Love is our new reality

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Quan Yin via Elaine DeGiorgio, November 26th, 2017


Dear Children,

I Guan Yin, have come forth this day to give you great encouragement in these days of great challenge. To bring forth hope, to bring forth peace, to bring forth compassion, to bring forth mercy.

Now is the time for the earth to forgive. For the abundance of Mercy is with you all at this time.

Many timelines have surpassed the great challenges and temptations. We have embraced and we have learnt from the lessons of past.

Now it is time to move forward in love peace and compassion. 

Many conflicts take place in our daily lives and around the world. These are sent to test us to try us. Now is the time to rise above this. These are lessons, this is the learning of the heart. Something you have set into motion when you made your journey to the earth plane. Now is the time for world peace. Send your thoughts and prayers around the world. 

Many changes embrace you all at this time. You are being faced with a tide of great change upon your Earth. We are working with you all at this time as there will be great change facing your Nations.

We embrace the essence this day of what your earth planet needs for it’s next stage in her evolution for you have come forth to the Earth in this now to anchor and to embrace the rays of Compassion, of Mercy, and of Healing, like you have never done so before.

We are now entering into a new Golden Age of Light and Love upon your Earth.

The Earth is now ascending but there are many Souls that have much work to do to embrace these Divine Energies within. 

Dear children, there is right now a great magnetic pull as you are releasing all that is past. All is as intended. Allow yourself to flow with the water going down the stream as you connect with your crystaline self. Allow this vibration to come through and to surround you with love and with light.

Know that you are on a journey and as you embark on this journey of great knowing, this journey of enlightenment, you will connect more with who you really are and what you have come forth to the Earth to do in this now.

For many of you are now on the paths of great expansion. As you connect with me and my many Goddess Names you will connect more with your inner qualities. 

I invite you dear ones to create a Divine Space for yourselves – a Divine Space within your Hearts for it is there that I will connect with you, it is there that you will feel the flow of Compassion and of Mercy in these challenging times. It is there that I will show you the beauty of your Soul. It is there that I will assist you in your expansion, in your growth and in your ascension.

As you connect within you will see the new dawn is at hand, a new creation. And you have come forth to be part of this Divine Plan. Like Eons of past where we have gathered to bring forth the Ages, so be it again. We are here again to bring forth the New Golden Age of Light. 

Now is the time to unite in love and healing and let that flow.

I AM Guan Yin and I speak through Elaine this day. – Channel: Elaine DeGiorgio