Message from Sananda and Mary Magdalene via Camilla Nilsson, May 27th, 2018

Message from Sananda and Mary Magdalene

May 27th, 2018

Channel: Camilla Nilsson


Dear friends,

We are Jesus and Mary Magdalene that come to you with a message of peace and love. With a gentle hand we show you the way, so receive our words.

You humans here on Earth have made life into a struggle.

You battle for your lives. You battle for your rights. Yes, you fight for your existence. Let go of the struggle and allow yourselves to accept who you are. Let your inner force expand. That is all you need – your inner force, your inner wisdom. It is the force that helps you to see the truth – your truth for you create your own truth each one of you.

When you allow yourselves to stop fighting and instead feel the inner force new possibilities will open up for you – new possibilities in which you see who you are and what your real potential is. Open up your consciousness and dare to see what you have within you.

All your inner lights shine with different colors and power as you all have different roles in your earthly life. Dare to see your inner light, which is unique – the light that never has shone in the exact same way from anybody else:

Your light that contains your soul code.

Your light that is reaching where it should.

Your light that is captured by those who feel a connection or the opposite.

Your light that can help in the awakening of humanity.

The waking up that is going on with full force on your planet.

Regardless of which color and strength your inner light has you should know that You are needed. Exactly you are important. The Earth vibrates. The universe vibrates and waits with anticipation for the ascension of humanity. This is the ascension to an increased consciousness especially for those humans who are still asleep.

An awakening that explodes like the apple blossoms in the spring.

An awakening that lets a white light spread all over the Globe.

As an atomic bomb of white light and power.

Eyes that are opened up and who see a new reality.

Much confusion erupts – confusion about how it even was possible to live without seeing. New values and new understandings for each other ensues.

So, get ready. This concerns all of you regardless of where you are in your life, regardless of what process you are in, regardless of how much or little you already have worked on your awakening. It becomes a collective step forward. Some will take a small step in order to walk gently forward, others will take a big step.

So, my friends: Feel our positive expectations.

I, Jesus, Mary Magdalene and the whole team that is here for you, the Earth and the Universe.

Let your inner light shine for you.

For what you have with you.

For the step forward that you will take.

Take each other’s hands, feel the connection and be ready.

We stand at your side. We help all of you in your process. We guide you with a gentle hand.

With light and love

Jesus, Sananda and Mary Magdalene





Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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