Osiris via Rae Chandran, September 15

Blessed Atlantean Family,

My love to you all. I am Osiris.

During the next several months, you all have an opportunity to completely resurrect yourself in all aspects – in the cells and also in every area of your life. The intense energies on the planet from the past two months (September and October) and continuing into January 2016 is in preparation for this. During the past few months, you might have noticed that there is an intensity of energy and also many past scnarios from past lives coming up and also from other realities and dimensions. What it is doing is a flushing of the sub conscious and the unconscious mind, so that all can be purged and healed. This is some thing like a micro death process, where in you are able to observe your mind and glean wisdom from the experiences you have encountered while alive in this life time. In the past this review and gaining of wisdom happens when one dies. So celebrate this moment, for you are gaining wisdom and experience.

Now the first thing you will notice during this time is about human relationships, what it means to you in terms of your truth. Many human beings has been living untruth particularly in terms of love relationships and also in other relationships, but this is particularly evident in love relationships. The true meaning of relationships is lost in the modern world. People have relationships for a variety of reasons. Most of the time it is a need fulfillment. During these times, one will be confronted with this question – why am I in a relationship with this person? Am I true in this relationship? (we are not talking about having an affair or not being true to your partner in sex), What is my feeling and what is my joy in this relationship? Do I feel fulfilled in this relationship?

If the answer is no, then what can I do to change this relationships so that i feel fulfilled, feel bliss and joy in this relationship. In the old energy, this understanding and wisdom only comes after death when one has life review. So use it to gain wisdom and create a relationship which is in truth with your soul (in the present relationships or in new relationships). Also the true purpose of relationships will be understood by many during these times. Relationships are never about NEED fulfillment, but is about celebrating the fullness of one’s life with another and creating something new so that one may know more about oneself through these relationships and also know and experience God in its fullest glory. So use the relationships for what it was intended for.

The second wisdom which can be gained during these times is about understanding one’s life path or purpose. Many a lost and seeking this life path through all sorts of means – whether it is through a job, a relationships, material possessions, sickness or many of the others. During these times, many of the beings from the Stars are beaming their incredible light onto to the earth and especially about understanding one’s life path and purpose. They are also beaming light about healing one’s inner child. When one’s inner child is healed and one is able to fully move into one’s life’s purpose, the experience you call LIFE takes on a new meaning. This will slowly move one one’s Passion. When one is in one’s passion, one is truly living, otherwise, it is a lie and many a time, it is mediocre. Connect with the star – Matthaar and see it brilliant gold light integrating into you through your 10th chakra called Laguana Chakra and then flowing through your chakric column and anchoring deep into the Earth Star Chakra which is underneath your feet. The energy from this star has the capacity to heal deep seated wounds, not only from this life time but also other life times. The energy of this star is particularly helpful regarding abandont issues. Next call on the Star energy of Capillai and this energy has the capacity to expand one’s mind and open up to higher perceptions and other realities. Working with this star energy can also help in opening the Angel Chakra which is in the middle of your forehead so that your connection with your Soul, your guides and the Creator can be enhanced. When you open this chakra, you will also be tapping into the energies of your divine blue print, your soul contract, your divine creativity and your soul mission. You will also come to realize that you have come here not only to master and balance the Karmic energy, but also to learn and balance the Life Lessons. Life lessons are different than the Karmic energy. So working with these two Star energies is highly recommended during this time.

The third point we wish to make during this time is about understanding the dark side of us. Most of us push this away and bury it deep with in us or pretend that this does not accept. The intense energies during these times will confront us with our darkest fear. So instead of running away and burying it deeper, one must look at it from a non detached view and see how this darkness was created and for what purpose was it created. You will notice that most of the time, it is about survival. Once you are able to look at it objectively, you will be able to heal it through your embracing this aspect of yourself with Love and this in turn will change the energy in the first two chakras of your body, where the survival and poverty consciousness energy exists. Many a time, instant healing can happen.

The fourth point we wish to bring forth is about understanding one’s connection with the star system and also about the understanding of Star Karma. Many humans take re-incarnation in other planets and star systems to learn and master specific life lessons for these planets and star systems offer maximum potential to learn this specific less lesson, which the soul is trying to master. As you may know, your karmic energy is in the shoulders of your arms and this flows into the back of the body and settles down in your hip area affecting the chakric energies starting from the base chakra. If you were to focus on these two points in your body (middle of the shoulders of both the hands and on the back of the hip of your body), and call on the energies of the Master Council of Karmic Energies and ask to re-balance or align once again with the original intent of your soul, you will see some relief in your challenging situations (if you are facing any at these times in your life) for they will specifically remove karmic energies from the star systems in which you had lives before when you were mastering those life lessons. You will be able to see a shift and a lightness in your body with in 21 to 40 days.

The 5th point we wish to note is about understanding one’s connection to Mother Earth. We are made up of the body of Mother Earth and Mother Earth holds our original imprint or template off our perfect self. When you connect with Mother Earth, you can request Mother Earth to super impose your original and pure imprint of your soul on to your present life contract. Does it mean, we will not have to go through our original purpose for being born here, no, it simply means, there will be an adjustment which will make it easier for us to go through our life purpose, with out much pain and suffering. You can request for this during these coming months.

The other point we wish to note is about understanding the water and its importance in our life. We are mostly made up of water and this water inside of our body is circulating continuously. But like any water, after some time, if it is re-cycled again and again, it will loose its original vitality. The same can happen with the water inside of us. To a certain level, this can be lessened with drinking water on a regular basis, but when we connect with the Beings of the Water Source and the Force which controls the water, then the water inside of us will once again have its original vitality and life force and this in turn will make us more healthy, vigorous and help us remember who we are. The original water content with in us contain the truth of who we are and our entire soul contract and blue print. The beings to call for this work is Lahumi La Hi (beings of the Water Source) and La Ba Na Ha (the force which controls the waters).

Lastly we wish to bring forth understanding regarding the death process. During these times, many a soul will wish to leave the physical body so that they can return with a much lighter body and with a much higher activated DNA with in their system. You can ask during your meditation time (if you are not afraid) for the actual death process to take place (like you are observing your during and death process) and when it is completed, you can ask for a higher set of blueprint with a higher set of Light Quotient and a more advanced level of highly activated DNA. This will have a tremendous change in one’s life and will shift and change many aspects of one’s life, all for the better.

Let your prayer be from now. I connect with the Void Energy and I have the highest wisdom and the greatest power with in me to use this Void energy to create magnificently and benevolently, for I am the Power, I am The Force, I am the Light.


God Osiris
through Rae Chandran



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