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Penelope in the Kingdom of Whales and Dolphins via Kerstin Sisilla, September 6th, 2019

Penelope in the Kingdom of Whales and Dolphins

September 6th, 2019

Channel Kerstin Sisilla


Dear Humans,

I am Penelope in the Kingdom of the Whales and Dolphins contacting you today.

We who live here in the deep seas also have close contact with the Earth’s interior, Agartha. We have our secret channels where we can move between the outer and inner earth. We feel that the energies are brightening and being raised up on the earth’s surface now. It started a long time ago, but now it is getting faster and easier. It is You the People who transform the energies by making you all more powerful, becoming “more of yourselves”, of what is your essence. Becoming more of the Light of Love can also be said. This iss what you are, Love just as we are. We dolphins and whales have been the same through times, but you people have changed. In the beginning you were out of the light, but for the sake of the Creator and Everything’s development, you accepted to play a role-playing game that is now starting to come to an end with speed and flair. We are happy about it because we have been sad and worried about the exit here at Gaia. Some of us have periodically spent a lot of time in Agartha to “recharge the batteries” to cope with the existence on the surface of the earth, which became so hard and unfriendly.

We are happy now, both us dolphins and the whales of the Light and we growing and rising. We are wait for the Paradise we once lived together side by side in now returning to the Earth’s surface and the Earth’s outer and inner world can be united with our homes in the Universe. The ancient Norse fairy tales (as you call it), they were reality, as was of course the Egyptian, Greek and many other mythologies. The myths are true and the Nordic Tree of Life Yggdrasil with its three worlds is once again uniting, but this time in peace and love – The lower world, the middle world and the upper. May the dragons and unicorns be able to re-emerge on the outer earth and spread their justice and love. In the fairy tales, the dragon has often been wicked, but the dragon’s heart is filled to the brim with love, but also an ability to stand up for Truth and Justice. Like you people today. We are grateful and we jump, swim and play in pure joy today. Thank you People for what you have done and done so in the name of the Creator’s Love.

We love you all. Again; seek contact with us and we will help you so much with healing of the wounds you have accumulated during your exciting life journeys on earth

With Much Love from Penelope




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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