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Questions & Answers w/ Yosef – January 28, 2017 – Part 1


Questions & Answers w/ Yosef – January 28, 2017 – Part 1

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Received via email at 9:16 PM EST for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles

Before we begin, let me first thank all the many visitors to Dinar Chronicles for your solid questions and kind words.  They are greatly appreciated.

Also, to Patrick thank you for setting this Q & A session up on such short notice.  D.C. has become a wonderful place for us all to learn, share and grow under your guidance.  You brother are appreciated.  Hey dad!

On a personal note, I’m so excited for this digital family and the Philippines to evolve past the RV.  I pray our fellowship will carry on somehow long after those elusive 800#s arrive and change everything.   Good people are hard to find, and human angels even harder.

​As for my hit or miss Intel, these answers below and the nearly 12 months worth of analysis that I have posted… feel free to take what you like and leave the rest.  I accept that I’m but one flavor in an ever expansive menu of Internet guru flavors… and while my experience may be more rooted in sovereign affairs, and thus my contacts more advanced in terms of analysis or geopolitical strategy.

Yet how the old and new financial systems actually exist has never changed, only our ascending understanding of how they are being switched out does.  Just know that I accept all truth as self evident and as soon I can feel it to be true, and once I do, I immediately share it no matter from where it comes, or whom has the highest vibrating position.

IAM happy to surrender my ego and lead guru status to someone closer to God’s love.  And thus, I encourage all reading this to do the same… for all we all serve God, as God is all.

May the greatest good always win!

God is with us.


Questions & Answers – January 28, 2017

Q: ​Is it possible to utilize Privately Negotiated Rate​s​ on just the ZIM​, and take just the screen rate on say Dinar and Dong?

​A: Yes and no.  The better questions is why?  See one ZIM note trumps all other notes, so to separate them is silly.  They’ll see you have ZIM, and make a general offer to take all the currencies off  your hand.  If you want some clean and clear cash in a separate account they’ll just set that up.  Sub trusts too for kids and businesses.  Otherwise, the majority of your money will probably be set up for investment through a structured payout, with a small portion coming out as spendable cash.  Keep in mind, one ZIM solves the majority of the world’s currency financial problems… that’s how dynamic the GCR/RV truly is… and why I question the question.  Think bigger.

Q: Any advice for Canadian redeemers?

A: Yes, treat your native populations incredibly well post RV.  There are many suffering between Toronto and Vancouver.  Otherwise, there’s no difference in terms of redeeming currency… it’s the same anywhere in the world.  Has to be, that’s why it’s a  global currency reset… and why it took so damn long.  Had to be the same experience everywhere win the world.  The United States just has more redeemers and why they needed more off site redemption centers.

Q: I have ​ZIM​, copies of purchase receipts, a one page condensation of proposed projects, and personal ID.  Do I need anything else?

​A: Yes, pictured identification like a drivers license or passport.  Also if you have any business or trusts already in existence, might want to bring that paper work too.  Let the general rule of thumb be, bring everything, and let them tell you what they need versus not being fully prepared.  You only get one shot at this.​

Q:  I’ve been hearing for at least a year now that the VIP’s have exchanged.  Is there any way our government can keep us common people from receiving this blessing?  We need it desperately just to survive. 

A: The world is in desperation for hydration, as well as your home.  Everyone is being made to suffer so all will play nice in the planetary sandbox, per the Chinese Elders mandate for release.  Just ask Israel having to accept a two state solution or Saudi Arabia having to let go of Yemen, or the Ukraine having to give back half of their country back to Russia.  As to your question, no you don’t have to worry.  If you’re getting to redeem, it’s because the NPTB won’t let the OPTB take anything away from you or anyone else.  The good guys are very much in control and not playing games now.  To God be the glory!

Q: What do I say when I first get to the bank so I don’t look stupid?  Should you let them speak first?  Does it matter?

