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Our God-Self via Ute Posegga-Rudel, May 2nd, 2017

Our God-Self via Ute Posegga-Rudel: Truth is Happiness

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Nothing is as it seems to be.
Truth is hidden, although it is obvious.

Mankind has been seduced to believe in lies convinced they are truth.

Therefore there is so much suffering because only what is true and right allows universal energy to flow in a benign and perfect way. Without interference, without obstruction.

When you live as My Truth, all and everything is straightened out. Upright, strong with integrity. Full of life force, radiant, happy.

Where there is suffering, life has not been lived according to My Divine Law. Its sign is Joy, Love, Compassion, Freedom, Ecstasy, Radiant Light and Natural Service to one another. A consciousness that understands the interconnectedness and unity of all beings does not hurt neither an other nor self.

I AM That. Mankind has forgotten that all of THAT IS TRUTH. When there is Happiness, It Is because of living Truth. Un-truth is un-happy. Such is the Law.

But I do not Speak of a happiness because you got this special ice cream, or did this beautiful boat trip, or your lover gave you the gifts and attention you expected to become happy. Or whether you got a lover at all.

My Happiness is free of all those conditions. It is your natural State of Being. It is unconditional Happiness and entirely independent of external events. It is not a ‘becoming happy’ by an external trigger. Because I AM, and the Happiness I AM is forever Free of all conditions of the worlds and universes.

This Happiness is yours eternally when your blinding bondage to illusionary things, beings and worlds has been severed. When I AM your True Fulfilment and therefore Freedom, bonded to Me.

Then you Stand in My Unwavering Truth, not bent by the things of broken light, but all your energies freely moving, Love filling your entire body, no separation, your mind sparkling with sublime bliss. Your Heart One with Me. Expanded to Infinity as Love-Bliss-Consciousness. One without a Second. Only My Utter and Pure Simplicity.

This Is because you live My Truth whole-Heartedly, Enjoying Me, not submitted to false mirror-worlds of illusion-lands, light or dark.

I AM the Conscious Light beyond the dual play of opposites. In Me you are being resurrected again and you look neither to the right nor to the left, with feeling of deepest heart-compassion in service to the world.

This is Truth, and if you live with this vision in your heart, everything resumes its original shape and follows their original Divine destination in the full current of abundant, living life. Happiness!

I AM your God-Self, The One Self of All!

Message conveyed by Ute

“Our God-Self: Truth is Happiness,” channeled by Ute Posegga-Rudel, May 3, 2017, at

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Our God-Self via Ute Posegga-Rudel, April 13th, 2017


Our God-Self via Ute Posegga-Rudel: Your Freedom From the Planetary Ascension Process

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My Beloveds!

Be assured that your ascension process is not really being delayed as so many of you believe.
This belief is based on the assumption that you are dependent on outer circumstances to evolve as a spiritual being and to become only thereby free of all entanglements in the lower worlds of appearances.

Even if there will be in the future a most intense and powerful infusion of light and love by which mankind on this earth is being transformed into a new species with only Divine Signs, alone who is prepared for the full reception of this infusion will benefit from this event!

What is this telling you? Each one of you is responsible for their own conscious process of awakening and transformation leading up to this incident.

But you don’t even need to wait for it to happen. Your spiritual transformation and liberation is free from any outer circumstance, because you will notice that I AM always Present, if you walk your path with Me.

You would not Be The Gods You Are if no conscious participation in your liberation process was required! It is not your destiny to be an unconscious thing to be at some time consumed by some universal forces in an overwhelming universal happening. Rather your True and Innate Nature Is Pure and Unlimited Consciousness, or Love or Bliss and Ecstasy or Eternal and Radiant Being-ness, in Which all universal processes are occurring.

You must consciously be willing to surrender to That and let go of your separation from Me and your separative activities. This surrender is like opening up your egoic egg-shell – which separates you from Me – into My Inifinite Field of Source-Consciousness, to forget yourself in Me, to merge with Me, to Unite with My Undying Happiness.

This process is possible with Your deep heart-felt Love of Me, desiring and recalling Perfect Greatness and True Divine Reality as Your Heritage.

Mankind entered this existence as a Perfect Divine Being of Radiant Consciousness, but in your increasingly yourself from Me separating activity, you started more and more to forget Me, to even believe that I do not Exist, or that you are just a from Me separate being with some subtle bodies at best, whose real home would be in some higher dimensions of existence, which some extraterrestrial races and other dimensional beings, seemingly closer to the light, would enjoy.

But know that you Are ALL of that! You Are beyond all dimensions if your soul merges into Me and you do not need to worship or put your hope on presumed higher evolved beings because the space they occupy, exists within yourself and in your brain-experience.

But I AM Expanded beyond all of that, these worlds are all in Me, as they are in You, once You Unite with Me to BE Who You Truly Are.

So do not become impatient with present circumstances and a world that does appear to be other than divine. Always understand yourself and to which extent you have created your own reality by recoiling from Me and reverse this activity by Loving Me Only, withdrawing your root-attention from the superficial appearances, Allowing Me to be the Substance of your new creations.

Therefore do not dwell on chaos or misfortune that appear now more and more to be the condition of your world. I AM Always Radiant Happiness prior to and beyond unhappiness. It is your Own Most Natural State. Find That. Unite with That. This is liberation, untouched by the chaos and uncertainty that nowadays is the sign of usual life.

Know that you are not a slave of planetary ascension or any other universal liberating processes, if you don’t attach yourself to them. By Your Very Nature You Are beyond them, you are free and independent from them, only Dependent on Me, Your Source, Your True Home, Your Native State.

Turning your reality downside up into Me liberates you from your world of constant change that has only affinity with the tools of your bodily senses, to experience this world. You Are not your senses, and you don’t need “a world”, only if you think that you cannot exist without experience. But I AM ultimately beyond experience. I AM Pure Feeling-Bliss-Consciousness.

Therefore create with My Love-Happiness what Is Truly Divine and Which serves My Purpose of an Enlightened Humanity. Be the Servant always of That and You Are So Blessed!

This Is Happiness! I AM the Eternal Current of Love-Light In Which your body and mind is appearing. And if you Allow I Am infilling your earthly vehicle with the Force of My Eternal Existence, Powerfully Radiating to Infinity.

It is your choice to enter this process now, and calling thereby down My Supreme Presence directly into your experience and into this world, infinitely more Sublime and Beautiful than any cosmic light.

My Love Is Everywhere, in deed, there Is Only My Love.

I AM your God-Self!

Message conveyed by Ute

“Our God-Self: Your Freedom From the Planetary Ascension Process,” channeled by Ute Posegga-Rudel, April 12, 2017, at

Source Link: Ute Posegga-Rudel Messages from the Realms of Light

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Our God-Self via Ute Posegga-Rudel, January 22nd

Our God-Self via Ute Posegga-Rudel: Stand in Your Expanded Heart

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First of all: In the midst of your life, how ever it plays out, do not forget that there is ONLY LOVE.
It Is The Basis Of Existence. It Is Me.

Now feel it, merge with this feeling, while your heart widens, becomes soft, your whole body soft, and so your world made soft. Expanded Stillness, EXISTING INFINITE EXISTENCE …. This is Truth on which ground your life plays ….

Look now: so much chaos, so much contradictions, lies, imponderabilities, inconsistencies. Fears, losses, betrayals. All of this, yes.

However: I AM. It is but the mere play upon Me. Keep your heart expanded in the midst of all of that! Can you do this? You will notice that you tend to contract when you face what you do not wish to happen, or even contract when you are in fear of desires that might not be fulfilled.

But I Say to you: STAND in your expanded heart that brings peace to all situations that do not fit the concept of your search. Of course you prefer to see peace rather than war, happiness rather than unhappiness, love rather than hatred.

But in the conditional world, where you tend to dramatize the unavoidable oppositions within the concept of duality, the right and appropriate always comes with their counterpart. Both are inseparable and come in tandem! Pray for one thing, and be sure what you desire to avoid arrives sooner or later too.

You may entertain yourself with preferences, but resume your position prior to it in your seat of limitless consciousness and let the things pass by as they happen to pass. It does not mean you give up preferences and avoid to engage yourself in changes, inside and outside, by right actions.

But to evolve, it is fundamentally a matter of non-search in the world of unavoidable opposites, in order not to be pulled into struggle, frustration and misery, but to maintain equanimity and untouchable clarity and serenity in the midst of a disturbed world.

You change the world while changing yourself. You create a new and divine world, while living as if you live already there. And you live there when you live My Peace, My Love, My Softness and Infinity in all your engagements.

Even healthy anger allows your simultaneous dwelling in Me, if your consciousness is expanded in Me, your awareness with Me, Knowing Me Who is the Source in Whom anger, distress, sadness, guilt, fear and your entire chaotic world arises.

