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Peggy Black and the ‘team’ ~ DNA Codes Being Activated May 20, 2022


Peggy Black and the ‘team’ ~ DNA Codes Being Activated

May 19, 2022, via email

We are here. We would like to speak to you of awakening. Humans are multidimensionals who are coded to many realities. Let us begin with some concepts. Imagine that each being, each human has “codes” in their DNA that are dormant, not activated.

Consider a baby who is born with the seeds of their own offspring within. Those seeds are dormant until the being has matured in age and certain hormonal changes within the physical body have taken place, then the ‘seeds of reproduction’ are ready.

The human being is “coded” for various stages of development to happen at certain times. Most everyone is aware of the physical changes that take place from baby to adult. What remains much of a mystery to your scientists are the triggers that tell the physical body to begin a certain stage of development. What aspect of the physical body is responsible for the stages of growth, development and maturing?

It is the DNA that carries the codes, the triggers that activate each stage. The DNA is the entire operating program of the human. There are codes in the DNA that have been dormant since the beginning of your species. There are codes within the DNA that have been evolving throughout the history of humans. These codes are passed from generation to generation.

Realize that your very DNA is a multidimensional divine pattern and structure. Your DNA connects you to the universe. Your DNA carries all your records and experiences from the timeline. Your DNA carries your purpose and intent for this time and place. Everything is in your DNA. Begin to imagine that you can connect to those records and that information. Imagine that you have the ability to read our own DNA.

The DNA within every human carries the codes, the programs of awakening. Humanity is in the process of an evolutionary shift. The dormant codes in the DNA are being switched on, the programs are beginning to interweave with each person’s knowing. This has been happening in a consistent manner for the last 100 years. It has sped up over the last 30 years and is now accelerating with greater intensity.

Much of the development of the computer and its uses and then your internet was and is the result of certain codes switching on and therefore allowing a wave of consciousness to emerge in humanity.

The programs carried in the DNA within each person can be consciously triggered. As more and more human beings are awakening from the numb unconscious illusions of powerlessness and fear, this awakening is causing your world to experience a global shift. The main DNA codes that are being triggered at this time within humanity are the awareness and the total sensation of oneness with all.

More people are moving from the grid of fear, separation and manipulation into the conscious aware state of mind and experience of truly owning their personal power and their personal actions as a part of the divine whole. They are awakening to the responsibility and knowing that they are multidimensional. They are awakening into acceptance of their role and responsibility in the global and galactic transformation.

This is accomplished by the awareness of your personal power, the awareness of how your actions/thoughts/words affect the whole. You are feeling a stirring within, a new feeling, a new way of looking at your reality. You are awakening to the realization that you have been controlled and manipulated by fear. Fear has trapped you into a sense of powerlessness, hopelessness and despair.

When the human is in a state of powerlessness and fear, aspects of their DNA codes are switched off. These DNA codes carry the information that would be available, the awareness that would be available. Instead the connection that would be available is dormant. Fear keeps the DNA from expanding and the strands from unwinding. We have shared that fear, frustration or stress causes the codes of the DNA to shut down or be switched off.

There are great forces at work here. Humanity is linked to the stars and beyond. This awareness alone is ‘coded’ and is being activated within all human beings. Humanity is awakening to the role and responsibility of being galactic citizens. Humanity is awakening to their role and responsibility to this planet, your earth.

As more and more humans recognize and accept this truth, it begins to trigger other “sleepers” to awaken. Your DNA is interactive with your thoughts/emotions/beliefs. Your DNA is interactive with the energy of the universe. Your DNA is interactive with others.

Galactic power surges, solar flares, eclipses, movements of your planets all contribute to the triggering, the switching on of more and more of the dormant aspects of your DNA. Each individual can also begin to consciously switch on these aspects.

Much more will soon be discovered about the DNA of humans. The double helix of the physical body has a matching double helix in the etheric body. Much like the invisible median lines and acupuncture points or even the wheels of lights you call chakras, the etheric DNA is what is affected by these energy triggers as well as our energy fields and offerings. It is the energy body that interweaves with our presence.

Human beings are made up of complex fields of energy, all interweaving, moving, shifting and changing moment to moment. These energy fields interact with other humans beyond words or consciousness. More is shared and communicated on the subtle energy grids of each person than words spoken. When two people come together there is a total interface, a mixing as it were of the energy fields of each one, therefore more information is available to both.

We are acknowledging each of you because you are aware of this exchange with others. You use it in your work and daily life. You read the emotional history and experiences of another in one breath. You are also aware that you process that data and information on another level while you stay focused on this reality and dimension. This is one aspect of your abilities as a multidimensional being. We are inviting you to become aware that you do this.

As the DNA programs of other human beings begin to be activated, this awareness of being in more than one reality at any moment will become the norm. This is part of awakening. It is the realization that humans are multidimensional. They are interactive in other realities. They are more magnificent then they can ever imagine.

As humans begin to be aware and understand, they move in and through the dimensional portals all the time, in the blink of an eye, in one in breath. Your fifth dimension is not a place it is really just a state of mind.

However humans are rigid in their focus on this dimension and this reality. Shifting into other realms feels unreal, feels scary like they might lose themselves. Ego makes sure they stay focused in this third dimension reality. However this is certainly shifting and changing. We know that you are feeling it in your own personal awareness. You are aware that you are living in the energy field, the quantum field which responds to you as a master of energy. Begin to own this truth; begin to allow your DNA codes to unfold all of your latent paranormal gifts and abilities.

It is an honor to share these truths with you. We are pleased with our connection today.

Be at Peace, Beloved.

The ‘team’

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