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Mother Mary via Ann Dahlberg, November 29th

Mother Mary

Sunday, November 29th, 2015

Channel: Ann Dahlberg

I, Mother Mary, greet you all today. The new Earth is here, my dear children. It has taken its first steps in its new dimension. Nothing can change this now. Some might possibly destroy a little in places, but not at an advanced level. Earth is on its way up, dear children, and you with it, if that is your choice. Earth does not differentiate between who comes along and who does not. This simply becomes your choice. However, we cannot take with us the dark that is within us, it has first to be cleared out. It requires courage to meet oneself, for better or for worse.

How brave are you? Is it worth the journey up to the Highest Good or do you prefer to stay where you are a little longer? What does your heart say?

We are here and help you let go of all that has been, if you are willing to leave that behind you. We cannot go around your free will. It is you who decides, so to speak, which path you want to follow. I just want to say that it is worth all the trouble to ascend with Earth now, since your true joy is found there. You leave all sorrows and troubles behind you and enter a reality where harmony, joy and Love rules. There are many who wait for you there, to welcome you home. Does it not sound nice? They will however always wait for you and help you along the path so that you will come home at last.

However, this time gives an additional opportunity to come home, as all portals are open and you get all the help you need just by wanting to rise up with the planet you live on. It is a favor that I hope and believe many will take advantage of. I, Mother Mary, pray for you all and I want to give you courage and hope that you can follow along on this journey. We are all One and at this time we ascend as a unit together. It is humanity that ascends together with its Earth now.

Do you understand the difference? Earlier you ascended as an individual when you were done walking on Earth. Now we ascend as one unit – A globe with all its inhabitants who live on it. That is the big difference. This is why there are great opportunities for you to ascend now. So, take this opportunity, dear children on Earth. It is meant that you will ascend now, as humanity. All that is needed is your will to do so.

Let go of the old and take in the new, because the old cannot any longer be allowed to remain. The new is on its way forward at an increased speed, so the time for your choice is here and you cannot hesitate much longer.

I am by your side always and hold out lovingly my arms to welcome you home.

Mother Mary



Translation from Swedish: Per Staffan