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Questions & Answers w/ Yosef – January 29, 2017 – Part 2


Questions & Answers w/ Yosef – January 29, 2017 – Part 2

Received via email at 2:10 AM EST for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles

Questions & Answers – January 28, 2017

Part 1 | Part 3

Q: Are there going to be state taxes accessed on our exchange?

A: No state or federal taxes.  But any income you receive from interest earned will be taxed.  Say on structured payouts.  So be aware.
Q: Are my assets protect in a Nevada Trust or would it be better to exchange in Nevada, verses say California?
A: There’s no up front advantage to a Nevada or Delaware Trust per see, but over time perhaps.  No state taxes in Florida or Nevada I suppose, states like that.  However  you’ll have to prove residency which gets into deceptive practices which I know there closing the loopholes on.  So just per this exchange, since there are no state or federal taxes, exchange closer to home.  It’s the safest and most prudent play.
Q:  How can a currency exchanger guarantee their physical safety and their currency be protected from theft from people within the callcenter?
A: Wow.  We’re that paranoid are we.  I guess it’s a matter of trust.  Remember, if you’re getting a nickel all the nickels are safe, as is your person.  Be free from worry and stop creating drama.
Q: Do they have the right to just “claim’ that the currency is fraudulent (even though it’s not) and just confiscate the currency?
A: All real or authentic currency will be taken, all non authentic currency will not be redeemed and handed back.  No drama.

Q: Can a currency exchanger take an attorney and or security/body guard to their exchange appointment?
A: Yes you can take an attorney, just make sure you properly prep the professional (accountant, tax specialist, estate planner, wealth manager, mom, mad, cousin, brother, neighbor, etc.).  Remember, this is your exchange experience, not there’s.  Don’t let anyone muddy the waters.  And if you’re not prepared by now, don’t expect them to be either.
Q: Is the General 64 group still in play? 
A: If it is, they will contact you.  But I know there’s no advantage to a group anymore.  The Elders wanted the regular people no the street to get the highest rates, as well as the most protection.  You help the Elders by giving out the money, as that’s their mission in all of this… to get God’s wealth out to His children in need.  That’s why there’s a currency redemption and why you are needed to do humanitarian projects that also create jobs.
Q: I am resident of Brazil. One DC source suggested that non-USA residents contact 800# in the USA. My experience is that 800# work just from within the nation and cannot be accessed from abroad.  Will we get 800# for nations other than the USA like Brazil? 
A: Brazil is large nation that’s in the BRICS alliance, there’s have exchange centers.  Again, call HSBC anywhere in the world if you’re looking to exchange.  Bank of China is another.  Chase is another.  ANZ is another.  Bank of Canada is another.  TD bank is another.  The bigger the bank, the better your chances of going into that bank for exchanges.  It’s a global event… you’ll have a chance and place to redeem.
Q: In Brazil HSBC just closed down its activities one year ago.  Can I exchange at HSBC in Switzerland (I have Swiss passport)?
A: There’s a Citibank in Brasil, also Bank of Brazil I’m sure is exchanging currency.  Again, call all the top banks in your country until you get a positive response.  Try and stay in country… bad karma traveling with currency… avoid it at all costs post RV… remember this is not like cash post RV, it is cash.
Q: The currency I have is Dong, and I am thinking not a large sum of it in comparison to what other’s hold.  How much affect will this have regarding my significance in the currency exchange.  
A: None, but it will change where you are directed to exchange and how quickly you might get into an exchange center.  ZIM holders go first due to volume and safety.
Q: Will people with larger sums of currency get priority in regards to appointments?  
A: Absolutely.  Only makes sense, right.  ZIM holders are the priority.  Period.
Q: Will exchange rates be mostly judged by humanitarian projects and the qualifications of the person with the currency? 
A: Yes and no.  They’ll evaluate the client on a grading system, and whether you have direct humanitarian projects or not, they’ll try and place each client with an appropriate amount for their capacity level.  They don’t want to over burden people who are not ready for massive sums of money.
Q: What are the most important things for me to convey when I go to my currency meeting?
A: Speak from the heart.  Share what you love.  Don’t get too deep into your story.  Only that you have plans to do great works and specific passion in mind.  Sometimes brevity wins the day, not volumes of tear filled sentences about how you’re going to save the world.
Q: Does the 80/20 rule still apply, meaning should 80% go to my humanitarian projects and 20% goes to me personally?
A: Whatever is splits are agreed to by you with God is the right percentage.  However ZIM holders should really think about 99% / 1% as a split, the money is just that big.  I’m doing 99.999% to 00.001%.  But that’s me. Your call.  And if  you have other currencies not named ZIM, 80/20 could be fine percentage and morally accurate.  Again, your call.  I only care about your soul, not your bulging accounts.
Q: If I turn my project over to the bank to run my project, will I still be included in the decision making and receive a salary?
A: Turning the project over to a bank is the last resort… find a family member, friend, groom a younger person or leave it to a charity or college to fulfill your philanthropic dreams.  Banks won’t care.  Especially not now.
Q: I am 61 and my project will span more than 100 years or until all of man-kind has awakened, how long should I extend my settlement?

