Love is our new reality

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Pan via Susan Leland, September 27th

Pan: Welcome to

My Golden Age/Lemurian Gardens!”

Ashtar On The Road Teleconference

September 27, 2016

“I Am Pan.  And my Heart is overflowing with Joy as I welcome you to my Gardens!  My Gardens are everywhere, as are the very Spirits of Mother Gaia’s Kingdoms.  And we together greet you as One With Us, as stewards of this most beautiful Planet!

“And I present to you – for your enjoyment, and envisioning, and bringing forth – these Gardens of Beauty and Peace and Truth and above all else, of pure Love!  This is as it was, way in the beginning of Lemuria.  Lemuria – pristine, only High Vibrations for the High Dimensional beings who were here.  And the Spirits – the Nature Spirits as they are called – were in a constant state of rejoicing!


“And when the first Lemurians came, they were welcomed without any fear whatsoever, because fear was unknown, and this is coming again.  For these are the Gardens of the Golden Age, and they are yours to enjoy once more, most Beloved Members of this Family!

“And so it is that we all stand here to welcome you through the magnificent gate, into the Gardens of Planet Earth, where you can walk – and where you can even lie down alongside the walkway, if you choose, to rest or to nap or to dream.  There will be no disturbance whatsoever, for your Lights will shine bright and you will be surrounded by the loving beings here!

“If you are thirsty, there is pure, clear water for you to drink; even streams and ponds and rivers and oceans for you to swim in, or bathe in, if you so desire.  There are all of the beautiful flowers, and the trees, and the bees making honey for you, and any number of wondrous delights to enjoy; the perfumes in the air, the beauty of all that you see in every direction.

“And, yes, for as long as you need sustenance, there shall be food.  But more and more you won’t need food, for whatever you desire shall – magically it seems, at this moment in your time – shall magically simply

“And you will live on Love, the Light of Love!!!  It shall sustain you; it shall refresh you; it shall nourish you and nurture you, as you move even farther along the pathways through the Gardens, until you become a fully ascended being.  After all, that is what you have come here to do and that is your destination!

“But meanwhile, it is to enjoy the Gardens.  And I bring you these Gardens wherever you might be!!!  Even if it is a tiny little place with some plants in pots and a kitty-cat on the railing, it matters not; even if it is to close your eyes when you lie down for your sleeptime or to sit in your meditation

“And, yes, we can dance.  I love music!  Oh, I’m not quite as I have been portrayed.  I am all about Love and I am all about connecting all of the Nature Spirits with Humanity. That’s right – I am as a bridge!

“And so when you are sitting in meditation, or even if the thought just comes to you while you’re sitting at your desk, you can write my words.*  You can ask me to connect you with any of the animal or plant or mineral Spirits of Planet Earth – sentient beings all! And if you desire – or shall we say, if you are inspired to connect, then bring yourselves into that connection.  And I am honored to be here, to facilitate, to serve you, Beloved Ones, because the more that you connect with the Spirits of Nature – one or all or any number in between – the more that you come into the Gardens of the Higher Dimensional Golden Age which are already here and waiting for you, the more you become Who You Are Now in the Light and Who You Were in the beginning!!!

“It is no puzzlement whatsoever that those you call the indigenous ones, or the first people, or the tribes, have maintained such close connections with all of us in Nature.  For they knew, they had that wisdom and they have passed it down through their generations, and their shamans in particular – their wise ones, their elders, their medicine men and women – have kept alive those traditions.

“But you have been there as well, Beloved Ones.  And you have this in your very energy fields!  It is only to awaken it through connecting.  It is imperative that Humanity join with all of Nature, all of Mother Gaia’s Kingdoms!!!  And I, Pan, am honored to be your bridge, your connector, your messenger.

“And so I invite you to come often.  Call me in to your council, as Sananda teaches.**  Let me sit with you in your council and let us together bring forth the messages from you outwardly, and from all of those that you are wishing to connect, communicate and commune with, even if all you do is step outside and stand barefoot in the grass, or the very soil, or step into the water, and breathe the air.  This is connecting on the Highest levels with the entire World of Nature – and with those like-minded, like-Hearted ones among Humanity who are doing the same!

“I, Pan, represent the Nature Spirits and I stand for all of Nature, even in facilitating connections among the members of Humanity. And I do so with Love, and I do so with Gratitude to all of you who accept my invitation.  I encourage you to journal, if you so desire, in some manner.*  For it is that in so doing you bring it in even more into your Hearts these connections, these communications, these Communions.  And it is even more, in the sense of preparation, for you to come, to enjoy the Gardens of Planet Earth awaiting you in the Golden Age.  And it is to further enable and inspire you to invite others also to come.  Any time that you come and receive the Love and the Peace and all of the Joy that is here for you, so also you share it with the World!!!

“So welcome, Beloved Brothers and Sisters of Humanity and let us hug each other in the Joy of our re-connection, as we have been so close together in many of the lifetimes you have already lived on Planet Earth.  Take my Love into your Hearts and feel all the wondrous energies of Nature that I am honored to share with you.  And so it is.  Namaste!”
*   Susan’s opening remarks about her journaling with Pan (Begin at 11:24 min):

** Sananda’s “Healing Hands of LoveLight Meditation” 
Transcription by Marta.
Given through Susan Leland, September 27, 2016.
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