Arch Angel Michael and The Legions of Light via Karen Vivenzio, May 16th, 2019


Arch Angel Michael and The Legions of Light via Karen Vivenzio

Dearest child, holy light is surrounding you like a butterfly in its cocoon soon you will be emerging into a brand new world. Though news around you seems like it keeps going downhill, have faith dear child, we hear you. There are two things happening simultaneously dear child – destruction of the old world and reconstruction of the new. Right now you are standing between the two. So when things look like they are ‘going down the tubes’ that is the lower vibrations calling out to you. Stand tall and steadfast with the path that you choose and choose to go up into the higher altitudes (higher vibrations) – when the negative news catches your eye it is an opportunity for you to choose a better way of life. Every negative circumstance presents you with a choice – to continue down a path of destruction, following those who are not yet aware or awakened to the divine presence within, or to emerge victorious in the light of a brand new day and the opportunity offered to pave another way. For you hold the power within, no matter what anyone else says. They cannot take from you what you do not give. So do not allow the power of someone else’s thoughts, desires, needs to cover up the innate knowing you hold deep inside, of another way, a better way, a higher way of life – full of nurturing acceptance and love beyond compare. See the miracles in the atmosphere. Have faith dear children of love. Have faith that you are ‘moving on up’ and out of the depths of despair is born a seed that will blossom – visualize the butterfly that you are, moving out of the cocoon and flying high and free above all that is bound by negativity. For you are the wayshowers, the wisdom teachers, do not allow your power to subside, to not give in to the turning tide but roll with it, rise above, and float on the angels’ wings of love. We are singing to you in the silence dear child. We are holding you in our comfortable embrace. Go into your pyramids of light and allow the encodements we are sending you to filter in, changing, rearranging the world you are in, it all starts with you, inside the depths of your soul, the change will blossom and bloom and grow. Rise up dear children of light – show yourselves – do not hide. The horns are blaring and trumpets growing tall but the most powerful of you will outshine them all. They need your light, those that are buried in fear, controlling what they do not understand. They need your light, so shine it bright. Rest and absorb and get ready to stand up and fight for the love in your hearts is in power tonight.

With love and great blessings, we stand by your side – Your Mother, Your Father, Arch Angel Michael, and The Legions of Light

Blossom and grow and learn to shine – the world needs your most loving light


With love, light, and blessings – Karen

Via Karen J. Vivenzio,

Author: EARTH ANGEL: Find Your Power, Shine Your Light

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