A: Take the longer structured payout and will the remaining  years to family or institutions.  My advice.

Q: I am elderly and do not drive. I have no one to drive me (and have told no one about currency); can I hire a town car?  
A: Absolutely.  Call you church or a church in your area and explain you need a ride into town.  Then bless the church for 100 years if they send someone.  Take lemons and make lemon aide.  We need to think creatively with all this money.
Q: After the RV, can a person go and purchase land in Zimbabwe with Zimbabwe currency?  
A: As long as you’re doing no harm with your spending, you should be able to do as you please.  Land included.  Zimbabwe’s currency is not yet 100% known in the minds of foreign investors.  I would wait a bit before purchasing additional ZIM.  Zimbabwe takes Chinese Yuan everywhere, as it’s the new national currency.  Try CNY.
Q: Should we leave our Dong, Rial, Afghani and Rupiah at home if we have ZIM?
A: No take all currencies with you, unless you plan on gifting it away.  But take in all ZIM no matter what.  That currency is just too valuable to leave in your home–IMHO.
Q: Do I have to mention any other ZIM deals Iike Platform Trades overseas?
A:  I wouldn’t mention it, but if they ask answer them directly and honestly.  As long as you submitted the trade before the exchange you should be fine.
Q: Should I just pull out the receipts and leave the currencies in the car?
A: Take everything into the exchange with you, and present to them only what is asked for.  Don’t offer anything that is not asked for.
Q: Will there be a database with projects so that humanitarians can see what is being done, and where, so that duplicate projects can be avoided?  And also so that complimentary projects can be started?
A: There will be duplicate projects because there are 30 million people expected to redeem worldwide.  And yes you can do complimentary projects after your redemption exchange.  Anything that helps humanity and does no harm.  Go get ’em!
Q: Any chance that someone can start a database of logistical experts to assist with the more complicated aspects of the humanitarian plans, in case the teams and contacts of the bank have limited experience in certain particular areas?
A: Funny, that’s part of what I’m doing.  Supporting the service workers globally. Processing data is my biggest concern out of the gate.  So many to help, how do you keep track of it all, and how do you protect and analyze the data.
Q: Language barriers will be one of the biggest challenges in trying to assist globally in so many different countries.  Especially for the many indigenous ones, and also dialects that vary from region to region.  Would anyone be willing to build a database of language translators that can be hired and used as needed?  
A: I’ll be working on that.  But we need an army honestly.  Anyone with interest can certainly take up the cause.
Q: My concern is not about money, but about the integrity of President Trump’s V.P given the reports on you tube of Tory Smith.  Can you give
me assurances about the selected Republican team?
A: No.  I trust the Chinese, Russians and White Knights have chosen wisely.  But no matter, I’m to do my part as God has instructed and let God handle the rest.  I suggest you do the same and not worry about outside factors that pull you away from your sacred mission.
Q: My husband and I are traveling to So. Cal 2/7 and plan to be there for 1 week.  We have ZIM, Dong and a briefcase full of Dinar.  If the RV happens while we are there, it may be difficult to fly back home quickly enough.  Any Thoughts?
A: Call and set your appointment immediately, but give yourself a few days to return home and gather up your currency in your own zip code. then proceed as normal.  When you set the appointment is more important than when you actually go in.
Q: Some are saying that we only have ONE chance to exchange. Do you think we would be able to exchange Dinar when we return at high rates even though we’ve already exchanged our Zim and Dong?

A: I believe they will have ZIM exchange centers open for some time after the initial wave of first redeemers, however I believe the sovereign rates will only be available for those paying close attention, and thus only available for those making an appointment in the first 48 hours after the numbers are released to the Internet public.  If you only have a few notes of IQD or VND, you can go in anytime and not much will change.  It’s really for the bigger currency holders and ZIM holders that will  make the biggest negative net impact if you miss the first window.

