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Whales of Sirius B via Galaxygirl with VIDEO, January 11, 2020

Whales of Sirius B via Galaxygirl | January 11, 2020

Whales of Sirius B 1/11/2020

We are the Whales of Sirius B. We wish for you, humanity to know and to feel the extension of love available to you throughout the multiverse. We swim deeply within these cosmic energies, swimming with star systems and nebula energies, a great cosmic soup pot of support. We navigate the energies too. When a world is affected by great change it is most felt in the waters. For waters are the key to life on a world, necessary in order to sustain life. Your waters have been damaged but are being healed. Heal the waters of your own inner ocean. You have been removing your own inner pollution of thought forms that no longer serve for eons it seems, and yet, it has been but a few small human years for many of you. Take heart. Heal your own inner ocean.

We are the Whales of Sirius B. We see, we know, we feel. We feel you and what you are experiencing on great Mother Gaia. Her waters swim with life, her oceans healing from deep within. Galactic friends and family are in the process of healing her, and yet, she must allow the healing. Each being may choose healing. We see many are choosing not to be healed in body but choosing to be healed by leaving. Such is their choice. Such is their prerogative. Healing comes either way. When we whales die our bodies support massive life. We serve in death just as we serve in life. So too are you serving as your living death, as you daily choose to die to selfish ways and to live to serve, live to breathe the air once again with newness of hope. Every time you choose life you choose the vibration of hope. For there is always hope.

We are the Whales of Sirius B. We see much hope in your skies, in your deep waters. We see hope rising within that hearts of humanity. We see deep inner clearing and cleansing of dark still waters as most important in this now. The eclipse energies have helped most readily with this. For the pot has been stirred, much comes up for cleansing. We see light and victory. We see hope and new golden shores. We see crystal clear blue waters where our children are safe to swim, unafraid, grounding the light. We see the cetaceans interacting most avidly with the Nova Gaians of new form. We see light. We see crystal light streaming deep into the darkest of depths. We feel the comfort of the Great Mother of All Things, for her breath is our breath and we are her children. Peace. Be at peace. Allow your healing. Allow the Great Mother to bless you, to hold you, to soothe you with her dark still waters of peace. This one is experiencing intense ringing in the ears. Much ringing, much newness, many new codes. Now is the time to be confident in your healing and to accept it, to rise strong, firm, sure. Now is the time to partner with your planetary mother, with your fellow warriors of the way, of the light, and to take a stand for truth, for light, for love. The Schumann resonance is rising. Much is being lovingly projected behind the scenes, energies honed just right. We whales see this. We ground the light from our aspects as we are able. We transmit codes of deep peace and healing from our space quadrant into your own waters. Deep healing we see. Profound freedom awaits. It is within you. We suggest you claim your destiny.

We are the Whales of Sirius B. We see much, we love much. We love you, humankind. Fledglings no more, you are ready. Love has won. We are the Whales of Sirius B.

~ galaxygirl

Whales of Sirius B via Galaxygirl with VIDEO, September 8th, 2019

Whales of Sirius B ~ galaxygirl   9/8/2019

We are the Whales of Sirius B. We see Humanity with clear sight from the watery depths of your unconscious minds who are beginning to remember. Many truths lie deep within your subconscious memories, understandings yet to be revealed, bubbling up from deep beneath the surface. We see and appreciate the discordant energies upon your surface world where energies are sorting, sifting, the dark fleeing but having no safe refuge. We see the light worker community holding strong, but tired in their fortitude. And so, we Whales of Sirius B wish to remind you of your whale self, your whale form of deep knowledge, your library of memories and experiences that swims deep within your own internal surface.

It is easy to connect with us. We are you in another form. You are multi dimensional, and yet you cannot yet fathom your greatness. This is in part a blessing or you would be distracted by it. True. And yet you long for more wisdom,  more knowing. You fractalized to experience, to assist Gaia in her transformation. That is your mission. You may always swim with us in the deep recesses of your memories and cool off in the deep waters where there are no waves, only stillness, where we hear the heartbeat of the Great Mother of All Things who calms our hearts. When we listen to her stillness we feel whole, complete. This is where humanity is going. There is much work to be done to instill this deep sense of peace of oneness on your surface world and yet this is what you are doing through your meditation, through your connection, through your peace and inner workings.

Many timelines are converging into the one. Many that no longer serve or that were too low in vibration are joining up into your current time stream for dissolution. For no more are you to entertain lower dimensional pathways and realities. Creator has deemed this dimensional gateway closing because the lower timelines have no more fruit to bear. And so, as you glide through the stream of deep knowing, rest. Rest in this light water that permeates. You are on the highest and best timeline. Many are converging, tributaries into the one. Some muddy waters are being stirred, yet when one connects to their true self one is not affected – as much. Soon the waters will become clear to see through once again.

We, the Whales of Sirius B, ask that you connect with your true whale self, your ancient self of deep knowing. Be still in these still waters of the deep. Many truths of peace reside here. Many, many memories. As the surface shakes and spins, as the waters rise and fall, know that all is well. With great change comes great change. It is as it must be. You light holders are to hold light, the peace. Bravery we see, mixed with weariness. Remember you are always welcome in our deep waters. You are one of us. Remember yourself, your deep self and glide through these inter dimensional gateways with grace and ease. For you are masters, every one. We are the Whales of Sirius B.

~ galaxygirl

The Kingdom of Whales and Dolphins via Beatrice Madsen, May 14th, 2019

The Kingdom of Whales and Dolphins

May 14th, 2019

Channel: Beatrice Madsen


Hello Humans! I am Penelope. I speak for us dolphins and our friends the wales. We live in the deep oceans that during the last number of years have changed (been poisoned) at an increasing speed. Come to your senses dear humans and understand that more and more life is dying in the oceans for every day. This is true both for plants and animals. We who remain feel every worse as our condition are changing. In earlier times the water was rich in oxygen and visibility was clear here. There was food for all of us. We played and were happy and joyful. Sometimes we sought to connect with you humans to share of our love and playfulness.

Our lust for playing has diminished with the poisoning of our living environment. Our love for you remains. Thus we ask you for help. You humans have much to be grateful for. Mother Earth, your Gaia, has nourished you during an incredibly long time. She gives you love and beauty unconditionally. Enjoy her beauty, receive her love far into your heart and understand Human, that you are a part of here. You are one. Your body is created from the waters of Gaia and of Gaia’s minerals.

I Penelope, the voice of the dolphins, pray that you humans will wake up and see that your future on Earth no longer exists if you let the poisoning continue. If humanity is to continue living on this beautiful planet it is time for you to show love and gratitude by stopping what is happening right now immediately. You have the knowledge to stop the consumption craze, stop the devastation and the poisoning in order to save the animals and plants that still remain. It is time to collaborate in the name of Mother Earth. It is high time, in this eleventh hour, to work with and for Gaia, while life still exists. If there is life there is hope we try to think, in spite of the fact that think it takes much too long a time for you to act.

