Love is our new reality

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Quan Yin via Erena Velazquez, May 29th, 2020

I am Quan Yin and I am happy to be back. It has been a while since my message has been channeled by my favorite channel.
A lot of things changed in the world, you have been closed up in your homes for two in a half months now, and everyone experienced this on the whole planet, in every country. Now, your slowly are coming back to your life, but it doesn’t seem the same. The world looks the same, but it doesn’t feel the same, life has changed since you were staying at home. The energies are different and your feeling different, and the reason is your were still moving towards Ascension as you were doing before even during these chaos times. The process continued to move forward, and you are now more awake than ever, and a lot of you are becoming awake and conscious of surroundings.
I want to talk to you about, what are the basics you need to do for yourself. You should start to feel and explore, who you really are as a person inside, on the soul level. Start questioning why you are here and the answers will come to you. All of the Ascended Masters, including myself, we are all helping you here to get ready for your Ascension from 3D to 5D. I already spoke about Ascension in my previous channeling. Today, I would like to mostly focus on your progression since the day, I spoke to you last time.
As I mentioned before, many of you are becoming more conscious and are questioning your government about, why are they taking your rights away. They always did, but you never paid attention, your were too busy running around and taking care of your families, going to work and you never had a minute to sit down and breath. Now, you had two in a half months to sit, breath and reflect on your life and question why your life is the way it is. The reason is, some of you know now, you never really had a life, because you were always in a survival mode, you never really lived your life to the fullest, somebody was always telling you or directing you were to go or what to do.
As you know, I am here to support you and help you to see who you are and guide you through this process. The first question you should ask yourself is why are you here, all of you came here to help Earth and Humanity to move to the next stage in their evolution, but this happened many years ago and you end up being stuck here, because your souls would not leave this planet. They were forced to reincarnate, life after life. This is going to stop and your not going to be reincarnating life after life here on Earth because a lot of you are Starseeds, Light Warriors, Light Workers and etc. Your going to go and do other projects like helping with other planets in the galaxy or your going to just stay on your own planet and continue to live your life the way you want to, not being forced and told how to live your life.
I would like to suggest for you to start feeling and expressing gratitude for simple things in your life, especially during these uncertain times. Like being grateful for nature, for having food on your table, and for having a job, even if you don’t like your job at this moment, but a moment will come when you will be enjoying what your doing, because you will be able to choose what you want to do in your new reality, with each day that passes your new reality is appearing more and more on the horizon, where all your dreams will come true.
For now, I would recommend for you to start meditating, what has been mentioned by every Ascended Master, because that would give you some insight on who you are and what is your mission here. Most of you came here to help and take this planet to a higher dimension and help the humans on Mother Earth to evolve and become Galactic Humans, so they would be accepted to The Galactic Federation, not yet, but the time is coming.
I ask for all of you to please, start being gentle to each other, forgiving each other and don’t fight with each other about little things, be kind and help others who have less than you. How can you help them you ask, if they don’t have food just share with them your food, if they don’t have clothes, give them your clothes. I know that you have too many clothes, all of you don’t need all these things, but some people will be grateful, when you hand them some of your clothes.
I am Quan Yin, I would like for you to start living as one consciousness, to get united with each other, and stop looking and finding excuses to fight with each other about small things, they really don’t matter. The Negative Side is always trying to divide you and have you fighting with each other about everything, because they know once you stop fighting with each other and come together as one big family, one consciousness you will change this world to a new reality to 5D reality, where they will not be able to live and survive in the high vibration of unconditional love on Mother Gaia. The only thing that matters is the future, the good future, in the moment you fight now or you disagree or feel abandoned by somebody, everything is just temporary and meaningless, because when you get to the new stage of your life, it will be in The New Golden Age. Then you will have everything what you need and there will be nothing missing in your life, so please focus on your spiritual growth, by studying spiritual books and finding out what spirituality means, basically start finding balance in your life.
After having your life stopped abruptly by your government for two in a half months, you had plenty of time to think about things, and you have now some idea what you like to do, like being able to go outside, when you want to and not to be told by your government when you can go outside. A lot of people started spending time outdoors, they want to get away and get a break from the gloom and doom atmosphere of the news media on television, and from all the problems the government leaders created with this showdown. Go outside now, it’s spring now, a beautiful time of the year, enjoy the outdoors, breath nice fresh air and connect with nature, go and hug the trees, they are very bright and have a lot of history and seen a lot, they can share with you some wisdom or listen to the birds, look at the sun or just sit on the grass and enjoy the fresh smell of grass. Let nature surround you with the atmosphere of peace and harmony and feed your soul, feel the love of Mother Gaia in your heart.
It’s about simplicity in life, it’s not about materialistic or other things in your life, they don’t have any meaning, the only meaning you have is who you are as a spiritual being and what you can share with the world and how you can help the world heal, you know yourselves that world is in a lot of pain right now. A lot of people lost their jobs, some of them don’t have anything, because they didn’t have much even before the government close them down and kept them at home. They lost everything they had, they spent all their money and all their little savings they had, so please start looking around and see if any of your neighbors or anyone you know need your help, if they need your help, help them anyway you can. A little gesture of kindness will make a big difference in someones life, they will feel hopeful and loved that someone actually cares about them during these tough times. Let communities help and take care of each other. You know by now that your government doesn’t care about the people at all, you have to wait many weeks or even months to receive the little help they send, which usually doesn’t even cover all of the basic needs.
I am here to unite you, I am here to bring the peace and harmony, I always loved looking at nature, enjoying peace, serenity and balance when I was here on Earth. I was always hoping that one day the world would have that and that it would come to Earth, but it’s taking much longer than I expected too. This is why, I decided to comeback and be channeled, because I want to help by giving you hope and by guiding and supporting you. I am always with you, if you ask for my presence, I will connect with you, you just ask and say my name and I will come and join you. You know what my favorite flower is, so if you see that flower, you can always touch that flower and I will appear by your side.
I don’t need to tell you, you know my favorite flower is Lotus, it always represents me who I am and it always will. The same thing I see in you, I see you as beautiful light beings, who decided to come here to help others to evolve, and it’s time to move to the next level of Ascension. This process already moved more ahead since the last time I spoke with you and it continues to push forward. Many things are taking place behind the scenes and you know that yourselves, you can feel it that something is changing in the world and the world is becoming different.
One thing you probably noticed there were no wars or disagreements during these 2 in a half months, there was no pollution either, there were no planes flying around, which pollute a lot. There were less cars on the road and less people too and nature responded right away, it showed beauty,  grace and start breathing and being beautiful again, because it could finally rest and recover. Nobody was torturing her or constantly cutting her, everyone was at home and nature got revived. The same thing happened with the air, it became fresh and clean, no pollution, the sky became blue and the oceans became cleaner. This is amazing just in 2 in a half months what the nature can do on it’s own.
If nature can do all this on it’s own in just few months, imagine what people can do when they unite and become one consciousness, one love. You can change your world starting with simple things, by helping others to appreciate and enjoy simple pleasures in their life, like having food on the table, a place to sleep and having a job, so please help each other. Don’t look at each like your enemies, you are all the same, your one consciousness, one soul, one big family, one big happy universal family. Remember dear ones, love is universal, it has no boundaries or limits, expressing love should be as natural and beautiful as watching flowers blooming in the spring time.
Please be kind and love each other, protect and respect each other, the same way as I respect all of you. I was very grateful to be here today and I send you my message of love, hope and encouragement to all of you.
Thank you, I am Quan Yin and I will be back again.