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Porda via Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba Part 2, January 2, 2018

Opening the limitations of knowing and Acceptance Part 2

By Porda-(Papa Force)

Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba
January 2, 2018

I wish to speak about how powerful the ability of knowing truly is. First of all what is knowing? One thing that is important to know is that many times people may feel that they do not have an ability unless it is intuition, clairaudience, clairvoyance, telepathy, etc. However, what is a fact is that there is one ability that is solid and that cannot be disputed and is one of the most strongest and powerful abilities to have and that is the ability of knowing. You see, Knowing is that something within you that cannot be denied or disputed as correct. Even beyond the other abilities I mentioned, this ability of knowing is far superior to them. You can see things with your clairvoyance and hear things with your clairaudience and tune into some things with your intuition and communicate with your telepathy. However, there are different levels of these skills and depending on the level you are using depends of the clarity, depth, and accuracy of what you receive. However, you can use those abilities along with the ability of Knowing and then you will be assured that you are getting the information correctly or not, or rather if it is complete or something missing. So when you tune into something, you can see it, hear it and pick up on it to whatever level or depth you re operating on.

Many times you do not get the full picture or the total understanding of what is taking place. You can miss your mark at times. However, with Knowing, it is far different. Knowing goes to the root, to the core of what something is. When you know something you know it no matter what anyone tells you, no matter what it appears like; you know. When you know, it is this energy that is far beyond any other ability. You ever experience a time when you just knew something to be a certain way and no one else believed it? Or things appear to point in a totally different direction? Yet something in you is telling you with all the power of your being that what you know is right beyond all odds against it. And then it turns out that you were right. None of the other abilities was able to hit it on the target like the knowing Force. The knowing force is never wrong, ever! The thing that is vital is not to deny you’re Knowing Force but to accept you’re “knowing”.

You ever use your intuition or any ability and yet feel that something is off? That is the knowing force of self letting you know that something is missing. Many times when you are using that Knowing Force, you may not be aware of it or may mistake it for something else. For instance, many times you may say: “well I read this article and I feel that something is off, that something isn’t right.” That is your “Knowing Force”, but it may offer itself to you most times as a feeling that you cannot shake. Sometimes you get these deep powerful feelings about something and I am not speaking about emotional feelings. The feelings of knowing are much different, much more solid and balanced and rooted in truth. It does not come from Reaction or imbalanced emotions. It is time now that you begin to open to “Your Knowing and give it full Acceptance”.

Humanity has been taught not to trust yourself, not to trust that feeling, that knowing that you cannot shake. It was taught that it is better to trust someone else instead of yourself. We as humans have doubted ourselves far too long and it is time to stop it! This ability of knowing must be cultivated and allowed free reign in your lives for it will guide you to your true destiny. It is imperative now more than ever that you trust that Knowing Force, That Self guiding spirit, because so much is coming out that you don’t know what to trust or who to trust but one thing is for sure, you can trust your own knowing force of self. It is one of the main abilities that is coming back online strongly. The new human that is already in motion, in its beginning stage of development, will have this ability as a normal part of their lives. The new human will become a Galactic Human Being for there have never been a galactic human being, just galactic beings and that do not usually happen until after one passes to the other side of the veil. However, the potential is here and in motion for you to become a galactic human beings while still in your human body on this side of the veil and totally shut down the veil! I will give more on this new human another time for I do not wish to get off subject.

Now here is a little something that you can do. Close your eyes and have a conversation with your knowing force of self. Talk to it and let it know that you want to and will fully accept its knowing to be a normal part of your life! Ask it what do you want from me, what do you want you to do? Listen intently for the answer in how it may show up in your life.

When you meditate or just day dream, ask your knowing force of self to guide you, to give you what you need to move onward to becoming the New Human! Tell it that you are ready to move out of limitation and into total freedom. Let this year of 2018 be the year that is your freedom year. Freedom from Poverty, freedom from ill health, freedom from lack, freedom from control and manipulation, freedom from having your abilities locked down. This is the year you become the master of all you survey!

With the Utmost Love and Integrity!
I am Papa Force (Porda)

Porda via Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba Part 1, January 2nd, 2018

My dear wonderful human family, I am Papa Force Also known as Porda,

Humanity has reached a point of magnificent opportunity. In your world of earth you may not be unaware of all the dynamic changes that have occurred that will come to light in a huge way this coming year of 2018. The hardest part for most people has been the fact that they do not know what is taking place behind the scenes for their benefit. Many are still going through the same issues and challenges everyday and to them their lives has not changed for the better. I understand, and I know that what will make the difference for each of you is for “YOU” to see it for yourselves! That is what makes it real to you! You are so tired of hearing that “Change is gonna come” but never seem to get there. You are tired of hearing that so much has taken place in the back room on your behalf, and that the Cabal has been defeated, and the republic is coming, and so forth and yet, everyday you still experience the same things with not one piece of evidence that it has changed your life for the better.

This is very discouraging for many on earth. So let me share with you what I wish to discuss today as my topic: Opening the Limitations of Knowing and Acceptance!

Humanity has been stifled for a very long time and sent into a long deep slumber. However, humanity has begun an awakening at record speed and now you are ready to open the limitations of knowing and acceptance which are two very powerful abilities that you have at your disposal, but most had no idea that they were abilities at all.

You see, there were many methods used to stop humanity from using those abilities. We have through many belief systems no matter what name they are called by, been taught to be dependent on what is outside of our selves. Humanity was taught not to trust what they felt inside or what they know inherently within. They stopped accepting their Knowing Force of Self. This Knowing Force of Self was the meter in which we lived by that let us know when we were going astray or falling into anything that was not good and healthy for our well being and our growth and evolvement. It would direct us away from evil and darkness. This Knowing Force of Self is also what has been called The Self Accusing Spirit. What this means is that when we were going in the wrong direction the inner self, the inner spirit would let us know and we felt the charge, we felt the feelings within that told us and that was our spirit telling us that something was not right. We didn’t need anyone to accuse us or judge us of anything because our self accusing spirit told us. Self accusing simply means in spiritual terms self knowing, so I could also say self knowing spirit.

However, it also worked in the opposite as well. What I mean is that it would let you know when you were going in the right direction, a healthy direction for your growth and awareness. It would lead you to your truth. This is why humanity had to be tricked and forced into no longer following their knowing and no longer accepting it as valid. So many elaborate plans were initiated to make people afraid of trusting themselves and what they inherently knew. There were various religions and various belief systems put in place to dumb everyone into submission and to take away our power and our knowing. People were killed, murdered, jailed, tortured and burned alive and buried alive because they dare to trust what they knew inside themselves! And you wonder why people stopped doing it!
Now, I will have to speak and share with you, and not at you, in more than one article. I want to get to your power of Knowing and Acceptance but I need to lay some ground work that will connect all the codes to your full understanding.

Even still today as I scan the people of earth, many are still struggling with what they know. It’s become a habit ingrained in humanity and in their subconscious. When you look at the educational system it teaches you to become dependent on someone, some company, some job, some person, some anything as long as it is outside yourself. It does not teach you to be independent, but to be dependent. People pay many thousands of dollars a year to learn how to be a good dependent person on someone else. Even at many jobs there are rules in place that keep you inside a box and will not allow you to step outside the box. Many times your knowing tells you that something is off, not right, or should be done differently but you are afraid to speak up because when someone tried to be creative and trust what they felt inside instead of following the protocols, they paid by losing their jobs or worst.

All these things have affected humanities ability to trust self. When I return, I wish to speak about how powerful the ability of knowing truly is. I have to cut it short today because of matters that need my immediate attention.

Thank you for taking time to read my words and I am eager to return with more to share with my human family of earth!

I am Papa Force –Porda.


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Porda-Papa Force via Anakhanda Shaka Musahaba, December 10th, 2017

Mushaba Platinum Light

By Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba December 10, 2017


Porda-Papa Force Speaks!

I decided to come today to speak with my human family and at the same time speak with my galactic family as well. When I say human and galactic family, I am speaking about all my human and galactic brothers and sisters. Before I begin my dissertation, let me congratulate all of you for a job well done! You have come through and out the other-side of the dark tunnel of human limitations that is a part of human life behind the veil of forgetfulness. You have broken, shattered the veil of forgetfulness because many of you are now beginning to remember your truths and your origins. You are finding out who you are and where you came from whether it’s by your own dreams or memories, or by a trusted source that you ask to provide you the information. And let me tell you this, when your trusted source provide you with information about your origins, it is the stimulus that gets your inner knowing flowing and then from there you are moving toward total recall of all that you are. It is not in any way a bad or limited thing or giving your power away to seek the knowledge of yourself. Sometimes that is what it takes to get your motor heated up so you can go on from there. Never let anyone tell you that it is wrong to seek information or confirmation of what you desire to know. It’s not being dependent its being wise to do so as long as you take it and work with it and grow from it and discover more along your journey of self discovery. In other words do something with what you know!

