Love is our new reality

Message from Oracle Sara, August 20th, 2023

Oracle Sara

Gradually, the energies transition more and more into an earthly anchoring in existence after an extremely high and powerful Lion portal. There is so much that must now be anchored in your hearts.

It may feel sluggish at times, but know that even if it does, things are happening as they should in the earthly flow. In high energies, everything happens incredibly fast, and the transition down into a grounded earthly energy can sometimes feel uncomfortable, confusing and uncertain.

You now have your own strong guide team around you to help you with your earthly situations and events. So that all the new energy, insight and change that you have undergone during the Lion Portal can be anchored in your earthly life.

It can move forward a little bit by leaps and bounds. Sometimes it can feel easy and fast and rush on, and sometimes it feels like you’ve had a heart attack and the air is going out of you.

Make sure to pick yourselves up at all times. Not to run away too fast, but to bring home your soul and spirit as a whole within you. They must be synchronized with all that is new in your human Self, and it is therefore important that you return to yourselves daily, to end up in harmony and balance in all that is new both in yourselves and in what you want to create in your lives.

How you should create in the best way then falls into place so much more naturally for you, than if you push too much and hard. And also be anchored in your hearts.

New stems grow out of Mother Earth. They are the seedlings from the seeds that the Lion Portal has planted in your lives. And they grow at different rates – some grow quickly and some take more time.

There can be a frustration in knowing exactly how you want it in your life, but that you are not there yet on the manifesting plane, and that it has not become a reality yet.

Give yourself space to rest every now and then, even if there is a lot going on. Life is not a bull rush, and life also consists of all the beautiful breaths you take between different doings and being.

So breathe, rest and let all your energies fall a little more into place in you every day. Be anchored in your hearts – then you know exactly – and feel exactly – how you want to be in your life, and how you want to live your life.

Many leave with the feeling that you as a collective are waiting for something that hasn’t happened yet. But you don’t really know what. This can also create frustration and insecurity.

There is a great need for clarity in various human situations now, and when this does not happen, insecure ungrounded energies arise that take on a life of their own. And it is these energies that you as a collective can sense now, and that you are waiting for to catch fire or lie down.

In the coming year until next year’s Lion Portal, these events will change, and you as a collective will move on into another phase. So there is much that needs to be anchored in the earthly on many levels in your human world – both collectively and individually. And the most important thing of all is that you are anchored in your hearts.

230823 is a strong transformation date when new life light in a new life flow opens in you, awakening your bodies and energy systems from their slumbering slumber. It is an energy that has been prepared during the month of the Lion Portal, and is ready to open now.

High Light Guides and Masters are gathering, descending to your earthly realm to deliver this life-light flow to you, together with an incredibly powerful guiding energy filled with love with its all-seeing and all-encompassing light.

Take your time to receive this. It is a light of life that helps guide you in your earthly life, and it does your soul and spirit so much good.

The power of the Spirit is incredibly strong during this process. You will be able to feel its presence within you on a deeper level than before.

So know that all is well. Rest in this knowledge. Let the body have its needs met, and bring yourself home both mentally and spiritually every day.

Be anchored in your hearts, for this is where everything great is happening right now. In the new light of life there is such an incredible power that with its help you become safe in the most unpredictable situations.

You are guided, You are loved and You are as always seen and loved in Our Golden Hearts.

Light worlds of the Golden Heart through Oracle Sara