line actually these hybrid humans? Are some of us in this 144,000, are we that?

OWS:  We can say in some respects yes that is correct. But not in terms of hybrid in terms of the working with the military and those types of secret programs that are occurring. That’s not that type of hybrid, no. But you are a hybrid from many different races, yes.

Q:  The one that I was watching was more like the forces of good were making hybrid humans that would be able to sort of bring the races bring the different species together so to speak. That’s what I’m talking about. Like Noah’s Ark.

OWS:  Yes. That is somewhat correct. Yes.

Q:  I have a question about the fleur-de-lis symbol. Before Christmas I found that it was very significant and then I was shown that when you rotate it 360° it actually forms a [incomprehensible]. I was just wondering if you could elaborate a little bit on the significance of the fleur-de-lis and its connection with the [incomprehensible].

OWS:  We will not say directly to answer your question but we will say in a more general aspect here in that many of these symbols that have been used in various ways throughout your existence here as human beings here. Throughout your existence you have had the energies with these symbols that have been ancient such as Atlantis and Lemuria. And many of these things, the swastika, the cross, the ankh, all of these different symbols, as well as the one you have suggested here. And these symbols have been changed and utilized for their own purposes or for those that would change these for their own purposes, their own nefarious purposes in many respects such as with the swastika. The swastika was a great symbol at one time symbolizing the four elements and other aspects of this and it has been changed to become a nefarious dark symbol. As well as the use of the cross as well to show that there is destruction and evilness and all of this in the crucifixion of the Christ and these types of things. So these things have been shifted and changed over the years.

But these symbols now will go back. They will come back to what they once were. And the history of this will be all known to all of you; this is part of the truth. The truth shall set you free.

And it is coming. It is going to come to all and you will all have the truth. And you will never have to wonder anymore about is this real, is this fake, is this have meaning, or is this the right meaning for this, and so on and so on. This will all be a thing of the past. Okay?

Q:  I had a lucid dream that seemed to go on for hours. I was in a classroom and saw this large plate glass. And within were smaller pictures, like picture-in-a-picture on a TV. Whoever was teaching this to me would point to a picture and it would become animated [??] and it would demonstrate for me alchemical processes. How to turn something from one thing into another. And this just seemed to go on and on and all of these lessons that were coming were so profound. Then it came to me St. Germain was teaching this class. And as I come out of the dream I’m seeing the light energy again but the light energy has changed. Instead of coming down in sheets of light it was horizontal and it was in circles and it was in color. And the colors were like green and blue and turquoise and I’ve never seen the light rays come in like this before. They were all different lights. When I wake up and get up and walk around, I’m very disoriented. I look down at the floor at my Oriental rug and it’s pulsing. I see a pulse and it’s like this rug is vibrating. Then I realize its pulse is like a wave. But in between the waves is something different and I get this understanding that the waves are the matrix. What’s in between the waves is reality. What’s real. And then I just sort of sat there for a minute and thought about this. Finally I became normal again, you know my body sensations normalize. So can you give me any insight into what this huge event in my life was that particular day?

OWS:  What you are experiencing is the changing you might say or the looking ahead of what is coming in terms of your ascension process, this transition that you are moving through into the higher vibration. The idea or the knowing of colors as they are going to change. Not so much the colors themselves but the intensity within the colors are going to make them brilliant beyond your imagination at this point. They may be the same colors but they will be much much more brilliant. Much higher intensity. And they will shift and change the colors themselves as they raise in this intensity here in the higher vibrations. So you are experiencing the coming of the shift in consciousness that is going to happen with all that are ready for this. All that are being that will be acclimated to these energies as this comes. You are getting a glimpse you might say of the fifth dimension here. Does that make sense to you?

Q:  That does. I felt like I was in a whole different dimension and it was so profound. There aren’t words to describe what I saw. I gave you a very simplified version. But I wrote and recorded some of these lessons that I was given and it was just such an incredible experience and I’m so thankful for it.

OWS:  Yes. And St. Germain is the grand alchemist. And he would be the one that would give these teachings these classes here as you are having here.

Q:  So am I in his classes? Is he teaching me?

OWS:  Now you have it.