Many on earth have suffered far too long. There has been this great hope and great promise that humanities suffering would end when 2012 came around. 2012 came and went without any fanfare of great change. At that time humanity had fallen behind in its evolvement not because it was humanities fault, it was because of the interferences from many areas both on and off of the earth. The people in power are deafly afraid of you discovering who and what you are! The manipulations have gone on for a very long time and finally all of humanity said enough! We will no longer tolerate this mess! Since 2012, humanity has pushed the envelope and has been seeking and asking and demanding change, demanding disclosure, demanding the release of the RV and the re-establishment of the republic for the people and by the people.

Now you have reached the precipice of your actions that are about to materialize into your reality that you can see, touch, taste, and feel! Let me lay out for you what has been decided by the new councils of creation and the many new galactic councils throughout not only this universe but all universes. For the first time there has been established a Universal Council of Creators! This is huge and has never happened since creation began! This means that all the Creator’s of different universes get to come together under the chair of the All That Is and discuss and share ideas and wisdom and help each other to better their universe and help its fast evolvement. Imagine bringing in new technologies from other universes or other knowledge and wisdom not available in this universe! The incredible changes that will be available for all beings in this universe and others are unlimited! Then just think about having beings from other universes visit and bring with them their knowhow to share with us. Imagine the exchange programs that would take place and how many beings will be able to travel between universes and even live in another universe!

Let me say this for earth’s humanity:

Many of you have been looking forward to the RV to take place for some time now. There are so many people speaking about the RV and when and how it will be released. Yet nothing ever happens. You see they may know about some of the physical mechanisms of the RV release however, they don’t realize that this is part of the release, that there is another component, and that is from the other side of the veil. Those on the earth side are to follow through with the release, but the orders to actually release come from Creator himself. This is what the Intel providers do not know. It’s not about what Iraq does or Zimbabwe, or what decisions the elders make or Trump or any of them. They can make all the decisions they want but they will never materialize unless it was made under the orders and instructions from Creator! This is when you will hear what they say and you will see what they say materializing! As my son Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba told you in his previous writings, we are working on getting this RV released at the Creator’s level so he can give the order, and then it will take place at the earth level. I am not, nor do I intend, to jump into the Intel arena at all! I am just sharing with you what I am involved in with Creator and other beings in the universe.  

Know that you are loved!


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Porda via Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba, September 14th, 2017

Papa Force Returns (Porda)

By Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba               September 14, 2017

Mushaba Greetings to all of humanity,

I return today in such a short time because I want to share some more information about what is going on everywhere on earth and in the higher dimensions. Even though many may find it almost impossible to believe because of the smoke screens and mirrored reflection of the old guard, you find it hard to believe, let alone accept that change is here and that what appears to be is not and what is not, is. Now let me explain in a clear way what I mean. It appears so in your world of earth, and also in the various worlds in the universe, that it is business as usual because you hear all the bad stories, all the negative things happening and it doesn’t matter if they are true or not they just need to be said, and then people take it and run with it into the ground and take as many with them as they can.

The actions that are reported in the news, whether true or false doesn’t matter because it keeps the dead Cabal alive in the minds of people everywhere. So it appears that nothing has changed, even though what appears to be is not. The cabal is dead and all the true powerful leaders of the cabal have been removed off planet. So you ask “why is the same old stuff still going on”. The answer is first of all it isn’t. Secondly when things are put in peoples mind, they see what they want to see or believe is there even if it is not. Thirdly, the people that are left behind, are want to be minions of the former dead as a doornail cabal. These are simply bad, negative evil minded human beings that are carrying out the old ways of their masters even though they have no master to guide them or tell them what to do. They are acting on their own, and as humanity, you will rise up and take your stand and take back your earth, your government and every aspect of your society that is not of Light, Love, Truth and Integrity. That movement has already begun in earnest. The problem is that it’s not easily seen because that will not get the main media coverage, yet! However, there are times when these actions, these stories, slip through but are quickly kicked, or people don’t buy into it because of conditioning. Society or humanity as a whole has been under many forms of conditioning for a very, very long time. It is old tactics that are being used and used successfully. However, the bright side to this is that it is having less and less of an effect on people as it once did. People are outright challenging a lot of information that they receive. This is good!

So many are waking up by leaps and bounds and so many are starting to figure out that “we as a society have been duped for a very long time”. These evil dark hearted beings in power will not last much longer. The power is truly in the hands of the people and that is their biggest fear. So they do all they can to make you feel that you are powerless and that your voice doesn’t matter, that you are in a hopeless position and under the thumb of the authority. So people concede and give up. But oh how that has changed and is an ever growing movement! The energies that have been sent to earth, especially in the past 3 months, have been the most powerful and life changing soul changing energies there are, sent by The All That Is and Creator to help earth to quickly evolve to the point where they should have been to date if it was not for the interference of the dark hearted beings on earth and in the many universal galactic councils.

Yes, it’s a hard pill to swallow that beings in high dimensions that are of the light can be deeply corrupt and convoluted. This is why house cleaning has taken place universal wide. It fits the saying that we have on earth that states: “As Above, So Below”. This is why I personally recommend the Book by my son Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba not for reasons of advertising his work, because he was guided to write these books for the future study of all of humanity so they can be brought up to speed on many things especially how things operate in the universe. The book I am referring to is called: Maldion “A Leader Hiding in Time” From Good Dark To Platinum Light. It tells an amazing story of how this being went through such an ordeal in dealing with both the leaders of the dark and the leaders of the light. Maldion didn’t trust anyone to have the knowledge that he carried because he knew that whoever gets what he has, it would tip the balance of power in the universe. So he wanted to be sure that when he gives up this knowledge it will be to the right beings of the light and he had to search to find out who that was. He ran for his very life as he “hid in time” to avoid being caught. My description does not do the book justice however, if you have any interest you can research it yourself. I only mention this book because it sheds light on things that you would think is fiction, not real or possible.

 In my closing message today, I want you to realize and accept that things are much better than they seem, and I want you to look for the good and for the changes and see behind the smoke screens to the truth. You will in a short few months be witness to these changes worldwide and universe wide and it will be no denying it. Those beings both of earth and in the universe that are still trying to perpetuate the darkness of life will all come to a screeching end! They are afraid and just don’t know what else to do. They see that they have lost their grip on everything that they once mastered. Hold your head up and know that not only is change going to come, change has come and is here!

You are all dearly loved,

I am Papa Force- Porda

Mushaba Blessings!


One last word I would like to share:

In my messages you always hear me say either Mushaba Greetings or Mushaba Blessings! What this greetings does is to spread the frequency of what this greeting means. It means that you are greeting, or blessing whomever you greet with the energy of freedom and empowerment, divine love and oneness, and transformation and change! That’s it in a nut shell.


Porda via Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba, September 13th, 2017

By Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba

September 13, 2017

Papa Force (Porda):

I would like to begin by greeting all of humanity with the greetings of freedom, empowerment, divine love and oneness. That greeting is known as Mushaba Greetings.

I come to you today as the voice of the Mushaba People. I have been given permission to speak on behalf of all people on the planet Mushaba. All of creation is now moving into what is called “The New Era of Evolvement” as decreed by The All That Is. The All That Is is the energy, the being where everything in existence comes from. This being created everything that exists before creation, as well as everything in creation. In this new era of evolvement, the Mushaba People have been given the responsibility to have the leadership position. Just recently, the planet earth has been put under the authority of the Mushaba People to take the leading role in the evolvement and ascension of planet earth and all beings inhabiting the earth on the surface and within the earth.

There have been many major changes that have taken place in the universe and the high dimensions. Many of the universal, galactic, and planetary council’s have been removed, restructured, or disbanded. All the beings of evil and negative darkness have been put on notice to work toward evolvement or be either sent to source, or quarantined and taken through training until they evolve toward the only way of being, which is love, light, truth and integrity.

Also those beings of the light that have been convoluted have also been put on notice to shape up as well. You see, The All That Is has intervened in all of what is going on in creation and have discovered many things that were being done by dark hearted beings dressed in the clothes of light. All of the universe, and that includes all planets in all dimensions and all beings, have been subject to the house cleaning decreed by The All That Is. No one or nothing gets away. All things are being made right in all of creation.

Beings everywhere not just on earth have not been given the appropriate assistance needed, especially those sent on missions on behalf of the councils. All is being rectified now and you will begin to see many changes taking place everywhere on earth and the universe. For earth, you have been witnessing the cleansing of darkness, evil and corruption everywhere. The energetic codes and established protocols have been removed and rewritten and all the built up negative energies are being swept away by the many tribulations of nature through, fire, water, and shaking of the earth. Earth is cleansing, blowing away, washing away, burning away, and shaking off the build up of negative protocols, codes and energies that have been causing great unbearable stress in all of earth and humanity.