Q: I am having a hard time believing there are ET ships and galactics/aliens assisting us. Can the RV/GCR happen without them?

A: In a word, no.  They’re the higher intelligence guiding the Chinese and Russians forward, all humanity really.  They exist.  They are here.  They have been here.  And they are very advanced.  Deal with it.  The hard truth is your afraid of change and/or reality and/or both.  Great blessings involve great burdens.  If you don’t want to ascend, please don’t take the sovereign rates.  You’ll be absolutely miserable.

Q: When these 800#s come available through the Internet, are going to exchange days, weeks, or months before the public?  

A: Yes, yes and yes.  I don’t know the exact date other than soon.
Q: If all banks must be Basel III compliant by February 1, does this mean all currencies must be gold backed before then as well?
A:  Yes.
Q: And if all currencies are gold backed, does that mean all exchanges are also gold backed?
A:  Yes.  It’s the whole system of finance that is now gold backed, not just a portion.
Q: Is it true that the Internet Group will be going to Tier 3 facilities while public will be going to Tier 4 for exchanges?
A: Yes that is what the off site locations are for primarily. But both T3 and T4 facilities might be used depending on what city you live in.
Q: Will there be a redemption location in Hawaii to redeem my currencies?
A: Yes, all the islands will be covered with redemption sites.  No worries, brah!
Q: With everything supposedly already done per your own Intel, what is holding us up from being able to do our exchange?
A: Great question.  Timing maybe.  Synchronicity with other nations and banking systems.  Safety.  All of the above.  When everything is just right, then we will go, and not a second before.  They only get once change to transition the world remember.  What’s the rush:)?
Q: Why was T1-T3 able to exchange already, and with T4 (The Internet Group) from what I read, it seems like a massive undertaking?
A: T1 (Central Banking System); T2 (Governments); T3 (Private Banks) all needed to be  hydrated so T4-T7 (Public Banks) can redeem.  It has to do with creating an up and down trading stream to process all this new money that’s being entered into the money supply.  Very solid macroeconomic reasons I assure you.

Q: Why does T4 need to wait for an 800#? 

A: T4 are the global retail banks and they deal with the public.  Thus they deal with the most volume and need a contact pathway that everyone can access.  T1-T3 money flow is much smaller and the players are known and part of the silent diplomatic endeavor.
Q: Is it possible we need to see the new UN Operational Rates of Exchange published (httpss:// for each of the first basket of currencies (including IQD & VND), that are indicative of a RV going live, before we will be given the 800#’s, in order to make our exchange appointments?
A: It’s possible, but highly unlikely.  Anything being made public during the private redemption period is just not anticipated.
Q: Is it possible we need to see one or all of the following currencies ZIM, IQD & VND, added to the list of currencies on the IMF website, under the Representative Exchange Rates page (httpss://, before we will be given the 800#’s, in order to make our exchange appointments?
A:  It’s possible for the public redemption period, yes.  But not for the private T3 redemptions no.  In fact, it’s highly improbably as they want to keep the RV roll out a secrete for as long as possible.  Only currency traders look at the rates daily, so the less information you provide the public the better.
Q: Will Private Negotiable Rates (Sovereign Rates) for all currencies exchanged within the United States, be at the same capped levels when exchanges are made in countries located outside the United States?

A:  That depends on each country and their relationship to the Chinese.  Perhaps.  Perhaps not. The sovereign rates in the USA are to create global growth as we buy most everything from every other country, so our population having disposable currency does wonders both for our nation and every other nation in the free world–including China and Europe (which helps Russia).

