Love is our new reality

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The Collective via Caroline Oceana Ryan, January 29th, 2018

A Message to Lightworkers – January 29, 2018

The latest guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Faery Elders, Angels and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, LightWeavers and co-Creators of the New Earth!

We are pleased to have this chance to speak with you today.

We have been asked by several of you about Earth’s Ascension, and the changes the Earth is experiencing at this time.

And so we will offer the questions and our reply here, with the request that each of your Spirit teams speak to you in ways you can clearly hear and respond to, on these issues.

QUESTION: How is Mother Earth—the plants, flowers, trees, rocks, water, air—all the Elementals—responding and changing with these new fifth dimensional frequencies?

We hear a lot about all the high-impact changes to our Earth—hurricanes, tornadoes, mudslides, fires, drought, weather swings.

The Collective talk about being out in Nature, to ground as we transition, and to walk in Gratitude, Joy, and Peace.

Are there new ways we are to connect with the Earth and its elements in these 5D frequencies? Are there new ways to support the Ascension of the planet as we Ascend?

I keep feeling that I need to see with a new perspective, and to support the rising consciousness of the planet.

THE COLLECTIVE: You are indeed correct, that the Earth is becoming new again, in the sense that She is evolving into not only a higher frequency, but a higher expression of what you call the physical. And that you are also evolving.

Just as Earth evolves into a higher vibrational version of Herself, you are also, down to every cell, becoming the New Human, in order for higher frequencies of Light and higher expressions of Universal knowledge and wisdom to live in your spirit/psyche, as well as in your outer being.

Were these to take root and express themselves in purely fifth dimensional terms right now, you would find yourself stepping out of your body in order to inhabit those frequencies, rather than remaining in the body while experiencing them.

And so as with any newly birthed being, there is both a sense of real violence—the tumultuous Earth shifts you refer to—and the sense of the extreme delicacy, yet also, the hardiness, the determination to live, of the tiny being who is just now being birthed.

We would say, that if you could walk the Earth mindfully, with respect and compassion for Her shifts and changes, just as you live with compassion and kindness for your own mind, body, and spirit’s changes and shifts, that you would do a great deal for your own well-being despite the tumult of this time you live in.

This is in fact not a new way to honor the Earth.

It is the way of the pre-ancients, the indigenous folk who walked the Earth and knew Her power, and knew their own co-Creative power, including how to work with not only Earth energy to create or remold outer circumstance (including the weather, and Earth shifts and eruptions), but how to work with Universal energy as well. 

That information is again open to you, if you are open to learning and accepting it.

It does indeed feel dangerous at times to be in certain places on the Earth now, just as childbirth feels to have an element of danger in it.

And we, as the midwives assisting in that birth along with your guides, Angelic guardians, higher selves, and all the Galactic and Angelic legions now assisting the Earth—we are aware of the toll it is taking on your mind-body-emotions, to be moving from one etheric shape to another, and to be taking the physical with you on this profound journey.

And so when you speak to this New Earth, send Her the Light you would send to one who is birthing a new reality.

Then send that same Light, shining out from your high heart, to everyone on the planet at present.

Your mind may tell you to send that Light only to fellow Lightworkers in the throes of the Ascension process.

Yet as a fifth dimensional human, you would not send healing Light only to certain parts of the Earth, ignoring those volcanoes erupting or earthquake-prone areas, because they seem troublesome, and you don’t like how they behave.

We understand the desire to support those who appear vulnerable and are open to such.

Yet we assure you, those in most desperate need of your Love and your Light at this time, offered in unqualified and open ways, are those who appear least open to it.

And so send that same Love and Light to those whom we have often called the dark hats—for that is a title they once gave themselves, and taken on with great pride and determination, though they now find themselves in a greater pickle than they could have ever imagined.

Because as they say, “The power of Love is overcoming the love of power,” and it has never been more true than in this moment of Earth’s history.

You will never again see such a tumultuous shift in power than this shift, which is the move from the ego-mind or pure willed determination to rule, oppress, and exterminate, into the heart-mind’s quiet decision to birth, heal, forgive, release, and nurture.

This is what makes this a New Day, dear ones!

You have collectively, as a race, decided to give up the need for control, and are surrendering to your own higher good and higher purposes.

And so when you send Light each day to your own body and heart-mind, thanking them for how strong they are, for how smoothly and beautifully they are making this transition to the Lightbody, take a moment to send that same Light, Love, and heartfelt appreciation to every being on this Earth.

Every tree, bush, flower, or blade of grass.

Every Earth movement or eruption, or rainfall or wind blowing.

Every bit of soil, air, water, or ether.

Every human, animal, and insect, as well as the Faery beings guarding and guiding their growth.

Every molecule of Earth is in need of your care and concern, but not only in the sense of picking up bits of rubbish you see by the side of the road, or not using dangerous cleansers or weed killers.

Not only in the sense of recycling, or drinking and cooking with structured water, and signing petitions to keep nature preserves and national forests protected.

All of that is exceedingly important and fine.

But some of the greatest work you can do, is speaking to Mother Earth as the dear and precious goddess that She is, thanking and acknowledging all She has done for you and all that She is.

And in that same moment, understanding that You Belong To Her, and that your life is inexorably caught up in Her well-being.

Then, just as you would have compassion and patience and respect for all She is experiencing now, extend those same high intentions toward yourself, for all the remaking and revising and transmuting going on in your every cell, etheric and physical.

Remember you cannot live separate from Her processes.

And so respect both with all your heart—have a special moment each day where you thank your body and spirit for all they have done for you, and then extend that same Light and thanks to all who live upon and within the Earth, and to Earth Herself.

And know that as you do, that beautiful intention will be magnified many, many times over by every Angel and elemental working to assist in the birth of the New Earth, and in your own Ascension.

You are here to witness a miracle—the release of one expression in this Universe, as it gives way to a far higher one.

You have asked to be here at this time, and have been given the great honor of helping to birth and bring forth nothing less than the even and honorable balance of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, and the gratitude of a thousand Suns will reach you, as you allow yourself to feel their warmth.

Namaste, dear ones!

You are not alone in this.

We are with you, always.


Copyright 2018, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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