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Mary Magdalene via Ann Dahlberg, January 28th, 2017

Mary Magdalene

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Mary Magdalene and I am so happy for everything that is happening on Earth. There are many people who have woken up and started to work for the best of all. There are a great many people that are poised on the edge of awakening. It can become the breakthrough that is needed in order for us all to take a large step forward. There are many who are longing for peace and to get to do something for their fellow people. The children’s exposed situation has become a wake-up call for many. It is hard to see and understand the great suffering that many children experience today. More and more want to put a stop to these insanities. It is the grown-ups’ responsibility to take care of and protect the little ones. The instinct of protection has been awakened within both men and women. They want that all children to be allowed to be born into a safe and protective environment. It is the children that are building the new society today and then it is also important to take care of them in the most loving and best way possible with the resources we have.

The children are close to me so I wanted to draw attention to their situation. They are subject to grown-ups’ discretion and compassion and cannot act in their own interest. I want to honor all people that are working to improve the situation of children in the world today. They are doing a fantastic job and I hope that more and more join in this honorable work. All that you do for the little ones you also do for me. Jesus also said: “Let the children come to me as they belong to the Kingdom of Heaven”. The children grow with you and the children that are born today have the Kingdom of Heaven within them. They see, hear and understand everything in a different way. They might retain their memories from their earlier life in the higher dimensions and their ability to listen and see within. They will become a great asset if you allow them to grow up peacefully with loving people around them.

This is the challenge that you face – to achieve peace on Earth and to let all people live in security and in harmony with each other. The first step has been taken. The second step is on the way. It is with great anticipation that we observe how the second step is about to be taken. It will become a great step that can change your world in a powerful way. There are many that are prepared for this step and there are many who are not. What is important is that the critical mass has been reached, which will yield the results that long have been planed. The most important is peace on Earth. It will give the break that is needed in order to introduce various measures so that all will have food and roofs over their heads. One thing will then lead to the next where different projects will be started to serve Earth and the people who live on it, so that they will be able to live in freedom and prosperity. All beings on Earth are now reverentially waiting for this – that love and humanitarianism will become the new words to follow on Earth. This is to be loved and respected just because they “are”. They simply exist and this is the only thing that matters, just as you exist. You are… or I am, thus I am valuable and this goes for everybody.

With these words I end this message and I wish you a time of joy and love and you will know that you are all most valuable and loved.

I love you so much,

Mary Magdalene






Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan




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