A: The exchange center employees are trained for all types of reactions.  Joy, tears, anger, rage, ignorance, fear, euphoria… they even emotional psychotherapists on duty at the exchange centers for people just losing it… good and bad.  In terms of negotiating, it’s pretty simple… there’s a screen rate… and there’s a negotiated sovereign rate… if you take less than the screen rate, you won’t need to sign an NDA, if you take more than the screen rate, the NDA’s will be more severe but the numbers will go very high, especially for those prepared with humanitarian projects that create jobs (and they go super high if you’re looking to do such things in third world countries).  The question is really what makes things right between  you and God?  What’s the right rate between you and your maker?  Answer that, the rest will flow with ease.  As for what to say, speak from the heart and be honest.  Always. Trust in the process and let the gift be given to you, versus trying to manipulate the universe for more or deny the universe for less.  Just be you.  You’re enough and so you’ll get enough.  Enjoy the experience because it’s a once in a lifetime event.  If you still find yourself nervous, just surrender to the process and pray for guidance… the words will come perfectly if you surrender to perfect love.  And remember, humility, knowledge and silence are the most powerful negotiating tools.

Q: I have a ministry in Hamilton, Ontario with an email list of over 500 people interested in the GCR/RV event.  My question is when you get info from the Lord does he bring you to the event and show you stuff, ahead of time, that is how you know so much?  

A:  Wow, great question.  Honestly, yes.  Yet I do speak with military, agency, banking and white hat contacts almost daily.  So I do get some earthly direction as well, but yes I’m shown things that lead me to places in spirit in advance.  I knew about the GCR/RV in 2006 due to this ability, which was honed as a professional writer for years.  Recently, it’s developed from faith into knowing and I do witness events before they happen.  The Trump & Paul Ryan fiasco is just such a thing… I’ve already seen Paul Ryan sworn in and healing the country.  Yet Trump won… often times I know things in advance but have no clue how we get there.  The ZIM was such a thing, yet I have since researched the heck out of it to feel certain about my investment decisions surrounding currencies (which I held off buying for 5 years because I never felt the were real until 2014).   Please understand I appreciate those who only want hard earthly facts, as well as those who are seeking higher conscious intel… but in truth, like Christ, we are both man and spirit… so it makes sense to me to utilize both when I share what I share.  Very good question.

Q: Do you see us on the other side of the Exchange by month end?  Will It be a shotgun start?  Do you have a humanitarian project(s) that we can financially join in your efforts?  Will you still show up here on the DC blog post RV?

A: OK, a four parter… let’s attack one by one…

1) I know exchanges are happening before the month of January will end.  The question is when will the 800#s come out, which probably your question.  Some of the group paymasters have been hydrated and will start paying out on Monday at 12:01pm EDT.

2) The shotgun start is a bit of misnomer.  Tiers 1,2,3 and T4 paymasters are already hydrated, so no it won’t be a shotgun start.  Liquidity will be a shotgunned approach world wide, whereby all currencies can move (or be in taken for redemption) at the same time or in a shot gun fashion, yes.

3) I have a compliance mechanism to service the globe, and that is what I will be working on.  Not one project or humanitarian discipline per se.  The Lord has tasked me with reaching every soul on the planet with mercy… consistently, efficiently and abundantly.  That said, like you, I will be showing the redemption staff my humanitarian plans and also asking for sovereign rates on the ZIM.

4) I will no longer blog in an economic prediction sense. I will be starting a humanitarian media organization that will communicate my overarching world view of service as strength, but not on D.C. specifically.  I have a face for radio, it’s best if I stay in the background as I believe fame (and money) does nothing but corrupt.

Q: With President Trump stopping people with visa’s from coming in to the US will it stop the RV?

A: Ah, The Donald.  You guys know I’m not a fan.  But I get why he’s where he is.  I’ve accept that after much meditation and some very long walks in nature.  Why him Lord!?  In part I came to the conclusion that the Russians and Chinese were attempting to rescue yet shame our nation, as a reminder of how bad we let things get to elect a Donald Trump-esque figure.  After all, I have knowledge that he’s a known pedophile sitting in the highest office in the land.  I also am aware he wont’ be there for long due to controlled scandal.  This was done more for the desire of the Chinese and Russians to control three terms of the White House, versus just two if they had run their selected candidate in the 2016 election.  It’s my understanding they have set up nearly 13 years of control over US Republic affairs, and Donald Trump was a bridge to help achieve this goal.  He was also willing in order to achieve his own amnesty and keep his brand name, as well as his family’s legacy through real estate.  Combine all that, and we all got Donald Trump.  As for visa’s halting the flow of immigration… that’s more complicated than just Trump.  Illegal immigration is a real problem in all nations with open boarders, and it was used as a weapon by the cabal against the American people… so there is some responsibility to reducing the flow of immigrants.  The deep question is what to do with good people working and earning a living here, and then what to do with their naturally born citizen children (DREAMERS).  Sadly, I do feel some very good and productive people will be headed back to their country as part of an overall change in the immigration policy, which I do believe is necessary.  I pray it’s done humanly.  And you know what, that’s a great humanitarian cause to help those out financially back in their home country who have been or are being deported!  When God gives you lemons, make lemon aide!!!!!!


