Love is our new reality

Oracle Sara – It is knocking on your inside now, August 29th, 2023

It’s knocking on your insides now. Let it be filled with your attention. There are so many parts of you that now want to return home. To your inner rooms. It’s like a pure and simple homecoming party

Now is the time to really receive, and let all the parts of you that have been out on other missions, or that have been divided. get back to you – in you. And the only thing you need to do is to rest in your own inner room. In the silence and stillness and welcome them home. Like a kind of quiet retreat.

From here you can create so much. From here, you become so anchored in yourselves.

The energy of the Spirit fills you with so much love and joy. The Great Spirit is rising in power, and your own spirit is also rising in power.

It’s like you can hear it in the silence: “Hello, are you here? We’ve missed each other so much. Now finally it is Our time – in communion with each other. In the deepening of the soul. Now it’s finally Vi.”

For now you enter the month of September – No. 9 – where the Hermit’s flame shines brightest. Your inner knowledge, your Spirit and your inner communication with both the All, your soul and yourselves simultaneously create your human Self.

Now you can much more easily listen to yourself and your own inner voice, and at the same time to Everything. Where are you going to go with everything now that there is a new working year ahead? Where will you go with yourselves?

The soul quietly whispers to you in the stillness: “I want you to never silence yourself again. That you always listen to what you feel, know or hear inside you. Even if you can’t explain everything, or why you choose or do what you do to others – or even to yourself -, you must choose your own inner voice before everything else. Because it is only then that you can fully create your own life.”

The loving presence of the Great Spirit is now total. You can almost feel it against your skin. It is around you everywhere, and with its strong love-filled presence creates a field around you that consists of pure love. And it is also here – in the stillness, the silence and the love for yourselves that you now need to be. So that you can become the center of your own life.

Your soul in the middle, Your spirit around, and Your human Self through all that anchors You in the earthly.

Mother Earth replenishes all the beings from her earthly sphere. Up from the mists rise the fairies, the rhyming turds, the devas and all the beings that now come to life when the power and sap of the Spirit also rises from Mother Earth, and settle down among you with their wonderful loving presence.

Because you are all sprung from the same essence – God’s essence – the Universe’s highest source of love. And you so strongly share the presence of this power source with yourselves and each other regardless of dimension.

“Because it is on Earth that you are right now,” Mother Gaia wants to say to you. Her life pulse and the Universe’s life pulse are the same. But Her life pulse is now closest to you, and it is from it that you live.

The full moon on 8/31 helps you complete the last of the old before you move on into the month of September and the energy of the Hermit. So be aware of what wants to be released into you this full moon. Really let go of what comes up or shows up for you. Do it in your mind, heart and body.

Then you continue as present in your own inner rooms. Where you listen and converse in your interior. Where you, soul and spirit together, have such a strong exchange with each other. As a conversation and advice about what you should do now, and how you should move on in your life.

So the Spirit is true.

So is the Soul shining with the light of life.

So your human Self is responsive and receptive in company with them both.

So you create together – in this field of strong spiritual presence, with the light of the soul as a guiding star and your human presence in your own inner space. Because here, just about anything can happen. Inside You.

Spirit of the Soul and Moon Goddess through Oracle Sara