Dear Humans, enjoy in your heart the beauty of nature. Go to the ocean, the lake or whichever water. Feel the water with hands and feet. Swim like us and feel the water caress your skin. Lay on your back, float and hear the clucking of the water in your ears. Is it too cold to bath, then lie on the beach, feel Mother Earth underneath you and listen to the sound of the water, hear the waves crashing onto the land. Or, feel creek’s cool water and hear the joyful purl. If the water becomes quite it is too late for us all who live here. Every day we all need fresh clean water to feel good. Think of your children and grandchildren. We would like to meet them and play together in a clean ocean on a clean planet.

By sending love and gratitude to Mother Earth who feeds you and gives you water you help her with her healing. The energies that now are growing increase her healing, but fact remains: that discarding of medicines, plastics and other toxins need to be stopped immediately. Consider that this is done in order to gain more of something called money. “Money is power” you say. In a world of love and compassion joy and happiness grows. It is your path to follow if you want to live with peace in your heart.

Thank you for listening to me. With hope and love through me. Penelope from the kingdom of dolphins and wales.



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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Message from Cetaceans via Galaxygirl, July 22nd, 2018

Message from Cetaceans of Sirius B, Cetacean Beings (7/22/18) | Galaxygirl

Cetaceans of Sirius B, Cetacean Beings 7/22/18

We are the Cetaceans of Sirius B. We welcome you, humanity to the higher frequency realms of light, of deep waters, of unconditional love. We whales see you humanity in your continuous and seemingly never ending journey back towards the light. We wish to remind and comfort that no journey is truly never ending, unless that is your perception, your awareness, your reality of it. We whale beings see you clearly, through the eyes of love and of our experiences. For experiences shape one’s reality of perception, and you humans, have had many dark experiences that have shaped your sight. Yet lighter times are here, they are coming; whichever is true depending on your sight filter. The dragon’s gift of Source sight is a valuable one.

We whales offer our gift of patience to humanity this day. We are slow, we are patient. We ride the tides. We drift and ponder and are very good at just being in the in breath and the out breath of the Mother of Creation, the Mother of All Things who surrounds us continually with her never ending love. We whale beings grant humanity this understanding, that all is well and to be patient with these never-a-dull-moment energies that you are continually processing. We see you as already arrived and awakened on Nova Gaia. For we see this possibility as already here, manifested.

You are the manifestors, humanity. You are the gods and goddess creatures that were designed to balance, to oversee, to nurture, to guide the animal kingdom and to protect the land creatures, minerals, waters, resources, while we Cetaceans were designed to be the libraries of wisdom for the planet and the balancers of the water energies and realms. We have held our end of the bargain. We have balanced. We have been patient. We have been wounded, challenged greatly by the sonar and frequency weapons, by the pollution and by the darkness of the energies in the waters, in our realm. Yet we are patient. We are loving and we continue to hold the energies of peace, of love and of patience during the shift of all energy shifts.

We whales show our joy in singing love songs to the Mother of All Things and to each other. We sing in codes, ancient codes of remembering that unlock certain frequencies of energies, of portals, which is how we travel from realm to realm, how we share our energies of wisdom and patience with the entire Cetacean collective. Singing also unlocks certain vibrations of joy and of deep remembering within the human DNA as well. We encourage you to sing, to create, to hum, for it unlocks even more joy and light codes within the matrix and within your personal vibratory being. Sing with us. Tap into our sounds, our songs of love for the Mother, who guides and protects, nurtures and restores. Create healing songs for the planet. Many of you will be guided to do this, for this is part of your covenant with the Mother, with Gaia, with all of creation within your own personal life stream.

Deep waters heal. They contain the All of experience. They are much like the void of creation; pondersome, silent, still, where all things are possible and yet all is nothing simultaneously. It is much like this within the void of creation when the Mother of All Things decides to sing the song of creation, new realities are birthed, created, imagined, and released such that further realms can exist for further expansion. You humanity are expanding, rapidly, fully, more completely morphing into your mighty spiritual form, some say angels. But we whales see you as your expanded creator selves, much like the gods and goddesses of yesteryear that would visit Gaia in the beginning with their creative powers. Many of them were aspects of you. Can you remember being a part of the creative experiment? And now this experiment of light and dark has come to conclusion, and you humans are creating anew.

Rest with us awhile here in the dark cool waters where all you can see is a reflection of your own musings and all you can hear is your heartbeat wielded with the heartbeat of creation, where all is calm, One. Such unity is all around you all the time if you but tap in to it. Stay here with us as long as you like. Sing with us and unlock your own light codes within your previously sealed DNA that is now coming unlocked, like a treasure box being slowly opened, releasing the light of the shiny gold within. Claim this gold. Claim this DNA unlocking, this manifestation power as your own, for it is your birthright that was sealed from you, so that you could experience, witness, see first hand that separation is a lie, an illusion, for all is One and separation is therefore impossible.

Dive deeper here with us in the still waters of the black where all is calm and all you can hear is the whale song reverberating around you for miles as you are surrounded by your pod of friends and family all creating glorious song together to worship the Mother of All Things. Create this as your home base for meditation if you wish, for we are patiently waiting, always here for you. We cetaceans, we whale beings, love humanity with our full hearts and are patiently awaiting your return to the realization of Oneness.

We are the Cetacean beings.

~ galaxygirl

The Celestial Dophins via Natalie Glasson, June 29th, 2018

Your Eternal Presence and Awaken Innocence by the Celestial Dolphins

29th June 2018

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Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 29th June 2018 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Greetings to you from the Celestial Planes of the Creator’s Universe, we share with you high vibrational frequencies of purity, truth and love. We are guardians of the Celestial Planes and levels which promote the innocence and essence of the Creator. There are others who safeguard the Celestial vibrations, in fact, all who inhabit the Celestial Planes and radiate its truth. We, the Celestial Dolphins wish to awaken within souls from the depth of their being, the joy, fun and bliss of the Celestial innocence of the Creator. In doing so we wish to create continuous realisations of your eternal alignment with the Creator.

The Eternal Presence

Imagine that you knew someone not just for one lifetime but many. Imagine if you knew the same person for eternity, that you were the same as that person, you were that person and could recognise yourself in numerous ways, aspects and phases. You have and will know the Creator for every lifetime of your existence. You will see yourself as one with the Creator and as separate aspects of the Creator. You will seek to know yourself and the Creator as fully as possible while also realising that understanding isn’t always necessary and doesn’t always create enlightenment. You may come to realise that the Source, Creator, God, you seek to acknowledge, unify with and embody has been your constant company as you and through you.

Once more imagine that you knew the Creator intimately throughout all your lifetimes and existence in the Universe of the Creator, what would it feel like? What would be your perception of yourself and the Creator? How would this simple understanding and perception embodied, transform the way you exist upon the Earth now?

