Anakhanda Mushaba Speaks About Porda/Papa Force November 27, 2016

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Anakhanda Mushaba Speaks About Porda/Papa Force

November 27, 2016


Greetings and Blessings!

Today I wish to share some information with you about my Father Porda better known as Papa Force of the Mushaba Family. I am sharing this information because I have had many ask me to share more information about Porda’s passing. I gave it a great deal of thought and I also discussed it with him to see if he had any particular thing he wanted me to share with all of the readers who he considers his friends and family! I, at first was hesitant about sharing such sensitive information publicly.

I would like to tell you a story that is a true story about the Mushaba family and how our Father whose name at the time was Wali Karriem Mushaba before he left this earth life and journeyed to the other side of the veil. The Mushaba Family has a long history of serving humanity on behalf of not only the Mushaba People, but also the many councils of the Universe, which includes the Council of Elders, The Council of 12, The Andromeda Council, The Universal Councils, The Galactic Councils, The Council of Creation, The Mushaba Council and others. Some of it may be very complicated, so do your best to stay with me and I will do my best to explain as clearly as earth words will allow me to.

In this lifetime we of the Mushaba Family made a pact, an unbreakable pact before entering this lifetime. Some of the family came as their original selves and some of the family came as what is called a bubble up which is another creation of the original self. The original self is involved directly in this bringing forth of this bubble up. A bubble up in the short explanation is where two beings or more come together and lend their essences in the birthing of another being from the original. The bubble up is born as all the others are, and the way this happens is as if you can imagine how something bubbles over. There is so much love that is the core of these bubble ups that the love bubbles over and flows into this being that is in its mother’s womb. Also, there are other beings that lend their essences to this bubble up that is instilled as part of the essence of this being.

(You can find a great deal of information in the upcoming New Book Release called Open Your Eyes You Can See-The Maldion Story- A Leader Hiding in Time. This is a fascinating account of a being that underwent an amazing transformation from a frumpy middle aged man to an amazing being of great and magnificent Light and Power. He was sought after by both the Light and The Dark because they each knew that what this being carried would change the balance between dark and light and whoever had him on their side would have the power to take over the universe. This being Maldion was neither dark nor light).

I am going to share with you what a part of our pact was. One of the main components of our pact was that no one was to die this lifetime but we would all stand together at the end of the day as one in our God Oneness. We would not die to ascend, but ascend into our true selves and God Oneness while still living in the earth body! This was agreed upon by Creator, and the Mushaba Council, as well as others that were involved in this decision.

As all of you who have been reading the information that Porda has been providing, you are aware that Porda passed away on October 22, 2013 at 4:15 am. I share this again for new readers that may have not known this information before now. Everyone was in total shock because we had an unbreakable pact and no one was to die, period! Even when he was at his worst during his illness we were told that he would seemingly be getting worst and then he would suddenly bounce back with a renewed strength and vigor never experienced before. We were constantly being told by Spirit right up to the moment that he left this plane that he would not die.

So we wondered what happened. How could this unbreakable pact be broken? How could this contract that was bound by agreement of Creator and the councils be broken? Because this happened we were left numb for awhile. However, we still continued to move onward and forward in spite of the pain of the loss. The thing is we knew that he wasn’t gone, but he was not physically with us on this plane. We knew that we could communicate with him and see him in his spirit form, but to us it still was not the same as him being here where we could touch and hug etc. Soon we settled in pretty quickly because we had so many laughs and wonderful memories of him. It was as if he was still here with us physically.

We found out from Papa Force what happened and why it happened. His level of service to Creation and all of humanity cannot be put into words. Papa made the ultimate sacrifice and we as a family suffered the ultimate sacrifice. However, once we understood the what, and the why, and it gave us so much inner peace and resolve. We were so exceptionally proud of Papa Force for what he chose to do for the sake of his family and all of humanity. 

 I will share with you now directly from Porda what he shared with his family of earth.