Q: Can you please share (if already known) either the current International Market rates for the ZIM, IQD & VND, and/or expected rates at the time of release?
A:  I’d rather not.  They will be in the tetelestai email however.  The reason being it’s the wrong thing to focus on now.  The rates are all better than what you’re thinking, both on screen and sovereign rates.  There’s an infinite amount of money should that be what you desire.
Q: Given that money probably won’t be worth anything anymore after thirty or so years, will we be able to specify the duration of the structured settlement during our appointment?  
A: If money isn’t relevant that neither is time.  Take the longest payout you can negotiate and enjoy your life.  Don’t worry about managing your money just know what’s coming in each quarter and go from there.
Q: Will our exchange rate be based on the present value of a dollar or the new (devalued) rate?
A: The dollar has already been devalued globally, as have all Western currencies.  You just didn’t notice.  And all currencies are going to be valued against the spot price of gold in Shanghai, China very soon.
Q: Could you please clarify what I may expect regarding the ZIM currency?  Specifically will the trillions, billions, and millions be accepted? If so, will any zeros be removed? 
A: Expect a minimum of 1:1 exchange with upwards negotiating mobility beyond anything you can imagine.  All notes will be accepted as long as they are authentic ZIM currency.  There will be no zeros removed from the face value of the notes or the rates unless you request it.
Q: Have you any information on the deeply entrenched cabal in Australia and New Zealand?  Are there any positive changes that you can see that are happening in the now in these two countries?Are they 100% behind their citizens exchanging?
A: Australia and New Zealand are former British colony’s, and Great Britain was 100% ruled by the cabal.  However their rule was broken, and so to will Australia and New Zealand be free again from their oppression.  Between the vibrational quarantined lifted off the planet and the perpetual inflow of money into the new financial system, there are no limitations of peace and prosperity for Australia or New Zealand.
Q: I’ve followed this GCR unfolding story for 6 years, but the only puzzle piece that I can’t make fit is that Anna Von Reitz (American patriot movement info gatherer who seems like she does deep research) is not giving our Elder-funded GCR storyline any weight. (She HAS recently incorporated a bit of what appears to be Neil Keenan’s perspective as being valid…) She seems to have a lot of helpful & solid Republic info, so my only guess at why she isn’t acknowledging our storyline as valid is that perhaps she just doesn’t know about it.
A: I don’t follow Anna.  I don’t follow Neil.  I don’t fill Dave Schmidt.  I don’t follow Frank.  I don’t follow RayRen.  I don’t follow Iko or Gerry.  Yet I’m familiar with all of them.
Q: Is there a distinction we should keep in mind re banking at HSBC, as far as there being a Hong Kong based version, and an English based version? 
A: every HSBC division or country is broken out into it’s own banking entity, so one does not corrupt another.  The HSBC divisions that are dissolving were corrupted, so no back was immune from the cabal’s fraudulent ways and agents.  I’m just telling you HSBC is the global paymaster for the RV because of their global reach.  Have enough kids in the family, a few are bound to be trouble makers and end up in jail.
Q: There’s reference to our top Chinese Elder family being “the White Dragon Family”, but way back when Zap referred to our headwaters as
Golden. (That felt more bullseye for me.) Any feedback?

A: There are many colors of the Dragon Family, or original Chinese or Asian race.  They don’t all live in China either.  I believe there are 26 factions of the Dragon if I’m not mistaken.  However the Keepers are specially chosen to protect humanity, and come from one color–Red.

Q: Given the Dragon icon, I always wonder if the Elders (& other participating Royals) are releasing these monies now as some sort of requirement THEY needed to do to rectify past behaviors. I don’t hold grudges, and am ALWAYS for transformation & love for every being in Creation, so I seek clarity for any of the back story.
A: The Chinese are a very old and ancient culture.  As are the Africans by the way, which are older.  However, the Chinese have certain skills genetically to be able keep secrets and be otherworldly patient.  Hence why they were chosen to Keep the world’s wealth for this time.  It’s more about their divine gifts than their karmic debts.  They might explain both as one in the same:)  Thank you Keepers for serving the greater good.  Your sacrifice is noted and appreciated.  We are most grateful.

Q: As for Trump/Ryan wanting to disconnect from the UN (Paris Agreement); if the UN was still same ol’ UN from last chapter, this action would be why the Republic is supportive?  However, if UN has been sufficiently been de-corrupted (with the aim to continue spring-cleaning), and GESARA is indeed been put into force, what’s up with this new administration prioritizing that? 

