Ashtar via Beatrice Madsen, July 21st, 2018


July 21st, 2018

Channel: Beatrice Madsen


We can give you joy from the fact that things are progressing as they should. This can seem strange in the chaos that currently exists, but it seems to us that developments are rather superseding our expectations.

With everybody’s joint wake-up forces and the waking-up that is ongoing we march steadily forward. You are in the vanguard and you are doing an enormous job. I want you to understand that we can see this all the time. We can see that you are fighting for the light carrying thought structures that say you are all of equal worth and that you need to help your neighbor. Everybody has the right to exist and we all breathe the same air and it needs to be clean for our highest best.

Many people are now confused as they feel that they do not know what to hold on to when the religions are about to end their roles. There are many people in religious wars that start to understand that it is not right to attack somebody else because of their religious believes. This can become a very difficult struggle within that human who might from childhood have been taught to be focused on killing those who do not think or belief the same way. We need humble wisdom for how difficult it can be for those who slowly but surely wake up and realize that their whole foundation is based on a lie. This wake up becomes very difficult and with suffering. It might take many years for this person to be able to breathe more easily. Since they might also have killed fellow humans the weight of the feeling of guilt they put on themselves become unbearable. Some will during their wake-up process contemplate putting an end to their own lives and they need all the help and therapy they can get from you who are a step ahead and understand what kind of process they must go through.

It is an illusion to believe that this work will proceed quickly or painlessly, but we can console you with that as time is accelerating and the vibrations are raised the processes that these poor people will have to go through will go faster than in the third density reality.

See your journey as a necessary process. Develop patience and stability to the extent it is possible in the urgent light work and think how you bring in light in all dim corners. Those of you who periodically feel bad will also bring in light to your own dim corners. Your own darkness should and must be treated as lovingly by you as you treat your outer world. It is not seen as anything negative, besides by your selves. If you were already fully educated it would not be a big deal. You are a part of a bigger whole and this insight is already predominantly manifest on the surface of the Earth. However, much urgent and stubborn light work remains before we are completely back in port.

Loving greetings from your coworker Ashtar.



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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