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Porda via Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba Part 1, January 2nd, 2018

My dear wonderful human family, I am Papa Force Also known as Porda,

Humanity has reached a point of magnificent opportunity. In your world of earth you may not be unaware of all the dynamic changes that have occurred that will come to light in a huge way this coming year of 2018. The hardest part for most people has been the fact that they do not know what is taking place behind the scenes for their benefit. Many are still going through the same issues and challenges everyday and to them their lives has not changed for the better. I understand, and I know that what will make the difference for each of you is for “YOU” to see it for yourselves! That is what makes it real to you! You are so tired of hearing that “Change is gonna come” but never seem to get there. You are tired of hearing that so much has taken place in the back room on your behalf, and that the Cabal has been defeated, and the republic is coming, and so forth and yet, everyday you still experience the same things with not one piece of evidence that it has changed your life for the better.

This is very discouraging for many on earth. So let me share with you what I wish to discuss today as my topic: Opening the Limitations of Knowing and Acceptance!

Humanity has been stifled for a very long time and sent into a long deep slumber. However, humanity has begun an awakening at record speed and now you are ready to open the limitations of knowing and acceptance which are two very powerful abilities that you have at your disposal, but most had no idea that they were abilities at all.

You see, there were many methods used to stop humanity from using those abilities. We have through many belief systems no matter what name they are called by, been taught to be dependent on what is outside of our selves. Humanity was taught not to trust what they felt inside or what they know inherently within. They stopped accepting their Knowing Force of Self. This Knowing Force of Self was the meter in which we lived by that let us know when we were going astray or falling into anything that was not good and healthy for our well being and our growth and evolvement. It would direct us away from evil and darkness. This Knowing Force of Self is also what has been called The Self Accusing Spirit. What this means is that when we were going in the wrong direction the inner self, the inner spirit would let us know and we felt the charge, we felt the feelings within that told us and that was our spirit telling us that something was not right. We didn’t need anyone to accuse us or judge us of anything because our self accusing spirit told us. Self accusing simply means in spiritual terms self knowing, so I could also say self knowing spirit.

However, it also worked in the opposite as well. What I mean is that it would let you know when you were going in the right direction, a healthy direction for your growth and awareness. It would lead you to your truth. This is why humanity had to be tricked and forced into no longer following their knowing and no longer accepting it as valid. So many elaborate plans were initiated to make people afraid of trusting themselves and what they inherently knew. There were various religions and various belief systems put in place to dumb everyone into submission and to take away our power and our knowing. People were killed, murdered, jailed, tortured and burned alive and buried alive because they dare to trust what they knew inside themselves! And you wonder why people stopped doing it!
Now, I will have to speak and share with you, and not at you, in more than one article. I want to get to your power of Knowing and Acceptance but I need to lay some ground work that will connect all the codes to your full understanding.

Even still today as I scan the people of earth, many are still struggling with what they know. It’s become a habit ingrained in humanity and in their subconscious. When you look at the educational system it teaches you to become dependent on someone, some company, some job, some person, some anything as long as it is outside yourself. It does not teach you to be independent, but to be dependent. People pay many thousands of dollars a year to learn how to be a good dependent person on someone else. Even at many jobs there are rules in place that keep you inside a box and will not allow you to step outside the box. Many times your knowing tells you that something is off, not right, or should be done differently but you are afraid to speak up because when someone tried to be creative and trust what they felt inside instead of following the protocols, they paid by losing their jobs or worst.

All these things have affected humanities ability to trust self. When I return, I wish to speak about how powerful the ability of knowing truly is. I have to cut it short today because of matters that need my immediate attention.

Thank you for taking time to read my words and I am eager to return with more to share with my human family of earth!

I am Papa Force –Porda.


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