A: Great question.  Do you really think we’re going to build a wall across the Mexican boarder?  Of course not.  It’s posturing for other deals.  In the case of the wall, NAFTA.  In the case of the UN, Israel.
Q: You’ve mentioned Hawaii returning to being a sovereign nation. Any thoughts re direction Alaska is headed? (Regardless, I look forward to
placing personal attention here, but any feedback is interesting.) 
A: I’ve heard Alaska yes, but Hawaii is much further down the road with the UN.  Alaska has different issues because of all the natural resources in the soil.  Lots of juicy minerals, water and natural assets in Alaska.  A very valuable land no doubt.
Q: My worry is I think I am over thinking things and I am so worried that myself on my family will have no notice on when to exchange?
A: You’ll have plenty of time.  Just keep paying daily attention to his website and others.
Q: Some people say there will be an 800 #, I’m wondering if you feel all this is going to happen anytime soon?
A:  Yes, very soon.  That’s why I’m answering all the questions I can.
Q: What currencies are in the first basket?  (Is there a second basket?)
A: Vietnamese Dong, Zimbabwe Dollar, Afghanistan Afghani, Iran Rial, Iraq Dinar, Indonesian Rupiah.  There is no second basket now, that’s my understanding.  Everything will go at once and soon.
Q: Will there be any exchange fees charged?
A: Yes, but those will be built into your rate and be very small.  So not to worry.

Q: I cannot find my birth certificate, however, I have my passport. Will this be enough to take in making the exchange or do you recommend taking both?

A: Your passport will work great because it has your picture and address.  One other identification item will be helpful like a driver’s license, social security card, voter registration, utility bill, mortgage payment stub, student ID, pay stub or even a library card has been known to work.
Q: Any update on Sterling?
A:  No.  There’s done like dinner.  If you invested with them, my apologies.
Q: Do you think we will RV within 72 hours?
A: I hold everything in possibility.  Nobody knows the final day and hour.
Q: The sequence of steps are clear enough for agreeing the appointments and requisites needed, when its come to redeemers living within USA or CANADA. Please provide clarifications and /or recommendations for redeemers outside of North America.  I am Writing from Santiago, Chile.
A: Call HSBC when in doubt, and if there’s no HSBC in Chile, call your largest banks and ask if they are redeeming the currencies you hold.  Pretty simple stuff.

Q: If your house is sold at an illegal Trustee Sale in Calif., do you think the Common Law Court will be up and running for us to appeal to them immediately before they evict us to reclaim our home?
A: I think after the RV you’ll want a different house.  Let it go and move on.  God has other plans for your address.  My advice.
Q: What are your thoughts on BIT COIN (for silver) and KARATBARS (for gold and silver)?  Should that be something we should consider even at this late date?
A: The entire financial system is going to a digital platform, making secondary digital markets unnecessary.  So the question while valid now, may not be soon.
Q: As a final question for those who are both chosen, as well as those in whom may desire to transition from their past to a new future, what question/comment can or would you ask if YOU, right now, as it seems our collective “embankment” is imminent?  
A: I ask my questions inward and hourly.  Am I ready?  Have I done everything you desire Father?  What AMI missing to be on your path, Lord?  Show me where I can do better to serve you, Father?  Seriously, I ask these same questions constantly.  I mutter to myself.  My wife and dog think I’m nuts.  My baby daughter totally gets it.  She mutters too, and drools more.  But not by a lot.
Q: Apparently the US just overtly gave Iran another 1.5 billion dollars and then, in a clandestine operation, flew a further cash equivalent of 400 million USD, (none of it US currency) to Iran in an unmarked plane.  With this infusion of money, along with additional income from nations signing developmental agreements, why wouldn’t the Iranian Rial revalue prior to the Iraqi dinar, particularly since Iraq cannot yet reinstate their own borders?
A: They’re settling old sovereign debts and frozen accounts from like 1980.  I wouldn’t get too wrapped up in Iran.  Other than they rule the Middle East now and Israel, Turkey and Saudi Arabia ain’t happy about it.

Q: Recently I’ve read RV/GCR gurus saying something like “Your average man on the street, who is completely unaware of the RV/GCR
news, won’t be able to go into a bank and exchange currency until much later than those with the 800 numbers.”  My immediate question is, “Exchange what?  If they’re unaware of the Dinar and the Dong, etc., what will they have to exchange?  They would not have purchased foreign currency because they knew nothing about the RV!”  
Could you explain?