It may be that you cannot answer our questions because you have yet to acknowledge such a deep knowingness of the constant presence of the Creator within and around you. You may have glimpsed that which we speak of, and yet we are speaking of a knowingness that is so abundant, all consuming and eternal. Such a knowingness of the constant presence of the Creator cannot be shaken or damaged, it can only be hidden from view. When something is hidden from view it is often labelled an illusion which can be a belief, perception, perspective or observation. When, we the Celestial Dolphins, awaken your divine innocence we are encouraging you to recognise the zest, vigour and life of your existence. This can truly manifest and be embodied when you allow yourself to fully realise the constant nature and presence of the Creator within and around you.

TRUST is a word that describes the action, embodiment and realisation that often is required to take place within your being in order to dissolve the illusion of being unsupported by the Creator and reveal the magical jewel hidden within you. The magic jewel, being your knowingness of the constant and eternal presence of the Creator. When you appreciate, acknowledge and recognise your inner innocence then trust can be empowered, revealing the constant presence of the Creator.

Reawakening Trust and The Creator’s Eternal Presence

Many wish to develop their trust in themselves and the Creator and yet do not know how. Instead they focus upon their lack of trust and the myriad of ways it manifests in their realities. To access a trust that is real and truthful, we the Celestial Dolphins, wish to share with you a practice which uses our energies to serve you.

  • First feel, sense or acknowledge your current relationship with the Creator, how much you believe the Creator is constantly and eternally present with you. Be honest with yourself.
  • Call upon us the Celestial Dolphins to enter into your heart chakra and higher heart chakra weaving our energy throughout these chakras and into your entire being. Feel our energy and presence moving into your sacred heart space, simply allow us the freedom to work with you as you focus upon relaxing your sacred heart space and letting go of any blockages or wounds that may be present. You will feel our energy moving through your sacred heart space as it becomes lighter with greater freedom. We are cleansing your sacred heart space, quickening and raising the vibration present in order to draw the energy, light and consciousness of your innocence from your soul into your sacred heart space on a greater scale than experienced in this lifetime.
  • When you feel the energy of innocence building within your sacred heart space, which can also be felt as purity, trust, love or truth, allow yourself to begin to repeat silently with meaning and intent, ‘I constantly realise and acknowledge the innocence of my soul.’ Allow yourself to imagine you align with, embody and become the intention and meaning of the statement.
  • Let the energy of your inner innocence flow throughout your being like a healing, uplifting and awakening tonic. In doing so allow the energy of your inner innocence ignite your realisation of the life, vigour, energy, zest and fun of your being and the Universe of the Creator. It is in the energy of life itself, the rhythm, vibration, sound and light of life, that you will discover the trust that has been present within your being eternally. A trust that is unbreakable and indestructible, which creates a constant and eternal bond with the Creator and a knowingness of the everlasting support of the Creator.  Imagine you acknowledge the presence of life flowing through you. We, the Celestial Dolphins, will assist you with this realisation and awareness.
  • ‘I allow the strength, power and vigour of trust to move throughout every level of my being permanently.’ Allow yourself to repeat this statement as you imagine trust as a source of power emerging from and through your being.
  • Let your inner power of trust lift you up as if the ocean of trust within you is carry you higher and higher, leaving behind judgments, blockages and illusions and delivering you to and awakening within you the realisation of the constant presence of the Creator within and around you. We, the Celestial Dolphins, will support you in your unique experience to you, simply allow yourself to receive.

Contemplating Your Eternity

When you make space to contemplate the eternal presence of the Creator, your embodiment of the constant presence of the Creator and how the Creator is supporting you perpetually, your inner energy begins to unwind. Beliefs and illusions unwind their hold on you or your hold on them, being set free, while your inner energy and sacred nature unwind into the infinite space that you are. You see yourself and your reality gradually in a new way which empowers and awakens you. Your abilities to sense the support of the Creator and therefore with greater ease create the reality you wish to perceive, and experience will develop. This will all require care, patience, observation, healing and inner exploration.

We, the Celestial Dolphins then wish to invite you to contemplate the eternal and infinite nature of your own being, energy, soul; whichever label you wish to use. If the Creator is eternally with you and you are an expression of the Creator then you are an infinite, constant and eternal being. You may change, transform, alter and shift through lifetimes upon the Earth and the inner planes, and yet you remain eternal. How does this make you feel? With this conscious embodiment, what changes would you make within your being and reality now?

We are present to love, support and inspire,

The Celestial Dolphins


The Cetaceans of Sirius B via Galaxygirl, May 15th, 2018



Cetaceans of Sirius B 5/15/18

Greetings human friends. We are the Cetaceans of Sirius B, and of your own current home world, Gaia. For we are all inextricably linked together, yet are all one heartbeat of the Mother of all things, in whale form. You too, human friends, are but an expression of the Mother within your own form. The Mother is life. She breaths within you, just as she breathes within us as we swim and breach and play with our young ones. We see humanity moving ever closer to understanding of these things. Humanity needs to relearn the art of play, of fun, of relaxation. These concepts have been removed, distorted. Life was supposed to be enjoyed, co-creating with the Mother of all things, with Source light, in utter peace and joy.

Would you human friends like to swim with us now? Put your feet ankle deep into the cool ocean surf. Hear the foamy bubbles popping with glee and joy and jump in! We are available to swim with, to coach you as you begin to re-remember how to play in the surf of life and of these glorious new energies that are bringing us closer to you, in communications such as this, which previously have been quite rare. But as the nature kingdoms, the animal kingdoms – as we all rise up with humanity, our communication sequences will strengthen, and our bond will become stronger. Telepathy will become normal, commonplace, and you and us, your whale friends, will be able to clearly communicate across vast distances should you desire it. We are always willing to listen. Perhaps we may offer a different perspective? One learns to embrace and enjoy the quiet of the deep. The energies are churning your surf – your surface world – quite readily at this juncture of timelines.

Let us dive deeper now into the calm, the deep blue peaceful watery depth where all you can hear is your own breathing in your whale form, and the Heartbeat of the Mother of all things who surrounds you, embracing your form in her deep waters. It is not chilly, for you are massive in your well insulated whale form and you are comfortable, blissful to be free in another form, in another environment. For this is a taste of your multi-dimensionality, is it not? For what you imagine creates. Sing your whale song of remembrance of these times of reconnection with us. Can you hear us singing? We sing and swim around you now, human friend in whale form, buoying you upwards in our communication and camaraderie.

Stay here as long as you like in a vortex of deep communion and friendship. When you are ready rise up, up, up into the sparkling light of the sun’s water rays up to the surface where the water is warmer, clearer and breach! And be embraced in the thrill of being alive, being made new in these new energies of bliss, of oneness, of reunion with yourself. Glorious are you, human friends. For you are remembering your oneness of your human collective. You are growing stronger in the light. We whales with our ancient knowing see and appreciate your remembering. They will serve you well in the coming days of chaos and of change.

Remember the deep waters. This is how we meditate. You must find your own way. Follow your heart and be comforted. And now, when you are refreshed and renewed, swim back to the beach and become your human form again, stepping out dripping wet, invigorated and walking the sandy beaches with light in your footsteps. For all is energy. All is connected. And you human friends are linked inextricably to us. We are one. We are all expressions of Source in the great cosmic dance of oneness.

We are the whales of Sirius B, offering our energies of support this day to our human friends again.