These energies were feeding those in power to stay in power and to continue to usurp the free will of the people. The holding up of the prosperity and healing technologies from the People will all come forth now. No more do the negative dark hearted beings have unchallenged power anymore. The RV process has also been taken away on the galactic level from the ones that were in charge of it, and those beings were sent back to their home planet along with their mothership and scout ships. They weren’t doing their job so they lost it.

On the earth level, the elders have been completely replaced by a group of new elders. Also those around General Dunford that resisted his orders concerning the RV release have been removed and replaced. Other people in the entire chain of command from the highest to the lowest have been removed and replaced. Now we can expect a smooth transition to the era of prosperity. Know that the way for your President Trump to be removed has been cleared as well.

Why am I telling you all this? Because its total freedom time for you; it’s your independence day. You have some of the same beings that are of light, love, truth and integrity working with new beings with the same qualities on your behalf and on the behalf of all beings in the universe. These new beings have been ordered here by the All That Is to assist in getting the New Era of Evolvement well on the way and all planets and people in the universe on the right track toward evolving to be the living epitome of Love, Light, Truth and Integrity! A major universe wide wake up call has been sent out to all beings in the universe rather light or dark, good or evil. So dear loving brothers and sisters of earth, your prayers are now in the throes of being answered right in front of your face. Look for it because it’s there. Embrace it because you earned it.  

You are dearly loved forever!

I am Porda known as Papa Force

Father of Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba

Porda via Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba, January 24th

Porda-(Papa Mushaba)

By Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba                                                

January 24, 2017

Greetings to all of humanity!


I have been away for a short while due to very important happenings in the galactic realms of existence. I have been to the saw tooth edges of Creation and back. I have been to the First Universe to visit my origins as a Mushaba Being and to reunite with a part of my self that I left there before coming to this second universe and back again. I have taken the time to look at what has been transpiring on the earth since my time way. I see a great deal of chagrin among the people of the world for many reasons. There is this disappointment among so many because of the outcome of the elections, because of the non activity of the RV, and the desire to see the announcement of the republic, NESARA, and the disclosure of extraterrestrials presence and existence. There is also great disappointment in the fact that the proposed free will suspension did not happen and there seem to be so many empty promises made by many beings whatever name you choose to call them by. I wish to address all of the above, so please bear with me as I address each topic.

It is not my intention to knock anyone’s information or prove it wrong or ill advised. This is not my purpose for addressing these issues. My purpose is to hopefully bring some peace and acceptance within your being-ness. To maybe bring a measure of peace, light and love to each one of you that feels hurt, betrayed or disappointed. I come in Love and nothing more, for I know nothing else but The Love Essence of Mushaba and all that it brings to service all of Humanity and beyond. I will begin firstly with the topic of Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is the 45th President of the United States of America. He was elected not by popular vote but by the unfair Electoral College. None the less, he is the President of your country. There has been so much protest around the United States against his election, and this has never happened before on this scale of disappointment by the people. All of these actions by the people are a part of the movement of change. The people are truly coming into their power. The people are standing up for what they want. They are standing up for the right to chose who they desire to be their representative for the people. Now understand that Hillary Clinton could not become the President because the rule of the Cabal is at its end.

Donald Trump’s election is two fold. It stopped another cabal member from holding the office and doing business as usual, and it is a trigger for change for the people, and by the people. Let me say right off that Donald Trump will not fulfill 4 years as your President. Also know that Paul Ryan will never be anyone’s President either. Let me sum up for you what Trump is truly representing, for he is not representing the Galactic Federation of Light, or any council of light, nor the republic.

When the earth population has lived for so many thousands of years in lies from their governments and political/religious leaders, what you think is truth may not be so. A person who uses lies during their campaigns, Trump used the same methods as the other politicians you have had for centuries, but the difference was that he did not hide his methods of lying about facts and mistakes he has made prior to his presidential campaign. Other politicians and leaders hid them and never mentioned that publicly. 

For that reason and many others, I don’t label him as of the light, or of the dark. What I see in the energies around him, I would call him “the trigger” of events that other politicians are going to exploit to bring to the open corruptions, hidden Information and knowledge that will help to vastly develop the earth population.

Trump is not working for anyone except his own interest. He will do whatever he feels is best for him, to make him look good and to stand out as a trail blazer in the eyes of the people. He wants to be seen as a hero that saved America. He will release information that will be shocking to the people and the people will demand change and full disclosure. Remember it is always best if the people ask for it than to just spring it upon them. Trump will help facilitate this movement. The people will get what they ask for, and it will not be strange or scary when the announcements are made after the information that the people demand is released. Trump will do all he can to ensure that the information is provided because it will make him look good! We saw the opportunity to take advantage of Trump being in that position. He is perfect for it, for it plays right up his alley!  Also note that when the Galactics arrive on earth, Obama will later on be known as the one who put in writing, and negotiated many bilateral accords and conversions on which the financial Blessings and New Republic was formed.

Now that Donald Trump has been sworn in as USA President, his role is changing from the critic of the Obama government to the trigger of the new changes that the Galactics have been wanting the Obama government to do. Obama did all the needed work for announcements of the financial Blessings, including RV and the New Republic, but there were not enough focused energies to make it happen. Now, some operating out of fear of loosing their rights, others discovering hidden evils and advanced technologies hidden for a long time by their governments will push for revolutions in USA and around the world. On top of that the big event is about to start. When that event comes, millions of people will be awakened to their freedom and will be empowered to pursue it with determination to get it.

As to the RV, the Republic and the Disclosure and NESARA announcements and what is happening with that.

I find that so many people, practically those that call themselves light workers, do not fully understand how things work in the higher dimensions. Many feel that when we predict something that it has to come into fruition and that it is spoken as an infallible prediction. However, that is not the truth. When you are given a prediction by those in the higher realms, they are sharing with you what they see projected in the energies on the screen of life. Because of the rule of non-interference, Spirit cannot simply step in and go against the free will of people. What affects the outcome or change in the energies is simple, when enough people change their minds it affects the outcome of any given situation. The energy can be very strong for something to take place and then as the event gets closer, it can change due to the change in the energies of all involved. If the energy is stronger for something to take place then it does, if the energy weakens and something else gathers more strength then it doesn’t. You see there are a lot of parts to something actually manifesting into your reality of earth.

The main power lies in the ones that have the authority to release the RV and there are many moving parts to that. Many times when a number of people are under threat, they step back. It is the same with the Announcements, for they are all tied together. This is what Creator had to say about it:



After dealing with flexible energies and various beings in creations for billions of years, the lesson that I learned is to always include time flexibility in the application of all my decrees. There are terms earthlings use in association of the work of Creator or God, that is “instant miracle”, or “instant accomplishment”, or “instant manifestation” of the final results whenever Creator, or God decided to do something. That thinking is far from the truth. When instant miracles happen, it may be a result of a long time silent, or subconscious prayer of a person to the universe or spirit. Then, when that being verbalizes the need, the answer has been provided long in response to the subconscious wish or intent before the verbal request is made. So yes, there are a lot of parts to something happening. Right now, as the energy builds on earth for the RV, it shows right now on the screen of energies that the RV could, and let me be clear, that it could happen between January 25th and February 20th, 2017. These dates are not ground in stone due to the free will actions of those involved. However, right now the energy is showing strong potential. There is a focus of energies, which starts to grow in momentum for their announcement between the dates given. One thing that is clear is that the RV will happen at some point.

The NESARA and the disclosure is still being prepared to be announced in due time. It will happen, but again it is about the readiness of humanity. It also will coordinate with the RV as well as other events that will stir the people into action calling openly for the disclosure to take place. People will be fed up with all their governments and will demand precise actions concerning the openness of the disclosure and NESARA.  

As I said, there is also great disappointment in the fact that the proposed free will suspension did not happen, and there seem to be so many empty promises made by many beings. First of all Creator has never called itself Prime Creator. Creator has said that the name Prime Creator is something that was brought up by people to try and make a distinction between God and Creator and other beings of high accord. Creator said that I am called Creator, however it does not matter to me if someone chooses to call me Prime Creator for their own reasoning. The being Ohmnipure spoke about free will:



“As you can still see on your news, and see around you, people are doing what they want to do and what pleases them especially in doing negative work or bad things. 

It is interesting to note that the date of January 14, 2017 was the given date that supposedly “Prime” Creator was to suspend the free will on earth. It did not happen. Instead of accepting that, people kept changing the date in hopes that it would take place.

