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Pleiadian Council of Nine via Eliza Ayres, November 27th

The Council of Nine: Hope

Through the darkness of the world, the chaos and confusion, there comes LIGHT. For those who can see, feel or hear its presence, the Light brings hope.

We greet each and every one of you who reads these words as brother and sister. It matters not to us that you do not understand them, as the words present energy and are imprinted within your energy body as you read them. Understanding often comes later, when the intellect gives way to the intuitive understanding which requires no words or explanation to make plain the meaning.

You have a saying that “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

Why would this be? It is because the picture is like a symbol and communicates to the right hemisphere of your brain, the creative side used by artists and poets, where symbols are a language unto themselves.

A whole  volume or book’s worth of information can be encapsulated within one symbol, layer upon layer of meaning. Yet, still as few of you are telepathic, our communications are done primarily through the mode of language.

Pay attention to the visions and intuitive promptings that you receive through your Higher Mind and Heart. This is how your Soul communicates with you.

Inventors and advanced scientists have learned to relax their intellects to allow the still quiet voice within to give them inspiration and ideas that lead to great discoveries. What appears as great attainment is the willingness of the individual to listen and then to follow those promptings.

Did you know, dear ones, that your bodies contain the history of the Universe? Implanted and encoded upon the crystalline particles of your DNA are the secrets of the Universe. You can access them, as you rise in vibrational frequency… but mostly as you allow yourself the time to grow quiet, to still the mind and listen.

One does not need to be trained in the metaphysical arts or the physical sciences to understand these mysteries. The understanding comes with allowing the wisdom to penetrate and change the per-existing beliefs. As you let go of the need to believe in only one “truth” and allow that truth to expand, your understanding grows. You are allowing the Light to implant and impregnate your being with its essence, which comes from Source. As a result, you are changed forever.

Only those who are willing to transmute and clear themselves so that the old is removed have made the space necessary for the new to enter in. Thus, you have spent years working on clearing yourself of old debris, of out worn paradigms and beliefs. And now, with the hard job of cleaning done, you now take on the job of embodying the new energies, within your being. Remember, always that you are a small portion of the entire population of the planet, but even a small group can act as a catalyst or agent for evolution.

You are becoming wayshowers and lighthouses, beacons of light for others. Through your ability to integrate the polarities within, to integrate the dark and light, to come into self-acceptance, to say “yes!” to your own self-empowerment… you become a living example to those who share your environment and daily life.

You do not need to say a word to these people. You do not need to send them messages of deliverance or to proselytize in any way. Your Light, your joy, your enjoyment of life is enough to act as a message unto those who come in contact with your presence. You have submitted to spirit and the spirit has entered within and remodeled your perceptions of the world.

All of you are at different stages of your evolution into becoming a physical Light Being. The steps and stages are of necessity slower for others, as to go to fast is to risk blowing a fuse and even going out of embodiment. Yet, even if that occurs, you can return, if you should chose, and continue on with the mission of embodying and becoming the Light.

The younger generations who are only now entering into this world can do so because there have been those who have done the work and anchored the light, and can hold the love and compassion within their hearts for ALL life.  Many of the younger ones are starting out at a higher vibrational frequency than was possible even a decade ago, thanks to your work.

Members of older generations can sometimes find it more difficult to change, yet even they can feel the difference when a person smiles with complete authenticity. In that moment, brief as it may seem, there is an exchange of energies and the beginning of a thaw of the fear and frost that may exist as a defense against the world within that elder.

Keep it simple, dear ones. Keep it authentic. If you feel rotten or tired, acknowledge those feelings. Take care of yourselves and rest when you can. Your physical bodies are striving to transform and it requires a great deal of energy in which to do so. Remember your bodies contain their own intelligence and respond to the Light instinctively even if your ego mind resists.

Your feelings are becoming your teachers. Acceptance that you are feeling being, that you have emotions and that you need not fear those emotions or feelings, will assist you to move through any remaining layers of fear that you might have within.

Understand that your bodies carry the memory of ALL your lifetimes upon this planet and elsewhere, in all dimensions and frequencies, in all galaxies and Universes. You are a living library. It is your mission to discover that key.

Each of you is a remarkable and complex being and yet your entire consciousness is stored within a fragment of light called a photon. Your photon responds and communicates with other photons, responding to the information carried encoded in the light. You will know what you know when it is time for you to know… so patience. The process of evolution proceeds and is doing well.

We are here as guides and mentors, aspects of your own “higher” selves, as parts of your multi-dimensionality that exists in all dimensions, vibrational frequencies and Universes. We honor you in your efforts to understand what is happening in the world, as it is what you are creating for yourselves in a collective manner.

You are greater than you know. In the words of one of your prophets and teachers, “Ye are Gods!” Know this, feel this and accept these words as truth, a truth that will unveil itself to you gradually as you are willing to expand and acknowledge your own power, wisdom and love.

We convey to you our blessings and our wonderment at your creativity. We wait patiently for that time when enough of humanity can accept that there is other intelligent life in the Universe without going into fear. Someday we will walk among you and share stories of our mutual experiences. We look forward to this time as you are family, sisters and brothers, who volunteered to go forth into density for the sake of experience.  In truth, you are the Hope of the world, a world in which there will be lasting peace and prosperity, joy and abundance for all.


The Council of Nine

Channeler: Eliza Ayres

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