A: I don’t understand the context entirely of the statement, thus answering the question is unwise.  However, I believe what they were attempting to imply is that private exchanges are happening sooner than public exchanges, and private exchanges will have special 800#s to set appointments, while public exchanges will use the traditional currency exchange architecture of the banks.
Q: Will there be zeros removed due to the international treaty in 2014 saying six zeros would be removed from the ZIM? Meanwhile, other reports show no removal of zeros?  Ultimately what I’m trying to understand to prepare myself for this event, is how much one 100 Trillion ZIM note would exchange for at an actual $1.00 USD /TRN? 
A: No zeros taken off the face value or rate of the ZIM.  We are told it’s coming out at 1:1 or par.  Which means a 100 Trillion note would be worth 100 Trillion dollars.  Hard to believe, but true.  Sobeit.
Q: Do you ever imagine a day that you will tell the truth and end this ridiculous charade? Your dis-service to others is extremely obvious!  Your pathetic behavior is both childish and dishonest!  I hope the best for you, as everyone deserves the opportunity to return to the Light!
A: My apologies.  I hope to do better.  I love humanity and feel I’m doing this in service of God.  Please forgive me if I have upset you. However, many retain value from my thoughts and experience.  So I continue.  Namaste.
Q: I’m being told that my Internet group has the option of exchanging at a private redemption center and an actual bank.  So will the private redemption centers be offering higher rates compared to brick-and-mortar banks for the same Internet group? 
A: Both are treating every currency holding customer as an individual.  There are no more groups per se, in terms of in hand currencies.  Groups only really applied to sending in your currency and signing a contract for an established, or pre-negotiated rate.  Several did that.  I did that initially.  However now that they assisted thousands of off site redemption centers to zip codes and postal codes all over North America, groups are not a necessity.  In fact, they’re a detriment because you’ll get a higher rate for your in-hand currency than you would with any group.  Sovereign rates are available for those paying super close attention on the Internet, and thus they have been unofficially grouped together but are not a group per se.  And yes, they should be able to receive a much higher rate as long as they have humanitarian projects and job creating projects.
Q: I understand that we no longer need to worry about burner phones. Is that also true for renting cars to go to the exchanges?
A:  Burner phones were never necessary.  Renting a car is only necessary if you have no other form of transportation.  Your travel will will be monitored using your mobile phone and vehicle once it’s on site at the location center.  They’re very shrewd and high tech in how they are monitoring our movements.
Q: I hear that President Obama’s orders to hold up the release of the RV still keep us from getting the 800 #s.  I have a hard time believing that.  So, do you believe that Obama was the hold-up on this and if so, is it still effecting the release of the toll free numbers?
A: Obama is no longer in office.  Donald J. Trump is now President.  Oh my heavens, I can’t believe that is true but it is.  Too much.  And no I don’t believe Obama is holding up anything, my knowledge is he actually protected us by making us wait.   But that’s another story.

Q: What type of trusts should be set up? I understand it should be irrevocable and I assume it needs to be a charitable trust of some
sort, but beyond that we don’t know.  We of course want to know it passes to family after we depart. 

A: All ZIM accounts and sovereign accounts will be placed into a skeleton trust, as I believe nearly all private exchanges will be.  This is to keep your redemption a tax free event per international treaty, and keep such large volumes of money off the public record for the banks.  All skeleton trusts will be revocable and thus temporary (i.e. skeleton or bare bones).
Q: We want to be sure that we can give some funds to family and a few others, so I assume we would do that out of a trust. I wanted to
simply give others some of our currency but I know they would have to get the public rates. If all funds have to go into the trust we just
want to know that we can have some access to funds for personal. 
Q: It is said that the meek shall inherit the earth. However there seems to be a misconception of who the meek truly are. Would the meek not be the ones who are persecuted in this country on a systematic basis and have been enslaved over the last 450 years?
Would the meek not be the ones who have been made blind to themselves and are Americas best kept secret?
Just know, I am made of love, it’s my very nature but why is the REAL truth not being told?

A: Thank you for being you Tank. You’re my hero.  Never change.

Q: Once the GCR, RV happens, which I’ve been waiting on for years, as have many others, will the phone number to get an appointment be
posted immediately by Patrick on the Dinar Chronicles website, or how can we make sure that we can get the number?

A: As we understand it now, yes.  Patrick and all the other currency websites should have the numbers very quickly.

Q: Are the exchange officers authorized to grant an 6-8% interest on the ZIM via structured payout?

A: As we understand it from Wells Fargo exchange center personal that did the training, yes, they will have that authority on site.

Q: Regarding currency exchange, there’s no sovereign option or lower rate, just a straight across exchange, right?  Meaning, $1 USN =r $1 ZIM?
A: There are Sovereign Rates which are the highest but in need of humanitarian and job creating projects to justify; there’s a contract rate that many group leaders negotiated; there’s a market rate, that is like a privately negotiated rate less any humanitarian or job creating project, and then there’s the international rate which is the screen rate.  Now you can go even lower than the screen rate if you desire, and some will, especially with the ZIM, but those are the different types of rates you may encounter during your RV exchange.
Q: Does an private exchange negate ‘public’ money we’d be receiving via GESARA?
A: To my knowledge no.  It’s like getting an allowance for being alive, and each country determines its own monthly payout.