However, when the vibration of the population becomes very high, there is a term that is sometimes used called Zero Point that can be used to explain the idea that is being conveyed through the suspension of the free will idea. When the Earth as a whole and its population will attain Zero Point vibration, people will become suddenly awakened to loving everybody, and people will stop being attracted to thinking, enjoying and doing evil.”

Creator why are people calling you Prime Creator?



“In various languages utilized on earth, the word creator is synonymous to manufacturer, inventor, maker, builder, constructor, fabricator and so forth. Recently, when many light-workers realized that when they want to talk about the Creator of this Universe, using the simple term Creator, minds of people who are not well versed in semantics would misrepresent in their language or communications the meaning of Creator, thus the new term The Prime Creator was fashioned.

While this term describes my job, it does not offend me or misrepresent me. So I tolerate it, although I would like to be referred to as Creator. With time and good teachings all will come to that simple truth that I am Creator without other attachments to my title.”

In closing I want to make it clear once again, there is no fault, or blame on anyone for this event being predicted, or that it did not take place. Please do not blame the messenger, and do not blame Zorra. I see that there have been a lot of negative comments about Zorra. Zorra is a highly evolved being and a very wonderful loving being. He is known throughout the universe for his wisdom and his service to Creator. One day people will get to know the real true Zorra and not be misled by such negative talk.

My intention today was to share with you some of what is taking place in hopes that it can bring some peace to all of you that read this message.

In Loving Service,

I am Porda, Papa Force of the Mushaba Family

Anakhanda Mushaba Speaks About Porda/Papa Force November 27, 2016

                Mushaba Platinum Light

Anakhanda Mushaba Speaks About Porda/Papa Force

November 27, 2016


Greetings and Blessings!

Today I wish to share some information with you about my Father Porda better known as Papa Force of the Mushaba Family. I am sharing this information because I have had many ask me to share more information about Porda’s passing. I gave it a great deal of thought and I also discussed it with him to see if he had any particular thing he wanted me to share with all of the readers who he considers his friends and family! I, at first was hesitant about sharing such sensitive information publicly.

I would like to tell you a story that is a true story about the Mushaba family and how our Father whose name at the time was Wali Karriem Mushaba before he left this earth life and journeyed to the other side of the veil. The Mushaba Family has a long history of serving humanity on behalf of not only the Mushaba People, but also the many councils of the Universe, which includes the Council of Elders, The Council of 12, The Andromeda Council, The Universal Councils, The Galactic Councils, The Council of Creation, The Mushaba Council and others. Some of it may be very complicated, so do your best to stay with me and I will do my best to explain as clearly as earth words will allow me to.

In this lifetime we of the Mushaba Family made a pact, an unbreakable pact before entering this lifetime. Some of the family came as their original selves and some of the family came as what is called a bubble up which is another creation of the original self. The original self is involved directly in this bringing forth of this bubble up. A bubble up in the short explanation is where two beings or more come together and lend their essences in the birthing of another being from the original. The bubble up is born as all the others are, and the way this happens is as if you can imagine how something bubbles over. There is so much love that is the core of these bubble ups that the love bubbles over and flows into this being that is in its mother’s womb. Also, there are other beings that lend their essences to this bubble up that is instilled as part of the essence of this being.

(You can find a great deal of information in the upcoming New Book Release called Open Your Eyes You Can See-The Maldion Story- A Leader Hiding in Time. This is a fascinating account of a being that underwent an amazing transformation from a frumpy middle aged man to an amazing being of great and magnificent Light and Power. He was sought after by both the Light and The Dark because they each knew that what this being carried would change the balance between dark and light and whoever had him on their side would have the power to take over the universe. This being Maldion was neither dark nor light).

I am going to share with you what a part of our pact was. One of the main components of our pact was that no one was to die this lifetime but we would all stand together at the end of the day as one in our God Oneness. We would not die to ascend, but ascend into our true selves and God Oneness while still living in the earth body! This was agreed upon by Creator, and the Mushaba Council, as well as others that were involved in this decision.

As all of you who have been reading the information that Porda has been providing, you are aware that Porda passed away on October 22, 2013 at 4:15 am. I share this again for new readers that may have not known this information before now. Everyone was in total shock because we had an unbreakable pact and no one was to die, period! Even when he was at his worst during his illness we were told that he would seemingly be getting worst and then he would suddenly bounce back with a renewed strength and vigor never experienced before. We were constantly being told by Spirit right up to the moment that he left this plane that he would not die.

So we wondered what happened. How could this unbreakable pact be broken? How could this contract that was bound by agreement of Creator and the councils be broken? Because this happened we were left numb for awhile. However, we still continued to move onward and forward in spite of the pain of the loss. The thing is we knew that he wasn’t gone, but he was not physically with us on this plane. We knew that we could communicate with him and see him in his spirit form, but to us it still was not the same as him being here where we could touch and hug etc. Soon we settled in pretty quickly because we had so many laughs and wonderful memories of him. It was as if he was still here with us physically.

We found out from Papa Force what happened and why it happened. His level of service to Creation and all of humanity cannot be put into words. Papa made the ultimate sacrifice and we as a family suffered the ultimate sacrifice. However, once we understood the what, and the why, and it gave us so much inner peace and resolve. We were so exceptionally proud of Papa Force for what he chose to do for the sake of his family and all of humanity. 

 I will share with you now directly from Porda what he shared with his family of earth.


Porda/Papa Force

“Dear Son Anakhanda and Family, in the contract for this last lifetime I had, my death was not a part of the package. The earth was supposed to have ascended while I was still in the earth physical body. As you know it did not materialize. I suspected that there was something that went wrong. I had the deep knowing that something was off and was not coming together as it should have. I also knew that we as a humanity should not have had to make that choice, that sacrifice to delay our ascension for more people to step up to the plate. So I needed to investigate this matter. I was able to change my contract, but only was I able to change it by giving myself up to death. This was the only way that I could investigate the problem directly. I had to do it from the spirit realm. Spirit never told you any untruth, for they didn’t even know that I was going to make that decision until the moment I made it. So they were telling you what they knew because they also knew that my contract was not to die. They were as surprised as you were dear family.

After transitioning, I did some intense study and analysis of how contracts were handled, how behind schedule we were, for the earth ascension had fallen far behind, once I found out what had happened I had to act. First, living in higher dimensions, I was able to review the main actors of the ascended new earth. On the Nexus, everyone wants the arrival of the new earth as soon as possible. After planning, checking on various Beings, I came up with a plan that would help to hasten the arrival of the total ascension of the earth to the 5th dimension with its qualified population. To accomplish it, I devised a plan to secure financial, technical and energetic means to help those individuals involved to successfully accomplish its means during and after the earth ascension. I was able to see that my family among others was at the forefront of these plans for earth ascension.

Mushaba and the Councils are supportive of and approved those plans and means that I outlined above. One of the energetic means I had to urgently get was a guarantee that no one in my earth Family (who are working together teaching Mushaba Energy courses) would have to make the ultimate sacrifice as I did. One was enough, and I was the one that broke the pact and I had good sound reason to do so. No one else needed to do that.

Leaving my family knowing that we made this unbreakable pact, I had to break it and It was a hard decision to make, but it was needed. Now I see that it was very important to have someone on the Nexus with “fresh eyes” from earth and its problems to help speed up the whole process of earth ascension to the 5th dimension. These fresh eyes proved to valuable to the Councils, to Mushaba, leader of the Mushaba race and to Creator.

For us in high dimensions, we do not offer perspective on our past life on earth to a person who is still living on earth even if he/she is a cherished member of our family, unless that person asks for it, and that we see that our explanation will help that person to heal or understand much better the struggles he/she is going through. So an exception was made to share some things with my family.

Before I passed away from the earth plane, I had made many out of body visit to the Nexus and had participated in many of the meetings discussing when and how the Mushaba Force should be presented and taught in the whole world in a much faster and precise way. During those meetings, I was made aware again that the Mushaba Family that is currently on earth will play an important role in that work. Looking at the financial, technological and personal limitations we had in order to accomplish that mission, I had to decide how to solve those problems. The first step was to request a Change in my contract so that I can come back on the Nexus to plan from there with a much broader view and with access to much wisdom from Beings of Light and Love. The second step was to do an in depth study of what my family would need to do their assigned work. Third, I had to lobby for my plans, and when approved by the Mushaba Council of 12, I than started to recruit Beings of Light and Love that will help in the application of my plans. And lastly, I started gathering the needed materials or means for the work. 

I want you to know that when I passed from the earth realm, Mushaba and the Council of 12 Elders along with Altros, Commander of the Mother ship Nexus, along with many family members were at hand to welcome me at the Nexus. The night I transitioned, I waited for you Anakhanda to be out of the room for my spirit to definitively leave the body. The reason was to protect you from deep sorrow that may have come upon you for many years after my departure. With your abilities to see many things that are behind the veil, you would have seen how my Spirit was leaving my body to never come back to it and you would have been able to see the team that escorted me from the body to the Nexus. You may have felt abandoned. So, that team felt that it was best for you to be away from my body in another room when my Spirit and soul left it.