Q:  We’ve been going through this since May 4th and I was wondering if you could tell me. I believe that I’m here on the Island of Hawaii for a reason and I have a spiritual role here. And I worked with Anne DeHart and Peter Olsen and they would tell me different things to say to avert hurricanes. Like in 2015 we had 15 hurricanes that all left [/turned] and did not come to Hawaii. What can I do as a member of this family to assist? What is my role? Why was I called back to Hawaii at this particular time?

OWS:  Are you speaking of the volcano that is occurring there? [Yes] Then we will tell you that there is very little that you would need to do or even want to do about this, because this is a natural happening that is occurring. It is not something that is being brought about by the cabal, they are not creating this directly. And it is a lessening you might say, or a release — we will call it this — a release of the energies that are needed within the Earth here. And it does affect various families and people along the way that is true. And that is something that has occurred throughout history here. There are always these catastrophes or calamities that occur and they do create havoc with certain places and with people. And that is unfortunate but it is part of the orchestration here that is going on. And those that are experiencing the shifts and changes as a result of this volcano, were there and are there for a reason. They are there to do something within their own understanding, within their own karmic destiny you might say. And they are moving through this based on the contract that they had when they came in. And if someone finds themselves in the area or the vicinity of this then it is purposeful in that way. You see?

Q:  Am I not called to do anything? I mean I’m very much involved in Rotary and we’ve got a relief thing and we’re getting money from our sister club in our Chicago-Japan $20,000 and we’re very much involved in getting a global grant to help all these homeless and un-sheltered children.

OWS:  What we were speaking of is to not worry about changing the volcano but you can certainly do things to help the people around. So certainly whatever you can do to assist and work with these families and people in any way that you are feeling guided, would be very helpful. But to try to redirect the volcano or anything of this nature it is not necessary. It will wind its’ way out here in short time here.

Q:  How short of a time, One Who Serves? How short a time? We’ve had it now three weeks.

OWS:  That we cannot give directly at this point.

Q:  I wasn’t going to ask this question but it came up that we are who came back from the future. What I have heard is that in the future we found our timeline ending and so we went back into the past to make a correction so that our timeline would continue and that I’ve also heard a part of it is because we have a have incurred a karmic debt to humanity. I’m just wondering if you can tell us what we found, what we did wrong that we had to come back and correct, and what we did to humans that we had to come back and correct that.

OWS:  We are not allowed to say directly what was changed, what was shifted as a result, but you are correct in that the timelines have been altered and have been worked with. There are various Guardians you might say, Time Guardians you can call them that are responsible for making sure that everything is kept from becoming too disastrous in terms of ones that would be such as the cabal that would go back in time and shift and change something that occurred long ago and therefore then change everything into the future. That is protected. That is not allowed to happen and cannot happen. But there are different shifts that do happen at times that are what would be considered minor changes that can develop into something greater if they are not watched and protected in this way. And at times this has occurred in the past. No longer happens now but it has happened in the past. And this has been corrected. So that is why you are on a timeline you are on now and no longer on that disastrous timeline that had been predicted for eons of time here.

Q:  Are you saying basically we came back to avert what might be called the Armageddon timeline?

OWS:  That is correct.

Q:  Well I’m very glad it was averted and that we were evidently successful in that. And that’s certainly reason to be thankful and to give praise.

OWS:  Yes, we are glad also.

OWS:  Then we are ready to release channel here now.

All of you, all of you have so much to be grateful for. And that is the word we want you to take away from all of this: gratefulness. Be grateful for who you are, why you are here, what you are doing here. You are the volunteers. You are the ones that volunteered to come here and be a part of this. And even though it is difficult at times, even though you have those times of depression and those things which hold you back, keep you down, know that it is only temporary. It is only part of the transition that you are moving through. And as you continue to move through this transition all of this will take care of itself. All of this. We promise you.

Let go. Go with the flow here. Let it be. All of these sayings are so apropos for these times now. Just let it be and go with the  flow. And have fun. Find joy in every single moment.

And if you continue to find joy in every single moment that you can, you will find that your future will be grand indeed.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the one.

Channeled by James McConnell

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“Believing is seeing!”