Q: Some say the Dinar will have 3 zeros taken off……like the 25000 note becoming 25 and we will get $3 and change for that… so says over and out and Jester.  What say you?

A: No zeros taken off on any currency in terms of conversion.  Where the zeros come off is at the FOREX level, for instance… the Dinar is at 1,170.  I see the reality of the IQD being valued at $11.70 after the revaluation, and thus two zeros have been reduced.  But the actual face note of what your holding would then be redeemed at $11.70 USD.   Understand, international law says that if you print a currency (which is a very small bond against the assets of a sovereign nation) that nation or the nation collateralizing new currency must satisfy all old debts as they were issued.  And since China is absorbing the debts for the USA, Iraq, Vietnam, Indonesia, Afghanistan, Iran, and Zimbabwe… their printed face values must be honored 1:1.  I think people misunderstand how the system will be flipped, so they freak out over zeros being removed.  It’s more about the decimal point shifting to make each currency properly valued on an international platform.  I mean seriously, with Vietnam’s booming economy, should 1.00 USD = 22,300.00 VND?  That makes no sense.  Nor 1.00 USD = 1,170.00 IQD.  The western world attempted to convince everyone that their currency was the most valuable, when in truth, it was the least and this revaluation is needed to bring humanity back to a true and fair economy understanding… that’s all.

Q: We were given the email address to reach the white hats with information about dark behavior, but do you think it includes ripping people off, or do we have to wait for them to be otherwise reprimanded?

A: Garden in your own garden, stay out of others weeds.  Dismiss all such emails and don’t send your currency to anyone.  Treat it as if it were cash because it shall soon be.
Q: My residence is Sarasota, FL however, due to a family emergency I am away and will be for a couple months.  I have all my documentation and currency with me.  Question.  Can I exchange in my new town or do I have to go back to FL to do my exchange?

A: If  you’re still in the USA you’re fine.  Just call the 800#s when they show up, and let them know on the phone you’re traveling and that you don’t know where to go with your currency.  They will direct you.  You don’t need receipts.  Again, your currency will be treated as cash, and you don’t need receipts to exchange cash.  Nor are you taxed when exchanging currency normally.

Q: Can we get an international or NON-800 (First Call) numbers, for people outside of North America to call, to get their country’s call in number?
A: You’re over thinking the process. When the proverbial RV switch is flipped, and the old system is 100% replaced by the new system, which is what we are waiting on in terms of getting 800#s to call and set appointments, there’s no advantage anywhere in the world.  Gold backed currency just is, everywhere in the world, in any amount.  So instead of finding a short cut and running into a bank, step back, choose where and when you want to go in, and do you business with ease and peace because you studied the larger picture and know what the hell’s going on.  There’s no rush.  This is just our new reality post RV–and why this event is such a big deal–as it will literally change every life, every nation, every culture on the planet overnight.

Q: Can you share a potential conversation when we seat down to exchange?  What’s the best or simplest way to ask for sovereign rates?

A: here’s what I plan on doing… making my appointment at a time and day that’s convent for me and my family.  Walking in with everything buttoned up, paperwork, identification, counted currency, lists of trust names, lists of cashier checks, lists of wires with account info, humanitarian projects, and a list of questions I want answered at the table.  I want to feel prepared so I’m not leaping at the bankers demanding rates.  If they ask me who much I want for my currency after they count and verify it, I’ll say what it’s really worth… and I hear I’m entitled to sovereign rates as a private redeemer… can you elaborate on that reality and process?  Let them talk.  I’ll just listen.  and once I feel I have a good handle on what their thinking after reviewing all my material, then we can discuss numbers as I know (as do you) the sovereign rate parameters.  Think of it like buying a used car, but you know the blue book value.  I’m interested to see if they do… because chances are I’ll be the one educating them on both the sovereign rate top end value and GCR/RV in general.  So i believe it’s wise to let them do the talking until I know what their intellectual capacity is… remember, they’ve been training for few years, I’ve been training for a dozen… it’s not really a fair fight, ya know!

