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Mother Mary via Ann Dahlberg, July 15th

Mother Mary

Friday, July 15, 2016

Channel: Ann Dahlberg

I am Mother Mary and I am glad to be with you today. Everything that has happened lately on our Earth has gladdened my heart. I do not mean the violence that has popped up here and there, but I mean the greater quest that people have, to obtain peace on our Earth. It is the large awakening that is on-going, that which unites people and get them to demand the freedom and peace that they so much need and has the right to. I feel and can see people’s wishes and there are many that are with you now, all you light workers on Earth that have started up the energy. It is like torches that are passed from one to the other and lights up new lights. It is a great joy to see this. It is a dream that is now being realized.

You cannot see me, but I walk with you on Earth today, dear children. I sow relief, hope and trust so that you will understand that you are the strong divine people deep inside that you always have been. Dare to see reality as it is and understand that also you can change it. Everything happens inside you and you build up the new reality in the world that you secretly dream of. So dream large, dream beauty, dream lovingly with much joy and confidence, it will provide the results that you hope for and your trust gives them.

It is time to dare have trust and belief in your self, dear children on Earth. Ask for help and I will strengthen this ability in you my dear child. It is a great honor for me to get to help you today my children. I also help myself as we are all One and I love that all that exist on this Earth, whether small or large. I carry your burdens with pleasure, but now it is time to let them go and engage in love and freedom.

You are incredibly brave and I am so proud of you and follow each new movement you make. I send healing and love to all your steps forward in your development and the development of Earth. Everything is part of a whole, everything impacts everything else and the results show up one after another. The positive development on Earth has started and my heart rejoices. It might not seem that way with all the awful disclosures that are made and have been made lately, but this is what is the start of the new era. The old comes up into the bright sun light, can be seen, be understood and then disappear. The new is taking hold ever more and is spreading its light over Earth.

We rejoice over the fact that the bell of freedom is starting to ring on Earth and releases all those souls that have been enslaved in work and bondage. Now it is time to draw a sigh of relief and to see and understand that better times are incoming for each one of you.

Have trust, have belief and spread love around you and you will soon get to experience how your wildest dreams will be fulfilled. The Almighty has blessed you and my heart is overwhelmed with joy.

I love you so much!

Mother Mary



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan




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