Q: I m new to this influenced by my art teacher. So my questions are elementary.  Should I have bought dinar?  Am I too late? Do you suggest sources?  How will I know it is safe?  I’m on social security & make a small amount with a part time job, so my money is tight.  I m wondering if I m better off “waiting for the world to change” since my age might keep me from being able to have the kind of energy required for humanitarian efforts.
A: Beverly, God bless you.  You are why I did this Q & A session.  To answer your questions: Dinar is one currency, there are others more lucrative like the Vietnamese Dong, Iranian Rial, Indonesian Rupiah and Zimbabwe Dollar.   But the Dinar is a good currency if that’s what you bought.  You are not too late, but getting very close.  If you don’t but currency, contact Dr. WC at the and she will make sure you get some currency or money for whatever it is you would like to do.  The world is going to change whether you wait or not, so jump in and start swimming lady.  Your heart is pure and so God will find an important role for you I’m certain.  Go forward with passion and relentless joy.  It’s your time, Sister.  God Bless.
Q: Is there any chance ……I know I know you’ve been asked before… that the RV will just blow by the dates again, into infinity?  It seems like no one can  make it happen, always an excuse.
A: Sure.  But the world would collapse.  All 209 countries need the RV to survive, as this is how the Chinese Elders set it up.  All go or none go.  That put pressure on rogue nations like Israel and Ukraine to fall in line.  I know the waiting is hard, but what’s the alternative for the world?  MLM?  Texas Hold’em?
Q: Any idea of the timing on bringing an end to our controlled media?  Our controlled schools? The Pharmaceutical Industry? GMO’S? It’s painful to see this continue, I know, I know, it’s only been a short time but still!  So looking forward to FULL DISCLOSURE so humanity can heal and start over!
There are so many of us waiting to support the awakening of the masses.
A: Without money, they’re all doomed.  So in a way, the RV ends those operations of control maybe not immediately but in short order.

Q: Still suggesting we take the sovereign rates? No chance of the money getting stolen  I am choosing to live in love, but fears can still come up.

A: You’re allowed to acknowledge the fear, just not live by it.  Yes I’m promoting sovereign rates for those who really want to save the planet, their country and community. If the RV is just a money maker, take the screen rate and leave the heavy lifting for the human angels.  I desire to force to dream on someone who would prefer to live without one.
Q: Are there exchange centers in the UK?
A: As far as I know yes, I would imagine quite a few actually.
Q: Is there a specific 800# for the UK?  And how to find that?
A:  Call HSBC, they will direct you.  Chase will have them too.  As will Bank of China.

Q:  What is the very latest on ZIM sovereign rate?

A:  More than you can imagine.  Focus on what your covenant is with God, and let Him assign you the rate to accomplish that.

Q: Knowing banks will sell at higher rate, should we ‘force’ bank for higher rate than, say 50 thousand per ZIM?  May be up to the so-long 150 thousand Yosef informed us way back?

A: Listen to this question.  Its’ not  rational.  50,000 per ZIM note is off the charts and that’s just one note.  Think people.  Think!  I beg of you.  Take only what you need and don’t over burden yourselves.  If  you need a 50,000 ZIM then take it.  I’m not FYI.
Q: What is going on with regard to Trump’s first week in office: Executive Orders, international relations, the wall, etc.. There seems to be a mixture of fulfilling campaign promises with verbal harbingers of the Restored Republic. Can you speak to this overall strategy?
A:  Good catch.  There’s hot and cold running through the White House decision making for a reason.  You’ll see soon.
Q: How long will Donald Trump last in office, and how will he be removed?  Will Pence or Ryan take his place? What about Dunford?
A:  We believe he’ll be gone by March 20, 2017.  As for Pence and/or Ryan taking the Presidency with Dunford as VP?  We’re not sure.  We think Pence for two years, then Ryan will step in before the election and run as President, leaving Dunford in position as his VP.  This way Ryan can run for 2 more terms versus just one if he had run against Clinton, and/or replaced Trump right after his resignation.  We know Trump is being used a bridge to another President… that we know.