Q: Since we are aware of the higher sovereign rates, do we ask for $125,000 USD on $1.00 ZIM (with humanitarian projects)?  And what if the exchanger says they can’t go any higher than say a few cents or $1 per ZIM?

A: Great question.  One I’ve thought about myself on several occasions.  Well, I know this, they don’t want you walking out on the street for a few quadrillion dollars… so chances are they won’t hassle with you on price. The exchangers are there to get  you whatever you need, they just don’t want to over or under burden you depending on your state of mind and aspiration.  So just be honest with them about the sovereign rates, let them know you know about them, but I wouldn’t go into specific values right away.  Just throw it out there, see what they say.  See where they are at intellectually on how the world really works.  Remember, if there were no sovereign rates the screen rate on the ZIM is enough to give someone a heart attack if they were unaware of the GCR/RV… so put some perspective on the negotiation.  It’s an unprecedented situation for you and them, best to feel your way through it like a first date before you tell them you collect venomous erotic animals and drive a pimped out Pinto.  Go slow.  Be truthful.  Be humble.  And don’t for second back down on what you are worth!  Get exactly what you need to serve your maker and get out.  Period.  Ooh Rah!

Q: Are they required to give you the high rate if you know it and ask for it?  

A: If you ask, and they determined you can handle it mentally, emotionally, psychologically, structurally in terms of your humanitarian experience and project plans… see there’s a lot more than goes into placing a rate with a client that just “what you ask for”… good bankers listen to their clients and feel out what their true needs are  versus what they think their true needs are.  You might be surprised they take you higher than the screen rate if that’s all you ask for or feel you need.  Vice versa, a twenty year old who never finished high school asking for the highest sovereign rate because they saw it on-line isn’t moral to assign.  Some appreciate it’s a two way street when you redeem… look there’s PLENTY OF MONEY FOR EVERYTHING YOU CAN EVER THINK OF DOING IN YOUR LIFETIME AND EVERY LIFETIME IN GENERATIONS OF YOUR FAMILY… so it’s not about one rate over another… it’s about why did God put me in this position and what does he want from my life moving forward.  The Lord’s already assigned you a rate, it’s your responsibility to surrender to what He wants for you to serve Him.   Remember, it’s a transition not a transaction your living through.  Spiritual versus earthly.

Q: Should I write down my requested rate and have them sign it to state that they rejected it just in case?
A: Absolutely not.  Feel out the banker(s) and share your hearts desire with what you will be doing with the money to help others.  That’s what they are trained to listen for, and honestly, all you should be thinking about when discussing the transaction aspect of your appointment.  Let them help you find your rate versus dictating.  People are so wounded from past financial dealings they struggle to think top down.  Sad.

Q: I have a 100T ZIM note (uncirculated series AA 2008-2009), and I am not in any groups but have several humanitarian projects.  What is the best way to proceed?

A: When you get the 800#, call it, tell them you  have ZIM and where you live by zip code or postal code.  Schedule an appointment.  Arrive at your appointment on time with all your materials, identification and of course your currency.  Hand them everything when asked.  Share what you’re looking to accomplish and come to an agreement on rate and terms.  Walk out.  Drive home.  Scream inside your own home as not to upset or upstage anyone.  Simple.  Easy.  No big deal.

Q: What is the final trigger that will start the RV?

A: I was told to watch Israel and Bibi Netanyahu indictment or resignation… but I believe that’s already been decided, so really it’s just waiting on those pesky numbers to reveal themselves.  No great banking drama anymore.  Just procedural at this point.

Q: From the checklist you stated before in terms of launching the RV, how many need to be finalized yet?
A: I believe we are complete in terms of geopolitical, military, financial and political regime change.  Just a matter of release.  Easy like Sunday morning… wow, profound song title perhaps:)  God has such a sense of humor!

Q: I’ve been trying to understand this for awhile now. You say all go or none go but then you talk about banking tiers, and some have gone while others have not.  Are still waiting Tier 4, how is this all gonna roll out? 