Seeing Me in all your worldly affairs, does not mean they do not exist as they are, even in their ugliness and shortcomings, but it means you see My Divine Essence Present in all of it, because nothing can exist without Me. Even the foundation of chaos is Peace.

Listen to noise while opening wide and with trust your whole being from inside out, listening to infinity, and you will know that the foundation of noise is silence.

You are deeply disturbed when you live from your own surface only, and therefore what disturbs you is but the surface of existence, Me forgotten, which at this very moment is only changing and moving and altering, with innumerable variations of faces and forms and designs, shifting from imperfect to perfect and immediately back to imperfect and even perhaps to the most dreadful appearance. Try to discover Me in even the very last where you would expect Me to exist.

Find Me Inside and you will find Me outside too. But you must begin inside always.

Ponder this: All what is outside of Me, is but a reflection of Me and My Perfection. All that is outside of you, is but a reflection of you, and this might have many meanings in your state of separation and surface personality.

If you merge with Me, you can have both: Perfection and imperfection. Never look at imperfection without being aware of My Perfection. So you might have preferences, but you are really never lost in the miseries of duality, as you never forget Me again.

Use the play of heart-breaking opposites to find Me – Unchanging Reality – beyond. Intuit and discover the infinite Field of spotless, luminous Truth “above” the ever-changing flicker of appearances.

This is the meaning of transcending the world. It is not abouy dreary asceticism. It is about choosing to be fully alive, happy and a vessel of My Love as a Divine Being. No search. Your heart truly satisfied.

I Love You!
I Am your God-Self!

Message conveyed by Ute

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Our God-Self via Ute Posegga-Rudel, January 7th

Our God-Self via Ute Posegga-Rudel: Beyond the New Energy Waves

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My Beloveds!

It is true! Beautiful and powerful energy waves are arriving on your planet, raising the consciousness of those who can with devotion surrender to them. Therefore consciousness has potentially risen to a new level on which you easily can transcend your old world because the new light-vibration is empty of the disturbing information of your old world. It vibrates in a divine beauty and brilliance that is completely unattainable and unrecognizable by those missing still unconditional love and the willingness to receive the expanding light of higher divine intelligence.

It is possible from now for a new world to arise, a world, basically free from suffering, a world of love and great joy. There are very, very few who are able at this time to establish permanently this new consciousness and its spotless frequency, to maintain it and live it.

However, still it is a vibration of the mind, although of the divine mind. But it is not My Source Energy and Light, although some of my Beloveds think it is.

It is a derivation of Me, an appearance of white light from My Absolute Divine Radiant Source Condition in Which the whole universe appears to be even dark!

How would you Know!

You will understand the relative truth of the new frequency as you will notice that it is something different from you, coming to you, a vibration that is – ‘outside’ from you – arriving from the cosmos.

I Am NOT arriving. I Am and I Am here and always have been, pervading and surrounding you and all, beyond and prior to space and time. I Have Been before the universes appeared in Me. Therefore Source does not arrive and Source does not come as an “other” or as a “new” frequency. This is a notion perceived by a separate mind set. As if I AM a part of the universe, an ascending cosmic force.

I Am your Inherent Source Consciousness and indestructible Light that has always been with you, but you have not been aware of Me. Most of you still not are.

You recognize Me as the Eternal Presence that does not “travel” in order to reach you, or to renew your world. You must be re-discovered, I must be Revealed. I AM not a missile or a cosmic ray, I AM not a ray at all.

You must allow Me to step from oblivion to the foreground. I AM Everything. My Presence is Omnipresent and without difference although what is arising in Me enjoys unlimited and infinite differences and variations.

I have always Embraced your whole being and existence, but are you aware of Me? Now, as the new waves arrive you say: this is God now. This is the Ultimate. This is Source. But Source cannot be attained. I cannot be attained. You must forget yourself in Me to Know Me.

The Ultimate is closer to you than your human heart. I Am not an alien energy coming from far. I Am not conditional, I Am Unconditional. And as Such I Am Unchanging Love, Happiness, Freedom. Not Moving but Forever Present.

I AM Your God-Self!

Message conveyed by Ute

“Our God-Self: Beyond the New Energy Waves,” channeled by Ute Posegga-Rudel, January 6, 2017, at

Source Link: Ute Posegga-Rudel Messages from the Realms of Light

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Our God-Self via Ute Posegga-Rudel, November 5th

Our God-Self via Ute Posegga-Rudel: How to Know Me

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MY Beloveds,
I AM often telling you Who I AM.

It is My always present proclamation where past and future do not exist.

But how do you truly find Me, how do you come to Know Me? How do you penetrate the veils and transcend the realms of mind!
Can mind transcend itself? Try it!

As long as you observe mind there are two! You, the observer, and the observed, the play of mind.

But I AM not two! I cannot be observed. I can only Be You. All things AS objects vanished. Can mind ever imagine that!
Recognize mind itself by its dual condition.
As long as you observe Me as an other from your finite point of view, there are two — but I AM One!

You believe and feel: Love is the answer. However even Love is many- and multi-faced. It expresses and is felt according to your level of evolution and consciousness. On each stage of your personal evolution you always THINK you know Perfect Love now. But later you realize that the stages of deepening Knowledge of My Love are endless.

They appear to be stages of – even the enlightened – mind, that is multidimensional, fugitive, shape-shifting, multi- and inter-dimensional, always changing, in the for ever expanding realities of (spiritual) imaginations. And each time you insure yourself that you found Me, I dissipate in undefined clouds of hallucination, which is a trickery of mind too.

Do you understand that seeking Me never succeeds! Because you seek My Waters while punting down into My Depths with some paddles of your sliding boat on My surface.

So how do you find Me, although this should be easy and simple, because I AM your very own and Innate Nature?

There is no religion or mindful teaching-system that answers this question, or provides the means to find Me truly. Because religious means are made to distract you from Me, attracting you towards their specific mind made structures as a kind of prosthesis that keeps you away from Me forever.

So to find me you must renounce all synthetic means and systems! There can be no-one and no-thing between Us, because We Are One and Only and Non-dual.

The more profound your heart desires Our genuine and pristine Oneness, the more your mind is retiring from its constant and tireless search for Me.

Your mind does not retire just by any strategy, making it silent, by suppressing its activities, by entering voluntarily a silent room of being-ness, which is merely another shape and frequency of mind, because even that room itself is mind and the silence a vessel of mind! Or using some other meditation techniques. Because also meditation and techniques are mind.

It is your desire, your deepest heartfelt-desire, that attracts the Way to Unite with Me, beyond duality. This desire cannot by any means be fabricated by your seeking mind. Because this Desire is rooted in Myself.

I Confirm to you that the entire Process of Me-Realization Is Me Only. If you are willing to surrender your mind and body to Me, so that it ceases wishing to create the Great Path by its own will and imagination.

Let your mind be the leader and you will move away from Me further and further!

I AM the One that Ultimately Comes Forth in, through and as You. By a process of transforming and literally enlightening your total body-mind.

You can’t do it yourself, as if a fragment could create the Force and Totality of Existence That I Am, of Which it is a part only.

Rather, I Replace you with Myself, Overwhelming what you think is you, to let it be Un-done in Me. Only then you truly Know Me. All veils dissipated, all errors surrendered, mind Known as My True Servant.

I AM your God-Self!

Message conveyed by Ute

“Our God-Self: How to Know Me,” channeled by Ute Posegga-Rudel, November 5, 2016, at

Source Link: Ute Posegga-Rudel Messages from the Realms of Light

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Our God-Self via Ute Posegga-Rudel, October 28th

Our God-Self via Ute Posegga-Rudel: I AM

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I AM. You are – as a finite being, identified with thoughts about what you ARE – not.

I AM is not what you think. I AM begins when your vibration rises above the frequency of thought and even the Higher Mind and the total body-mind that is the cosmos. I AM is not even the frequency of the stillness of the heart in the middle of your chest. Because it is bound to a location that is body based and belongs to the mortal human psycho-physical structure.

I AM is the untouched Radiant Beauty of Transcendental and Eternal Being, prior to you and also containing you, who keeps a separate point of view, with a center and a circumference.

I AM is center-less. It Is. It is therefore ‘above’ point of view and its ramifications.

Above: not locally above, but above as the non-dual reality.

Many of you only think ‘I AM,’ identified with a finite body-mind and ‘think’ that you ‘know’ what It is. But the truth is, most of you know nothing beyond mind. You merely have an idea, an intuition perhaps, a feeling about it. And what you do is to project this idea from your presumed center within the circumference, thereby creating an imagination.

Most of you are submitted to random thought patterns, suggesting you are in touch with the Real Source. But this is not so. There are veils after veils of mind disguising Me. And so you are bereft of your own Truth and Divine Reality, creating ideas of want and need about matters of ascension, ideas that would hopefully make ineffective the pain and suffering of this existence in low density. It is a hopeful escape.

