Love is our new reality

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The Cetaceans via Galaxygirl, November 26th, 2017

Message from the Cetaceans for November 26, 2017

Greetings, humans! We are the Cetaceans of Sirius B from across your galaxy and we are here to connect with you today. We wish to discus the phenomenon and idea of harmony now in this Now, for this is now what is converging in your collective human field.

You are becoming more in tune with what harmony is; harmony of Gaia, of her kingdoms, and of each other. You are beginning to seek out more of your similarities than your differences and this will become your strength in many ways. For the strength of the collective human heart is unstoppable. You are in process of balancing out and harmonizing with that of the male and the female energies. This is why your waters of experience seem choppy in this Now. For all is coming to pass.

We cetaceans have always held the light of the seas as you humans are to hold the light of Gaia’s land masses. In this, we together achieve harmony of the energetic support, you could say, of the planet. Of course the trees, elementals and animals kingdoms as well as the fairy folk, rock and crystal kingdoms, they all hold their own piece of the energetic puzzle and are an integral part. It is all about harmony, human. And for too long humanity has been checked out and preoccupied with their own wars and conflicts and struggle for survival to take heed of their surroundings and care for them as was intended.

Please think also of harmony of your breath, for this is of great importance. For how else can you dive deeply and integrate your four body systems? How else can you balance that of your own system if you do not harmonize the breath?

What about harmony of your information? For too long Humanity has been manipulated by that of a few. It is time for alternate media sources take off. It is time for the awakened ones to step up and step out of their shells and lead; to do the uncomfortable thing and speak your truth. For truth is truth. When the collective is harmonized, there will no longer be any debate of this. You are all seeing the fragments join up. You are uniting and becoming that the the unstoppable force of love that is sweeping the multiverse.

The great wave of energetic influx is almost upon us. Harmonize and integrate these into Gaia’s crystal core and into her central sun and that of your own central sun. Become one with these light frequencies, these encodements, and catapult yourselves ever higher into the sea of rememberings. For you are remembering your true selves and the strength of this statement astonishes and delights us. For you truly are unstoppable.

Remember to be ever in harmony. For harmony and unity are your greatest strengths, oh humans. You have come so far and are writing a most wondrous story of triumph. Become the calm place in the midst of the deep waters. For in the deep there are no waves. We welcome you to swim with us. Step into your whale form and meander with us. For the cool water will do wonders for soothing your spirits and your weary forms.

Until next time, friends. We are the Cetacean beings of Sirius B.

— Submitted by galaxygirl