Q: Will the structured portion of our funds be transferable to another banking institution? If not, what should determine which non-HSBC bank we choose to exchange at? How will that all work?

A: Structured settlements are in essence frozen in their investments, so no the principal will not be allowed to be moved, but the interest it creates can be moved… however when  you do that it’s taxed like earned income, versus remaining in the original trust earning tax free we believe.  Check with your wealth manager, but that’s how Ive been instructed.
Q: How do we know which Constitution is in force at any point in time.  Can you describe the major differences between the two, including the
switching of the 13th amendment?  Is that our best clue as to which on is being used?
A: Wonderful questions.  As for which Constitution is being the original, we know there are elements of both being used due just to the modern interpretations of some amendments.  There’s going to be new Constitutional amendments created and passed as well.  So lets see how that plays out after Trump is out of office.  Nobody would be OK with him changing the Constitution.
Q: Will politics matter that much once we have the GCR/GESARA/Restored Republic?
A: Oh my yes.  More so than ever.  Humanity will continue to evolve and adjustment will need to be constantly made like in any other era.
Q: How will we know for sure that we’re under a fully Restored Republic?

A: Donald J. Trump will not be President.  Plain and simple.

Q: There has been talk of Schumer and Obama acting as obstructions. How can that be with Obama? Isn’t he out of office? And to what
degree could Chuck Schumer be an obstruction to appointments or confirmations?
A: Chuck Schumer is 100% cabal.  Obama is out of office.  The democrats are lobbying for relevance and must find ways to stay in the news in order to rally the liberal troops.  Don’t pay it much mind.  The Republicans have a clean path to do whatever they want for two years, as this was the choice of the Chinese and Russians in harmony with the White Knights of the Republic.

Q: Is Trump performing to the satisfaction of the handlers? Are the handlers the New Republic or the Chinese Elders or someone else?  And how will the world feel when they find out Russia is the military enforcers of the world.  Nervous?

A: Yes Trump is performing as he agreed to in the terms of his amnesty package.  His handlers are Mike Pence, Reince Preibus, Paul Ryan, General Dunford and some benevolent beings in the White House at all times guarding Trump.  The world knows the USA defaulted and fell to the Chinese and Russians due to their bond debt they held.  It’s no secrete outside of the USA.  We’re just so affixed on reality TV and sports, opioid and porn, the majority of the population doesn’t notice.  Sad and true.
Q: If Trump is working for the Good Guys why is he allowed to pass things that are bad for the Planet?  Is it so it looks more “realistic” that he actually has power but he doesn’t?
A: But it’s more realistic if he still takes some radical positions that Mike Pence or Paul Ryan can walk back once they take office as well.  Insanity can work for you as well as against you, depends on the situation.

Q: If Trump signed an amnesty deal for himself and family, why he’s sending is son-in-law to Israel and other things that don’t mesh with the “plan”?

A: Because he and his family have amnesty.  he can do whatever the heck he wants within the boundaries of the agreement.  The Chinese, Russians and White Knights are more focused on the majority bricks in the wall… not the pebbles in the trim.  Besides, Donald’s going to need to back to NYC eventually and do real estate deals with Jewish developers.  Makes sense for him to be pro Israel and send a Jewish son-in-law (metro person) to appear as if he’s solving Middle East peace.  Which is completely laughable.   Trump is milking his temporary Presidency for all it’s worth… why not… he’s untouchable as long as he follows the script.  It’s comically if you know what you’re looking at.
Q: I have a lot of 100T notes that I cannot pick up (reserves), until I pay for them. I have a fair amount of all the currencies, but I don’t know what to tell the exchange center about the reserves.  Please advise. I have spoken to you many times on the RTC, and appreciate your knowledge and wisdom.
A: Exchange centers don’t deal in reserves only in hand currency.  Sorry.  Currency is like cash.  If you don’t have the cash, you’re out of luck.  Talk to Dr. WC, she’s got extra currency for RTC family members. You’re protected and loved.

Q: What percentage of Wells Fargo does China own?  (Accurate research has NOT revealed the truth that I can find)

A: All of the off market preferred shares of original founders equity stock.  Either by Chinese individuals or Chinese companies.  It’s hard to find.  I was told this was true by someone I trust in Hong Kong.  Surprised me.
Q: Is this TRULY happening this weekend Yosef?
A: So the evidence would suggest.  It’s 2am and I’m up.  We shall see.
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