Love is our new reality

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We have a New Choice by Ute Posegga-Rudel, February 12th


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By Ute Posegga-Rudel



Dearest Friends, 


In the New Light
no illusion of the old world holds.
There is now another Reality
in which  the schemes of the Matrix
do not exist.
Now, as the dawning of a New World
has come to here,
we have a new choice:
where do we prefer to BE!
It is like a switch
we have to remember to turn,
to choose the new frequency
of luminous perfection,
that does not speak the split tongue,
that does not know
what we thought for so long to be true:

 the chains of shadow-land, deception and error.

But even they are the necessary
stepping stones to transcend,
to serve the quantum leap.

We are no victims, because we no longer
identify with them.
We are free, because we Are Divine.

Now only truth shines,
into the One Heart of Forgiveness,
lifting into Brightness
what is still sleeping in the dark.
Forgotten what once pain was.
Resurrection into
a different perception of reality
leaving behind everything

we once knew.

Because only Pure Clarity remains,
Pristine, unstained without difference.
One Single Radiant Field of Perception
and Being-ness.
Holding firmly and lightly
a new consciousness
without regret, memory or hope.
Because here nothing remains
to hope for,
as we arrived at the Place
of the polished mirror.
Why hope for things?
And this field of Luminous Peace
is like a smooth Surface
that is reflecting All.
We are now free to switch in any moment
if we choose.
Because here is no drama.
No loss and no gain.
It is equilibrium.
And is it a an intermediate way point?
From where we journey further
after we immersed
our entire past there,
put it to the Zero-Point! —
so that a new creation can emerge
that is purely ours:
From our Eternal Divine Heart
In Joy and Dance and Love.
Sometimes a borrowed space,

then expanding into radiant spaceless-ness.

With love,