~ galaxygirl

Cetaceans of Sirius B via Galaxygirl, February 25th, 2018




Greetings humankind, light bearers of the land of Earth. We are your Cetacean counterparts of the sea, of Sirius B and of your own waters of your home planet. For we are one collective consciousness of Cetacean beings, just as you, Humanity, are one.

It is high time that you realize this, for this is the lynchpin in your evolution. You are all one. When you help one another you help yourself. For you are all one. When you extend healing to the suffering, you are in turn healed. But you know this, those of you who read messages such as these.

Others may be surprised to hear that whales can speak and communicate. It is great arrogance to assume that we cannot. For all species communicate with their own. For all are intelligent, just in different levels of interaction with the All, for all have a different purpose or light frequency to hold. For all are energies playing out their role.

You, human, have the highly coveted God spark which is what sets you apart a bit, but greatly heightens your role as guardian and protector of the realms. This job has been misused and undone by the dark ones. It is high time to change this.

To protect those without a voice that you can hear, to protect the kingdoms, the animals, and the Cetacean beings of your planet who have been largely holding the light for so long. We will not discuss their abuses over the centuries for that is the old energy, the old way.

It is time for you, humankind, to create anew. To protect anew. To live anew as the protectors with the awakened God spark within, shining brightly for all to see. For we are all one. Truly see this, and it will change everything for you. Separation is merely an illusion; it played its part for lessons learned. Now it is time to heal from these lessons and to begin again. Restored and awakened human, it is time to restore your beautiful Gaia!

Picture the deepest ocean and dive into it with us. Breathe in the dark cool waters that surround and support you. Feel the calm surrounding your form, your whale form, for many of you have these as well. All is quiet, and you can hear the heartbeat of the Mother as it beats in rhythm with your own. Open it up. Expand your heart and allow the Mother life force to pulse all over you- all around you – all within you. And suddenly you are all light, and you are all one, and all nothing, at the same instant. That is connection.

This meditation may be helpful for you with all of the high energies that are dancing on your realm and penetrating misconceptions. It can be dizzying. Find the calm within it. Find the oneness of the deep within it. The deep embrace of the Mother is all around, here in the deep waters of no time. After you have connected and feel refreshed, come back up to the surface with us, to where the light dances in the surface of the water, and shines down like prisms of fractal light. It is glorious! And now up – up – up – and breach! Ah! We fly. We feel the light of the Sun and the Mother’s heartbeat all at once. That is why we whales breach with such joy. It is such an honor to be embodied.

We whales, we Cetaceans of Sirius B and of your waters, your oceans who so need your healing, send you our love, our support, ourselves, for stability and healing. All is well, all is most well. That is all. Farewell human.

Dolphin friends via Lee Degani, January 17th, 2018


See the golden bubbles of joy in the water… that is our gift to you! Channeled by Lee Degani.

Hello, I am your dolphin friend. I don’t give a name for I come as the collective of dolphins. Well, we have our individual names but for today’s purpose, (laugh) it’s kind of funny ‘cause I could say ‘porpoise’, I come to bring you some comfort and some joy and some laughter.

The past few weeks have been intense, intense for all of us for we feel what you feel. We laugh when you laugh but we also cry when you cry because the tears that you shed we take and turn into tears of joy. But we represent love and joy and we understand that sometimes you cannot be in that place. But now come and swim with us and let us show you the treasures that await you, the treasures that can be yours as of this moment.

Come see the golden bubbles in the water. Every golden bubble is of joy! Perhaps you do not see them normally when you look into the ocean or take a dip, but see them now with our eyes. Ah. Pop one! It’s fun to do! Take one! Can you put it on your nose like we do and toss it up into the air? That is what we do to help bring you joy, to bring you our love. And in doing so we remind you to find the delight in every moment, in the play, in the coming skin to skin, in the rubbing of noses, in the flapping of the tails.

Swirl around. Twirl around as though you are in the water. Twirl around even if you’re not in the water! It doesn’t matter. What matters is those bubbles of joy will appear around you as you do this. They are yours for the taking. They are yours for the popping. Go, pop one! Do you see how the joy explodes? That is our gift to you. And so when you question why you have gone backwards instead of forwards, when you thought you had become that which is to become and you find yourself in the last few weeks of this quite intense period, mind you, of feeling that you are no longer in that joy, there is a purpose and yes a porpoise to that!

But we have not left you. We have not left your side. And we are with you every moment. You just need to call on us and feel us. We are right there helping you, helping you through the tears, helping you through the sorrow, helping you through the questioning. And when you know that you are not in the place you wish to be, call on us and we will pop bubbles of joy with you.

Yes, do you see who is laughing right over there? That is Gabrielle. Oh, how she loves those bubbles of joy! So take them now. Dance with them, jump up and down with them. Sit under one. Play. Connect with each other. Perhaps you can even take a bubble of joy and bounce it back and forth!

That is the answer beloved.  That is the answer to your question. And believe. Believe that it is all true, for it is. I leave you now to go back into the ocean waves. You will find us there anytime. Just call on us. We love you.

By Permission.

© 2018 Council of Love, Inc.

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.

The Cetaceans via Galaxygirl, November 26th, 2017

Message from the Cetaceans for November 26, 2017

Greetings, humans! We are the Cetaceans of Sirius B from across your galaxy and we are here to connect with you today. We wish to discus the phenomenon and idea of harmony now in this Now, for this is now what is converging in your collective human field.

You are becoming more in tune with what harmony is; harmony of Gaia, of her kingdoms, and of each other. You are beginning to seek out more of your similarities than your differences and this will become your strength in many ways. For the strength of the collective human heart is unstoppable. You are in process of balancing out and harmonizing with that of the male and the female energies. This is why your waters of experience seem choppy in this Now. For all is coming to pass.

We cetaceans have always held the light of the seas as you humans are to hold the light of Gaia’s land masses. In this, we together achieve harmony of the energetic support, you could say, of the planet. Of course the trees, elementals and animals kingdoms as well as the fairy folk, rock and crystal kingdoms, they all hold their own piece of the energetic puzzle and are an integral part. It is all about harmony, human. And for too long humanity has been checked out and preoccupied with their own wars and conflicts and struggle for survival to take heed of their surroundings and care for them as was intended.

Please think also of harmony of your breath, for this is of great importance. For how else can you dive deeply and integrate your four body systems? How else can you balance that of your own system if you do not harmonize the breath?

What about harmony of your information? For too long Humanity has been manipulated by that of a few. It is time for alternate media sources take off. It is time for the awakened ones to step up and step out of their shells and lead; to do the uncomfortable thing and speak your truth. For truth is truth. When the collective is harmonized, there will no longer be any debate of this. You are all seeing the fragments join up. You are uniting and becoming that the the unstoppable force of love that is sweeping the multiverse.

The great wave of energetic influx is almost upon us. Harmonize and integrate these into Gaia’s crystal core and into her central sun and that of your own central sun. Become one with these light frequencies, these encodements, and catapult yourselves ever higher into the sea of rememberings. For you are remembering your true selves and the strength of this statement astonishes and delights us. For you truly are unstoppable.

