Love is our new reality

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Our God-Self via Ute Posegga-Rudel, June 21st


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My Beloveds,

Even if the world appears to continue in the way you know it –

Even if you think there are no news of real transformation –

Even if you doubt that promises for change will ever come to pass –






I AM the Radiant Divine Underlying Current of Perfect Existence.

I AM ALWAYS PRESENT, if you only would notice ME.

Everything else still hurries towards perfection, but only carrying the idea of perfection, a glimpse of it, a tiny part of a process that never touches Me, because I AM Prior to it.

I cannot Be Touched, because I AM and I AM already you, Fully and Perfectly. No difference, as I AM your Source, your Only and True Condition, your Eternal Native State.

Therefore remember Me in the midst of all your businesses of time and space, to Know That I AM the Transcendental Source of your Being, regardless of what you think and speak and dream, and of all your movements and ideas and goals and enterprises.

To forget Me is to sink into a false reality that appears to be imperfect, never satisfying, while you seek incessantly to attain what you NEVER are able to catch. You run after dream after dream, hoping for satisfaction that Never ever truly arrives.

The more you seek the perfect world the more it will evade you. The longer you seek the more unhappiness will be your destiny.

Still you are waiting for a better world, but I Say to you: get yourself better first by remembering Me!

And the world will change for you as the play of opposites will no longer matter.

In My Divine Space there is but Happiness, and all the shadows fade to an unsubstantial mirage, as long as you Know that only I AM REAL.

Open your heart to allow Me to fill the Core of your Being with My True and Radiant Light so that all that appears becomes a reflection of Me. Know Me Truly and your Reality changes, your world then is Known as Purely Divine, not by definition, but by your True Oneness with it, your Realization of it.

Such you no longer wait or seek for Perfection, because I AM always Perfect, without search, by merely Being It in the Eternal Now That Is your Home.


Your True Home is not the cosmos. Your True Home is Me, in every and each spot of your cosmos, and “whatever” and “wherever” you are, in each and every dimension of your mind and whatever you have created.

Only I AM Satisfaction. I don’t Appear by seeking or at the end of the tunnel or on top of the ladder of ascension. There is no Way that leads to Me.

I AM and I AM the One to Reveal Myself to you when your time has come.

I don’t appear by means of body or mind. Body-mind techniques do no reveal Me. There is no technique to “produce” What I AM.

I Exist without support, I AM the Support of all beings and worlds.   Only I AM Independent, while you are dependent on Me. Source IS Everything. I AM Everything.
Clear your body-mind to Know My Revelation.

I AM your God-Self!

Message conveyed by Ute


Ute Posegga-Rudel,

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