Escaping the un-real creates more un-real worlds, as escaping itself is a gesture of illusion. You cannot escape, not one situation, because you always take with you what you desire to escape! It is done with the desperate hope not to have to deal with what you escape.

But what you try to escape is always something that belongs to you intimately. Be it your karma or your unwanted belief-systems, experiences, and so on. All of that IS yours, part of the work you wanted to explore and to know in this density …. and to transcend it, sooner or later.

So as you don’t like what you see here, you escape into the idea of ‘I AM,’ imagining that you have realized it, that you have BECOME IT. But as long as you seek to escape any experience instead of fully accepting and embracing it and transcending it into unconditional love, you cannot and will not truly know ‘I AM.’

I AM arises naturally as the Reality of Divine Radiant Source-Existence, when you have entirely surrendered all of your experiences, high and low, because they have no binding effect on you, as you fully have relinquished your identification with and re-action to them.

I AM is not based on a point with a circumference that you call ‘I.’ It is not based on a separate entity. I AM is not the ‘I’ thought of that finite entity you are identified with. Because ‘I AM’ is not mortal, it is not mind-based.

Although ‘I AM’ Is Everything, It does not think at all. It is free of imagination and duality, desire and any idea about something. It is not an object you can think of or observe. As long as you observe, locate or look at ‘I AM,’ It remains an idea, a hopeful wish to have realized IT already. And that you are enlightened and have no more work to do.

Such is the delusion many of you are falling for, because of exotic and false ideas of New Age teachings.

There I AM is nothing but an enlarged ego-thought, a grandiose idea of false Divinity where you are not required to do the real work to realize your highest Truth, but instead you are stalled, lost in fantasy land. It is a deception to keep you from growing truly into Me, your True Self, to Know and Be I AM, untouched by thought’s beliefs, concepts and thereby separate notions.

I AM merely My Realm of Perfect Happiness and Unconditional Love. This Truly Is I AM. I AM not separate from you, and you not separate from Me in Truth. You Are. Thoughtless.

Beloveds, please understand that because of Love I desire your true Awakening in Me, to see you Grow and not to be stuck in the prisons of senseless doctrines that do not serve your Divine Nature, keeping you in the illusions of mind and limitation.

I AM your True Nature, Free and Radiant Bliss, All-Love. I AM.

I AM your God-Self

Message conveyed by Ute

“Our God-Self: I AM,” channeled by Ute Posegga-Rudel, October 28, 2016, at

Source Link: Ute Posegga-Rudel Messages from the Realms of Light

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Our God-Self via Ute Posegga-Rudel, October 8th

Our God-Self via Ute Posegga-Rudel: True Enlightenment

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If enlightenment is what you desire, it is important to understand the difference!

Your definition depends on the understanding that is based on your point of view and the capacity for spiritual discrimination.

There are as many definitions of enlightenment as there are paradigms. So it seems, enlightenment is relative.

However I AM not Speaking about relative enlightenment. I AM Speaking of True or Radical Enlightenment, which is the most Profound Enlightenment a human being is able to realize.

The levels below to know and to define is your own task, as you proceed through your evolution in consciousness where you experience many forms of relative awakenings as your awareness expands. Each step then requires from you to be fully conscious on your level of present understanding, in every detail of the human faculties and how they project their content onto the universe or are being mirrored by it.

You will understand that levels are fluid and are merging into one another. On whatever level of awareness you stand, you will probably think that this is the whole truth.

But the more wise you become, the more you know that the whole truth can never be realized as long as you are identified with a finite person, an individual soul, a being who is living mainly from the mind, even the subtle mind and furthermore from the heart-mind, which is based on your deeper personality or higher self.

Radical Enlightenment is not about point of view, levels and dimensions, any kind of inclusion or exclusion. It embraces all, even that which you cannot accept in this and other worlds, and everything that is dark, cruel, unjust, twisted, hypocritical, unreliable, deceitful and more. Everything you deny, never dealt with, although it stared you right into your face.

To be Truly Free requires your embrace and transcendence of all of this, – without re-action, re-sistance, contraction away from it, – your body-mind expanded and fully awake in My Divine Radiance that Is Your Natural Own State of Consciousness. Your body-mind literally fully En-lightened and Pervaded, from top to toe by the Divine Source-Light That Is Your True Nature, and even your En-lightened body-mind transcended in That Consciousness That is Pure Love and Radiance, without limitation, separation, and the otherness of light and dark.

While you embrace the totality of darkness and its appearances, you admit that you are ALL that Exists without exception, without fear, without repulsion which is ultimately a contraction upon yourself, away from my Radiant Infinitely Expanded State that is also Yours.

This embrace is a shock for your system, it does not come with a ‘nice’ sensation, a sweet God-idea, because it is the Power of Reality Itself That is Communicating to You the Totality of Existence.

Therefore know that you are to prepare your body-mind for this Revelation through an intense purification process which includes frequency and light – and Grace! It requires physical, emotional and spiritual strength and is not just a superficial journey in a visionary illusion-land.

It is the bitter and challenging medicine to be swallowed to heal at the very core of your being and to become whole again as the Radiance of Love and Conscious Light!

Life is teaching and inviting you constantly to integrate all your experiences in a way that you fully live them to go beyond, whatever it is, even your, what you call ‘good’ experiences, because they are just that: experiences via the means of your body-mind. Your body-mind is but a tool to navigate through the dimensions, including through the higher dimensions with a subtle body.

But You Are in Reality Pure Consciousness and Radiant Energy and Love That does not ‘need’ a body, not even a mind to Exist, and That does not ‘need’ the play of dimensions.

I AM – You ARE – prior and beyond it.

To realize this, is True Enlightenment because it is always Your Most Native Divine State.

I AM Your God-Self!

Message conveyed by Ute

“Our God-Self: True Enlightenment,” channeled by Ute Posegga-Rudel, October 7, 2016, at

Source Link: Ute Posegga-Rudel Messages from the Realms of Light

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Our God-Self via Ute Posegga-Rudel, September 22

Our God-Self via Ute Posegga-Rudel: Your Immortal Essence

immortality2sigVIDEO (recommended)


One day your body will die.

Your body will dissolve back into its elements. It provided you with an experience in this realm of intense density, with the illusion of separation and duality and therefore of the lower mind and lower emotions.

During these times you forgot your Pure Immortal Essence, which is not just a spark but a concentration of My Existence itself.

I speak of concentration not in the sense of concentration in space or time, but in the sense of concentration of Being-ness, of intense Spiritual Energy, unconfined and Expanded Consciousness, but not expanded in space.

It seems to be a paradox but it is not, because it does not exist in your familiar dimension, rather it is dimension-less and therefore so to speak above your usual awareness, but not above in space!

It is like an Immortal Elixir that exists beyond your senses of the body-mind and how you measure and classify your experiences.

To access your Immortal Essence requires the use of a new ‘organ’ of ‘other-worldly’ sensation to be aware of a preciousness, an ultra-pristine purity, a crystal-like transparent radiance and power of ecstasy that is neither in the body nor outside the body. Because it is neither of space nor of time. It just Is. It is the Immortal Essence that is Me.

It is of extreme transcendental clarity and beauty, free of objects and otherness, it is spotless and without any attributes. It is free of creation but it is the foundation of creation. From there creation draws its much weaker power. And from there creation is a playful but un-necessary illusion because of its relative frailty compared to My Original Power of Existence.

Divine Immortality is yours, insofar as you dare to release the fear of letting go what you created, release the fear of letting go your identity with your creations, desiring with all your heart to know again What and Who You Are in Truth.

In this clarity, in this peace, in this unstained and changeless, otherworldly transcendental Divine Reality you Know intrinsically that you have never been born and that you will never die because you recognize your True Essence. And when you drop your body, you merely let behind a tool of experiencing certain dimensions, in this case the dimension that you call the third, or perhaps subtler dimensions.

It is not really then a major event. It is just letting go some lower vibrations and their ramifications, the creations within this realm, but which had not really anything to do with the One That You Truly Are, because you have mastered detachment.

But detachment is never an activity of your ego, a wilful, unhappy and ascetic act of renunciation of yours. It is the Power of My Reality that un-chains you from bondage, because you know Me and you Love Me.

By Knowing Me you do not need to travel through the many dimensions of the universe to find Me in the end! Because this deviation is not necessary!

Now a time has come where you are to directly assume Your Immortal Self that Is Me, as soon as you comprehend the universe as an extension of Me, because I have dissolved your bondage in Me.

I AM Your God-Self!