I know that the moment I left the body, you immediately awakened and you knew that I had left. What I found that gave me ease was at how balanced and calm you were throughout the entire process of the family grieving and finally disposing of my body through cremation. I was very proud of all of my family as each of you handled yourselves in a calm and intelligent manner. Everyone of course had to get through the initial shock of sudden loss, but you did that wonderfully as well.  So that is all I wish to share, and I hope that this in some way help others who have lost family members even though they may not understand why at the moment. It will all become clear in due time. Many are changing their contracts because they are seeing that they can serve their families and humanity as a whole a great deal better from a higher perspective and support those of you still left in the body.”  

Thank You All!

With Love and Integrity!

Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba


Porda via Mushaba Platinum Light, November 13th

Mushaba Platinum Light

Obama, RV, Nesara, Disclosure

PORDA November 13, 2016

Greetings to All! I am Porda – Papa Force of the Mushaba Family. I am here once again to share with you some information relating to President Obama, Nesara, Disclosure and the RV/GCR.

There is so much information flowing around the internet and many intel providers are a part of this spreading of negative information. Some because they don’t know any better, and others because they know exactly what they are doing. I want to explain to you a few things about President Obama.

President Obama is not the most vicious, lying person ever to walk the earth as many claim. He is not the devil himself or the worst President that America has ever had nor is he the one whose job has been to completely destroy America and bring in what is being called Sharia Law because he is a secret Moslem. Things are not ever what they seem in your world, especially in the times you are living in now. There has been such a vicious fight to the death, fighting tooth and nail between the Cabal to stay in power and the light that is restoring the power back to the people.

Obama was elected because his agenda was to bring change to America and to help the people to reclaim their power and their freedom. However, no matter how sincere he was, and no matter how much in his heart he wanted to bring this great change to America, he meet with opposition that would curl your toes and that is one of the lesser effects. When he was first called before the ruling elite that operates in the background, he was told in no uncertain terms that he is not in control, and that he will do what he is told or else. He was told many things and reminded of examples throughout history what happens to those that oppose the ruling elite.

At first because of his great heart and courage to be a President for the people and by the people, he took that as a challenge and began working to bring change toAmerica that would restore the freedom of the people.

However, he ran into more resistance than you can ever begin to imagine. So many in the government worked against him. There were major campaigns to discredit him and all that he was attempting to do. He fought day after day and he realized that he had to compromise on some issues in order to get his way on others. Now this is no small feat. The decision to compromise went against his very nature, but he looked at it from a point of view that he could still do some good for the people which is better than doing nothing good for the people.

He had to publicly go along with things that caused him great grief privately and kept his heart burdened with the decisions that he had to make and go along with. He lived under the threat of a terrible death all throughout his Presidency and that threat included the murdering viciously of his wife and children. There are many things that Obama did in secret and was able to slip by the cabal in spite of them being everywhere. Obama is a brilliant man. He is a highly evolved being that came form a planet that is located in the Pleiades Star System. He comes to usher in the new changes for humanity and to be the one to initiate the RV/GCR, Nesara and Disclosure. He had no idea how difficult it would be for him to get anywhere near those accomplishments.

How many of you would sacrifice allowing your family to be viciously murdered? How many of you would allow yourself to be totally destroyed publicly and shamed and removed from office? He figured that it is better to do some good whether than do no good at all. He has actually done more for this country than any President since Roosevelt. I can hear you now, some of you, saying that this is all bogus and not true. The truth of what he accomplished on behalf of humanity will come to light in the years ahead after he leaves office and begin traveling the world with his lectures. People will get to see, and know, and even hear from the real Obama that has come here to serve humanity.

Obama was hated by the Military and the Corporate and the industrial complex. Why? Because he wanted to stop all wars! He wanted to bring all the troops home. He didn’t want your sons and daughters dying needlessly. This is not good for the war machine. This is not good for business because war makes for very prosperous and lucrative times! He was messing with their money! People seem to be powerfully attracted to the negative. You can say 10 billion good things about a person and all the good that they have done, and yet, say just 1, simply 1 bad thing about that same person and that will take precedence and spread like wild fire and no one will ever care or focus on the 10 billion good things that person did. It would be as if they were always this evil negative person all of their lives. Why is this and I ask you to think about it.

The election of Donald Trump was a wake up call for Obama. It made him realize what his true purpose was and that his legacy is now threatened. He also realize now that because of the lost of Hillary Clinton, he can now put his plans in place and do what he came into the Presidency to do without all the Cabal resistance. He knows that the only way that he can preserve his legacy is to see that the RV/GCR is done and to see that the Nesara is enacted and that the disclosure is made.

The information going around that Donald Trump will release the RV and will get credit for it and not President Obama is not in anyway the truth. The information about Paul Ryan has been or will be sworn in as the 45th President is also not going to happen. It is far from the truth! Paul Ryan has swayed to the other side. He has decided and agreed to be with the elite and to support their agenda. This happened about a month ago. He will continue to fool those that think he is one of the good guys but the truth will come out and many will be shocked, just like they will be deeply shocked when they find out that Obama is the good guy in all of this and that he is loved by more people than he is hated. America will see a new President but it will be someone that no one thought of or are aware of; they are under the radar at the moment.

He like many before him that truly wanted the best interest of the people done, faced so many inconceivable threats and resistance. It is one of the absolute worst positions you can be in. It has been known for a very long time that the President is not the one that holds the reins of power but those behind the scenes.

Obama will release the RV/GCR, Nesara and Disclosure before he leaves office. He is in the process of making that happen. The most powerful thing he will do will not be the release of the RV, but the disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence and the cooperation with them by various governments of the world including The United States of America. I say to everyone, to simply sit back and watch as things begin to come to light! Everyone will know the truth in the very near future in just a matter of days, weeks and months.

When you speak “Mushaba”, every atom in all living things trembles with the fullness of delight,

Porda via Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba, November 08, 2016

Celebration Day

By Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba

November 08, 2016



I am Porda known as Papa Force of the Mushaba Family. I come to you today on the heels of my dear brother Ohmnipure who recently delivered a beautiful message through Nancy Tate. I come to add my flavor to the recipe of life. Today marks “A day of great change” in the world of humanity as well as for us in the galactic worlds for we are all one. All of what has been going on behind the scenes are about to manifest in the view of all of humanity, not only here in the Republic of the United States of America, but the world! It is change that has been long awaited. It is here, no matter how you cut it! It has never been this close before in all of human history. It is so close that you can feel the heat of its breath on your face!

Humanity has triumphed even though in the outer view of things it looks otherwise. So many have cried out to spirit, to the Galactics, to God and Goddess, to Creator, asking when we will see it for ourselves. Why are we still suffering under the rule of the Cabal elite since they are supposed to be gone and done with? Today marks that day! Today marks the beginning of the end of the tyranny and illegal rule of humanity for what happens today on the shores of America the Beautiful, will affect the shores of every nation on earth!

You will finally see that what you have worked for has not been in vain. We have always heard your voice and we have answered you but in ways that eluded you. Not because we didn’t want you to know, but because you were so pre-occupied in doubt, misgivings, anger, pain and so forth. That is what was interfering in your being able to hear us as and in one voice! We understood why so many of you felt that way and experienced those emotions. That simply motivated us on our side of the veil to work even more diligently to bring this to a conclusion.

 Today it will be self evident that all that has been going behind the scenes will come forth in increments as it can be absorbed by the people. So much has gone on and it would literally blow your brain cells if you knew what so many had to endure, suffer through, and even pay the ultimate price. Today let us put our arms out and reach for the heavens and bring heaven to earth.

Once again I ask you all to proclaim along with us here in Spirit,

“Free At Last, Free At Last, Thank The God Within We are Free At Last!!!


I am Porda and I leave you for a moment, but with a wide grin and deep and abiding love!


Porda via Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba, October 31st.

By Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba                                                 October 31, 2016



Humanity has come a long way is an understatement! However, you are at the place that leads you into the next millennium of change and advancement beyond your wildest imagination! 

Greetings to you, I am Porda (Papa Force), and I come to you today to share some news with you! You of humanity of which I am a part of, have finally come to the place where you will be able to decide your own future without any interference from the negativity and the control that once plagued your lives. Those that held the manipulation and control over humanity for thousands of years have finally met their end. I understand that it is very hard, very difficult even, to imagine a world that is free from corruption, free from wars, death and senseless violence. Imagine a world where you are the King and you are the Queen! You are the Master of your own life and pathway.

