Sananda via Ann Dahlberg, May 15th, 2019


May 15th, 2019 

Channel: Ann Dahlberg

I am forgiveness and life. This was (is) my mission when I walked on Earth. Through my forgiveness I regained life and the same is true for you, all my brothers and sisters. Through your forgiveness you regain life with its true meaning – the meaning that love encompasses everybody and everything. In the eternal life love resides and nothing else can live by its side. All illusions are then gone like the wind and the eternal life and the eternal truth stand clear to you.

It is through forgiveness that you gain peace in your mind. It is when you forgive that guilt and fear disappear. What can be more important than this? I cannot see that there is anything else than the holy gift of forgiveness. It by forgiving others that you forgive yourself and by forgiving yourself you forgive others. A large guilt and a large fear then leaves you mind and you can start to feel peace and harmony in your heart.

Is this not what you seek? Is it not peace and harmony that you long for? Has not the eternal stress and all the difficulties you encountered made this wish ever stronger within you? Is it then not worth to try the holy mantra of forgiveness both for yourselves and those that you encounter on your path?

Begin by giving forgiveness to those in your closest vicinity and those who are closest to your heart. Feel the waves of liberation being created within you. Then continue outwards in the world you live in. You are your own and the world’s redeemer. All of this you do with your own forgiveness. The forgiveness needs to be understood, be recognized and be completely honest in order to get the strong importance that I assign to it. It needs to come from the heart and be true and honest. It is your honest will to forgiven, which gives the best result of peace and harmony within you. It is through forgiveness that you release many chains, both your own and other’s, those that are connected to you. This can be more than you believe and it can go far back in time – to a time that you no longer remember.

Dear friends, try to understand that to forgive is grand, beautiful and loving. It is a gift from your Heavenly Father. It is gift to cherish, a bridge up to the higher worlds of light and love – the world that you so long have wished to enter into. Then think of the fact that you yourself are the bridge to the eternal life and the eternal love. In your grand forgiveness of yourself and the world you step up on this bridge – the bridge that leads to the realm of love and its kingdom already exist within you. One of its most important tools is forgiveness.

I Jesus Christ offer today and all days that have passed and all coming days my service as the redeemer of forgiveness. Everybody who with true honesty wants to learn to forgive will through my care receive this great gift that leads you into the Kingdom of Heaven of peace and love. I am the path, the truth and life and my function is to show the grand power of forgiveness. “Father forgive them, they do not know what they are doing”. The same thing is true for all of you who live on Earth in the illusions that surround you. “Father forgive them, they do not know what they are doing”.

Try to understand that you have the same power within you. Through your understanding the truth can be revealed and you become one with love and life. You are resurrected to the loving beings that you already are and always will be. I Jesus, am one of you and for this reason my mission is so important to me. Without you I am nothing, together we are everything. I love you so dearly and I am doing everything for you to find your path home to the kingdom that is your true kingdom.

I spread roses on your path in order to ease your journey.

You eternal brother Jesus Christ




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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