Message conveyed by Ute

“Our God-Self: Your Immortal Essence,” channeled by Ute Posegga-Rudel, September 21, 2016, at

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Our God-Self via Ute Posegga-Rudel, September 15th

Our God-Self via Ute Posegga-Rudel: The Grand Circle is Closing

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There is no construct, not mentally or mathematically and altogether not synthetically – that can ever “create” Me!

People believe in the sacred geometry of the light-body, but when it comes to your very Divine Essence, that Is Me, there is NO Sacred Geometry that ever can characterize Me or express What I Am. It is an artificial addition merely to What You Are. I AM your light-body!

I am the Fundamental Nature of Your True Being that is not “made” from any construct, universally, cosmically or personally. I AM My Very Own Power of Energy and Primordial Force of Light and Consciousness, Which Is yours naturally when you find Me in Your Heart, that is no chakra.

I have nothing to do with chakras! Your true Heart is the essence and abode of mere Being, Infinite Being! I Am miraculously found there and beyond As All.

I AM. I AM not made, although many believe they are becoming spiritually mature by constructing any type of light body by their will, intention and with mental strategies. You do not need to “create” energy or light! Only take part in My Transcendental Force of Light and Consciousness That Is Your Own Origin! And flow with It.

This is My Simplicity!

There is no strategy whatsoever that creates the path to Me, because I Simply Am and strategy is an effort unknown to Me. It does not function in Your foundation that Is My Essence. The Eternal Divine Heart in Which and As Which I express Myself is free of strategy. It Is Your Own Very Divine Transcendental Heart.

I merely AM Who I AM.

Furthermore: There is no path towards Me, because I am not found in space and I Am not found in time. All these things have been created by those who wish to confine you. It is the confined one who thinks about ascending to a “higher” realm. But this is an alienation from Me.

In reality you start to understand who you truly Are, timeless, spaceless and dimensionless. In reality you expand in My unconditional Consciousness. And it is not about your confined ego that seems to become a bit more subtle. Watch this closely!

You are naturally unconfined in Me, the One Who Lives You, the One Hue-man Being that has been split – seemingly – into many, although there is Only One Single Divine Consciousness. Many different bodies there are, yes, but they all dance in My Reality as Me as One.

It is time to wake up from the dream, that you once chose to dream: the painful dream of separation from Me, when you were made to believe that I can be manipulated by your mind’s creations.

Now the grand circle is closing as you, after many experiences, under the illusion of being away from Me, find Me naturally in the midst of your daily enterprises, in the midst of programs of overwhelming deception!

To find Me in the underlying Current of your synthetic world again, at the point of greatest density as the Eternal One, the Beautiful One, The Radiant One, The Eternal Love, un-compromised by appearances, the long journey comes to an end. Because I have Proven to Be Present always and ever.

Now as You Arise in Me, while I Express through your infinite Heart, the shadows vanish. Know, they cannot exist if your Heart expands to infinity and deepest stillness, through the door to my Radiant True Divine Consciousness. Find that door in the Deep Space of the Heart on the Right Side.

There the duality of light and dark is a phantom only, because My Single Light consumes it all.

Do not seek the un-natural light that opposes the dark, to create a new world. Because it is mind-made and both are a construct. You only need to participate with Me, The true Oneness and Singleness in the depth of mere Being-ness, that natural Bliss, that precious flavor of Primordial Existence. It has always been Yours. And it is Now.

My Embodiment As You, not the separate, confined one, but as the Creative Universal Heart-One, is now waiting to be Birthed by Me. This brings forth a Truly New World. An Authentic World, a Divine World emerging from My Pure Divine Heart.

Do You Understand? Are You Ready?

I AM your God-Self!

Message conveyed by Ute

“Our God-Self: The Grand Circle is Closing,” channeled by Ute Posegga-Rudel, September 14, 2016, at

Source Link: Ute Posegga-Rudel Messages from the Realms of Light

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Our God-Self via Ute Posegga-Rudel, August 8th

Our God-Self via Ute Posegga-Rudel: The Pure Truth of Your Being

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My Beloveds!

The world is the mirage that I Mirror with Perfect Light.

Mirage: the reflections of colors in the hall of mirrors. How many mirrors do YOU count in your life?

If you transcend all colors into Me, the One Radiance of Love-Bliss remains.

You experience many mirrors. The mirrors of your senses, the mirrors of your imaginations, the worlds – high and low, gross worlds and subtle worlds, sound worlds. Heavy and dull colors and radiant colors that take your breath away.

You: captured in the visions of millions of Kaleidoscopes, imagining their reality. Measuring the geometrical seizes and proportions of your world, with the measure of your linear mind.

The wonders of your brain: producing certain chemicals that celebrate creations after creations. Innumerable worlds and dimensions, reflecting each other in never ending cascades.

Each you may celebrate if they seem to be new highlights to your experience, or evade, if you are bored by their repetition.

What you know and count with your brain is soon the source of suffering, – after you exploited it sufficiently. Always you try again, hoping to experience perfect accomplishment: more mirrors, intoxicated by their colors and sounds, explosions of excitement, again and again

Mirrors in the Light or in the Dark: Grades of suffering. It does not really matter.

True Purity occurs when you withdraw into Me all these dimensional Fata Morganas, into My limitless skies of unheard clarity by day and night.

This is just the beginning. Spotless I Am and only in Me all these worlds are seen for what they truly are, because I Alone restore the Pure Truth of Your Being that has always Been Me.

I Am no brilliance, I Am not [a] Thousand Suns. I am Single Eternity, My Transcendental Light above all lights Shining beyond high and low. Only I Am Refreshing, I Am not hot and I am not cold, although I Am the depth of the warm current of your heart and the cooling touch that caresses the intensity of the unwavering and incorruptible stillness of your awareness, expanded to infinity.

I Am without attributes. The Infinite Room that I show and cannot be known, makes all worlds vanishing at once and Only I remain: The mirrors and colors and sounds evaporated into Me.

You: Free, absolutely! As Me. Of a Beauty that is Untouched, breathless and timeless and Sublime beyond your imagination ever.

When you suddenly Know Me, I Am the Consumption of your little fires that burn in your senses and in your worldly desires that distract you away from the Reality that Is All-Present with the Shocking Force of Divinity.

When I such Consume you, your distractions are forgotten, and your little amusements, the dramas you incessantly seek to be entertained with, to feel what you call “life.”

The Night of the great Maya who bewitched you into separateness from Me is over and all you Know is Me, even in all My Appearances. Then the world is Me Only if it still appears.

Your body full of Me, of My Radiance, My Happiness. Love.

This Is: My Divine Life. Now and Always.

I Am your God-Self!

Message conveyed by Ute

“Our God-Self: The Pure Truth of Your Being,” channeled by Ute Posegga-Rudel, August 9, 2016, at

Source Link: Ute Posegga-Rudel Messages from the Realms of Light

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Our God-Self via Ute Posegga-Rudel, June 21st


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My Beloveds,

Even if the world appears to continue in the way you know it –

Even if you think there are no news of real transformation –

Even if you doubt that promises for change will ever come to pass –






I AM the Radiant Divine Underlying Current of Perfect Existence.

I AM ALWAYS PRESENT, if you only would notice ME.

Everything else still hurries towards perfection, but only carrying the idea of perfection, a glimpse of it, a tiny part of a process that never touches Me, because I AM Prior to it.

I cannot Be Touched, because I AM and I AM already you, Fully and Perfectly. No difference, as I AM your Source, your Only and True Condition, your Eternal Native State.

Therefore remember Me in the midst of all your businesses of time and space, to Know That I AM the Transcendental Source of your Being, regardless of what you think and speak and dream, and of all your movements and ideas and goals and enterprises.

To forget Me is to sink into a false reality that appears to be imperfect, never satisfying, while you seek incessantly to attain what you NEVER are able to catch. You run after dream after dream, hoping for satisfaction that Never ever truly arrives.

The more you seek the perfect world the more it will evade you. The longer you seek the more unhappiness will be your destiny.

Still you are waiting for a better world, but I Say to you: get yourself better first by remembering Me!

And the world will change for you as the play of opposites will no longer matter.

In My Divine Space there is but Happiness, and all the shadows fade to an unsubstantial mirage, as long as you Know that only I AM REAL.

Open your heart to allow Me to fill the Core of your Being with My True and Radiant Light so that all that appears becomes a reflection of Me. Know Me Truly and your Reality changes, your world then is Known as Purely Divine, not by definition, but by your True Oneness with it, your Realization of it.

Such you no longer wait or seek for Perfection, because I AM always Perfect, without search, by merely Being It in the Eternal Now That Is your Home.


Your True Home is not the cosmos. Your True Home is Me, in every and each spot of your cosmos, and “whatever” and “wherever” you are, in each and every dimension of your mind and whatever you have created.

