Love is our new reality

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Quan Yin via Susan Leland, February 9th

Kuan Yin:
“Be in Compassionate Love,
with Forgiveness 
and Gratitude for All!”
Ashtar On The Road Teleconference  
February 9, 2016

“I am Kuan Yin. And I come to you in the Holiness and the Purity of the Light of Love, for that is Who We All Are, Most Beloved Family – Brothers and Sisters in the Light, sharing a Mission together, to come together into the most golden time ever on Planet Earth, because it will be fully conscious and aware!  It will be a time of focusing upon the Brotherhood/Sisterhood, not only of all of Humanity but of all of the Kingdoms of our great Earth Mother, Gaia, and beyond – a time of reunions with all who come from the stars and the suns, moons, planets, and the systems beyond your Solar System, as well as within.  And we shall be most Joyful at connecting with our own Solar System families! The Kumaras are here in grand numbers.  And those of us who come from the Light join with you, for you are beautiful Lights unto yourselves!!!

“Now I would speak to you of Compassion,  and I urge you to understand completely my words.  Your Lights are known by all -seen or felt or sensed in some manner – because you see, we are a Family, a collective, a community.  We are in Communion, or in joining in partnership with all of the Lightworkers here upon the Planet and below, and with all who come from beyond Planet Earth.  Some are not embodied in any kind of a human form that is recognizable, and so we are referred to as those above.  But the reality of it is that we are with you as much as you are with us, because we are One always with your Lights and always with those parts of you which are always in the Higher Realms where only Light exists!

“And so I am here to remind you to be in Compassionate Love. There are so many, so many who are clinging to their dark hats, but are so afraid.  They have derived their powers by instilling fear into the population of Planet Earth.  And now, they themselves are knowing what fear really feels like. Oh, they’ve all been raised – you know their days of their childhood have been governed by fear in order that they would follow the path of their parents and ancestors, these ones that are called the illuminati or the cabal.  They have had a difficult and challenging time, but none seems as difficult to them as that which they are facing in this moment, which is the end of their rule and the return to the Light, if they will do so.

“There are some who have already been uncreated by Mother Sekhmet and it is only their clones and their holograms that are visible in the third dimensional arena.  There are more who will choose that, but there are some who, if it were not for the fear of what their families and their associates would say, want to come to the Light!  They have seen enough or felt enough LoveLight that they want to come, and so it is to make them welcome! 

“It is to be in Compassionate and Loving Forgiveness.  It is to honor them for the challenges that they have faced, and for overcoming in a sense, or clearing those challenges enough from their beings that they, too, would come into the Light. They all have the ability so to do, even those who have been of the reptilian genetics!  There isn’t one who may not do so, if they are still in existence.  They have had free will working for them. They have taken advantage of it, and now it is for them to determine whether or not they will overcome their fear enough to find a new free will – a path that is individually their own – each and every one of them to join you, Beloved Family, in the Light, for they are Family, too, and it is only for them to choose!

“And so when you reach out, when you send the LoveLight, I ask that you do so particularly for these ones.  Oftentimes they carry so much guilt – the karmic baggage which Ashtar spoke of* – it is almost suffocating to them.  It is as though their entire beings are chained with it. The LoveLight can break those chains!!!

“And so, even as you focus upon readying yourselves and preparing yourselves for this grand age, the Golden Age, I ask you, Beloved Ones, to include even those who seem to have the darkest of Hearts, and please to be Compassionate and be Forgiving – which is by Sananda’s definition, to be without judgment.  Let go of the judgment!!!  Ashtar has often said, and I will repeat this because it bears repeating and it is most helpful – if you happen to think of someone, see that one as a child, a very young child, and be in understanding of the challenges that child faced in order to literally divest that one of free will and replace it with programmed attitudes of superiority and so on and so on. There is no such thing as one being destined to rule or have control over another. That was a convenient program made up by those who wanted to rule and control!

“And so it is that everyone’s destiny is to be in control of one’s own self – and that is all!  Parents have particular responsibilities to raise their children and when it is not done so with Love – when there is an element of cruelty, extreme cruelty as these ones faced in their childhoods, without exception – those who are on the very top of the dark hat ladder, and in fact, those underneath were treated with cruelty deliberately by their parents, their teachers, their mentors, and so on, in order that they would not show Mercy or Compassion to others.

So, by showing them Compassion – and remember you can go back to the very moment of their births and help them to clear the darkness from their own lives – it may not change the facts of what happened in the third dimensional dramas, but it will clear the emotions and the programs and the attitudes that they have now!  Give some thought to this and help them to come into the Light!  You all can see an obvious advantage to this, which is that it will make the Golden Age that much purer, that much more Joyful, that much more Peaceful and, of course, it will arrive that much sooner, as you keep time in the third dimension.  And after all, the overall purpose is to move up and out of the third dimension!!!

“And when they stand before the World, when you see them on your internet, or on your televisions, or wherever, and they are standing at their trials, thank them!!!  Thank them for showing the world what is not Compassion, what is not Love, and send them even more!  Yes, they have to account for their actions, but it is the Divine Right of every soul created to know Divine Love. And that is what we can do together, Beloved Ones, and that is being in Compassion and Forgiveness and truly expressing High Dimensional Love as it is in you, as you were created from the very beginning!!!

“I love you all so much and I am so Joyful to be here with you, and I thank you for listening because you, Beloved Ones, are listening not just with your physical senses, but with your Hearts! And that is where all Compassion originates!!!  And that is where we join together in this Communion, and in all to come, offering our Loving, Compassionate Forgiveness and Gratitude to all who have arrived at this moment – and beyond – to enter into the Golden Age together!!!  Thank you, my Most Beloved Family!  And so it is.  Namaste!”

Transcription by Marta.
Given through Susan Leland, February 9, 2016.
© Ashtar On The Road Publications 2004-2016. All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted.