Love is our new reality

Commander Ash’Tar’Ka’ree of The Galactic Federation of Light, May 15th, 2019


15th May 2019:

You are welcome to share all is love ❤️

Beloved Hearts

I  (Commander Ash’Tar’Ka’ree)

Of The Jupiter Command & The Ashtar Command:

Speak to you today in your now …..

Currently As you move along this Leap in consciousnes frequency & vibration we call

The Ascension leap into

( The Satya Yuga,  Satyug, or Kṛta Yuga ….. ) 5th Golden age

So too’ dose your solar system and especially your Sun ☀️….

Your sun has expanded in size ….

If you were to measure the circumference of the Sun ☀️

it has expanded Exponentially….

it has quantified ….

your sun is not the same shape or the same size as it was ,

A 100 of your years ago ….

As you … humanity have taken a leap in consciousness….

Since the timeline convergence in 2012

Now your Sun is at its Optimal size to contain phonic Tachyon light ….

Every 26,000 years in your human Constraint of time…

The Sun has cycles

The Sun expands and retracts depending where your Solar system lies within the photon belt …

As the sun moves through a grand solar minimum and grand solar maximum ….

the Sun expands in Momentum …

This is because of the amount of Tachyon Photonic Kinetic plasma energy pouring in from the Grand central sun….

As Your sun acts as the main portal Stargate Akashic Supercomputer ; ( so to speak ) –

You Sun acts as a quantifying shipping container … containing and transmuting  … every cosmic hyper interdimensional tachyon light particles from outside of your solar system …

containing the light inside its biosphere ….

Then Filters the light through its hyper dimensional Field…

distributing the energy in wave spiral formation

throughout your solar system Into every planetary body…..

Remember beloveds ….

Your whole entire solar system is ascending ( or Shall we say ‘

has already ascended’  and continues ‘

to continuously Ascend ….

What remains is your planetary mother…..

As your Solar system moves along the Galactic plane the (photon belt)  into direct alignment with the source of this galaxy

( The central sun ) ….

Meaning that your solar system is expanding and growing quantifying as well ..


Your Solar system is bigger than it has ever been before…..

Meaning your solar systems outer rim has doubled in size….( this cannot be measured by your Mental Mind ….

It is to be understood….

And felt at the heart level ) …..

When your Solar system ascends And expands….

So to ‘ dose your Solar logos your Sun ☀️ ascend and expand in size …

This is why your Sun is The brightest it has ever been …..

Along with all the planetary bodies and their moons ….

They all expand in size

expand in consciousness

expand in frequency /vibration expand in harmonic resonance …,

Your Earth 🌍

Is quantifying in size into her new 5D Reality .

As many of you are aware your planetary an individual collective consciousness…

is Becoming enhancing  ‘in heightened frequency  vibration as your Solar system is ascending And will continue to ascend  …..

This leap in expansion can be felt and seen especially within the understanding that…

The Heartbeat of Gaia “

you call the (Schumann residence)….

Is a beating symphony hertz … that is tied into your human Kadmon DNA 🧬 Template ….

It is tied into the cells of your body the atoms that vibrate to this Heartbeat….

As Your planet Expands’ so does her heartbeat ….‘ jump ‘skip and vibrate and expand …

turning your atoms & cells of your molecular anatomy to vibrate faster & faster ‘ ….. Thus expanding in light …..

all is a frequency

all is a symphony

all is connected

everything is connected

to the source of the All That is .

Many of you will be feeling much fatigue in this expansion ‘….. just allow this process to acclimate within your physical template ‘ all is a natural flow , so allow it ‘

to just do that ‘….

(flow) ……

like the calm Waters of the sea … Ride the waves 🌊

do not push towards them

flow with them…..

Dear ones ,

Your moon is ( Expanding ) It will continue to stay the size it is ‘

It is only the Expansion of your awareness that forms an optical illusion…. As your moon LOC🌑

is an artificial midway station …

A mother ship (so to speak) ….. it can hold High 4th Dimensional consciousness only at the moment….!

But this is becoming transformed and transfigured into a higher density….. to match the density of this solar system ……

Your moon is Attached to your planetary mother

So when your planetary mother fully  Ascends ‘ so too will your moon…

As Your moon is being freed from its (negative bonds) ‘ so to speak…  ‘ enabling your moon to ascend with the rest of the solar system…..


Many of Your scientists are aware of the expansion of the solar system , and they are aware of the expansion of your sun ,  however they do not disclose this information to you , there objective is not to promote fear ‘ however tho ‘ not telling the truth can and have a counter Polarity upon your collective.

