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The GCR Madrigal by Awake-in-3D, November 27th

The GCR Madrigal by Awake-in-3D

Received via email by Awake-in-3D at 8:36 PM EST. ~ Dinar Chronicles

GCR Madrigal – Sense and Sensibility
Who’s come to slay the dragon

Come to watch him fall

Making arrows out of pointed words

Giant killers at the call


Too much fuss and bother

Too much contradiction and confusion

Peel away the mystery

Here’s a clue to some real motivation


–Different Strings, by Rush 

A pensive mood of bewilderment, confusion and uncertainty permeates the internet subculture we all call Dinarland. Anyone perusing various websites and portals related to the RV/GCR will quickly find a morass of opinions, dichotomies, ideologies and even philosophies. Trying to make sense of it all is no easy task with so many views and positions presented in a cacophony of conflicting voices.

For many years we bore witness to an evolving scenario from a straightforward revaluation of a conflict-repressed currency – the Iraqi Dinar – through to today’s landscape of multiple currencies and bonds as components of an epic, global event we have dubbed a Global Currency Reset (GCR) or, as I like to call it, a Global Financial Reset (GFR). As one might expect, the mystery, intrigue, ramifications and even mystical implications of a GFR are nothing short of mind-boggling. In an enigmatic and relatively intangible environment such as this, the GCR/GFR has woven a grand tapestry of antagonists, protagonists and a crop of reporters, researchers and bloggers providing a diverse and emotionally charged community, known as Dinarians, with a plethora of material for digestion and discernment.

As with all things steeped within the restless sea of the human condition, the citizens bordered within the Kingdom of Dinarland are exposed to “intel” snippets of disconnected information, speculation and seemingly endless hyperbole. Consequently, this disparate environment has given rise to division and camp-following scattered across a variety of websites and social media portals. Furthermore, some sites and social chat boards actively restrict and even ban members for asking certain questions on issues or concepts related to the GCR/GFR jigsaw puzzle. Now, as most of these sites are privately owned (and privately financed in some cases), certainly the site owners and administrators can exercise whatever rules and policies they deem fit.

However, maybe it is time to broaden our perspective and expand our awareness as a community and discard the shackles of control, blind faith in intel providers, and perpetual narrow-mindedness. After all, the GCR/GFR stands to be the most significant and game-changing financial, economic and humanitarian events of all time. Perhaps now is the time to stop slaying the metaphorical information dragons in Dinarland and come together in exploring questions and aspects of what this Event actually means for the planet and all her inhabitants – a deep dig into the what’s, why’s and how’s.

Big Money 

Big money goes around the world. Big money give and take. Big money done a power of good. Big money make mistakes. Big money got a heavy hand. Big money take control. Big money got a mean streak. Big money got no soul. 


It’s that old-time religion

It’s the kingdom they would rule
It’s the fool on television
Getting paid to play the fool 
It’s the power and the glory
It’s a war in paradise
A Cinderella story
On a tumble of the dice 
–Big Money, by Rush

Much has already been written and espoused on why a GCR/GFR is happening – must happen. I will not expand on this as this subject is outside the purpose for this writing. Suffice it to say, a GFR is arguably the only real solution to the inescapable global sovereign debt spiral caused over the past 100 years by the unchecked commutations and permutations of our current fiat currency system coupled with interest rate and monetary supply “Policy” manipulation managed by Central Banking Authorities (Keynesian Economic Doctrines). Bottom line, the GCR/GFR is a global shift from fiat economics back to asset-backed currency principles coupled with banking and finance regulations designed to establish a non-manipulatable financial foundation for global banking, economics and trade. Nuff said.

In any interpretation of, or point of view on the GCR/GFR, an undeniable component remains a constant – it involves Big Money. Where is this money coming from? The sheer amounts of currency units (U.S. Dollars, for instance) required to fund even a “conservative” example of an RV (revaluation) of the Iraqi Dinar (IQD) is staggering and economically challenging in conventional terms.

