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Message from Arcturian Collective, Elthor & Fairies via Galaxygirl, July 21st, 2018

Message from Arcturian Collective, Elthor & Fairies (7/21/18) | Galaxygirl

Arcturian Collective, Elthor & Fairies 7/21/2018

Greetings dear ones, we are the Arcturian Collective here on this fine day to welcome you to your new world. The thresholds been reached, vibrations realized and risen. And you are becoming the gods and goddess that you yourselves foretold of old, in the prophecies of the past, where a new world would be born, risen from the ashes, like the phoenix. And you, the way showers, would lead the way.

Your god / goddess powers are coming online. And many of you are so exhausted from the energy influx that you are not enjoying this process to the fullest extent that we wish you would allow. For when you allow the joy of theses changes, new potentials are even further unlocked within your DNA, and you expand even more in the process. Fear, lack, all of that is the old way, the old energies. You are explorers, pioneers, of the new way, the New Earth. The pioneers of your past history books were exhausted yes as well, but they rode the exhilaration rush of the challenge of bringing the new, of forging new paths across continents and being the trailblazers for future generations. Sound familiar? Many of you reading these words had lifetimes such as these, to prepare you for the rigors of this one, of this most precious lifetime.

We are the Arcturian Collective and it has been our joy to connect with you today. We encourage you to visualize breathing in joy frequencies during your meditations as it will enhance your current earthly experience. We are the Arcturian Collective. We are one.

I am Elthor the dragon. We dragons speak now. For too long our words have been silenced and our memories sullied. We dragons are time chasers, time riders. We ride on the winds of new possibilities of new timelines and we see all. We see many things all at once and you too, human, will have this ability as you see through the timeline matrix and step out of it as a master, to see with truly wise and all seeing eyes. Many of us dragons have golden eyes for we aim to hold the Source codes of light and of discovery within our eyes so that our sight remains clear.

We are powerful, as you are powerful human. You have but to rise up and claim your power. Feel my warm dragon breath on the back of your head and neck and allow your own dragon sight to be activated, for it is our gift to you as you navigate these troubled times of silty waters. Have no fear human. Soon your waters will run crystal clear again, and you will be standing strong with your human or dragon feet, cooled by the crystal clear waters in a bubbling brook of new possibilities that feed your new world. We dragons are mighty. We are of all shapes, sizes, colors, similar in analogy to your diversity of birds. Yet, we all have the same dragon blood of royalty, as do you, for we all emanate from Source and in the end, we are all one immense living breathing being, experiencing itself in wonder.

Ah, you are weary. You humans are so much stronger than you currently realize. You are tired from the upgrades, the energy waves. Get ready for more, human, for this is a cosmic hot spot of activity and of great hope and promise for the multiverse and you have the front row seat. Many will ask you in the eons to come what it was like to be a part (an integral part, I may add) for the creation of Nova Gaia? And you will be able to remember, and to tell your story. I am breathing my warm dragon breath on you now, to further activate you and calm your nerves. There.

Let us try flying, shall we? It always makes me feel better, fuller of joy, as you literally soar above whatever is assailing you. You can do this at any time in your heartmind. You are powerful, human. Now, morph into your dragon form and fly with me! As we soar up, up, up, you are feeling the thrill of the cool mountain breeze and you see the crystal clear brook that we were cooling our feet in but a moment ago. And up we go, through the scenery of mountain peaks and massive pine forests, we ride up, further, into the next time stream, and into your future on Nova Gaia where your dragon can observe your future self as leader, way shower. And whether you lead through art or quiet philanthropy or speaking or book writing, it matters not. The ways to serve humanity are endless. Endless! Find joy in this. For there are a multitude of ways to serve and to utilize these new ascension energies more fully into your frame.

Feel the cold wind through your scales, invigorating you. And now we alight on the tallest of the mountains for the grandest look of all. Mountains are old souls, they are wise. They have much to say for they see all things for so many millennia. Gaia is a treasure trove of experience and wisdom. Human, you have so much support. Can you yet see this? Accept this support, and be liberated in it. Remain here as long as you like. And as your meditation ends bring this dragon energy of life force, of freedom, of power, and of love, back into your little human form, invigorated and revitalized for yet another day of creation. All is well. It is time that you begin to see yourselves clearly, as we dragons see you. I am Elthor the dragon. I come in peace and I leave you with it.

Hello! We are the fairies, and we are delighted to have this opportunity to connect with our human friends agin; for we are eager to share this energy report that all is indeed improving quite quickly and this excites us greatly for we too have been eagerly anticipating the energy upgrades and earth changes, for we fairies, we elementals, are a part of the breath of the mother (as you are) and we love Gaia so dearly that we want you humans to appreciate Gaia and see her as your mother as we do!

For it is true, for as we have the honor and privilege of living upon her, then we too must have the honor and privilege of care taking her and keep her forests clear so that your future children will respect and understand and keep them clear as well! For this attitude of stewardship must be passed down from generation to generation; and the dark ones had many roles in stopping this wisdom transference as people lived in the cities their hearts became disconnected and lost a bit from the nature beauty and from the mother’s breath.

For we absorb her breath as we caretake her flowers and trees and rocks, for they are a part of her, they are a part of us and we are all one big beautiful creation of loveliness and it is such a joy to care take and steward, that we want humanity to hear and truly see and feel the utmost urgency of taking care of Gaia, so that she no longer will have to deal with pollution; for as these energies rise, all the cleansing and clearing rises too, and the importance of care taking cannot be understated, for if you are just out walking and you see trash, pick it up, and show your children the importance of all of the little things, the little acts of love for the mother do indeed add up quickly, quite quickly, and soon she will be shiny and clear and clean once again for that is our duty!

We are the fairies and we love you humanity, and we are so excited for all of these grand and exciting energy influxes that are coming! Hurry and get ready they are coming, they are here and you are in the midst of great change, of great release! Do not allow yourself to be stuck in the turmoil – no, no, no, release and release and embrace love embrace the heartbeat of the Mother Gaia and she will comfort she will soothe you, and you will find your heart space again! We are the fairies and we love you so much humanity, we are the fairies.

~ galaxygirl