Love is our new reality

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Pleiadian Council of Nine via Eliza Ayres, November 28th

The Council of Nine: Love

Love is the foundation of the Universe yet much of humanity assigns to love the mere status of an emotion.

Love has the power to break down barriers, melt hearts and transform anger into acceptance, and yet humans have mistaken love as being a physical or emotional experience.

Lust or physical attraction has been called love, yet it is not. Love is not dependent on how beautiful or sexy a person may be. It simply is.

Most love that has been experienced by humans appears to be conditional in nature, dependent on how someone responds to their lover or not. It is believed that love can be withheld. It cannot, as love is… everywhere. It permeates the very fabric of Creation.

As a common human expression, it is said that hearts can be broken. They can, figuratively, but not by true love.

Love is a creative force that builds up; yet it is also a force that breaks down.

Most of you are familiar with the gentle qualities of the pink ray, but are you aware of the higher essences of the ruby ray? This ray can penetrate the most recalcitrant of barriers. Like water it slips through the spaces between molecules and infiltrates the strongest energetic resistance.


Many people are afraid to love, but most of all they are afraid to open to the vulnerability that is required to engage fully with love.

To be in love, to be love, you must forget yourself, your concern over what others might think and simply respond to the feeling that love imparts.

Love transforms. Love challenges. Love cannot be forever denied.

Love comes on the wings of Light, carried aloft and enters into those hearts that yearn to be joined in union with spirit. Love imprints its messages into the very fiber of those who it targets.

Love does not require a partner; it is sovereign and free. Love is… all.

Warp and woof of creation, together Light and Love weave the tissue of physical existence. With light comes understanding and wisdom. With love comes compassion, acceptance and forgiveness. With both comes the healing of those who have been lost, hurt or forgotten.

We encourage you to open your heart, let down your barriers against love and to begin to feel the purity of the world in which you live.

What you have experienced as reality is not. It is an illusion presented as a lesson, as a result of what you have thought, as an individual and as a collective. It is a reflection of how you view yourself, but it is not real.

Love dissolves fear and allows the opportunity for change to occur.

Love allows you to choose to change your perspective, your attitude and your feelings about where you live.

Love is bliss and love is pain. For those who have transcended judgment, of self and others, love is bliss. For those who still experience themselves as being separate, love feels painful.

Love is a paradox. When in love you do things that you wouldn’t ordinarily do; it frees you of the inhibitions as dictated by the ego mind. In love, you are fearless… that is until you come down to earth again with a thump.

Love cannot be bound by conditions. That which is conditional and dividing is not love. Love unifies; it does not separate.

When you experience love in its fullness, you feel a part of the All That Is.

In truth, you ARE love, as you are the creative expression of Source energy, experiencing itself.

Release your fear of what appears to be different than yourself. It is “you” in another guise, playing a part in the vast hologram that is physical existence.

Be thou love, as you were born in love. Be thou love, as when you die you will be re-born in love. There is no fear. There is no end.  There is only love.


The Council of Nine

Channeler: Eliza Ayres

All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,