Love is our new reality

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Our God-Self via Ute Possega-Rudel, November 21st






If you do not relate to Me, the Source of your Being, you are tossed around and held captive in the roller coaster of a world that mirrors all of your previous actions.

This is the time where you are graced because now you can face how you once have disturbed the Great Balance and Equanimity that I AM and that you ARE because you are of Me.

But if you stay in Me and With Me, what would be disturbing for the usual man, does hardly touch you, while you – with humility – receive what once was your own deed.

Know that in this time the last balance has to be done so that the great container that held for eons whatever you did against my eternal divine law, is now being emptied to make room for a new world in the glory of My Love and Divine Light.

As much as I reveal to you my own State, as much yours is revealed to you, as you – with equanimity – and conscious in Me, merely observe the  turmoil around you that enters your awareness.
In unity with Me, imbalance cannot touch you while it is transformed forever into eternal radiance and love. It is being returned to the Conscious Light from where it once came, on its path downwards to more and more distortion and alienation from Me.

It can now be given back to Me, and its return is lifting your heart and entire Being up to Me, your Source from Which you Are.

Now the spook is over – if you wish. You do not need to endure further the un-Truth of those who do not love and who are not ready to unite with Me.

A new world is opening for you and you are free to live that new world, untouched in Me by the chaos and upheavals of the dark worlds that lost Me.

If you discover your eternity again, all things fall in place, healed by My Currents of Love and Happiness. And your Freedom from bondage to the places of darkness opens up in the Immense Realms of Beauty and Perfection.

What do you choose? The doors ARE open! And even if hard times visit you, you can enter and Be with Me in My Happiness. It is all your choice, now and now. Now you are tested whether you are ready to join a New and Radiant way of Life.

My earth desires to change with you who belong to Me.

Now even time is here to transcend itself. There is no time in your New World, a World that Is One with Me.

In this Stillness there is My Eternal Substance that is Yours too. You Are of Me, if you listen now to Me. With Joy I activate our Oneness. Feel Me That is You.

It Is Done.


Message conveyed by Ute