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Porda via Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba, September 9th

   Mushaba Platinum Light

Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba    September 09, 2016   

Porda (Papa Force),


I come again and I greet you all my dear wonderful human family of Earth! I come to bring you a reminder of a message that was delivered not long ago by Mushaba, Commander Altros and I, Porda. Basically there is one point in that message that I would like to address. There was a part that was speaking specifically to how one might respond to various information that is being presented. It was stated that when you are given good news, happy news, positive news, it makes you feel good and strong and powerful!  However, the next moment you can read something or hear something or be told something that is contrary to what you have just heard or read. It can be not so positive news. And yet in that one moment, all your good feelings of joy and happiness fades away and gives in to anger, doubt and misgivings and even fear.

It is so important not to allow things outside yourself that comes into your awareness to distract you or control you through causing you to immediately have bad feelings and go into anger etc. There has been far too much back and forth. This is what is affecting your ability to manifest and create that which you desire. Sending mixed messages to the universe, to source only brings back to you mixed results at best and no results that you are looking for at worst. I delivered a powerful message that was coded with very powerful frequencies that are designed to assist one who read those words in stepping more powerfully into their mastery of self, their freedom and empowerment! It was on September 07, 2016 (Reference to Sept 07 Message). That same day so many people who read those words began the process of moving forward with greater emphasis on their freedom and empowerment. They had begun to open up and activate the frequency encodements in the message. They were feeling so good and so powerful as it should be, because you are powerful beyond all measure! 

However, some intel came out and was sent out to the currency community that did not support my message or the good messages of others that came out including that wonderful message delivered through Nancy Tate by Ohmnipure.

Immediately, so many went into frustration and anger. So many went into blaming the Cabal for what you feel is delaying your financial blessings. Just that quick a change in your energy field disrupts the encoded frequencies. It stops them from doing its job efficiently. I am here to tell you again that there is no Cabal stopping your blessings! It is merely protocol that leads to the final worldwide release. I would suggest that you read that message again that I shared with humanity and allow the frequencies to do its job. See if you can go the entire day and not allow things to disturb your joy and peace! You are so close to what you have been waiting for. This is why you will have the opportunity to receive such an abundant amount of money! Just do your best to be happy and in joy in the days ahead. Be the master of self and be in control of your own feelings and emotions. Remember that feelings and emotions are the language of the universe. This is what the universe responds to so be sure it is responding to the emotions of your choosing and creation. 

I am Porda, Papa Force,

I love you all with Tremendous joy!