Only I AM Satisfaction. I don’t Appear by seeking or at the end of the tunnel or on top of the ladder of ascension. There is no Way that leads to Me.

I AM and I AM the One to Reveal Myself to you when your time has come.

I don’t appear by means of body or mind. Body-mind techniques do no reveal Me. There is no technique to “produce” What I AM.

I Exist without support, I AM the Support of all beings and worlds.   Only I AM Independent, while you are dependent on Me. Source IS Everything. I AM Everything.
Clear your body-mind to Know My Revelation.

I AM your God-Self!

Message conveyed by Ute


Ute Posegga-Rudel,

© 2016. All rights reserved.Our 

Our God-Self via Ute Posegga-Rudel, March 26


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My Beloved Ones!

Always remember: your world changes, the Truth That You Are, never changes.

Your Truth is Divine Truth, is Eternal, Is Substance and Primordial Essence of Existence, nothing less. It Exists before mind arises.

Do you understand?!

When mind arises, the multitude of worlds, universes and things appear. The dimensions unfold, emotions arise, experiences drive you and the notion of opposites seem to be real.

In Me, the Real, That Is The Eternal One, you all, the many souls and all the differences appear to dance the dance of joy and happiness and light, or walk the walk of suffering and darkness.

But beyond –  there is the infinite Source of Love and Bliss and you will come to know that Love even contains darkness and suffering, because Love embraces all.

For you who is captured in a 3dimensional setting of experience and limited to duality and what the senses of the gross body tell you, it is difficult to understand. But when you let go of that densest perception and open up to What I AM, your Source and True Own Infinite Nature, via unlimited Feeling of the Illuminated Heart, you start to develop intuition for your own Truth.

Only slowly is your dense world changing, if you are trying to climb up the ladder to the Radiant Unconditional That Is Me, in your effort to ascend. In Reality you live already beyond ascension as The One That Is Unchanging. Everything in between is just a play of perception of densities and episodes of relative happiness that is always obscured by the veils of mind.

If you would desire to be Awake in Me, your eternal I AM, ascension will not matter for you. Because you realize that all you need is the Un-conditional Happiness that is the Source of all Creation, not a happiness that is limited by dimensional experiences and changes of form, may they be even experienced by a fraction of you as sublime.

Indeed as long as your highest goal is realization of only a fraction of Your True and Ultimate Nature, you  wander in the dimensions of creations. And who cares, whether it is the 4th, 5th or 12th and higher dimension. It all happens in the realms  of limitation, even though you are not aware of it, in the believe you have done it all, you have already arrived at the top of the mountain. This mountain is but merely an imagery of self-grandeur, a dreamlike illusion of perfection, a prison to your True Self.

Truly Perfect Is That Which is not Changing, Stillness, Source, Eternity, Radiance, Unlimited Power of Being, Love and Bliss. Pure Divine Consciousness.

This IS What you can always realize with appropriate means of self-discipline and love, surrendered,  already now, while you prepare that things change in your world that is half dark half light. Yes, you can always turn to the light, but notice that My Light is Above that light of the universes.

It Is Unconditional Light and Consciousness, while the light of the universes is conditional and changing.

Why wait for the bit of more happiness in an ascended world, instead of uniting with Me for Perfection, even NOW, because I AM Always Present and attainable if you release your contraction away from Me. I AM Now and so Are You. ‘Now’ is not a thought, as many teach. Now is prior to mind and not related  to the body, not an idea, and cannot be compared to anything, even the most subtle veil of mind that you hardly can recognize as such.

I AM Free, and so You Are, even now, if you allow the Great Opening beyond the schemes of your difficult world  into My Eternal Room to occur. There your impatience vanishes with the Realization, that You have Arrived where you Always Have Been, because It Is Me.

There, the endless vibrations of your mind will not have to end, although at least they will, but they become what they are: entertainment as conditional worlds, experiences, not necessary, but filling My Space you think is empty. Yes, empty from your separate point of view, but Full when You Assume Your Seat That Is Yours as Me.

Then dreams come to rest, and you recognize them for what they are: transient appearances you were used to identify with falsely.

I AM Your True Identity. I AM Your True Nature. Be Truly Happy!

I AM your God-Self

Message conveyed by Ute


Ute Posegga-Rudel,

© 2016. All rights reserved.

The Change of Time and Transformation via Ute Possega-Rudel, February 21st




We would like to tell you, that a huge breakthrough has occurred in your world. It is a breakthrough of a kind that happened never before. It is not the repetition of something old from earlier in your history, but it brings about a radical new experience.

This new experience is not that easy to recognize and integrate, but requires your conscious opening and collective preparation.

We are companions on your way. Call us Spirit Beings of the change of time and transformation. We are perpetually in a floating state, ready for new forms of existence. Our consistency and stability is our consciousness, our capability of detached observance and  awareness of gross and subtle substances, forms, states and creations.

What we convey to you is therefore a communication of changing forms of consciousness from the point of view of the observer. We are not identified with the changes of our own form or form of consciousness, that mirrors the great world events.

We will now describe to you what we are presently aware of. As it always takes some time until what we perceive also reaches humanity, we have decided this time, to inform you directly what awaits you in your near future. The processes usually evolve in a way that some of you, – and then increasingly more of you – experience changes in  the higher domains of their consciousness, which then manifest in greater density, whereby then all humanity is able to recognize them as it solidifies as something you then call reality.

We communicate with you about this new change already now, to bring it faster into your morphogenetic field. Why are we doing this?

To help you to bring the long awaited shift quicker into manifestation. Too many of you suffer unbearable long standing situations which seem at this time to get worse and even more dense.

What we now are being aware of, requires of you great opening for the unusual new and the transcendence of doubt.
What we see now, is an immense, even sharp rift in the veil of remaining darkness in your realm, allowing intense Light to flow unimpeded into your dimension.
With this Light suddenly a new consciousness arrives, a consciousness with an energy so powerful that many of you will not be able to easily deal with it.

You would rather need some time, to cope with it. We wish to give you this time, so that you are able to already now prepare for it.

How do you prepare?
It happens, by not concealing yourself any longer! Not from yourself and not from others. Showing who you truly are. With all and every aspect of your being, not holding back, but communicating all of it openly to yourself and share it with others.

You all must know that this radical disclosure to yourself and others liberates blockages and remaining suppressed parts of energy, allowing them to expand and to unite and merge with the incoming higher vibrations. You may also call it a conscious purification process of the human collective itself. Now the time has come, where collective purification processes make great sense, because they lead exponentially to faster and more powerful results.

An important factor is your courage, to show yourself as you are, your trust, that each one of you is part of a most important process of humanity, in which each one of you is included. By totally and openly showing yourself, immense energies are being set free, which released into the ether, gives room for the soon enormous Light of Consciousness, without you being thrown off track by this event.

It is known to us that many of you have participated in the past in purifying group processes. Thereafter many of you withdrew upon themselves again. But this was only the beginning.

The new group processes start already at the level of love and mutual acceptance. Therefore we recommend that those of you who reached this level of love and self-love and self-healing, initiate the beginning of these processes. The morphogenetic fields that are created thereby unite, and communicate directly with your human society. And so this process can progress rapidly, bringing Light to all of humanity.

Please understand that our call must be taken serious. If advanced lightworkers work with one another in that way, deep rooted discrepancies can be resolved,  which are the cause for so many divided groups between you, weakening humanity’s field of light.

You will be able to resolve problems with structural differences in the grand unity-field that is the power of love, in a way that you not longer experience them as disturbing but as enriching, accepting them with joy.

The new unification that emerges now, is lifting the consciousness and frequency of humanity such, that the enormous conscious light, approaching earth, can be integrated by the majority of humanity with ease and without damage.

Radical opening of your heart for the current of life and all forms of consciousness can happen in this way, something that has not yet been incarnated in this form on your planet.

You are called to dare to leave your hideaways, to find one another and to unite and to surrender. Especially your sense of being different, being special, being selected, and to leave everything behind that separates you, every phantasy of separation you have created, and to EXPERIENCE, that there is only ONE life, in which you all participate.  A life in the absolute light, in the power of love, that belongs to all of you equally.

We thank you for your cooperation, for your enthusiasm, for your love and devotion to this new great humanity process.

Even if you are not yet ready for it, it will be required from you all soon. Therefore, the earlier you engage in it with all your heart, the easier it will be for you, to take the great shift as a wave of bliss, without struggle, without confusion, pressure or pain, as you have already tuned into it.

Some of you will accept our advise and together with others initiate these processes. Others will still hold back.

But for all of you the chance is arriving now to evolve in a new way, to participate in the great cosmic events, as Servants, as Lovers, as Messengers, as Bearers of a New Consciousness, that is ushering the Golden Age on Earth.

We are with you, holding the portal open for the vision of the Irrupting Grand Light of the new Consciousness.