Porda/Papa Force

“Dear Son Anakhanda and Family, in the contract for this last lifetime I had, my death was not a part of the package. The earth was supposed to have ascended while I was still in the earth physical body. As you know it did not materialize. I suspected that there was something that went wrong. I had the deep knowing that something was off and was not coming together as it should have. I also knew that we as a humanity should not have had to make that choice, that sacrifice to delay our ascension for more people to step up to the plate. So I needed to investigate this matter. I was able to change my contract, but only was I able to change it by giving myself up to death. This was the only way that I could investigate the problem directly. I had to do it from the spirit realm. Spirit never told you any untruth, for they didn’t even know that I was going to make that decision until the moment I made it. So they were telling you what they knew because they also knew that my contract was not to die. They were as surprised as you were dear family.

After transitioning, I did some intense study and analysis of how contracts were handled, how behind schedule we were, for the earth ascension had fallen far behind, once I found out what had happened I had to act. First, living in higher dimensions, I was able to review the main actors of the ascended new earth. On the Nexus, everyone wants the arrival of the new earth as soon as possible. After planning, checking on various Beings, I came up with a plan that would help to hasten the arrival of the total ascension of the earth to the 5th dimension with its qualified population. To accomplish it, I devised a plan to secure financial, technical and energetic means to help those individuals involved to successfully accomplish its means during and after the earth ascension. I was able to see that my family among others was at the forefront of these plans for earth ascension.

Mushaba and the Councils are supportive of and approved those plans and means that I outlined above. One of the energetic means I had to urgently get was a guarantee that no one in my earth Family (who are working together teaching Mushaba Energy courses) would have to make the ultimate sacrifice as I did. One was enough, and I was the one that broke the pact and I had good sound reason to do so. No one else needed to do that.

Leaving my family knowing that we made this unbreakable pact, I had to break it and It was a hard decision to make, but it was needed. Now I see that it was very important to have someone on the Nexus with “fresh eyes” from earth and its problems to help speed up the whole process of earth ascension to the 5th dimension. These fresh eyes proved to valuable to the Councils, to Mushaba, leader of the Mushaba race and to Creator.

For us in high dimensions, we do not offer perspective on our past life on earth to a person who is still living on earth even if he/she is a cherished member of our family, unless that person asks for it, and that we see that our explanation will help that person to heal or understand much better the struggles he/she is going through. So an exception was made to share some things with my family.

Before I passed away from the earth plane, I had made many out of body visit to the Nexus and had participated in many of the meetings discussing when and how the Mushaba Force should be presented and taught in the whole world in a much faster and precise way. During those meetings, I was made aware again that the Mushaba Family that is currently on earth will play an important role in that work. Looking at the financial, technological and personal limitations we had in order to accomplish that mission, I had to decide how to solve those problems. The first step was to request a Change in my contract so that I can come back on the Nexus to plan from there with a much broader view and with access to much wisdom from Beings of Light and Love. The second step was to do an in depth study of what my family would need to do their assigned work. Third, I had to lobby for my plans, and when approved by the Mushaba Council of 12, I than started to recruit Beings of Light and Love that will help in the application of my plans. And lastly, I started gathering the needed materials or means for the work. 

I want you to know that when I passed from the earth realm, Mushaba and the Council of 12 Elders along with Altros, Commander of the Mother ship Nexus, along with many family members were at hand to welcome me at the Nexus. The night I transitioned, I waited for you Anakhanda to be out of the room for my spirit to definitively leave the body. The reason was to protect you from deep sorrow that may have come upon you for many years after my departure. With your abilities to see many things that are behind the veil, you would have seen how my Spirit was leaving my body to never come back to it and you would have been able to see the team that escorted me from the body to the Nexus. You may have felt abandoned. So, that team felt that it was best for you to be away from my body in another room when my Spirit and soul left it.

I know that the moment I left the body, you immediately awakened and you knew that I had left. What I found that gave me ease was at how balanced and calm you were throughout the entire process of the family grieving and finally disposing of my body through cremation. I was very proud of all of my family as each of you handled yourselves in a calm and intelligent manner. Everyone of course had to get through the initial shock of sudden loss, but you did that wonderfully as well.  So that is all I wish to share, and I hope that this in some way help others who have lost family members even though they may not understand why at the moment. It will all become clear in due time. Many are changing their contracts because they are seeing that they can serve their families and humanity as a whole a great deal better from a higher perspective and support those of you still left in the body.”  

Thank You All!

With Love and Integrity!

Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba



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