You are moving into the higher evolvement of life every moment of every day, and more and more of the once sleeping humanity are awakening at record numbers. You’ve heard the term “The Sleeping Giant has awakened!” That is exactly what has happened. The Giant within you that has slept so long under the rule and oppression of the dark negative leadership in your world has awakened to the light of day. That light of day is the light of truth. You are inherently by your natural birthright entitled to the truth, to live the truth, to be the truth. It is a part of who and what you are! You are giants, my dear human family. You are more powerful than you can ever imagine. It is now time for all of you, every single human on this earth that has any awareness of the light of truth of the injustices that has gripped your society, to now stand firm in your truth, in your knowing. Shout loud and clear to the top of the world in one powerful voice, 

 “I AM FREE! I Am Free At Last, I Am Free at Last and Thank The God Within Me that I Am Free at Last!!!”

What is about to take place, and is in the process of taking place in your world, in our world, is nothing short of amazing! It is what you, us of humanity, has created and are bringing into existence right before the eyes of the world. You will have new leadership in your world of government. This new leadership has one responsibility, and that is “to serve the will of the people!”

No more dictating to you and controlling your life. You will get your family back. What I mean is that because of the control of society, it has taken away the family structure. It has dismantled the home by pitting the husband against the wife, the children against the parents. The parents have lost the right, the honor, and the privilege to be parents and to love and nurture their children as they were by their parents. Parents have been raising children since the beginning of life on earth. Why all of a sudden are there laws telling you how to raise your children and what you can and cannot do? It is the manipulation to tear apart the fabric of society through unjust laws and mis-education of the children. They know that if they control the children, they control the future. However that is no more! Do you remember when you used to have dinner together as a family at the end of the day? You had quality family time, and the family was bounded and strong. Now parents and children hardly have time to even speak to each other. However, all that is in the throws of change. We have to get back to nurturing our children from the time they are in the womb.

Your unjust controllers in every area of society are being removed. You have a new government already set and in place simply waiting for the final event to take place so it can make itself known to the people. This is all over the earth where this will be happening. You are ready now at any day, and I truly mean any day now, are ready to step into the time of prosperity and peace! The announcements are ready to take place that will announce the new government, the new way society will operate. Many, almost every single law on the books will be erased. The abolishment of the unjust corrupt IRS and Federal Reserve Bank is ready to be initiated at a moments notice. It’s already there, but will not be official until such time the announcement can be made, and it will very soon.

I want my human family to know that you have not been forgotten about. Yes, it took a lot longer than it was initially expected when this entire plan of earth’s duality was put together when the promise of the people of Maldek was made by the Mushaba people to give them another opportunity to evolve unhindered by the influence and control of the Draconian race.

The time on earth for the descendants of the Draconian race, who you may call Illuminati, or Cabal, or the dark nobility, or whatever name you use; their time has come to a final end. Humanity, you are freer than you are aware of. Your lives are at the threshold of change with 1¾ of your feet in the door, and the last ¼ is crossing the threshold as we speak! In other words you have arrived! You will be living in a time where technology will make life easy and comfortable. You will be able to cure and eradicate any and all diseases, and also regenerate your body to youthfulness and maintain that youthfulness as long as you desire. You will not have to die to get to heaven anymore, you just simply decorporate your body into the energies, and there you are!

You are now a part of the Galactic society, and you will be meeting many of your galactic family that will come to assist humanity in their final stages of evolvement. The truth of earth’s history will be brought forth. Everything will change for the betterment of everyone on earth, and this includes your nature, animal and water kingdom and all that is contained within the oceans and seas!  

Imagine having the chance to have a do over, to do your life all over again! This is exactly what is happening for you. You always say: “If I could do this over I would do it differently. Or if I knew what I know now when I was younger I would have made different choices”. Well now you can!  In closing, I wanted to come today just to give you a bit of encouragement that things are not as bad, or lost as it may seem. What goes on behind the scenes is nothing short of fantastic and you are about to be the recipients of that action at any day. Trust that all has been divinely handled for your total good. You are the Master of your life and no one else. Always remember that and live that!

I Love you All in a way that no words can explain!

I am Porda – Papa Mushaba


Porda via Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba, October 12th

Mushaba Platinum Light

By Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba                      October 12, 2016


Like A Thief in the Night it Will Come!

I am Porda known as Papa Force of the Mushaba Family of Earth. I come to you today to tell you something of interest. There has been so much information being brought forward about the RV/GCR event. There has been information about delays and assassination attempts of General Dunford, and that the US Corporation is still in control. I will address that, but first let me address something that is important. What I want to address is your soul journey through creation, but in particular, through this lifetime that you are now living. When I speak of your soul journey I am not going to get all woo, woo and philosophical with you. I am going to get straight down to the nitty gritty with you.

Your soul journey has been like no other. You have stepped up in a way that is and has brought great change to this second universe. Through all the various times you lived in many dimensions and many lifetimes since your creation in this universe, it all came down to this final expression of life on earth. Earth was a plan that was put into motion many billions of years ago, as you know time. When the Mushaba People came from the first universe to create the second universe using the Mushaba Force, along with other beings that came not only from the first universe, but beings that came before creation and before all of any existence, there was a magnificent plan in place. The plan was discussed with the Mushaba Council in the first universe, the God and Goddess of the first Universe, as well as other magnificent beings called The Golden Knights, who are the beginners of what started the motion for creation in the sea of possibilities. There were other beings involved as well. I would have to write volumes of books in order to tell that story, so I am going to only mention certain things and move onward.

The delegation from the Mushaba People came into the second universe after the creation of it, in order to facilitate the bringing into being of the various beings or species that were to be the first to inhabit the second universe. When Creator came into being for the second universe, there was a great meeting between Creator, the Mushaba people, the Golden Knights and other beings, and this was before God and Goddess of the second universe came into being. There was a plan laid out by Creator for the evolvement of this universe. This universe had to be a universe of duality because it was something that had never been experienced before. In the first universe there is only love and nothing else exists. The duality offered the potential of great and magnificent growth that could take the entire existence to another level of evolvement. It was an experiencing of opposites that came into being. It was the first time that these beings had experienced anything other than love. It was the experience of love and hate, light and dark, right and wrong that came into being.

Various races of beings were created, and it continued on and on until the universe was flushed with life and various races of beings. The plan that was brought into being was to have several very important time periods where great change and evolvement had to happen in order for things to move forward toward the ultimate goal of moving into a third universe of creation. I will speak only of two. One being Maldek and the other being Earth.

Many of you that have been on the spiritual pathway have become aware of Maldek and what happened there with the Maldekian people and the Draconian people. Some are aware of the involvement of the Mushaba people; many are not. You know that Maldek was eventually destroyed. Those same people that were on Maldek were given a promise that they would have the opportunity to make it right, and they were given the opportunity to come to earth to fulfill that promise. Now that you are on earth you are in the final throws of fulfilling that promise that was made to you by the Mushaba people. That Promise basically ends with you of earth being fully into your total Freedom and Empowerment; free from the illusions of control and manipulation, life and death. Free from the tyranny imposed upon you by the Cabal, the illuminati, the draconians or whatever name you wish to call them. No matter what name you use, they were basically of the negative, and some even tip the scales of evil.

Your soul journey was the most challenging, most difficult, most daring and courageous thing that any beings have ever attempted. Your soul journey is at its end now and a new soul journey of your choosing will come into being!
This soul journey, besides what I said above about how the promise ends, it also ends with your total financial independence. The time of peace, love and prosperity has come and it will steal upon you like a thief in the night. When we use the earth word thief, we do not mean as if someone stole something from you. We use it as if someone brought something to you without you knowing, and then you suddenly realize it is there!

You are very wise and very mature for you made a conscious choice to come here and forget everything you know, forget who you are, and where you came from, go into darkness and amnesia, and then come fully back into yourself. What a feat! So you are here dear souls of earth at the door with both feet in the door and you will suddenly realize that you have arrived! You will be shocked with surprise and awe of what you have accomplished and what you have discovered. Be proud and gracious to yourselves. There is one last major growth that will come into being very soon and that is the dismantling of racism and hatred for any people because of color or because of differences, religious or otherwise. That has been taking place for some time now and it is gaining an unstoppable momentum in the world. People of all races are saying enough because they realize that race has been used as a weapon against the people. And also people are beginning to realize that there must be a reason why the black race has been treated the way they have since slavery. This, by the way, is answered in the book When World’s Collide by Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba. The issue of oneness and unity of all people cannot be swept under the rug. This has to be in order to move as one united, loving, free, and empowered humanity into the evolvement of life. 

Now, as to the intelligence information that you have been hearing of late,

*There will be no delays!
There is talk that the RV will be delayed until possibly next year of 2017. That is not, cannot, and will not happen. The world cannot wait that long and it is already in progress. Stay out of that kind of acceptance and only focus on your reality of truth and that truth is that you are next and your call to arms is already in full progress!

