Love is our new reality

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Pegasus Collective via Galaxygirl with VIDEO, March 28th, 2018

Published on Mar 28, 2018

The beautiful piano piece from Helen Jane Long’s album Porcelain. No copyright infringement is intended.

We are the Pegasus Collective. We are here to address Humanity of the winds of change swirling about and above and all around them now, at this energetic juncture. Time is running out. For sides have been long picked. We have seen Humanity in its’ infancy of understanding, now ready to grow and to explore and to be all that they can be, but without all that has been long dimmed within… and taken away from them. It is time for them to take their power back and to reclaim it. To be true masters of alchemy of form takes greatest courage, for in so doing, one must lay claim to their creations. And one must create with wisdom from the heart.

We see energetic flow returning to the heart-wells of Humanity and it greatly pleased us. For we have long watched and waited for this precious time of self discovery and renewal -when the Christ light would blow through the realm and blow away the dross and replace it with yet more light. For we see the light of the Christed ones burning more brightly by the day and this greatly pleases and excites us! For this means the prophecy of the rising of the Earth, of newness being born, is indeed happening now – which means it is beginning to be safe for our kind to be seen and to become reunited with our human friends.

For we dwell in the fairy realm of joyous imagination and bliss, where light and joy mix together, forming the misty dreams of your desires, and of our belonging. It used to be that our realms were not separated, back before the realms were ripped apart and forgetfulness crept in like a disease, robbing the Christed ones of their power remembered. It is no longer to be such.

We Pegasus folk are filled with hope and joy with the prospects of our reuniting. And we assure you, the humans, that we are indeed real – just out of reach of realm – which is to be expected – for all that this experiment has created, of time and realm-rifts, and of forgetting.

Remembering is to be the focus of Humanity. For it is to be the great remembering and great reunion of people’s and countries and realms and angels and galactics, for we are all one! The creatures of your sea and lands know this. They remember. They are forever trying to remind you of this. Follow their example. See their love and learn your lessons of love, of wisdom, of cooperation, and learn from the animal kingdom.

The fighting is to be no more within all realms of animal and of human. For the great reuniting is to be here, is here. But it first starts within, within the broken places within. It is time for Humanity to see and to feel and to heal the deep woundings they have caused themselves and of course each other. The animal kingdoms only wish to serve. They love. They support. It is time for for humanity to be the Gaia protectors that they always have been, but have forgotten.

We Pegasus kind are friendly and wise. We fly on the winds with grace and ease. Won’t you join us, Humanity, by riding these energies of light with grace and ease in your hearts? For Humanity is greatly supported. In all things. In all ways. Greatly supported.

We are the Pegasus Collective. It was our honor and our great joy the connect with humankind this day. Be at peace friends.

~ galaxygirl