For instance, if there are 1 million people who hold an average of 1 million IQD and there is an RV from the current IQD rate of $0.00086/IQD to a new rate of $3.50/IQD, it would require a capital outlay of liquid cash equivalent to $3.50 Trillion to exchange these IQD into USD. These IQD technically would have to be underwritten by $3.50 Trillion from somewhere… would that be Iraq? Not likely since the real GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of the entire Iraqi economy was only $170 Billion in 2015. On top of this, the M1 Monetary Supply (M1 is the measure of liquid currency in cash and Demand Deposit bank accounts) of Iraq was around 72 Trillion IQD according to the World Bank – actually, this M1 number is likely much higher since individual Dinarians and private, aggregated IQD groups likely hold nearly this much in IQD notes. If one does the math, reaching a rate of even $1.00 per IQD, much less $3.50 per IQD is economically impossible. There is not enough oil in the world, much less in Iraq, to fund and reconcile this IQD rate conversion. Not without a LOP and/or a large amount of the IQD notes outstanding made instantly redundant (non-usable) as recently happened in India where the Indian government rendered 85% of their country’s outstanding currency notes worthless overnight – leaving all foreign holders of Indian Rupee owning worthless paper (non-exchangeable).

Add to this the even higher capital outlays and funding requirements to finance the RV and exchanges of the Vietnamese Dong (VND) – which portends a much higher rate of return than the IQD and Dinarland holding much, much higher amounts on average. And then… the Zimbabwe Dollar Bond/Notes which will purportedly blow away the exchange return rates of every currency in the GCR combined. In fact, the compensation rates are reportedly so high for the ZIM, a single holder of only a few ZIM 100 Trillion notes can garnish a bank account worth more than the entire GDP of the United States (U.S. GDP is approximately $16 Trillion annually). Then there are the Historical Chinese Bonds, such as the Super Petchili’s and others which reportedly will yield billions (and even trillions) of U.S. Dollars in return per Bond Box.

In essence, if one believes in the GCR/GFR, one is accepting, by default, that there must exist somewhere a financial facility or monetary mechanism for funding this global Event equivalent to hundreds of times the total Gross Domestic Product (economic output) of the entire global economy combined. Yes, Big Money to be sure!

For the purposes of this article, I am going to assume that a funding facility and/or mechanism does exist. If you do not agree, that’s understandable. However, if you are reading this, you are likely a holder of some or all of these currencies or bonds (assets) and thus, by not asking or understanding where the funds are coming from, one would deductively negate any plausible reason for electing to participate in the GCR/GFR in the first place. One way or another, open-mindedness and awareness expansion is certainly a prerequisite to thinking that one would be able to benefit from this event in any eventual outcome. Whether it is only IQD, or a cadre of currencies and historical assets, the sheer amounts of funds necessary to realize any such RV/GCR exchange/redemption/swap are literally enormous no matter how one peels the onion.

The next logical and realistic step in grasping the GCR/GFR big picture is the awareness that wherever this kind of Big Money is involved, there will certainly exist a host of the usual players involved, at all levels of finance and government, that will seek to profit and gain from such transactions and money movements – lawyers, bankers, politicians at the strategic levels along with brokers, flippers, traders and even charlatans permeating the tactical levels as profiteering middlemen. One should expect a whole lot of plays being made throughout the processes of this Big Money Event.

A grand plan of this magnitude would have to be fluid and flexible in order to navigate the sea of sharks and myriad agendas – and this means that by choosing to participate, Dinarians should maintain a long-haul view of the overall GCR process, free of definitive expectations of dates, rates, back walls and deadlines before eventually benefiting from such a massive Event.