*There is no US Corp in control!

The US Corporation controls nothing, not even air. Again certain appearances are there for a short bit of time, but that is about to be over, and the truth is in the process of coming to light. Realize that it has to be handled carefully in order not to incite the people wrongly.

*There is no Cabal in control!

This issue has been moot for awhile now. People just cannot fathom this being the truth due to the things that are still taking place. It is the little want-to-be minions that are being a nuisance, and that nuisance will be over in the days ahead. The Republic will be announced sooner than later! It will come along with the RV like a Thief in the night!

*General Dunford’s life has been threatened and three attempts have been made on his life!

This is so, and he is being protected by not only his security team, but also by the benevolent Galactic forces. General Dunford has a very important mission to accomplish and he will accomplish his mission. It will not be allowed to be interfered with. Don’t worry about him. Don’t buy into fear, for what is all that is left of these cabal minions is fear. They made a grave error by these attempts. Now this has caused the time line of things to be speeded up for it is decided that the only way to stop this is to start the RV/GCR and other announcements; then there is nothing to try and stop. As long as it is not started they will continue to try, but once it is started it is too late!

I understand that it is difficult for many to see how this can be so, in control by the good people, when it seems that so much bad is taking place. Just know that it is all smoke and mirrors!

Do not allow yourself to be manipulated through your emotions. There will continue to be a lot of inaccurate and negative intelligence information until the RV/GCR actually happens. This will be short lived for your time to go exchange your currency is close enough that you can actually touch it!

Like A Thief in the Night it Will Come!

I am Porda
Mushaba Love and Blessings!

Porda via Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba, October 7th


Mushaba Platinum Light

By Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba                                                

October 07, 2016


Greetings Dear Humanity,

I Am Porda of the Mushaba People and Planet. I come to you today to share with you some information that is deemed important. I would like to ask you when was the last time you touched the Earth? When was the last time you hugged a tree or smelled and took in the fragrance of a flower?

How often have you looked at nature and its vital kingdoms and was thankful and showed gratitude for all that is done on your behalf. When I was on Earth just a few short years ago, I was one that loved and lived and thrived in and with nature. Nature, Mother Earth was my life force! Nature has everything in it that anyone needs to bring total healing and balance to the body, mind and soul! I’m gonna tell you a little secret; something that has a tremendous healing effect on the body and mind. What I speak of is how important it can be for anyone to allow Mother Nature the love and joy of healing you! For instance, take some time and at the very least, bury your feet in the dirt of the earth up to your ankles. If you can it would serve to bury your whole body up to your neck in the earth. Stay there for an hour or so.

You will be amazed at how you will feel afterwards! If you do it enough times it will take away from your body all sorts of dis-eases. Try making a paste with the rich soil of the earth. Use this paste to help alleviate skin conditions, also as a facial mask. Simply pure soil of the Earth! Being “In the Earth” in some way, (feet, body etc.) will help restore your youthful energy, as well as heal organs and internal issues. You may wonder why is Porda telling us about nature? Who wants to get dirty!

Today people are so afraid of the dirt. They don’t allow their children to play in the dirt and get dirty. They want their children to play clean and not get dirty. This takes away from the child and its connection with the Earth. When I was a child, we used to eat dirt by the spoonful! We use to play, fall, and roll around in the dirt. It was a normal part of being a child and staying healthy and not getting obese and lazy. I see parents actually upset with their child for getting dirty while playing.

Humanity is at the point now to where it is ready to return to nature. Nature is calling. The elemental kingdoms, of Earth, Air, Fire and Water are calling you. The fairies, the Gnomes and Trolls and Undines and Salamanders, sylphs, all are calling you to reconnect with them. There was a time when human and nature were one. They worked together and communed together. They respected each other and their space.

Humanity has forgotten that these beings exist and they have their homes their families. It is time to get reacquainted with the nature kingdoms and its inhabitants. Start to go out to your parks, your woods, your forest and spend a little time in nature. Tell nature how much you love her. Hug a tree and talk to it! Stick your feet or hands in the soil and feel nature course through your body. When this “now in progress” RV/GCR is done, think deeply about what you can do to assist nature to keep nature pristine, to respect the homes and families of these beings. Find ways to help clean it up! Do not take for granted that without nature, these beings we would not have life on Earth! They make life possible by doing what they do for every aspect of our existence.

When you buy land, speak with the nature spirits on your land and come to an agreement. There has to be some of the natural land that is off limits to humans because that will be their homes, the nature spirits, where they live and have their children. If you are not able to speak with them seek out one that can to assist you until such time you can do it yourself and that will happen sooner than later. Respect them and they will respect you. They will protect you and your property. They will assist you in whatever you desire to do with your land. Allow them their peace.

Speak to the Leaders of these kingdoms:
Leader Gob of the Gnomes and Trolls (Earth)
Leader Paralda of the Zaphyrs of the Air (Air)
Leader Neckna of the Undines (Water)
Leader Djin of the Salamanders (Fire)

They will hear you. It will take time for them to trust humanity again but your insistence of communicating with them and you showing them you care and love them will bring them to you.

Now, in closing let me say that the RV is in progress and that you will be going into the banks. Let no Intel throw you off center. Be happy and rejoice for you are now moving into the time of prosperity on earth!

I am Porda (Papa Force),

Mushaba Love and Blessings!

Porda via Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba, September 28th

Mushaba Platinum Light

By Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba

September 28, 2016


Greetings Dear Humanity,

I am Porda known as “Papa Force” of the Mushaba Family. I come at this time because it is most timely that I share some information with you. To humanity as a whole, I say to you that you are about to see an end to all that has been working against you for a millennium of time. You will see the total end of the lies and deceit that have controlled your lives and had you living a life of false hood without you even being aware of it.

The mechanism of deceit and manipulation was very powerful and was carefully and strategically put in place a very long time ago. It started even before the story of Jesus came into being. That in itself is another story that will come to light. In fact, it has already started with the release of the Book “When World’s Collide” The unwritten truth of the Black Race and Its extraterrestrial Origins written by my Son of earth, Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba. The history of control of the people goes so far back that it boggles the mind. It was a very intense and thorough process over time. It took a very strong root, and it was done in such away that those that were being controlled had no idea. They actually thought that they were free and making their own choices. How clever was that!

Through Economics, Religion and Race, is how they took over the world from the people. They, the former so called Cabal or Illuminati, not only took control of the finance of the world and separated and divided people through religion and race, they also controlled and manipulated through agriculture, for if you control the food you control the world, the medical society for they determined what was made available to the people and the people had little choice but to accept whatever was put forth in front of them, and also through education, for you control the education and what goes into someone’s mind and thinking you control them as your pawns. It’s not the fault of the people for the people were tricked, manipulated, fooled and hoodwinked. Humanity is much wiser today. It is far more difficult to fool the people for there are so many awakened beings on the earth. There is so much access to information because of the internet. It’s so much more difficult to hide the truth then anytime in history.

Humanity is on the verge of seeing great change that will literally blow their minds. It will be such a shock for so many people when they find out the truth of what has been taking place in their country, with their governments, food industry, medical industry and educational industry. However, you will begin to enjoy freedom and empowerment, financial independence and perfect health and well being in a way that you never thought possible. Then you will find that there will be many more that are aware and have been waiting consciously on these changes. These are the people that are primed and ready to make a difference. I now speak to you, those that are not only spiritual awakened, but also who in a moment will be financially flush to the hilts.

This event that has been planned a very, very long time ago as you of humanity enter the golden age of peace, love and prosperity. This is a spiritually orchestrated event that took a millennium of planning. There were those of earth that held the charge of protecting the wealth for the people so it can be available when this time comes. On the continent of Africa which will one day be the most successful thriving country of earth, you will find vast, and I mean vast resources of natural wealth that has lain dormant by designed until this day. There have also been great gold reserves in China for they were the keepers of a vast amount of gold for this moment in time you are now living in. As much gold as China may have, there is much more vast quantities of it on the continent of Africa alone along with other nature resources of great value.

The Chinese are playing their role in this time of prosperity and it is by agreement with the Spiritual Hierarchy and by agreement with the Mushaba People for they have a strong personal relationship with the Chinese people because of something that took place with the blood of the Chinese people many millions of years ago before the Chinese people came and settled on earth. It was the Mushaba people that came to their aid. Now I know that I get ahead of myself here so I will get back to my point and leave this for another moment of sharing.

To the currency holders of the world, you are the ones that have the opportunity to bring great change to the world at large through your service that have been entrusted to you before you came to Earth to participate in this new age of evolvement for Earth and Humanity. You are positioned in a place to where great and enormous wealth is about to befall you post haste! You will have a power in your hands at your beck and call, a financial power that will serve to assist in remaking the Earth and humanity. You are being charged with a very vital task. You have seen the examples before you of how those of great wealth used their wealth for their own greater good at the expense of anyone or anything else. You have seen how these examples have not cared about the people and what happens to them, how they live, how they suffer how much they are in need.