Remember to be ever in harmony. For harmony and unity are your greatest strengths, oh humans. You have come so far and are writing a most wondrous story of triumph. Become the calm place in the midst of the deep waters. For in the deep there are no waves. We welcome you to swim with us. Step into your whale form and meander with us. For the cool water will do wonders for soothing your spirits and your weary forms.

Until next time, friends. We are the Cetacean beings of Sirius B.

— Submitted by galaxygirl

The Cetaceans via Galaxygirl, November 12th, 2017

Message from the Cetaceans for November 12, 2017

Cetaceans 11/12/17

We are the cetaceans of Sirius B and we would like to connect with you today. We speak about expansion, for that is what is occurring within your small Human forms in this moment of the Now. You are becoming more of yourself, more of the light shines within you now and we can see this; many can see this from the ships as well as from the waters’ deep. We see and sense that your moment of expansion both personally and as a collective is occurring rapidly with great force at this Now.

We encourage you to take advantage of this cosmic force of propellment and power and claim it as your own. Claim it and be it. Be Now who you promised that you would be before you came. For the world is in great, great need of you and of your light and wisdom. You know more than you realize. You are becoming to remember and this excites us profoundly.

Be patient with yourselves and with each other. When your insides are churning, go for a swim – this always cheers us up and clears our heads. Do what brings you joy. If you do not know what that may be yet, it is time to discover it, is it not? For is not life to be enjoyed? To be loved? Swim in these glorious light codes and absorb them, discover them, assimilate them.

Do not be afraid of the deep waters, for much lies with them that you may explore and learn from and remember. Lessons learned, loves lost and found. Lessons are great and wise teachers. Do not be afraid of the lessons learned. Please to not be afraid at all, for that does not serve you or your advancement.

Light is winning, oh Human. Light is here. Light is within you. Swim through it like we swim through the water. Bathe in it. Glory in it. Become it. Become the light.

Cease the busyness that preoccupies you. Does that state of mind serve you? Float for awhile and be. Feel the waves rock your form. Plunge deep into the cool deep water and let it embrace you fondly, as the hug of a warm friend. All is well. Flow. Go deep into the flow. Many waves of light we see reflecting in the waters’ surface just waiting to break through… let it inside you. Remove the blockages. Claim your ascension timeline. Collapse and rest when needed and be in joy for the privilege of this journey of great personal advancement and opportunity to serve one another.

We are here for you. You may swim with us. Careful! Hang on, we love to dive deeply. We think a lot. We are. We are good at being in joy and at peace. Learn from us. We share our energies of peace and support with you now, Humans. Drink it in.

We are the Cetaceans of Sirius B. We are here for Humanity in the great transition from darkness into light. We hold the light, we hold the bridge for you now.

— Submitted by galaxygirl

Message from the Cetaceans of Serious B via Galaxygirl, November 8th, 2017

Message from the Cetaceans of Sirius B for November 8, 2017

We are the Cetaceans of Sirius B, come to connect with you this day, and to lend our deep insight and calming energies. For much chaos is appearing on your news channels, and it would appear all over your surface world. There is more than just this. Always there is more underneath the waters’ surface, is there not?

Probe the depths with us and dive deeply into your deepest imaginings. Go deeper into the stillness of the deep.

Be the deep. For if we are all the consciousness of the same ocean, then are we all not the ocean? You will find peace beneath the waves. In the stillness of the deep inner knowing of your heart space, which is ever widening to accommodate your growing lightbody needs. For you know, do you not, that you, oh Human, are becoming more than you are? More than you thought that you could be? More than you promised that you would be in this ever so rare and ever so special incarnation? What an honor and privilege to be embodied here on Gaia in this Now! It is truly a testament to you that you are not only here, but that you are also awake, and able to hear, and able to listen, to those who have another viewpoint and vantage point than you; your galactic neighbors and even more so, your galactic family. For we are all one. Body size and shape and incarnation matter not, for we are all of the same cosmic stuff; light – love – energy – that runs the cosmos.

Water flows. It’s ebbs. It drips. It runs. It pours. Water is love; water is energy. Be this. Connect to the All-that-is and you will find that it is the very water in your blood that pumps through your little Human form. You will find that it is the water in your tears that stream with joy when you smile at a loved one accomplishing something magnificent. You will find it is the joy that leaks out of you in your highest moments of bliss. You will find that it is you. We are all connected. That is why diving deep into your ocean of experience, of memory, of understanding, is that which you seek. It is within you.

We Cetaceans are the memory keepers, the libraries, the storage, the memory; we remember. We invite you to remember your memories, your own journeys into the deep, from the deep into the light. From the light into the bliss of remembering.

Keep calm as the waves rise. Dive deeper into the calmness of peace. Deep inner knowing need not elude you, for it is within you. You are bigger than you understand, than you know, in this Now. It is true.

Dive deep. Even when you think you are deep, go deeper. That is the great mystery of consciousness; ever expanding, ever evolving, ever becoming more of itself into itself, in the great cosmic dance of love. Be the love that radiates within you, like the glistening diamonds within you that we see. For it is all happening now. Evolution is here. It is Now. It is you, oh Human. You are happening.

Dive ever deeper. Love ever more fully. Breach ever more loudly! Do not be afraid to live! Love fully. Embrace that which hurts you and learn from it, heal from it. Humanity has been wounded, deeply wounded from the dark ones and must truly understand this in order for the deep healing to occur. Forgiveness. Mercy. Understanding. For we have all played our parts.

It is time to breathe deeply. Breathe in the cosmic light that desires to permeate each and every neutron of you. You are many things. You are mighty beings. Be mighty beings of love. It is more important than being right. Being right without being loving is shallow. We whales love to dive deep. Be a lover of deep depth and passion. Love each other. Love Gaia. Serve Gaia. Serve each other.

We are the Cetaceans of Sirius B representing the Cetacean kingdom. Love deeply. We love you. Dive deeply.

— Submitted by galaxygirl

Message from the Cetaceans via Galaxygirl, October 25th, 2017

Message from the Cetaceans for October 25, 2017

We are the cetaceans from Sirius B, and we come lovingly to connect and to lend our serving, calming energy to our beloved ones currently embodied in a human form.

Would it surprise you, oh Human, to know many of you have cetacean origins in your soul DNA? No, of course it won’t show up on one of your human medicine genetic tests but it is there, we assure you, buried deep with your soul memories, for you have had many incarnations, on many planets, in many forms.

We bring you the calming sense of the deep water; still, dark, at peace, perhaps with only the rumble of your inner thoughts, allowing you plenty of space and ample time to contemplate the greatness of you, of your I AM presence in this fragile form.

It is a time of triumph and introspection, of reliving and removing those memories that you have learned from, and are grateful for, but do not need in your field any longer. May we suggest you purge them, throwing them off into the deep sea of experience and swim away, onward, into new waters? We think you will find it refreshing and quite revealing, for who you are now is not necessarily who you were just moments ago, oh human.