Something for Nothing 
Waiting for the winds of change to sweep the clouds away
Waiting for the rainbow’s end to cast its gold your way
Countless ways, you pass the days
Waiting for someone to call and turn your world around 
You don’t get something for nothing
You don’t get freedom for free
You won’t get wise with the sleep still in your eyes
No matter what your dreams might be. 
–Something for Nothing, by Rush 

Why are we all here in Dinarland? What drives us to believe that the GCR/GFR is real? What brought us all here together in this Event we have all referred to as the “roller coaster ride” of a lifetime? Are we all suffering from a self-perpetuating, collective delusion? There has to be a grand purpose for being right here, right now. At least that’s what I believe – certainly a purpose far more noble and meaningful than potentially becoming personally wealthy.

The wait has been long and difficult for many of us. What can we really do ahead of time before funds are authorized for the transaction of our currency or bond assets? We are, after all, only passive beneficiaries in the RV/GCR at this stage of events in motion. We have all lived through endless promises that the wait is over at this point or that. Yet, here we are still waiting.

Many, myself included, have made unwise decisions over the years based upon expectations of near-term financial windfalls. Many have put our lives on hold in a perpetual stasis of waiting, even to a point of desperation. In some cases, we have delayed making critical personal and financial decisions distorted by the hope and belief of an “any minute now” currency exchange. This has led to a need by some to place blame on someone of something for these personal decisions or expectations. Surely frustration and anger have risen to all time levels in Dinarland. We should put these emotions aside and recognize that we chose to be here and be a part of this process. Constantly asking who or what has stopped or delayed the process simply serves no real purpose – and certainly won’t make a difference in the timing or situation at hand. Let’s just put that all aside and take a higher view.

What we can do is strive to understand that we have learned a great deal about the realities of banking, politics, finance and social manipulations that exist in our world today. We can choose to be graciously grateful that when this phase of the GFR concludes, and whatever our participation yields in the form of financial uplifting, we will have knowledge and awareness that we would not have had prior to now. We will come out on the other side of this GCR experience well equipped to proactively change the inequalities and imbalances of which we have educated ourselves. Everything happens for a reason, the long wait included. Perhaps this was the work we had to do, the experience we had to endure in order to earn our place at the table and be a responsible, wise agent of change for a world for all – especially our future generations. After all, does anyone ever really get something for nothing?

I don’t have faith in faith
I don’t believe in belief
You can call me faithless
But I still cling to hope
And I believe in Love
And that’s Faith enough for me. 
–Faithless, by Rush
Economic Development & Humanitarian Projects – 
We are the ones we’ve been waiting for 
A modest man from Mandrake traveled rich to the city. He had a need to discover a use for his newly-found wealth.
Because he was human, because he had goodness, because he was moral they called him insane. Delusions of grandeur, visions of splendor, a manic-depressive he walks in the rain. 
Eyes wide open. Heart undefended. Innocence untarnished. 
In the betrayal of his love, he awakened to face a world of cold reality. And a look in the eyes of the hungry awakened him to what he could do. He held up his riches to challenge the hungry.
Purposeful motion for one so insane. They tried to fight him. They just couldn’t beat him.
This manic-depressive who walks in the rain. 
Cinderella Man, doing what you can. They can’t understand what it means.
Cinderella Man, hang on to your plans. Try as they might they cannot steal your dreams! 
— Cinderella Man, by Rush

Given my acceptance that the source of funds, more accurately called collateral, that make the RV/GCR possible comes from collected assets (gold, silver, etc.) across antiquity through WWII – assets amassed and purposed for the benefit of humanity and the planet – the critical nexus of economic and humanitarian projects within the GCR/GFR plan give a profoundly ethical, benevolent, and moral impetus to this incredible event. I certainly prefer altruistic reasons for GCR/GFR over an arbitrary reason like, “well, we have all of these massive asset accounts, we probably gotta do somethin’ with ‘em!” [LOL]

Clearly the subject matter of late has begun to put more focus on economic development and humanitarian projects than ever before in Dinarland. Could the reason for this be that these types of efforts are tantamount to the main objective of the release of these gargantuan collateral accounts? Furthermore, does it not resonate that these funds be put into the hands of everyday humanity to serve such a magnanimous purpose, rather than being placed into the coffers of governments and agencies who have aptly and incontrovertibly demonstrated throughout history that they consistently fail to serve such noble purposes?