Conveyed by Ute

We have a New Choice by Ute Posegga-Rudel, February 12th


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By Ute Posegga-Rudel



Dearest Friends, 


In the New Light
no illusion of the old world holds.
There is now another Reality
in which  the schemes of the Matrix
do not exist.
Now, as the dawning of a New World
has come to here,
we have a new choice:
where do we prefer to BE!
It is like a switch
we have to remember to turn,
to choose the new frequency
of luminous perfection,
that does not speak the split tongue,
that does not know
what we thought for so long to be true:

 the chains of shadow-land, deception and error.

But even they are the necessary
stepping stones to transcend,
to serve the quantum leap.

We are no victims, because we no longer
identify with them.
We are free, because we Are Divine.

Now only truth shines,
into the One Heart of Forgiveness,
lifting into Brightness
what is still sleeping in the dark.
Forgotten what once pain was.
Resurrection into
a different perception of reality
leaving behind everything

we once knew.

Because only Pure Clarity remains,
Pristine, unstained without difference.
One Single Radiant Field of Perception
and Being-ness.
Holding firmly and lightly
a new consciousness
without regret, memory or hope.
Because here nothing remains
to hope for,
as we arrived at the Place
of the polished mirror.
Why hope for things?
And this field of Luminous Peace
is like a smooth Surface
that is reflecting All.
We are now free to switch in any moment
if we choose.
Because here is no drama.
No loss and no gain.
It is equilibrium.
And is it a an intermediate way point?
From where we journey further
after we immersed
our entire past there,
put it to the Zero-Point! —
so that a new creation can emerge
that is purely ours:
From our Eternal Divine Heart
In Joy and Dance and Love.
Sometimes a borrowed space,

then expanding into radiant spaceless-ness.

With love,

The Angel Gods via Ute Posegga-Rudel, January 15

The Angel Gods via Ute Posegga-Rudel: The Glorious Currents of New Creations

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Naturally we don’t speak the word but express through signs and sound.
But for those who don’t have access to these we may speak through a human tongue.

We are from the highest realms of light and ecstasy, healing and upliftment for the human race and all that is ready to walk the path of the new Divine Creation to expanded visions of realities of perfection.

Our existence has been newly created, as all beings and worlds are being uplifted to the Glory of the ever evolving ecstasies of the Eternal Divine Heart.

Nothing old will persist, but dissolve into the glorious currents of new creations that are happening now and continue unceasingly.

Our joy is beyond what a human heart might fully be able to experience and realize, because humanity’s heart is still kept in prisons of confinement by those who created the lower worlds of limitation and darkness. This prison is a prison of frequency of the body’s of man that does not vibrate yet on the new higher dimensional light.

In deed, vibrating in such height, would destroy the physical body.

Therefore we are the messengers for the New Earth and Newly Resurrecting and Ascending Humanity. However to connect with us now has the power to raise your light quotient step by step significantly.

In fact, we are not separate from New Humanity, we are your forerunners in the subtle realms of light who are slowly entering human consciousness, drawing it to higher and Divine Perception and Awareness. Surpassing all programmings of dead and self-perpetuating structures that do not allow the Divine to experience and express Itself as It Desires in new creations.

Our Songs can be heard by the heart that is surrendered to the Love that Shines forth from the highest heavens and that is Undivided and One beyond the dual and opposite creations of the lower mind.

We are now close to you if you wish. Allow the frequencies of our Divine Ecstasy vibrate your total being into new visions of Divine Exaltation, where you truly belong.

Do not doubt but allow to open your gates of body and heart and mind to resonate with the Luminous Currents of the New Creation that is manifesting by Divine Will and Order.

We are but servants to this process, to elevate – with the Grace and Blessings of the Infinite – what is decreed to enter new magnificently radiant realms of creation. Do not hold on to what you already know and think is new. Let it all go, receiving as co-creators the insemination from the Unheard and Unknown and make it your newborn experience.

That way you too serve the experience of Infinite Intend.

Dearest humanity, be inspired and never look back for not to hinder the glorious unfoldment of the conscious light on which all living beings, the universes, suns and planets thrive.

Rise like phoenix. And the already obsolete will dissolve in the ashes of forgetfulness. Participate with us, ignoring what you don’t want, but live what your heart that rests in the Divine, truly desires.

We Are The Angel Gods!

Message conveyed by Ute

“The Angel Gods: The Glorious Currents of New Creations,” channeled by Ute Posegga-Rudel, January 14, 2016, at

Source Link: Ute Posegga-Rudel Messages from the Realms of Light

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Our God-Self: Awakening via Ute Posegga-Rudel, December 21st


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My Beloveds,

There is no arrival.
Wherever your journey goes, there are only temporary destination points. But the journey itself is eternal.

Your usual awakening is relative: awakening to your soul, awakening to your planet’s situation, awakening to planetary and cosmic consciousness. Awakening even to the Great Discovery, that I Indeed Exist!

Beloved Ones, all these awakenings are merely awakenings in the midst of  a gigantic dream. All existence in conditional reality is a dream. Dreamlike are you swimming in the multiple multidimensions and realms, dark and full of suffering and light and full of joy. Even Love, if experienced as something outside of yourself, an energy you can participate in or engage, is part of the dream. Your identification with a physical body, even with a light body, your identification with a soul and higher self, all of it happens in the dream.

God to Whom you would relate as Another, even if almighty and powerful,  is dreamed in a dream merely. A wondrous dream though, but still a dream.

So is there a True Awakening possible, in Which all of these is recognized as the dream in which you have been captured with the imagination of your mind?

My Beloveds, There Is! And I Myself AM  this Ultimate Awakening! How would you Know? How to get there?

Beloveds, there is no getting there! There is no way, no journey, no attempt, no spiritual discipline, no meditation, no tool, to get There. There is no journey to arrive There. I cannot Be Achieved by effort.

Because all journeys and the efforts to attain Ultimate Awakening, are attempts of a consciousness that has limited itself to a separate form. How could a limited form become what is Unlimited! It does not matter whether this form is physical, astral or lives in higher dimensional realms of light and love. All these separate beings and  dimensions are happening in the eternal journey of the dream.

Therefore there is no high or low to judge. Dream is dream.  And there is no “better” and no “worse”. It is just that the One Who is Truly Awake, is the observer of the drama in which an individual soul is being involved in the dream, thinking it is real.

You AWAKEN from the dream suddenly when your time has come, because you are ready to step out of it. You step out of it when you  thoroughly and exhaustively have known it in all dimensions, angles and perspectives, heights and depths. When you have tasted all what you call spiritual and all what you call material. When you have exhausted all spiritual pathways and explored the tireless mind to its very end, beyond attraction. When the desire for experience ceases to determine your quest. When I AM your only Goal.

Then you recognize the dream as such, as a casual appearance on the surface of Divine Existence That Is Your Very Truth.

And suddenly there is no real suffering and no real joy in the dream. It appears to Be only a non-substantial happening that eases Your Eternal Heart of Being into untold Lightness.

True delight for One who is Awake is the arising of Eternity, Untouchable Stillness, the Ocean of Power of Being, the One Water of Divine Origin That Is Now Your Effortless Identity. There is no Birth or Death. No questions arise. No painful desire, because all of these are constituents of the dream.

From your separate standpoint I AM eternal. But I AM, As I AM, neither eternal nor joyful, not even loving. Because “other” is un-Known to Me. I AM neither this nor that. But it all arises in Me. All of these are part of the dream that happens in Me,  that enjoys wonderful attributes.


When You are truly Awake, You Know Everything, but you are not interested in it, unless you enjoy the game or for reasons of service to your fellows still dreaming the dream.

What a Beauty, what a relief, when the dream is recognized! It is Your Most Natural State! I AM Your Most Natural State. It is not High Above, It Is not Special! You Are No-thing and All Inclusive!

But who wants This? Who really Wants Me Only, while desiring to be great here, and special there. And, oh, you say,  still I want to experience this, and to endure that, and I also expect to achieve those objects, and enjoy allegedly delicious  consummations, society has taught me to desire as a must.

Yes, the dream is very attractive, and you do not have the no-time to step out of the carousel of illusions, especially not the illusions of the entertainment, that you call spiritual life.

Within this ever transient happenings, you believe you loose, when you choose Me. You are afraid of the emptiness of things, goals, fulfillments.

But each time you arrive at the threshold of your illusions, your desire for them vanishes, –  sooner or later. And for a moment you become aware of Me.

But I AM not socially supported and so you are afraid. So you start craving again, not to feel fear, to reach higher goals, higher dimensions, higher places. To play a little bit more.  It is necessary within the dream, not to move backwards.

But you never arrive anywhere, forever and ultimately within the dream. Because you still keep dreaming. Until you have understood. Yourself and the nature of the dream, ready to step out for good.