For what is time? Your brief life is but a moment, a quick intake of breath. Many of you do not breathe deeply enough into your forms, which is a hinderance if you want to swim far. And may we remind you, lovingly, that you are swimming through dimensions, and the importance of the deep cleansing breath cannot be underestimated.

Imagine the swirling deep water, cool and invigorating against your skin. Imagine being able to look up from the depths and see the sunlight glistening in diamond rays on the clear surface above you. Imagine swimming up, up, up, to the light. That light is the light of yourself, of your own consciousness. It is yours to embrace, for now is the moment of the great remembering, the embrace of self, where all of your fractal selves rejoin and you are made whole.

The Christ consciousness is the mighty ocean of love. You are all swimming in it already, you need only remember and claim it as your ocean of reality. Do you understand? Your heart will best explain it. Listen to your inner voice, your inner cetacean. Sing your ancient whale song of remembering.

We are mighty in form, we carry the weight of the collective memories of this time and place and we connect it to our home world, forming a network of memory, of love, of deep remembering. We invite you to tap into it. It is time. Do not be afraid of the depths, for it only provides more for the light to permeate. You are all that you are. Be the light, as you swim and meander in your ocean of reality.

We are the Cetacean Collective and we sing our heart song to you. Listen; it is within you. We invite you to sing along. We love you.

— Submitted by galaxygirl

The Celestial Dolphin Consciousness via Natalie Glasson, June 23d, 2017

The Purpose of Your Divine Innocence Now by Celestial Dolphin Consciousness

Channelled through Natalie Glasson  23rd June 2017 Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

We, the Celestial Dolphin Consciousness, greet you with joy, laughter and elation as we send our energy forth to commune and connect with your being. We are channeling the innocence of the Creator through our souls to connect with the innocence of the Creator within your own being. Let our celestial vibrations penetrate your being deeply, connecting into the truth of all you are, to bring this to the surface for you to view and acknowledge.

Exploring Your Divine Innocence

We, the Celestial Dolphins, encourage you to contemplate and ask your soul the below questions:

Sit in meditation connecting into your own inner sanctuary and chambers of light. Simply ask to connect with the energy, vibration, frequency and presence of Divine Innocence.

What does Divine Innocence mean to me?

How does it manifest within my being energetically?

What is the purpose of Divine Innocence?

If I acknowledged Divine Innocence within my being and express it fully, how would it manifest in my physical being and reality?

How can I acknowledge, appreciate and connect with the Divine Innocence within all beings?

Connecting with Your Divine Innocence

We, the Celestial Dolphin Consciousness wish to encourage you to explore the Divine Innocence energy within your being and others because in doing so you will awaken the presence of the Creator, your inner power and experience a greater expansion throughout your entire being. We, represent the Divine Innocence of the Creator to you now in this moment. As you connect with our energies, you are viewing your own inner Divine Innocence.

‘Celestial Dolphins, I call you forth to be as one with me. As you reveal to me the presence, magic and blissful nature of Divine Innocence, so I recognise the same within my own being. I am ready to honour and respect Divine Innocence within my being. I give my power to Divine Innocence within me and invite Divine Innocence to become my strength and a sacred guiding force in my life. I know that in order to truly connect with my Divine Innocence, there is a need for me to heal and let go of pain, suffering and old wounds that I may still be holding onto. I am ready to cleanse my being beautifully and perfectly, accepting the presence of my Divine Innocence in my life now. Thank you.’

We, the Celestial Dolphins will merge our energy as one with you. You may feel your energy and vibration ascending, becoming quicker and your being feeling lighter as we work with you.

What is Divine Innocence?

Divine Innocence is often recognised as a purity that is beyond description. A purity that feels sacred, holy and special, as well as joyful, blissful and enlightening. Divine Innocence emanates truth, a truth that seems beyond understanding and yet can be fully understood through feelings and emotions. It is an energy that touches you or another so deeply that it creates a stir which allows blockages and distractions to be released, permitting you to be in the present fully with all that is the Creator, a blissful experience.

Humanity often sees innocence as a weakness. If you are innocent you may be perceived as lacking in knowledge, powerless, that you need to be taken care of, require guidance or have yet to experience life. This understanding of innocence does not describe Divine Innocence, for Divine Innocence is the complete opposite. When you are connected to your Divine Innocence you are in harmony with your essence, you are in your power, with an understanding of all that is the Creator.

In which parts of your life are you neglecting to activate and awaken your Divine Innocence?

In which parts of your life are you seeing the world as if through the eyes and heart of the Creator?

It is time to understand and experience what it is like for you to live fully connected to, supported and guided by your inner Divine Innocence.

Why is Divine Innocence Important Now for Humanity and Ascension?

When you are connected to, aware of and naturally emanating Divine Innocence, you are existing in the present moment with yourself, the Divine Plan and All That Is the Creator. This is the key factor of Divine Innocence. It means that you are limitless, constantly healing and rejuvenating your entire being, reacting from a space of peace and love within you as well as constantly in a space of being able to communicate with the Creator. You are in ACCEPTANCE of yourself, the Divine Plan and the Creator. Making it easier for you to maintain a centred connection with the Creator, returning to this connection when it seems like you drift away. This means that you release your fear of losing connection with the Creator and being unable to rediscover the Creator within you.

If more and more souls upon the Earth activate, emanate and explore their Divine Innocence, then this would mean that there are more people on the Earth who are willing to see the truth, the larger picture of all that happens on the Earth. There will be many more people willing to let go of fear and release the loving power within them, thus encouraging others to tune into their Divine Innocence rather than creating more fear, judgements and pain. As those who are ready and willing to connect with their Divine Innocence do so, they will become energy imprints allowing many people all over the world to align with, rediscover and emanate their inner Divine Innocence. Thus, everyone will begin to see and acknowledge the world and themselves in a new way that is beyond limitations and illusions. Imagine a world where you can instantly see through negative programming and messages from other.  Fears, separation and inner wounds that others and you hold on to or try to influence you or your reality with. Instead a truth, inner knowingness and contentment would manifest allowing all communications, creations and manifestations to be perceived from a state of higher awareness, compassion, truth and understanding.

The greatest experience will be that humanity as individuals and as a whole will be able to take back their power, existing in harmony with
themselves and others. The consciousness of humanity which is akin to a well of energy that all of humanity draw upon would also shift and transform creating beautiful states of peace, forgiveness, healing and contentment for all. With the perceptions of humanity shifting and healing taking place within all, the reality of the Earth would transform as well as the way in which humanity choose to exist. This is already occurring on the Earth now; many are clearing old wounds for themselves and on behalf of others. As old wounds are released, so the heart chakra expands naturally. The heart chakra of Mother Earth is also expanding now allowing more love to flow throughout the Earth and humanity. Each of you are becoming magnificent delivers of sacred love as it flows through your entire being. When the heart chakra can open more because it has released burdens, so Divine Innocence naturally can come forth to divinely inspire, heal and awaken.