A: It is confusing, isn’t it.  See they never teach you how the banking system really worked in high school, college or masters work.  They didn’t because an ignorant population is easier to control.  And while the NPTB won’t be teaching the new system either, they aren’t trying to steal from you anymore and reduce your standard of living at every turn.  As for the Tier 4 release, that’s basically global currency transactions between the public, of all nations, in all currencies and denominations.  They handled Tiers 1-3 first in preparation for Tier 4 so the general public wouldn’t notice any disruption in service.  All go means all 209 sovereign nations adhering to the new financial asset backed treaty known as the Paris Agreement on Climate Change that was put into force on November 5, 2016.

Q: What is the known differences between the Screen Rate ($1) and the Privately Negotiated Rate ( up to $50K) per ZIM in terms of NDA and Structured payouts?
A: Good question.  Screen rates are normal everyday values for currency if you were to walk into any bank and the world and attempt to buy or sell currency.  Privately Negotiated Rates are basically sovereign rates, that are higher than cash and coin screen rates, as they exist on a higher tier in the banking system.  We understand those to be much higher for all currencies, not just the ZIM.  However, in terms of the ZIM specifically, we understand the audited value of the continent of Africa, including Zimbabwe whose currency will be used as the regional reserve currency for the entire African content and eventually placed in the IMF’s Basket of Currencies determining the global reserve currency value… is $125,000.00 USD per $1.00 ZIM.  So the $50,000 USD top end price, awards both the redeemer with an incredibly high sovereign rate, while still leaving some arbitrage for the bank in-taking the currency.  Believe it or not (shout out to Crazy Carl for the answer btw–legend).  Structured payouts and NDAs will accompany all sovereign rate transactions, whereas we understand screen rates can be received without an NDA (but all ZIM exchanges will have some form of NDAs given their sheer volume–it’s just how detailed the NDA will be).  Also, you can avoid NDA’s even on ZIM exchanges if you are willing to take far less than the screen rate, and settle more on a final lump sum number–as we believe more than 75% will do because they just don’t need or want as much money as even one ZIM note qualifies them for.   Seriously, if  you’re a single parent with two kids do you really need or want 100 Trillion USD?  What if you’re 75 and want to spend as much time with your grand kids as possible?  Again, do what God wants you to do, not what man suggests you can do.

Q: What at the different levels of NDAs and Structured Payouts?

Most NDA’s are like 2.5 pages, some 8 pages… I’ve even seen one that was 22 pages long.  It will depend on what kind of asset you hold, which currency to redeem and what rate you negotiate.  As for structured payouts, they will vary depending also on what you negotiate.  Some are just for 18 months while others can be for 100 years… totally between you and your exchange banker.  Interest rates will vary (2%-8%) as will when those structured earnings are paid out (quarterly, semi-annually and annually).  It’s like a build a burger restaurant… where you choose your toppings.   How’s that for analogy!

Q: What banks will be exchanging ZIM at Sovereign Rates? (HSBC, WF?, TD?, others?)

A:  Wells Fargo lost a lot of respect in my eyes when they pinched from the people a few months back.  That said, I wouldn’t have problem exchanging with Wells Fargo now, even with ZIM.  As HSBC took control of the ZIM program and will be handling the oversight as paymaster.  So you can choose any bank to redeem.  However, when you call the 800# tell them you have ZIM, and they will direct you to a redemption center that specializes in that currency specifically as it’s different than the rest.  I will not be redeeming with Wells Fargo let it be known.  Can’t support hidden thieves and common criminals dressed as three piece benevolent aides.  Just can’t do it.

Q: Why should we trust the banks when they have such a compromised past?

A:  You’re trusting God not the banks.  Remember, if you’re getting a nickel its because the coast is clear and your money is protected.  What you do with you money after the exchange is up to your own skill and judgment, and many will attempt to take what you suddenly have… but the exchange process itself is safe thanks to some very selfless and dedicated men and women we will never know.  God bless them and their families for their sacrifices and loyalty to our country’s resurrection.  Ooh Rah!

Q: How can we mentor the people we have gifted after signing an NDA?  Can we/they sign a co-NDA?  Can the bank act as a fiduciary agent?

