Love is our new reality

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Peggy Black and the ‘team’ ~ Collective Emotions, January 26, 2024


Peggy Black and the ‘team’ ~ Collective Emotions

January 25, 2024, via email

We are here to remind and invite you to step into your personal power. You are the connectors, and the ones who bridge much information and make many connections in this and in other dimensions. This is service work, and you are respected and skilled at this task.

We are inviting you and others to call upon assistance from the realms of the non-physical. You are well aware that this assistance is always available.

It is easy to drop into that place of doubt and concern, worry and fear. Everyone is experiencing their own personal hidden fears, magnified by the events taking place in the current reality. There are waves of anguish, grief, fear and rage sweeping energetically across the planet. Just as the water from the hurricane sweeps over the physical, destroying all within its path, there is now an energetic hurricane of anguish, grief, fear and rage moving in the intangible realms.

These waves of anguish, grief, fear and rage are triggering any personal hidden emotions of the same nature and energetic signature held in the psyche of you and each human.

These emotional aspects that each human carries, no matter how well camouflaged or hidden within, will be activated by similar emotions in the energetic grid which is created by each and every human upon your planet.

All humans are empathic, sensitive and very skilled at projection. Therefore, when a trauma, shock or tragedy happens to another or to many others, it is felt in a personal manner. This is where each aware, conscious, multidimensional starhuman can transform their personal collection of anguish, grief, fear and rage. It is truly your task.

This is the way these collections of emotions are shifted, healed and released. Each person is responsible for their own emotions and energetic signature. It is a powerful responsibility, no matter who you are or where you are.

When each individual is willing to process, transform and release these emotions in a healthy, conscious manner, they assist humanity in transforming these low, dense frequencies. All are One. When one is healed and uplifted, all are healed and uplifted.

Each human has the total assistance and support from the celestial realms. The key is in asking and requesting for the assistance and the support. One aspect of this hologame is that it is a zone of free will. Therefore, any support or assistance from the celestial and non physical realms must be requested and invited. This request will always be answered.

Your planet is undergoing a tremendous evolution and uplifting. This is being played out on the screen of your reality. Every day, each human is being offered the opportunity to transform dense, heavy and low frequencies, emotions and thoughts.

This is done with clear intent, integrity and the skills of awareness. There are many tools and much aid offered to transmute this wave of anguish, grief, fear and rage sweeping across your nation and the world. We realize that these negative and misqualified emotions easily trigger your own personal emotions of helplessness, rage and fear.

One of the most powerful tools is the request for divine light and love to be fully present within, and to radiate that out to all.

Prayer that is infused with appreciation and gratitude for this transformation is also powerful. The conscious use of intention and prayer ~ requesting and inviting the presence of the celestial realms and celestial family to assist ~ is another compelling source to be sure to use.

  • In each moment, you have an opportunity to transform and transmute some aspect of the global suffering.
  • In each moment, you have an opportunity to offer and infuse a higher frequency and a purer vibration into the matrix; invoking the feelings of hope, joy, gratitude and appreciation.

These are like an elixir, a soothing balm offered to yourself and others. Imagine this elixir and soothing balm of high pure heart vibrations, energetically bathing the energy fields and energetic matrix of the whole planet.

This conscious exercise and conscious process will be an influential force in shifting the consciousness of mankind and the suffering that is so present globally.

Be aware that matching these emotions of suffering, matching these emotions of anguish, helplessness, grief, fear and rage only adds to the collective.

As a multidimensional starhuman, you can defuse and uplift much of the dense emotions that are being experienced through the heartfelt gift of your purest, highest emotions of love, light, gratitude and appreciation.

These appear as challenging times. It is in the challenge that the opportunities for service become the greatest gift. There is much unfolding on the screen of life, know that all is well.

Hold and anchor that awareness, that realization, vibration ~ radiate and emote only the highest and purest thoughts and emotions into the collective.

We appreciate your ability to set aside your projects, tasks and physical to do’s in order to focus and transform these dense emotional energies. We invite you to set aside time to imagine that your energy of love, healing and forgiveness is a persuasive wave radiating out and surrounding your planet.

This does not take a long time; it is the clear intention and heart focused exercise that is the most important. When you find yourself most discouraged by your news or world event, that is the time to shift your attention and attitude, and offer your dedicated time briefly to shift what has disturbed you.

The powers that be and the celestial realms are deeply grateful for your dedicated service work in transforming and uplifting the consciousness of humanity. This is truly how it takes place;  because each and every conscious being makes a significant difference.

We will share at another time your sense of straddling several different realities, for we know this is a universal feeling for many at this time. Be at peace, beloved.

~ the ‘team’

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