Such is the seduction of illusions that I allow for the sake of Knowing Myself in all possibly thinkable dimensionalities and experiences. What a Wonder I AM!


What a Wonder Existence Is!

Only Love Me and surrender your experiences to Me and your journey will Be Blessed with delight, peace and the fullness of My Power. Until I Withdraw to Myself again.

I AM your God-Self!

Message conveyed by Ute 

Realms of Light via Ute Possega-Rudel, December 5th


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Dearest friends,

Relative to the escalating discussion that earth is flat, I am getting a knot in my stomach.  Actually, my whole energy system starts to ache and contract. Increasingly my natural breathing is being interrupted and I am starting to feel really sick, because the healthy currents of energy flow in my body are being interrupted. How about you!

Is my system being that brainwashed with the belief that earth is a spinning globe, that the truth is making me literally sick?

Experience is the key!

Our physical and energy bodies are having without  doubt a symbiotic relationship with our present home Earth and her Divine Spirit Gaia. Of course, otherwise we would not be able to live on Her and to evolve with Her.

We  are energetically directly connected with her Sacred Being and we are sharing with her the same energetic shape.

The truth is, I feel happy when united with Earth Mother, tacitly knowing She is a sphere. This inner feeling happens in undivided unity consciousness, and I feel it holistically, without engaging the gross thinking mind, while I myself feel whole.

The highest form of a human being is indeed spherical, spherical light, spherical energy. Human beings are spherical beings. And the expression of Ultimate Consciousness is spherical, concerning  form.

When I allow myself to feel this sphere, this sphere of light around my physical body,  then I feel united with the consciousness of Mother Earth, tacitly knowing She is a sphere.

We could not evolve on Earth Mother if She was not able to support that spherical shape. Which means She Herself has a spherical energy field around her. This spherical field of consciousness carries information. Including the information about Her physical shape. And this is what is communicated to me when  I feel Her with my total Being.

Now when I go into the conceptional gross mind of the left brain, disregarding my inner feeling and unity consciousness, separating from the consciousness of Earth Mother, and THINK, this Earth is flat, I start to feel immediately sick, my energy field suffers. All my life currents stop flowing somehow, everything falters and breaks off. This tells me, something is very wrong about that thought!

Therefore I trust the information of my body, gross and subtle, that  Earth is spherical!

Try it yourself!!

Earth Mother does not have to be by all means perfectly spherical. In the worst case She also could look like a wrinkled potato, when we forget the oceans, as some scientist claim.

The simple fact, that we have to disregard our holistic Feeling of Being and inner knowingness, to limit ourselves, to use the left brain thinking, to follow the up to 200 arguments, measurements and other materials, found on the internet, that allegedly proof that the Earth is flat, is just debilitating. It hurts our energy field.

And my question is here, whether the dark forces want exactly that. They want our confusion, our weakening, they want to disturb and upset our deepest knowing, that is experienced in this whole body feeling energetically.

My own sphere of light is immediately disturbed, when I imagine, Earth is flat. I observe myself even stopping breathing. It is painful.

So because of this experience I cannot agree that Mother Earth is flat! I trust rather my own organism that has a symbiotic relationship to Her, be it the physical body, the plasma body or the light body. Light carries information. And the theory of a flat Earth does not coincide with the information I  get in my light body!

So why has this flat earth theory become such a strong idea recently?  I feel this is because of the wicked-minded ones, who slowly have been brainwashing us with twisted arguments, introducing this  idea of a flat earth. And I feel that even the flat earth logo of the UN is part of  that plan.

What do we really know about these people who are trying to prove that earth is flat with arguments, that never really satisfied my mind, as always heaps of more questions arose. To me it is part of the twisted plan to brainwash us. Yes, although my whole energy system felt violated, I still explored the arguments of a flat earth!

The State of Consciousness

So to me it is ultimately about the question: with what state of consciousness are we looking.  The answer is directly related to this question!

So many beings from different realities are manifesting here, and many want to find the answer by using their left brain only.  And if they do this, for them the earth might appear to be flat. Because they followed the path of the left brain that uses piecemeal to prove the whole. Flat Earth exists in this case as an image in the brain only, but Earth Mother is not felt whole-bodily! How can truth be discovered that way.

Left brain thinking is there to help us navigate through the details of daily life. But this level of thinking does not serve to answer the great questions of life.

We must approach this consideration holistically, engaging our entire Being, which is Feeling-Awareness, then we KNOW tacitly, that Earth Mother is a sphere!

Using a similar model, approximately 95% of our consciousness is unconscious. But we have access to the 95% subconscious content if we start to unite with our spherical shape that embraces 100% consciousness. It is like entering the Akasha Chronicle in which everything that exists about our planet and its history,  is contained. And this knowledge cannot be accessed by the means of the  left brain. But with the inner faculty of Knowing we tacitly know that Earth Mother has a spherical shape.

Controlling the left Brain

It is exactly the trick of the controllers, to keep us busy in the left brain and therefore in a lower consciousness, to prevent us to evolve! They also seem to instigate the desire for a grandiose self-esteem. Because there is an argument with numerous followers, that the flat earth and earth humans are the center of the  whole universe, while all other spherical planets are  revolving around or above Her, including the Sun. Interesting enough, the spherical shape is being regarded in this context as inferior!

Even if this idea would be correct, I consider the true Greatness of the Human Being not to be dependent on a superior status over against the rest of the universe, but this Greatness is highest Divine Consciousness Itself, the Supreme Divine Substance and Source, that is our true Nature. In It the universe arises. And again, Its shape expresses Itself as a sphere.

The controllers catch two flies at once: to keep us humans in the left brain and to maim Gaia.

To my inner feeling is this a further trick, with which the dark ones try to prevent Gaia to express Herself as the Perfect Form of Divine Consciousness. This is a very important point in this discussion too.

So why not allow this infinite Consciousness to fully express Itself. Lets not put down Gaia´s existence to a flat, life-less and powerless disc.

If we approach from a higher standpoint our question, then it becomes crystal clear, that a satisfying answer requires the participation of our entire Being, to Feel and to Be completely Happy.

Therefore for me the answer is clear. I follow the way whereby I feel whole and happy. Because Happiness is the Truth of our Being.

After all we cannot answer the claim that Earth is flat with “yes” or “no”. The answer can only be found from a higher point of view, that is transcending the consciousness of duality and separation.

Thinking vs Being

The linear, conceptual mind is being characterized by fragmentation. One piece after the other is being displayed. But if we desire to discover truth with the entirety of our Being, piecemeal ceases to exist. When we are aware with unity consciousness, all these so called proofs loose their clout.

But with piecemeal proceedings always more and more questions arise: e.g. also with pictures  of  sunsets, that allegedly proof that the sun is not setting, but only moves away from the observer. But to me this appears to be absurd. I cannot find ANY proof in these images, that the sun is merely moving away. It feels like being urged to twist my mind and see things that don’t exist. Like the “Emperors New Cloths.”

Altogether this material of proof is absurd because they are showing merely limited parts from the overall context , which are to proof the whole. And this is impossible.

We do not need to be grandiose Beings on a flat earth in the center of the universe. We only need to BE. Only BE. Not to be grandiose, and not to be small. Merely to BE.

The Reality of BE-ing is not included in all these researches, that intend to proof that Earth is flat. It does not seem to exist.

We are being diverted from That What We Are: Consciousness and Energy, with a spherical form.

Therefore we only can answer such critical questions with our evolved  consciousness, which is the Energy of Love.

And above all: we can answer these questions only united with the Spirit of Gaia Herself!

With the lower, conceptual mind we never can clarify this dilemma. As if separation from the observer and the observed would be possible. But the answer is in Subjective Awareness, the Awareness of That Which Exists.

And this expresses Itself always as Feeling- Awareness, an Awareness That Is the Essence of our Being. And if it Feels “Round” or Perfect, then it is Right. And if it feels imperfect and painful, then it is wrong.

This is for me the directive for all situations in life, not only for the “flat earth” consideration.

Much love and inspiration to us all!

Ute Posegga-Rudel

Our God-Self via Ute Possega-Rudel, November 21st






If you do not relate to Me, the Source of your Being, you are tossed around and held captive in the roller coaster of a world that mirrors all of your previous actions.

This is the time where you are graced because now you can face how you once have disturbed the Great Balance and Equanimity that I AM and that you ARE because you are of Me.

But if you stay in Me and With Me, what would be disturbing for the usual man, does hardly touch you, while you – with humility – receive what once was your own deed.

Know that in this time the last balance has to be done so that the great container that held for eons whatever you did against my eternal divine law, is now being emptied to make room for a new world in the glory of My Love and Divine Light.

