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Archangel Raphael via Ann Dahlberg, March 23d, 2018

Archangel Raphael

Friday, March 23, 2018

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Raphael and I Raphael and I am grateful for the development that now is taking place on Earth. Our Earth has always been a small pearl in space and we are so grateful and happy that she is now returning to the light. Here large planetary body is in the process of healing. There are large forces that are helping her with this. The major destruction has been stopped and now it is the reconstruction that is under way. When I see all willing hands that are so eager to start with this work my heart fills with love and a sigh of relief comes over my lips. We have waited for your awakening dear humans and now you are here. It is great day for the light and we have meticulously prepared your arrival.

The sun is stronger now and it will impact your Earth in many different ways. A rearrangement might take place on Earth, but it is in this case only temporary. It is now time for the peoples on Earth to help each other so that everybody will get want they need to live a good life. Resources will be allocated to what is necessary. The waste of resources must stop both for the sake of Gaia’s and your best. You need to realize and understand that you are part of Earth and Earth is part of you. You suffer as long that you do not have insights into the physical and universal laws. Everything is life and all life will be respected. You take and you give in an eternal dance of movement and energy. You must understand this dear children – that you are part of the whole and that you impact the whole through your actions. Now when the light has returned to Earth it is thus extra important that we act in love to all that is. It is the love in your heart that will be guiding you now. It is the era of love that now has arrived and the lighter it gets the faster you manifest your wishes. Your wishes need to be anchored in love. Your thoughts need to be dressed in love. Your whole being now needs to be filled with love – The love to yourself, Gaia and your fellow man. You are all born in love and you will now return to your own love in the light.

You are now receiving much help from Father/Mother God and your beloved Gaia. Gaia shines from within as a sun and she embraces all kingdoms on Earth. She loves you so much and looks forward to the journey of light that you are now doing together. Gaia longs to go back home to the light and love again and the same is true for you dear children on Earth. Gaia’s all other kingdoms have the same longing and purpose as you. You can feel it when you spend time in nature. There is a higher energy that has taken hold in the free nature areas all over the Earth. It is good to be out in the fresh air dear children. There you have all you need in order to replenish your energies. Also in the colder countries it is good to be outdoors for a while each day. You need to get closer to the energy of nature and its wisdom dear friends. If you take good care of it you also take good care of your own wisdom and energy. Many stressed people become calm and harmonious from spending time in nature and among plants. You know this, but you do not always consider that it is the energy from the plants that give you the calm and the balsam for the soul that you so much need. You need each other so you must now restore your Earth in love and wisdom. The world will then become the place that you deep inside always wished for.

The Earth is now going through major healing. There are many volunteers that are helping in the healing of Earth. It is a great honor to be able to assist Gaia in her large transformation.

I leave you now with much love and let the waves of healing fall over you.




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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