A: Good questions… NDA means Non Disclosure Agreement, so to mentor someone after the fact is breaking  your NDA.  Just saying.  If people have not prepared for this, I’m sure it’s not because you didn’t offer to help numerous times.  They just didn’t believe in God’s mercy this much.  Understandable, yet inaccurate.  So they must bear that burden less your help in my opinion.  As for a co-NDA, doubtful.  And yes the bank can act as a fiduciary agent.  So can a lawyer, an accountant, a certified estate planner, and an assigned trustee…  you’ll have many options to help people through the post-RV process without you personally holding their hand specifically.

Q: What’s with the six zero LOP?  Or is it a bond with no LOP?

A: No lop on any currency’s face value.  Only the rates, which actually makes you more money.  The Internet has it completely backwards, and on purpose btw.  Keep it Simple Stupid (KISS).

Q: Is there a benefit of holding a small portion of currency, especially ZIM, back for a later date (keep a few $100Ts for 10 years from now)?

A: Absolutely none, unless you feel unsafe about transporting your currency or arriving at your exchange appointment safely.  I have put a few notes away in a safe deposit box just in case something unexplainable happened as back up for my family (redundancy investment strategy).  Otherwise, take what  you got and let it rip.  Last thing you want is a mound of ZIM in your shoebox that’s not redeemed.  It’s dangerous and irresponsible not to cash it in at the first opportunity.
Q: I am currently moving across the country so I don’t technically have a home address right now. I could use my previous address (my parents house) if need be but I’m no longer in that state will that be an issue?  Also my car is broken down and in the shop currently and I don’t have anyone near by who could take me to the exchange location. If my appointment time comes before I get my car back would it be alright to take an Uber to/from the exchange location.

A: To the first question, as long as you have a valid drivers license and passport, birth certificate, voter registration card, school ID or utility bill… you’ll be fine no matter where you are.  Again, this is just a currency exchange it’s not rocket science.  However the Uber scenario while feasible is not optimal, just because you’re inviting a stranger into your presence holding a large amount of cash.  And if  you hold ZIM, and incredibly large amount of cash.  If there’s no other way, then OK.  But otherwise, have a friend or family member drive you.  Try and keep everything currency related on the low down pre and post RV for obvious safety reasons.

Q: I have friends who started with one group, and decided ‘just in case’, to invest by themselves elsewhere, since the group seemed to be a little risky. In the event that both places do pay off, can they be combined?  Or can they?  Does the ‘double dip concept go along with retrieving with investments made ‘EARLIER’ ? I sure many are thinking this same thing; how to collect from both?  

A: If you’re in a group, and have already turned in your currency, you can both redeem your in-hand currency and keep your group exchange profits… that’s not double dipping.  If you’re not in a group, don’t get in a group.  More problems than solutions at this point, even if you want to create a redundancy strategy.  There’s no struggle to redeem at a US or Canadian bank now, even with large amounts of ZIM.  Double dipping is exchanging your currency and buying more first basket currency… the purpose of the global release is to eliminate double dipping, even by high frequency traders which is why the  Dow was artificially raised above 20,000 on Wednesday of this week btw.  Good questions.

Q: What is different now that indicates in the next few days we are exchanging?  How long do you think we as exchangers would be wealthy until money won’t matter anymore few months, few years, few decades?

A: Good question.  First off Donald J. Trump is President.  That’s different.  Really different as everyone is finding out.  But in truth, there’s a force behind him that’s controlling the shots and that force I believe is benevolent and directly reporting back to the Republic of the United States and Chinese Elders.  As for how long until money doesn’t matter, you’re all already wealthy beyond understanding… most just haven’t accepted that hard bizarre truth yet.  My wife and family included.  What we hold is cash, not currency.  Think of it that way, and you’re perspective will change instantly.  All money is going digital and paper money will fade in ten years at the most.  The deeper philosophical question is what happens when money disappears altogether and we manifest whatever we need instantaneously by definition of God given sovereign right as co-creation beings in form?  Swish that around your subconscious for 17 seconds and you’ll come out on another plane of reality.

Q: If this NESARA rumor is true, do you think everyone in the globe is getting 10 million dollars if so how soon after and what’s the point in us exchanging?

A: GESARA is not a rumor, it’s reality.  Signed by 209 sovereign nations and forced into implementation within 120 days after the agreement was put into force on November 5, 2016, which means by February 2, 2017 you’ll be in GESARA compliance wherever you exist on the planet.  So yes not only will everyone get what they need moving forward, 10 million dollars will appear like a trifle number sooner than later just because of your ZIM redemption alone.  What amazing, amazing times we live it.

