Love is our new reality

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Poem via Per Beronius, December 14th


Change is change, stagnation is stagnation
Entities, which never each other reach

Two of the infinite, opposite anti-poles in our present
The three dimensional materialized world
Of humankind

Anti-poles, like east and west
North and south, night and day, joy and sorrow
Heat and cold, up and down, love and fear
And so on, in infinity

Opposite poles in endlessness, beginning without
Without end

In Heaven, however
In that world, this is not so, there all behaves
In a completely different way

In Heaven, all is one and the same
No separation exists

In Heaven, all is love and nothing else
Fear, an unknown phenomenon

A lot we have to learn again
The forgotten, since thousand of years, remember
We, sisters and brothers of humankind
Side by side

Children of our beloved Mother Gaia
She, the indescribable beautiful diamond of Universe
Before we have learnt, with perfection remember again
What unconditional love is about

But don´t hesitate, despair, my friend
In these, the uttermost days, close to the point
Where the Golden Age humankind meets

From day to day, from one day to another, in small
Small steps, more of forgotten fragments
We remember, incorporate
In our consciousness

Not tomorrow, not the day after tomorrow
But in due time, we will all to perfection have learnt again
What unconditional love is about

The irresistible force in University, which keeps all together
To one entity, one and the same

And finally, we all as one
Will return to our origin, Heaven on Earth
Paradise, again

The Paradise of free will, adventure loving
In the recklessness of our youth

Thousand of years ago
We left, in our illusionary freedom, to find
Our own way, in our dream world of illusions

*  *  *
Received, Per Beronius