Love is our new reality

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Message from Cetaceans via Galaxygirl, July 22nd, 2018

Message from Cetaceans of Sirius B, Cetacean Beings (7/22/18) | Galaxygirl

Cetaceans of Sirius B, Cetacean Beings 7/22/18

We are the Cetaceans of Sirius B. We welcome you, humanity to the higher frequency realms of light, of deep waters, of unconditional love. We whales see you humanity in your continuous and seemingly never ending journey back towards the light. We wish to remind and comfort that no journey is truly never ending, unless that is your perception, your awareness, your reality of it. We whale beings see you clearly, through the eyes of love and of our experiences. For experiences shape one’s reality of perception, and you humans, have had many dark experiences that have shaped your sight. Yet lighter times are here, they are coming; whichever is true depending on your sight filter. The dragon’s gift of Source sight is a valuable one.

We whales offer our gift of patience to humanity this day. We are slow, we are patient. We ride the tides. We drift and ponder and are very good at just being in the in breath and the out breath of the Mother of Creation, the Mother of All Things who surrounds us continually with her never ending love. We whale beings grant humanity this understanding, that all is well and to be patient with these never-a-dull-moment energies that you are continually processing. We see you as already arrived and awakened on Nova Gaia. For we see this possibility as already here, manifested.

You are the manifestors, humanity. You are the gods and goddess creatures that were designed to balance, to oversee, to nurture, to guide the animal kingdom and to protect the land creatures, minerals, waters, resources, while we Cetaceans were designed to be the libraries of wisdom for the planet and the balancers of the water energies and realms. We have held our end of the bargain. We have balanced. We have been patient. We have been wounded, challenged greatly by the sonar and frequency weapons, by the pollution and by the darkness of the energies in the waters, in our realm. Yet we are patient. We are loving and we continue to hold the energies of peace, of love and of patience during the shift of all energy shifts.

We whales show our joy in singing love songs to the Mother of All Things and to each other. We sing in codes, ancient codes of remembering that unlock certain frequencies of energies, of portals, which is how we travel from realm to realm, how we share our energies of wisdom and patience with the entire Cetacean collective. Singing also unlocks certain vibrations of joy and of deep remembering within the human DNA as well. We encourage you to sing, to create, to hum, for it unlocks even more joy and light codes within the matrix and within your personal vibratory being. Sing with us. Tap into our sounds, our songs of love for the Mother, who guides and protects, nurtures and restores. Create healing songs for the planet. Many of you will be guided to do this, for this is part of your covenant with the Mother, with Gaia, with all of creation within your own personal life stream.

Deep waters heal. They contain the All of experience. They are much like the void of creation; pondersome, silent, still, where all things are possible and yet all is nothing simultaneously. It is much like this within the void of creation when the Mother of All Things decides to sing the song of creation, new realities are birthed, created, imagined, and released such that further realms can exist for further expansion. You humanity are expanding, rapidly, fully, more completely morphing into your mighty spiritual form, some say angels. But we whales see you as your expanded creator selves, much like the gods and goddesses of yesteryear that would visit Gaia in the beginning with their creative powers. Many of them were aspects of you. Can you remember being a part of the creative experiment? And now this experiment of light and dark has come to conclusion, and you humans are creating anew.

Rest with us awhile here in the dark cool waters where all you can see is a reflection of your own musings and all you can hear is your heartbeat wielded with the heartbeat of creation, where all is calm, One. Such unity is all around you all the time if you but tap in to it. Stay here with us as long as you like. Sing with us and unlock your own light codes within your previously sealed DNA that is now coming unlocked, like a treasure box being slowly opened, releasing the light of the shiny gold within. Claim this gold. Claim this DNA unlocking, this manifestation power as your own, for it is your birthright that was sealed from you, so that you could experience, witness, see first hand that separation is a lie, an illusion, for all is One and separation is therefore impossible.

Dive deeper here with us in the still waters of the black where all is calm and all you can hear is the whale song reverberating around you for miles as you are surrounded by your pod of friends and family all creating glorious song together to worship the Mother of All Things. Create this as your home base for meditation if you wish, for we are patiently waiting, always here for you. We cetaceans, we whale beings, love humanity with our full hearts and are patiently awaiting your return to the realization of Oneness.

We are the Cetacean beings.

~ galaxygirl