As your awareness is expanding…. so too is your thirst for knowledge and truth ‘ as your throat Chakras and Highheart chakras are expanding on a collective level with the heartbeat of this planet….

They your Scientists who are

(in the know… ) ….

cannot suppress this information from you any longer ….

Your Sun observatories not Only monitor our Merkaba ships coming through your solar portal Stargate … They monitor all our ships that are parked stationary within your systems inner & outer Rim …..

The Sun Observatory’s also monitor the expansion of the Sun….

your scientists are being fed fear from a negative compartmentalised fraction of your military ‘ that is owned by corporations….

As they do not understand the spiritual significance of this expansion … due to a solar system and planetary bodies that are ascending ….

Some ‘ not all , of Your scientists are reluctant to understand the spiritual significance of this great awakening..,

However We are monitoring the situation with the negative fraction of your compartmentalised military

still on your Earth ….

As we too ‘ have boots on the ground….

That is you ‘ our beloved  Starseeds ‘ warriors of light ‘ Our Eagles ‘ anchoring in the light To the planetary grid…  and anchoring in the Ascension codes…

speaking and spreading your truth to your Brothers and sisters In their awakening process….. you are all executing your missions with great potency.

We also have our military boots on the frontline)

that have become’

to-be known as the (white hats ) the (Resistants Movement )

The positive side of your secret space program that are part of our Super Galactic Confederation Federation …

That’s Principles are based on the core values of universal law …

of love ‘ universal peace’ and the Galactic Codex /Prime directive.

Understanding that we are not here to save you ….we are here to guide you beloveds on your Ascension…..

Yes ‘ your planetary mother will become part of the Super Confederation ….

however the keys to your liberation lies within you……

You will form and build your foundations on these principles…

The principles of universal law…

you will build your own councils of light that understand these universal laws and prime directives ….

enabling you to be part of a Galactic Society of love….. and be-a peaceful planetary realm…..

Our primary directive, our primary obligation and objective, is to be the overseers of the Ascension of this planet And her inhabitants…..

This is what the Ashtar Command & Jupiter Command stand for …

The shepherds of light…

Along with the councils of light ….

And many more airborne divisions

As the Super Confederation is a Marad of Galactic species and councils from all over this physical universe .

We all work together as a unified cohesive whole …of universal peace brotherly love relief and truth….

And we come here to supervise the Ascension of this planet

your Earth Mother …

her inhabitants that are our counterparts …… you Beloveds …

Our human brothers and sisters …

Our loved ones our Friends…

and the solar system that is a Ascending …..

We forever continue to support and guide & love

The Ascension of this planetary realm…

We in the Jupiter Command Counterpart Of The Ashtar Command…

Continue to be the guardians of the Super stargate here on Ganymede ( Jupiter’s Moon)

As Ganymede is the super headquarters for this solar system ….. And we continue to monitor this Galactic highway…

We Continue the continuation and supervision of the Ascension of the starseeds and the light workers and this planetary realm

That is our objective ,

it has always been ‘

and will always be our Primary focus…

Supervision of the Spiritual Ascension …. Of Mankind….

Until you have reached the time of the grand reunion with us ‘ your galactic counterparts …

Where you have reached the fifth Dimensional harmonious balance of oneness ….

Within yourself and within this universe ….

of understanding you are One

we are all One

we are not separate….

Know that much is happening To the Solar system and your Sun right now … ( do not be alarmed)

All is a necessary process….

Also know that much is happening behind-the-scenes in your Arena The political dogma that is playing out …..  ( Know that on a higher level all is going according to plan ) …. Trust In This Knowing Beloveds ….

Also understand beloveds we do not give (dates or times) as we operate in zero point……

All is a mathematical equation of the ( NOW )…..

So there is no time ‘ there is no dates’  as time is a human construct….

But also know beloveds that we are here in your skies we are here in your hearts …

We are with you always in loving service to the creator …

In loving service to humanity and your Mother Gaia ……

I Am

Commander and chief


Of The Jupiter Command

Sister Counterpart Of

The Ashtar Command…

here with my brothers and sisters send you all our unconditional love ….

We love you beyond measure

Our love for you cannot be measured

it must be felt and understood at the heart level…..

in the knowing that we are all One …..

All my peace and love

Commander Ash’Tar’Ka’ree ❤️

Channelled by

Ria Aurora Athena Ash

Authentic Art work

By David Rousseau