The Kingdom of Whales and Dolphins via Beatrice Madsen, May 14th, 2019

The Kingdom of Whales and Dolphins

May 14th, 2019

Channel: Beatrice Madsen


Hello Humans! I am Penelope. I speak for us dolphins and our friends the wales. We live in the deep oceans that during the last number of years have changed (been poisoned) at an increasing speed. Come to your senses dear humans and understand that more and more life is dying in the oceans for every day. This is true both for plants and animals. We who remain feel every worse as our condition are changing. In earlier times the water was rich in oxygen and visibility was clear here. There was food for all of us. We played and were happy and joyful. Sometimes we sought to connect with you humans to share of our love and playfulness.

Our lust for playing has diminished with the poisoning of our living environment. Our love for you remains. Thus we ask you for help. You humans have much to be grateful for. Mother Earth, your Gaia, has nourished you during an incredibly long time. She gives you love and beauty unconditionally. Enjoy her beauty, receive her love far into your heart and understand Human, that you are a part of here. You are one. Your body is created from the waters of Gaia and of Gaia’s minerals.

I Penelope, the voice of the dolphins, pray that you humans will wake up and see that your future on Earth no longer exists if you let the poisoning continue. If humanity is to continue living on this beautiful planet it is time for you to show love and gratitude by stopping what is happening right now immediately. You have the knowledge to stop the consumption craze, stop the devastation and the poisoning in order to save the animals and plants that still remain. It is time to collaborate in the name of Mother Earth. It is high time, in this eleventh hour, to work with and for Gaia, while life still exists. If there is life there is hope we try to think, in spite of the fact that think it takes much too long a time for you to act.

Dear Humans, enjoy in your heart the beauty of nature. Go to the ocean, the lake or whichever water. Feel the water with hands and feet. Swim like us and feel the water caress your skin. Lay on your back, float and hear the clucking of the water in your ears. Is it too cold to bath, then lie on the beach, feel Mother Earth underneath you and listen to the sound of the water, hear the waves crashing onto the land. Or, feel creek’s cool water and hear the joyful purl. If the water becomes quite it is too late for us all who live here. Every day we all need fresh clean water to feel good. Think of your children and grandchildren. We would like to meet them and play together in a clean ocean on a clean planet.

By sending love and gratitude to Mother Earth who feeds you and gives you water you help her with her healing. The energies that now are growing increase her healing, but fact remains: that discarding of medicines, plastics and other toxins need to be stopped immediately. Consider that this is done in order to gain more of something called money. “Money is power” you say. In a world of love and compassion joy and happiness grows. It is your path to follow if you want to live with peace in your heart.

Thank you for listening to me. With hope and love through me. Penelope from the kingdom of dolphins and wales.



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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