Perhaps a serious proactive effort – beyond just thinking about it – put forth on such Project activities (the key word being “active”) is the work required in Dinarland in order to overcome the getting something for nothing axiom. I say yes it is! I am often reminded of the time several years back when TNT Tony made a definitive and concerted effort to make the sole topic of discussion on his regular conference calls all about “what one would do with the proceeds” obtained from RV/GCR exchanges. That line of discussion was not simply random or arbitrary methinks!

One way or another, these Projects are firmly rooted and ultimately a critical component and rationale behind the Grand Plan. Certainly this Project-based trajectory of words and deeds is a more valuable subject of focus and discussion than “how many zeros will come off of which ZIM note.” But maybe that’s just me projecting my thoughts and beliefs into the equation. Time will tell, but it’s becoming all too evident that we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

I can learn to get along with all the things I don’t know 
I can learn to resist anything but temptation
I can learn to co-exist with anything but pain
I can learn to compromise anything but my desires
I can learn to get along with all the things I can’t explain 
I can learn to resist anything but frustration
I can learn to persist with anything but aiming low
I can learn to close my eyes to anything but injustice
I can learn to get along with all the things I don’t know 
You can surrender without a prayer
But never really pray – pray without surrender 
You can fight without ever winning
But never ever win – win without a fight 
— Resist, by Rush 

The way I see it, we can continue to slay intel/information dragons, pick sides, argue among ourselves and wait for saviors in the form of 800-numbers, New Republics or Galactic/Celestial Confederations. Or we can pick up the ball and run for ourselves. Perhaps a good place to start is in letting go of our predisposed belief systems and rigid views on this event and pursue a different line of open discussion in Dinarland that expand our conscious awareness and break down limits on what this all means and what our roles can be in this historical Event.

We’ve come a long way baby, and we’re ready to take the reins and forge a new world. We can get along with all the things we don’t know, but we’re not going to persist in aiming low. Let’s change the path and the timeline together!

Let’s just summarize key factors and information that’s been scattered around over the years relating to the GCR/GFR. All of this information has been published or posted in one form or another publicly. While this summary will not be completely accurate, it’s likely close enough to get the big picture. Is there any way to definitively prove any of the statements made below? Nope, but one can discern on what makes sense given how many years one has been participating in the GCR/GFR. These are a summary of discussions represented in a quasi-Q&A format.

