Love is our new reality

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Poem by Galaxygirl, January 27th, 2018

Alongside 1/27/18


Source might, fractal light 

Whisper deep in my cells,

And the echo reverberates within 

Calming my frazzled nerves.

“All is well” I hear from above and within 

“All is proceeding” are the messages received;

“You are not alone” 

“You are cared for”

“You are celebrated”

“You are cherished” 

… And yet here we are again.

And the fractals within me spin, processing.

How long have we been here on this side of reality?

Where up is down and backwards, forward?

Where awake is asleep in the dream, 

And asleep, awake – as a higher me that I can’t remember?

How deep is this rabbit hole of grit and blood?

I’m ready for the hard truths.

It will be a relief, from all of this gray uncertainty.

Yet, ascension in all of its exciting glory is real,

I know deep down in my cells

And the Source light spins affirmingly;

For the fact that we are here, 

Thinking and asking such questions confirms this.

Things I wouldn’t have thought to ponder just a few years ago –

Are suddenly consuming my introspection;

I long for a deep, insightful discussion of such things – 

With a friend from a distant star, yes,

But more so with a human friend or family member, 

If they would but understand and be open.

But I’ve learned one can’t push.

One can only gently open doors for further questions, 

Such that consciousness expands 

And the questions they ask, are what they are ready to hear –

For we are all at different stages,

And we are the forerunners.

Forerunners usually run alone.

They constantly break new ground.

The wind is in their face pushing them backwards;

And yet, I feel the wind shifting towards our backs now…

Pushing us along gently, encouraging us 

To thrust ahead with confidence and abandon. 

We are breaking all records, all expectations, all rules!

We are who we have been waiting for –

Trite, but true;

And I see how a friendly smile changes the feeling in a room,

And the effects of a great belly laugh on the others, 

And I try so hard to up my vibration, 

But sometimes the weight of it all gets the better of me for awhile, 

And my legs tremble beneath it, 

Exhausted from trailblazing;

But I’m reminded of the power of rest, 

of the cleansing breath – – – 

And it comforts me.

It soothes my spinning sensation of anxiety 

into a straight arrow of purpose once again;

Renewed, I stand up and continue ahead, 

Trailblazing with my light worker friends, 

Who as of yet, are a text or forum away 

and essential comrades on this journey.

And I’m grateful for this moment;

The breath holding, before the last push,

As we all experience ascension in our own unique way,

Yet, mysteriously, magically, we are one.

And the Source light within us all affirms 

With an inner heart leap of delight!

As we race across the rainbow bridge together, Carrying each other across, 

Elbows linked, feet instep, shoulders back, heads high –

With bruised and bloodied feet.

It matters not. 

These lessons are the jewels we will forever treasure 

In our light bank of collective memories –

Where the light transmuted the dark 

As the dark could not overcome it.

And the Source light within us expands 

As the trillions of our own cells respond 

To this miraculous truth!

And as our light bodies in human packaging

Come online.

This is ascension, together, One.

~ galaxygirl