Love is our new reality

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The Whale Collective via Zane Morgan, June 21st, 2020

Dearest land dwellers, we are the Whale Collective.

We share this message with you as we travel up the east coast of Australia. It is that time again, when we begin our journey north, from the cold waters of the south. We travel a great distance to give birth in the warm waters, then we make the journey back home with our young. This may seem like a long, exhausting journey to you, but for us it is merely a way of being. For we do not see this journey as long or treacherous, for we live in the Now.

We whale’s live in the eternal Now, the ever-present moment of BEing.

We see many different obstacles and hurdles, as we make our journey up the coast and then back down. We encounter many different situations that may add risk to our journey, but we do not stress or worry, for we are at peace with where we are heading and the path we take. We face many aspects on this journey, whether it be getting caught or tangled in your nets or fishing equipment, the many sharks that currently see us as food and all the pollution and waste which floats around out here, but we are not deterred by this. We do not stop, we do not give up or think “it’s just too hard”, because we see the result and we are focused on what we wish to create.

We are at peace with all these aspects; therefore, we are not deterred by them.

We are collectively focused on what we wish to create, and that is a beautiful birthing ceremony for our young. For yes, we whale’s certainly conduct ceremony and ritual, just as you do. We honour our journey and we give thanks for what we encounter along the way. Therefore, we wish to share with you in this moment.
Many of you are feeling frustrated with the journey. You are feeling as if nothing is happening or things are moving “too slow”. But what we wish to have you acknowledge, is the ever present Now. If you would stop for a moment and take a second to just be in the moment, see it for what it is. Become still and aware of the moment you are in, as you read these words. Stop and look around you. Notice the softest sounds and the finest details of where you are. It may be the birds chirping or cars driving, but just observe, let go of everything but the moment you are in, and just breathe it in…….

Dear ones, we ask that you do this quick and easy exercise whenever you feel frustrated, whenever you feel that things are moving too slow or that life is not going as you have envisioned. For it is in these moments of doubt, of frustration or worry that you remove yourself from the Now, from the present moment. By doing this simple exercise, you can bring yourself back into the present and out of those pesky thoughts or feelings.
Worry not our dear Earth allies, for all is as it should be. We whales are sending out so much love and light to you all now, if you but stop for a minute, bring yourself into the Now and then listen for our call, you will hear and feel us. We are in this together, no role is too big or too small and we are all playing the part we need to in the present moment.

Do not think things are moving too slow, for that is linear and denying the eternal moment.

Be at peace with where you are, because the more of you that can stay in the Now and in peace, the quicker the turmoil around the planet can pass. There is so much help available for you all, but you must ask. Call upon us whales and ask that we soothe your worries with our song.
Do not lose faith dear ones, for as you have heard, you are now moving through the final band of storm clouds, and the more you are in the moment, the more you can ground yourself in the Now, the quicker the storm shall part.

We hope you find solace in our words and hear our call as we swim through your oceans, helping to purge and release what was and ground what is. All is well dear ones. We are always here for you. We are the whales and we enjoy sharing these words with you.