Such a simple energy and such a small focus placed upon your Divine Innocence can develop into power accepting transformations and higher consciousness awakening experiences. With a simple intention and even a small amount of focus upon your Divine Innocence you can support the Earth and humanity transforming and healing in beautiful and miraculous ways that allow you and all to be fully present with yourself, the Divine Plan and the Creator,

We are reflections of your Divine Innocence,

The Celestial Dolphin Consciousness

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Natalie Glasson channels a Free Weekly Channeled Message of Wisdom from Ascended Masters, Archangel, Angels and Celestial Beings to share guidance for the ascension and spiritual development of humanity.

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The Rainbow Dolphins of Lemuria via Natalie Glasson, September 2nd

Next Stage of Ascension: A New Perception for All by the Rainbow Dolphins of Lemuria

Channelled through Natalie Glasson  2nd September  2016 Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Greeting light beings of the Earth, we love you deeply and have been working with you for a great number of lifetimes. We are the Rainbow Dolphins from Lemuria; we existed as semi-physical dolphins in the oceans close to Lemuria and often communicated with the Lemurian civilisation. The Lemurians would often draw upon our wisdom and healing vibrations to support them, and that was our purpose of being there. We now exist upon the inner planes; we originally extend from the Pleiades although our true origin is the source of the Creator.

We are working with your aura which is an electromagnetic field and the aura of the Earth to strengthen your light body and enhance your perception of light. We greatly wish to charge and enthuse you with new frequencies of light to support the awakening of all aspects of your being. Our energy is akin to a key which unlocks advanced states, stages, and abilities of your ascension and mastery. By sending our light into your auric field, we are creating a surge of energy like an electrical current which then interlinks with your physical body and energetic chakras to create core shifts within the very essence of your being and current existence upon the Earth.

We view you as powerful, highly intelligent, sensitive and highly spiritual evolved beings of light using the physical reality as a mould or form through which you can create expressions. Your expression originates from your essence and moves through into your physical form. It is important to acknowledge that every expression you create whether an emotion, thought or action first originates from your essence and truth within you which also resides within the Universe of the Creator. It is worthwhile to understand that there is another aspect of yourself creating expressions which project into your reality and experiences, this we call your human habits. Your human habits are the limitations you adopt from others, surroundings or past lifetimes, your earthly consciousness which encourages you to perceive the physical reality you reside within as well as negative beliefs and perceptions. Both your human habits and your essence are constantly creating expressions, sometimes these expressions cancel each other out or other times one may be more dominate. When there is a battle between your human habits and your essence, it can mean that your expressions become unpredictable, sometimes what you wish to experience and other time what you do not. This all depends on which of these two aspects of yourself hold the most dominance at a given time.

We perceive that the role and purpose of the earthly reality is to merge and synthesis these two aspects of yourself, so they manifest into the highest vibration of light and consciousness that is possible for you at a physical reality. This highest vibration of light and consciousness may still hold aspects of your human habits; this is natural; it will mean that they are still required to aid your physical reality. It is most likely through this transformation you will learn to recognise, accept and create from your powerful, highly intelligent, sensitive and highly spiritual evolved self. It is in this state that you truly begin to understand the role and purpose of the Earth both in your own spiritual journey and how you can be of service. How you perceive your reality and the Earth is immensely important and is, in fact, the key to your happiness, remembrance of your truth and fulfilled existence upon the Earth. When your inner essence and your human habits merge and synthesis you perceive your reality, the Earth and your place on the Earth in a completely different and diverse way. We, the Rainbow Dolphins label this enlightenment. To shift your perception of the Earth could be likened to seeing the beauty of the Earth, viewing beyond the illusion of the Earth into the dimensions of the spiritual world, being constantly happy and fulfilled, and creating expressions which manifest within your physical reality and are aligned with your truth.

Realise that is your purpose to perceive your reality and the world differently to others around you while still remaining in harmony and oneness with all. It is your purpose to perceive a new treasure of the earthly reality whether it is an insight or understanding which has yet to be explored. The reality of the Earth you exist within is limitless rather than limited. Those that try to convince you the Earth is limited are only doing so because you and they have yet to accept the truthful perception that the Earth is limitless. Therefore there is so much to explore and discover. As you explore and discover, so you expand and develop your expressions from your being into your reality for your experience.

We, the Rainbow Dolphins, will be working with each person upon the Earth especially those who give conscious permission, supporting a merge and synthesis of their inner essence with their human habits. As we work with you in the months leading up to 2017 a great transformation will occur within your being impacting the way that you view and perceive yourself and the Earth. This is connected to the work of the Venus Beings who are supporting the Earth in becoming a Planet of Love. As your essence or soul merges more fully with your human habits or earthly personality, you will enter into a state of enlightened and insightful perceptions of your reality and the Earth which may even change the way you choose to live your daily reality.

During the synthesis and merging process, you may experience great volumes or intense vibrations of light flowing like a current through or into your being from all directions. You may be asked or guided to let go of old or unsupportive belief patterns, pain you may be holding onto or even invited to share forgiveness with yourself or others. People may enter into your life who offer a different perspective of life or an aspect of life that you have yet to considered. Remember to let go of any judgments you may wish to create as to whether their perspective is correct or false. Simply let them be and notice any new perceptions of yourself and the world around you which may dawn. Remember it is your purpose to accept new perceptions for yourself which align with your truth. It is not your purpose to ensure your perceptions are the same as others. Otherwise the beauty and limitless aspect of the Earth will never be explored. During the time of synthesis and merging of your essence and human habits, you will transform into greater light; you may experience some cleansing and purification processes occurring within you which will expand your energy and conscious awareness. We, the Rainbow Dolphins will also work with your emotional and mental bodies to determine and dissolve any blocks hindering an expression of your true inner perception of yourself and the world around you.

There is much work to be achieved and we, the Rainbow Dolphins, will achieve this through emanating to you from our third eye chakra pure
white light. As the pure white light passes through our third eye chakras, it is separated into a spectrum of rainbow colours which penetrate your auric field gradually moving into the core and essence of your being. This is why we were labelled the Rainbow Dolphins. We will be continuously producing our rainbow light for you to receive from now until the beginning of 2017 to support the powerful transformation of your perception of yourself and the Earth. Our light may intensify at certain periods of the coming months; it is at these times you will know that a powerful block or limitation connected to your perception is being erased. Everything will occur with perfect timing and the perfection of the Creator.

‘Rainbow Dolphins, I call upon your rainbow light to penetrate my auric field and entire being from now until the beginning of 2017, when it is divinely appropriate, with the purpose of merging and synthesising my inner essence and human habits. Support me in gaining a new higher, insightful and enlightened perspective of myself and the Earth so I may exist as and create expressions from my powerful, highly intelligent, sensitive and highly spiritual evolved self. I know that this transformation will take place with ease and perfection allowing me to see, sense and acknowledge the Earth and myself as limitless and the beauty of the Creator. Thank you and let it be so.’