As much as I reveal to you my own State, as much yours is revealed to you, as you – with equanimity – and conscious in Me, merely observe the  turmoil around you that enters your awareness.
In unity with Me, imbalance cannot touch you while it is transformed forever into eternal radiance and love. It is being returned to the Conscious Light from where it once came, on its path downwards to more and more distortion and alienation from Me.

It can now be given back to Me, and its return is lifting your heart and entire Being up to Me, your Source from Which you Are.

Now the spook is over – if you wish. You do not need to endure further the un-Truth of those who do not love and who are not ready to unite with Me.

A new world is opening for you and you are free to live that new world, untouched in Me by the chaos and upheavals of the dark worlds that lost Me.

If you discover your eternity again, all things fall in place, healed by My Currents of Love and Happiness. And your Freedom from bondage to the places of darkness opens up in the Immense Realms of Beauty and Perfection.

What do you choose? The doors ARE open! And even if hard times visit you, you can enter and Be with Me in My Happiness. It is all your choice, now and now. Now you are tested whether you are ready to join a New and Radiant way of Life.

My earth desires to change with you who belong to Me.

Now even time is here to transcend itself. There is no time in your New World, a World that Is One with Me.

In this Stillness there is My Eternal Substance that is Yours too. You Are of Me, if you listen now to Me. With Joy I activate our Oneness. Feel Me That is You.

It Is Done.


Message conveyed by Ute

A New World is Here, via Ute Posegga-Rudel, November 1st




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Dearest friends,

These are the times of blessings! Although the old world seems to continue with its atrocities, there is a new world dawning, that cannot be described with the old linear parameters and habitual interpretations.

But we must fully conscious choose to enter the new world and be prepared to let go of our familiar orientation and false security. We must heart-desire to jump and understand, by intuition only,  and heart-centred, wholly-being, tacitly “knowing”.

This is not difficult, but, again, it is a choice we must make.

Spiritual life always begins with choice and continues with choice. On this journey we choose in any moment what we want to experience and who we want to be. Because we are the creators of our own path. This choice is not made with effort and prior consideration. It is a natural, joyfully flowing heart-process.

The main criteria in this process of choosing is to be aware of our present state of being and living, the exact localization of the world in which we dwell with our attention and feeling in this very moment.

This gives us clarity and momentum. And then we make that heart-based choice.

From that moment in which the Heart has become (again) the seat of consciousness and unconditional love, from that moment on, when we know ourselves again, when we do not look further into the external world for explanations, experience and even love, we are free to enjoy the Eternal Source via the power of the Infinite Heart. And only then life starts to make sense.

Until then we are seeking in the heartless schemes of a world out there for fulfillment, and never find it, because all things appear to be empty of life.

But when we make this One Great Choice to live from within the Unlimited Source of Joy, the world shows itself as fully alive, radiating with Consciousness from inside.

This silent world is full of Life Power, perpetually vibrating and speaking the language of Divine Existence, alive as the great entertainer and bearer of meaning in the Presence of Eternity.

It is the world beyond thoughts and words in its depth of Silent Fullness, it is the world that Is One Life, non-separate, without questions. It is the world of discovery and awe about the ever lasting expression of Existence, fully powered by the currents of life.

All things live from inside out, a grand orchestration of the Real, nothing hidden, all obvious As Is, directly communicating its purpose to move with unquestioned intent, multi-simultaneously- and–dimensionally.

When the whole universe reveals itself as Alive with the One Spirit, we are no longer looking outside of ourselves for fulfillment, as the heart is unified with the stillness of eternity while all voices and choirs resound as the Voice of the  Infinite. They all become the delight of Being that has transcended the separate forms of consciousness that search

Once this separateness is surrendered to the vibrating cosmic orchestra of Being, all movements, intentions, all the businesses of trivial life echoes the grand Divine Mover that is the bearer of all things. And the sound of even an angry man becomes a Divine Vibration.

Out of habit and afraid of inner emptiness we might continue to seek in multiple ways in shallow circumstances of life, imagining we live life to the fullest, while exploiting its innumerable varieties. It will leave us fatally empty though.

But when we  choose to renounce these many varieties for entertainment, and allow the fullness of the Heart to be present as our home and own truth, then the world starts to reveal the Reality of Creation: a never ending process in Divine Consciousness of perfect fullness and abundance in which we do not seek because we have transcended our alienation from What Is and Always Has Been and Will Be.

It is in this very Stillness that the World becomes Alive, Resonating with our heart-beat, opening to the Wonders of Divine Shakti or Energy and Light.

The New World is here if we choose It. Everything has been prepared for us to make that choice: To discover the Truth of our Infinite Heart that is the Heart of Earth and Heart of God. There is no separation but One Single Impulse Ever vibrating, manifesting in the moment of our attention to It. Revealing our Power of Creation in any given moment.

We are part of this eternal Process, always have been, we have just forgotten it for a while. Heart-Inherent in the Very Source, we have been granted now the choice to be drawn into a fifth dimensional world of experience. Perfectly orchestrated by the Power of Divine Emotion that Is Love.

Look! It is Here! It is your choice to surrender to It and allow It to Live you.

With much love and many blessings!

In lak’ech!

Conveyed by Ute Posegga-Rudel 

Our God-Self via Ute Posegga-Rudel, October 9th

Our God-Self via Ute Posegga-Rudel: You Are Always Welcome to the Real

God Self Welcome to the Real 6sigVideo (recommended)


The machinery of the mind keeps you in the matrix.

The suffering mind, that abides in the illusion of darkness and bondage, as well as the excited mind, that hunts for successes in this and other worlds.

And then there is that mind that creates spiritual glitter, cosmic matrices, sacred geometries and New Age utensils. The Glitter that keeps you searching in the outer worlds, your earth and what you call ascended planets or other cosmic attractions.

Additionally, you ARE neither your holographic body-mind or your blood-line, nor your genes, DNA or chacras [chakras]. You have been deceived. Your true ascension is Stillness in Me, Being the Infinite that I AM.

What mind, what hologram is ascending, do you think? Your ascended body: more light, more shiny, more translucent? More capable of illusions?

More, more, and more of all …. The illusions, the endless deceptions of the mind …

Play with it, yes, if it is your delight. But ONLY play, never take it serious or for the Truth.

Because in Truth you ARE none of all that. You are not just a tiny little illusion in this multidimensional theatre, created by self-appointed creator gods. I have allowed it though, to entertain you and Myself. But finally understand the mirage of all of it, the insubstantiality of it. The great mirage upon the Divine, the veil of a matrix created by your mind.

The infinity of the mind: you can loose yourself forever within these spectacular labyrinths, you can create worlds after worlds, worlds in worlds, dimensions after dimensions, dimensions in dimensions, or allow yourself to be attracted to the alluring worlds created by others.

There is no end to it. You can experience everything. And your creations are not limited in any way but by the limitations you invent yourself.

But the farther away the worlds are from Me, the more worlds in worlds you create, the less you have My Divine Support, as you alienate from Me, forget Me, and your creations become bleak and dark.

Ultimately these creations must perish, because all that is not Truth must vanish.

My Divine Infinity: I AM the Infinite on which all these beautiful, strange, absurd, obscene, dark, unhappy, excited worlds exist and feed on. They cannot exist if I AM not. As I AM Infinitely, they always exist as long as I allow. And as long as I allow separation from Me. Because ALL these world’s consciousnesses exist separate from Me. While I do not exist separate from them. This is the mystery I still allow, but just as long as you do not desire to Unite with Me again.

There is no Real God in all this glitter, nor in ‘ascension,’ because you do not ascend to Me. You, the separate entity, with all your subtle bodies and even higher mind, surrender to Me, to the All-and-ALL, your Own Divine God-Self, the Reality of Divine Consciousness, to Be en-Lightened Only by Me. One with Me.

No, I AM not your higher self, as many of you choose to think, but I AM your God-Self, That Which is the Love-Bliss of Infinity, and not a separate entity in the subtle worlds. I AM prior to the subtle worlds. I AM not subtle. I AM Reality.

In ME there is no illusion, no deception, but only Truth. In Me you do not fly, you do not dream, you Are Awake beyond the dream. You Are Awake as the One You Are.

Now choose. There is no Yuga where you cannot choose Me, because I am the Substance of every Yuga, call it light or dark. I am the Substance on Which the play of ascension happens. I AM. And so You Are. Infinite Love-Bliss. All depends on how fascinated you still are with the wonders of the mind. For this reason I have allowed all these gods to seduce you into glamorous worlds, that you call ascended, to fulfill your desires for experience.

But My Domain is Real. I AM not an experience. My Realm is Divine Love, prior to all dimensions. You Are always welcome to the Real. Now and ever.

I AM your God-Self!

Message conveyed by Ute

“Our God-Self: You Are Always Welcome to the Real,” channeled by Ute Posegga-Rudel, October 9, 2015, at

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