  • There are stores of value in the form of massive, off-book gold reserves in the world – predominantly in the Asian regions of the planet. It makes sense that these gold reserves are used as hard collateral for what is termed the World Global Settlement Accounts.
  • There exist collateralized accounts domiciled in the form of global Trusts and managed by Trustees charged with utilizing these accounts to the benefit of humanity and the planet. It’s the Trustee’s fiduciary responsibility to execute the mandates (specific, defined purposes) of the Trust. There was never an absolute deadline for this execution, but we appear to be within a highly probable window at this time in history for these Trusts to fulfill their designed purposes.
  • The Trustees consist of designated members within ancient bloodlines (families) from Western Europe to Eastern Asia.
  • We constantly hear about the Royals and Dragon families – the “Elders”. There are purportedly hundreds of such elders intertwined across the GCR/GFR landscape charged with the administrative and facilitative roles of the RV/GCR. Do they really have the authority to release the funds or is there another echelon above this group that actually decides funds access – specifically who, what, and where? Yes there is another echelon.
  • Like in any family or community, are there varying agendas, opinions, disagreements and levels of authority and responsibility within the landscape of Elders, Families and Trustees? Yes.
  • Is it possible that certain pockets of Elders/Families/Trustees have drawn up different plans, strategies and administrative procedures for what we call the “exchange process”? Certainly.
  • Given various geopolitical realities today, is there a schism or differences between what can be called Western Family/Trustee desired direction of World Global Settlement (WGS) account funds versus Eastern Family/Trustee plans for WGS funds disbursements and methodologies? Yes.
  • Do some Families/Trustees potentially have access to WGS funds while others are blocked from WGS funds as of today? That appears to be the case. Specifically, the Western Banking channels versus the Eastern Banking channels and financial infrastructure – the Federal Reserve/European Central Bank cartel versus the non-FED member system.
  • Is it possible that the widely reported and discussed “800-number/Exchange Center” RV/GCR exchange process is the brainchild of the Western Family’s plan? I believe that answer is self-evident.
  • Do the Western Family(ies)/Trustees have access to the WGS account funds or are the funds blocked? I think that answer is also self-evident. How many times have we been told that the 800-numbers are going to be released, and yet they are not? Why would this information even be released ahead of time? We have been told many times that people have been killed trying to bring this Event to fruition (and they have) but yet all of these dates and times are continually “leaked” in advance of such a critically confidential Event? The only thing that makes sense of this is that this information (or dis-information) is put out to “catch the bad guys”. But still, maybe that would work the first or second time, but over and over again for months and years? Remember the old adage, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me!” Are the “bad guys” really that stupid and gullible? I think there is more to this than meets the eye.
  • Are the Rothschild’s included in the Western Families representation? Yep! It is what it is.
  • Are there alliances between some Western Royals/Families and certain Asian Families/Trustees (Dragon Families)? I would say that is highly likely given the constant flow of “intel” saying that the exchanges will happen today/tomorrow/this weekend… so many details in advance, but when nothing happens, no details or reasons are anywhere to be found. This makes no sense.
  • Why would the Western Families set up such an elaborate exchange process and infrastructure if they have no access to WGS funds? I have my own speculations on that, but it’s best I don’t make those conclusions public right now.
  • Does this mean the whole 800-number/Exchange Center plan is null and void? No. Not at all. But again I can’t elaborate my conclusions on that subject. Let’s just say that the Western Banking system needs to provide assurances and proof that certain changes have been made that guarantee integrity.
  • Is there any significance to the so called “private groups” and are they relevant in the overall process? Yes, but not in the way portrayed in Dinarland rumor mills. Obviously, by definition, private groups are “private” and most are contained within strict NDAs which is why there isn’t and won’t be any public posts by those involved in such groups. The layers and structures are varied and complex and there is no set template or singular instruction manual. There are many intermediaries and multiple layers of aggregation in some cases. Also, there are a lot of funding source connections and/or affiliations to different families, sovereigns, and banking systems (East and West). The significant relevance is related to the Economic & Humanitarian funding level access. All is highly compartmentalized and controlled environment and that’s all that can be said.
  • How are these seemingly unrealistic, super-high rates even possible? Wouldn’t that cause significant currency debasement (devaluation) and produce hyperinflation in any given economy such as the USA? Under traditional circumstances, yes. But the WGS accounts will manifest technically as massive secured lines of credit (secured by gold, etc. as collateral) at a primary (sovereign) level, which can be utilized to finance various GCR activities. Credit lines are not included in M1 Monetary Supply metrics and consequently won’t dilute a sovereign currency supply. The funds will flow out into an economy via transactions for goods and services (especially Projects). As the funds circulate into and within the economy, it grows, as an economy grows and strengthens (GDP), it can handle a higher monetary supply without inflation (currency devaluation). At least that’s the best way I can understand it.
  • Is the ZIM important? Yes, very. Nuff said.
  • What is the key in the way we should be solidifying our Economic & Humanitarian Projects? There are a few key things to get on paper as opposed to just having an “idea” of what one would want to do:
  1. A paragraph that effectively describes the Project from a high level view.
  2. A paragraph that describes the overall impact that the Project will have on what.
  3. Estimated number of employees (jobs) and funds necessary to start the Project (Start-up)
  4. Estimated total number of employees (jobs) that will be created and the estimated total amount of funds required to execute the mission/objectives of the Project over a specific period of time (such as 3, 5, 10 years, etc.).
  5. Note: Donating to an existing charity or foundation is not a Project.