There have been a very tiny few that gave any care for the people. You see that that example is not what you feel in your heart. You see that with your wealth you are going to do it and use it very differently then those before you. This is why you will be blessed to have such an enormous amount. It will be used for the progress and development and freedom of humanity. What you do with your wealth is the telling story of your own evolvement. Those that prove not to be worthy because of selfishness will eventually loose all of their wealth. Not as a punishment but because you choose not to follow your intended spiritual destiny for humanity. You must remember that Money has its own consciousness. It’s not some dumb stupid piece of paper that knows nothing.

It carries a specific energy especially this money that is coming into your life now. It will have more consciousness than ever before. It will work with you as a partner for the greater service to earth and Humanity. If you do not keep up on your part of the agreement then the money will decide to leave on its own accord. You see, we are living in a very different time now and more are becoming aware that everything has consciousness even that which we feel is dead, or devoid of life or just a piece of inanimate substance. You currency holders will become the heroes to and for the people. Your heart will prevail on behalf of the people. You were chosen because of your integrity. You were chosen because of your dedication and commitment to truth and right and love of your fellow human being. You are not caught up in the deceit of separation by color of one’s skin or by the belief system one may believe in.

You are not in judgment of but in love of. You use the power of love to serve the people. You are your brother’s and your sister’s keeper and you will stand firm and show that truth in your actions with you great wealth and ability to serve all people.

In closing, I say prepare for your divine blessing that is so near that you can feel its breath on your face! Be happy, don’t worry for it is your time and it has arrived!

I love you all tremendously in the name of the All,

Mushaba Blessings and Love!
I am Porda (Papa Mushaba)
Anyone interested in info on the Book mentioned go to this link:

Porda via Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba, September 9th

   Mushaba Platinum Light

Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba    September 09, 2016   

Porda (Papa Force),


I come again and I greet you all my dear wonderful human family of Earth! I come to bring you a reminder of a message that was delivered not long ago by Mushaba, Commander Altros and I, Porda. Basically there is one point in that message that I would like to address. There was a part that was speaking specifically to how one might respond to various information that is being presented. It was stated that when you are given good news, happy news, positive news, it makes you feel good and strong and powerful!  However, the next moment you can read something or hear something or be told something that is contrary to what you have just heard or read. It can be not so positive news. And yet in that one moment, all your good feelings of joy and happiness fades away and gives in to anger, doubt and misgivings and even fear.

It is so important not to allow things outside yourself that comes into your awareness to distract you or control you through causing you to immediately have bad feelings and go into anger etc. There has been far too much back and forth. This is what is affecting your ability to manifest and create that which you desire. Sending mixed messages to the universe, to source only brings back to you mixed results at best and no results that you are looking for at worst. I delivered a powerful message that was coded with very powerful frequencies that are designed to assist one who read those words in stepping more powerfully into their mastery of self, their freedom and empowerment! It was on September 07, 2016 (Reference to Sept 07 Message). That same day so many people who read those words began the process of moving forward with greater emphasis on their freedom and empowerment. They had begun to open up and activate the frequency encodements in the message. They were feeling so good and so powerful as it should be, because you are powerful beyond all measure! 

However, some intel came out and was sent out to the currency community that did not support my message or the good messages of others that came out including that wonderful message delivered through Nancy Tate by Ohmnipure.

Immediately, so many went into frustration and anger. So many went into blaming the Cabal for what you feel is delaying your financial blessings. Just that quick a change in your energy field disrupts the encoded frequencies. It stops them from doing its job efficiently. I am here to tell you again that there is no Cabal stopping your blessings! It is merely protocol that leads to the final worldwide release. I would suggest that you read that message again that I shared with humanity and allow the frequencies to do its job. See if you can go the entire day and not allow things to disturb your joy and peace! You are so close to what you have been waiting for. This is why you will have the opportunity to receive such an abundant amount of money! Just do your best to be happy and in joy in the days ahead. Be the master of self and be in control of your own feelings and emotions. Remember that feelings and emotions are the language of the universe. This is what the universe responds to so be sure it is responding to the emotions of your choosing and creation. 

I am Porda, Papa Force,

I love you all with Tremendous joy!

Porda via Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba, September 7th


Mushaba Platinum Light
September 07 2016


Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba channeling Porda
I am Porda and I am here with quite a group of spiritual supporters today! I am also being broadcast planet wide on Mushaba and also to various planets throughout the Universe. Why is this you might ask? What is so important that this kind of attention is being given to the words I share with you today?

Humanity has been on a long, long journey to our enlightenment. I say “our” because I am no longer in a human body, which does not discount me from being a part of humanity, for I am. I am Porda and was known on earth as Wali Karriem Mushaba father to this one who passes on my message. Everyone called me “Papa Force” and I still get that even here on the other side of the human veil.

I am here to thank all of you that have stood steadfast and committed to bring change to the world. You have weathered the storm so to speak. You have stood against all odds and the universe as well as the earth is much better for it. We of the galactic civilizations want to thank you of earth for all that you have done and are still doing to bring change not only to earth but to the universal configuration as well. What you do on earth affects the universe in more ways than you may be aware of. Why do you think we have such interest in the affairs of earth! You as humanity are now at a crossroads of sorts where you have three directions to travel. They will all get you there but in different ways. One road will take you through more of the same old third dimensional drama and limitations, but it would have to be done on another planet of 3d design, for earth herself is ascending. Another road will get you there by going more around about, and extending your journey while another road will get you there in a straight direct way where you can bring this journey to an end and begin a new journey of your choosing.

All of you have made a choice. Every single being on earth have made a choice. Many of you have chosen the last road I speak of for you are at the threshold of stepping into something amazing that you had a strong powerful hand in creating! You are ready to step into your new way of being in the world as you ascend right along with Mother Earth into the higher dimensions. The life changing events are beginning as we speak and you will and are about to see the physical signs of this in your lives at almost any moment. The long awaited time of prosperity is here, and the release of these long held funds is in the final moments of its release from bondage. Yes, even the funds were held captive in bondage. They in their own consciousness have expressed its desire to be free and let go so it can move forward and do its mission and purpose in the world.

It is important to understand what these funds want from those of you who will receive them in abundance. They first and foremost want you, the receiver, to know that you are partners with them. You are not the lord and master of the funds, but a partner with these funds. They want you to know that you are to use these funds with the power of Love not the Love of Power that many feel theses funds will give them. The Love Essence of Mushaba is here now ready to assist in leading and helping humanity to reconnect with the original love that is imbued within all life in this creation. It is within your physical bodies, in between the cells of the body. It is ready to be fully activated by your desire and your actions of service through love for humanity.

This Love Essence of Mushaba has been here from the beginning, even before the Earth was formed and came into being. It was imbued in the earth during its formation and creation into being-ness. You of humanity now have the capacity to call it forth from within you and live it as a part of you not as separate from you. Realize that it is you!

Not only are you going to witness and live the great prosperity on earth, you are going to witness the new world being born right in front of you as you are the ones that are birthing this new world! You will see the change in government all over the Earth, not just in America. You will witness the various announcements that you have been waiting on for a very long time. The cabal is gone, done with, defeated and their minions have been tied up in a neat little bow to be delivered to source for reassignment, or to another 3d planet where they can work out their growth back to recognizing the light within them.

Did you witness already what took place this past weekend at the G20 summit? This was an announcement of sorts, very direct to the world that has eyes to see and the ears to hear! Your coming month and months ahead will prove to bring into fruition these changes in a way that cannot be denied by anyone. We are here to honor humanity today,  for you have earned the right to be honored! We are now, as I speak  these words, sending you and showering upon you the blessings of the Creator, the blessings of God and Goddess and the Blessings of all of Creation!! We are washing away your pain, your sorrow, your struggle, and your doubts and misgivings. You are free now to move forward and live the life you have always dreamed of for it is here! You will see many laws struck down and the removal and closing of many government and non-government agencies that have been a parasite to the people feeding on your hopes and dreams. So many unjust actions that have held you down in bondage but no more! We all say together “NO MORE, NO MORE, NO MORE”

In closing let me say that we are all here from around the universe to thank you, love you and witness you, as you step into your freedom and empowerment, and that was the mission of the Mushaba Force on earth. We are watching the changes in the energies and colors coming from earth and most of you! We are enjoying and cheering for you as you come into your own! We are having a universal celebration in your honor! Bravo humanity our earthly family and welcome home to yourself! Welcome home to your galactic family and community! We love you with the power of original love, that which is the Love Essence of Mushaba!

I am Porda (Papa Force) representing the many!