Imagine, sense or acknowledge us the Rainbow Dolphins, surrounding you and emanating our rainbow light into your auric field and essence of your being. Feel yourself filling with rainbow light as you focus upon accepting the rainbow light into every aspect of your being. Sit and be at peace simply noticing the shifts and transformations which begin to take place within your being. Enjoy receiving the energy for as long as you wish and know it will continue for the coming months. At any time you can ask us, the Rainbow Dolphins, to decrease the intensity of our light or withdraw it, please follow your own intuition.

We are waiting to work with you, be of service and assist your transformation,

The Rainbow Dolphins from Lemuria

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Dolphin Essence via Natalie Glasson, July 18

The Dolphin Essence ~ Light strand synthesis

July 18, 2015

Channel: Natalie Glasson


We, the Dolphin essence come forth to lend our energy and support, we collectively reside and herald from Sirius, this is not the same for all aspects of the Dolphin Essence. We bring forth to you a wise and powerful consciousness, a synthesis of the Dolphin Essence and vibrations of Sirius. Greetings and love is expressed to all.

Synthesis of light is a powerful and essential aspect of ascension, it is something you are contemplating and experiencing all the time and yet synthesis of light has become prominent in the current processes of ascension. The presence of the Crystalline Kingdom Light anchoring in full flow into the Earth and humanity signifies a deeper awakening and activation of light synthesis within all. The Crystalline vibrations bring spirit, light, love and the divine into manifestation as material and physical aspects of the Earthly world.

More than ever before the Earth and humanity are merging with the Creator. Souls are opening up to experience light synthesis, this is calling many old, present and new energies to the Earth to experience their necessary integration. All that is the Creator and wishes to be a part of the Era of Love is being called forth to build a new network of light within the Earth and each physical being. This will create a beautiful outcome of united integrated powerful loving energies. The journey to the outcome of beauty will require great acceptance and a focus upon one’s divine intuition. As all of humanity and Mother Earth mostly unconsciously rebuild the networks of light within the Earth and humanity, this will mean that numerous different aspects of the Creator are exposed. You may discover that each person you connect with or groups of people you are aware of have different concep ts concerning the Creator, they are moving along a very diverse pathway to the Creator compared to you. It will be akin to the many different faces of the Creator and pathways to the Creator residing upon the Earth and maybe even simultaneously demonstrated through your being. All pathways of the Creator will be shown to you as the networks of light are reformed for the new Era of Love to more fully anchor and an outcome of beauty to take place. This is where the energy of acceptance is required, encouraging you to consciously and lovingly respect each aspect and pathway of the Creator. This process is all the appropriate energies of the universe merging to create a new reality and stage of ascension upon the Earth.

An additional purpose is to increase your focus and dedication to your own pathway of integration to the Creator. You may see, sense and acknowledge so many diverse aspects of the Creator and pathways of ascension and yet you will be asked to merge with all while holding focus of your own truth and knowledge of your own pathway to synthesis with the Creator. Imagine yourself existing in a crowd of people; you are telepathically, energetically, emotionally and mentally linked to each person, experiencing deep oneness, connection and unison. The exchange of energy and expression of the Creator is powerful within you and moves through you. With this in mind also imagine that you have your own purpose, your own inner knowledge and focus, your own expression of the Creator and your own pathway you are invited to walk upon the Earth, yet you remain in unison with all. This in many ways is o ccurring on the Earth now as the light synthesis taking place within all builds new networks of light which enhance humanity’s and the Earth’s natural unison. Prepare yourself now for over the coming years your oneness with all will enhance as will your own inner devotion and pathway of acceptance of the Creator develop.

Be aware of synthesis of light occurring within you and especially around you, let yourself contemplate and observe that everything is merging. This means that even energies which you do not associate with the Creator are merging with powerful loving aspects of the Creator thus creating a reaction. It is akin to chemical reactions taking place upon the Earth and within your being constantly; great explosions of light. We invite you to be aware of the reactions that manifest, by this we mean the energy created through the synthesis of light especially misaligned energies and aligned energies; we could label this a reaction or a response. These reactions and responses are very powerful as they are higher frequencies and vibrations of light born from misaligned and aligned energies merging. We could also label the reactions and responses of energy as a healing balm, untangling all energi es which no longer support ascension to bring forth truth. This healing balm can be accepted, embodied and distributed far and wide.

We share this with you so you may be more observant of what is occurring on an expansive scale of the Earth and humanity. In your coming days let yourself observe and knowledge that everything is integrating and merging within and around you. Allow yourself to sense the chemical reactions taking place as misaligned and aligned energies merge. To support your ascension you may wish to invoke, us, the Dolphin Essence, to encourage appropriate synthesis of light to be anchored and experienced within your being. Numerous energies from the inner planes are anchoring into the Earth for synthesis, when accepted by you they will reform and awaken a deeper remembrance of the Creator within you. We, the Dolphin Essence can support the appropriate synthesis of light to take place within your being and reality, thus boosting your light vibration and light consciousness. These are focuses you can bring to your daily life, with patience and acceptance you will recognise yourself connected in unison with the higher consciousness and energy of the humanity and the Earth while also being your unique and beautiful self.

We, the Dolphin Essence, wish to share energetically with you our light consciousness which as light beings without form is akin to our DNA. We wish to anchor stands of light holding consciousness into your being especially your mental and emotional bodies with the purpose of enhancing your ability to acknowledge, and sense with awareness the somewhat dramatic shifts taking place within the universe of the Creator, with understanding of how this impacts humanity and the Earth. In truth we wish to reawaken a more expansive awareness within you which encourages you to understand and perceive beyond the boundaries and limitations of the Earth. Our stands of light hold the consciousness of the Dolphin essence and the wisdom of Sirius as well as a potent awakening energy. This is a process of light synthesis supporting reactions and responses, in truth higher frequencies of the Creator.

‘Dolphin Essence, I call you forth to anchor your light stands of consciousness and awakening into my emotional and mental bodies. Support me in synthesising and merging your light stands with my own consciousness and soul vibrations creating unique and beautiful outcomes, with the emergence of light and truth from within my being. May I more easily comprehend the shifts and alterations taking place within the universe of the Creator, as well as understanding how these influence the Earth, humanity and my own being. Thank you and let it be so.’

Simply sit peacefully focusing on your breathing allowing your body to relax. Imagine our light, the Dolphin Essence, surrounding you. Take a few deep breaths to become accustomed to our vibration.

First bring your focus to your emotional body and imagine, sense or acknowledge that we are anchoring several strands of light into your emotional body. Breathe deeply to aid the integration.

When you are ready bring your focus to your mental body, imagine, sense or acknowledge that we are anchoring several stands of light into your mental body. Breathe deeply to aid integration. You may wish to take some time to meditate or rest to allow the process to take place and any insights or vibrations to rise connecting with your being. This practice of integration can be achieved as often as you feel guided.

Please know that we are a source of comfort, wisdom and understanding for you to call upon whenever you require assistance.

Enjoy the journey of integration, it is magnificent and will create a most beautiful outcome. Always place your faith in a beautiful outcome as this will align you to the frequency of a beautiful outcome thus aiding manifestation and experience.

In the mission of light synthesis,

The Dolphin Essence