Q: What all we need to bring with us when to go to exchange? I had head to bring in a “live birth certificate” when we go in because it has special codes or something to that effect.

A: Bring what you would normally bring into any bank when opening a checking or savings account, including trust, LLC, and 501c3 paperwork if they already exist.  Driver’s license, birth certificate, student ID, voter registration card, utility bills, social security card, AARP card, anything with your name or face and your address will do. The “live birth certificate’ controversy was more about Rome’s control over your soul at birth, thus they used your mind, body and soul as collateral to lend themselves money.  Bizarre, yes.  True, sadly.  That’s over now in all countries due to the Golden Debt Jubilee which begin in the USA on September 22, 2015.  Hallelujah!

Q: We all know now that the USA exchangers will be receiving the #800 numbers for the exchange appointments.  But I am from the UK and over here we have absolutely no info what so ever concerning the RV or how to go about it when it finally happens, we rely on your info for clarity of the situation. Would you know if we, over here in the UK or even the rest of the world, will receive any such numbers for that purpose of appointments with our own banks or whatever?

A: Logical question so here’s a logical answer.  The UK is a massive banking center globally.  London is equal to New York in terms of global banking important even.  When the 800#s come out, don’t you think the UK will have numbers?  And if not, don’t you believe the US branches of banks will have an overseas 800# for people like you to call and set up appointments in your home country, wherever that country may be?  I believe they will.  I also believe the  UK and every major nation will have an opportunity to redeem in their home nation, as this is my understanding of the terms of the global reset… all redeem, or none redeem.

Q: Why is there no UNSC resolution with sanctions to force Israel to 1967 borders and recognize Palestine? 

A: There is, they just haven’t enforced it.  See the Oslo Agreements.  What’s happening now, is they’re resetting all resolutions in the Security Council and also gaining consensus at the revamped UN to enforce said resolutions that brings much needed change to both Israel and Palestine.  The world is tired of the fighting, and neither Israel or Palestine can participate in the new financial system if they are at war.   So that out to tell you why they’re suddenly agreeing to some kind of cease fire and two state solution.  Neither wants to be left out… and also why Netanyahu is being forced out.

Q: Is General Dunford still the Chairman of Joint Chiefs?  I understand he is, so who has been feeding you disinformation?

A: Someone that talks to Dunford weekly.  No names.  Hey man, I just  report the news… your call as to believe it.  But it is interesting that that news came to me after both Kelly and Mattis were confirmed by the Senate for their HHS and DOD posts last week.  Just saying brother man.  Trump’s president remember, anything can happen.

Q: Since there is no settlement of Israel/Palestine situation, how can we expect to GCR/RV?

A: I’m told there has been a settlement, but like the USA needed to reform it’s true Republic government, so did Israel.  And Netanyahu is trying to deny that new government from taking power.  That government has already agreed to the Paris Agreement, and thus a two state solution with Palestine–recognizing them as a sovereign nation with their own 1967 Oslo Accord boarders.  What you’re watching is a flailing body that has already been detached from it’s head at the neck and is dying off.  Keep the faith.  God is with us!

Q: Will bankers allow us to receive $125,000 USD per $1.00 ZIM or will they offer us less and pocket the difference?

A: Depends on your humanitarian aspirations and understanding of the sovereign parameters.  Most don’t know about sovereign rates, let alone what the top end number is.  Now that said, I’m not taking $125,000 USD because it’s too much for my goals as they relate to what I believe God wants me to accomplish for the rebuild of Christ’s Kingdom.  But if you need that much, ask away… it’s worth that much, and why I always told everyone the top end rate because I felt morally we all had the right to know even if it blew our minds away.  People gotta start talking the real truth or else how can we ascend as a species.

Q: What does Netanyahu have on Trump to make him a shill for Israel?

A: Wow, great question.  But a better question is what does Putin have on them both to make them both dance China’s Elder’s dance?  You see, both Netanyahu and Trump are warped crooked from birth, even related at a genetic level with Angela Merkel I’m told.  Trump was always scheduled to ruin n 2016 against Hillary, and take over like a dictator.  Which is appears to be now.  however, the Chinese and Russians discovered the cabal plan years earlier and set up honey traps and pay-for-play schemes that compromised not just Bibi and Donald, but all crooked candidates in all major elections worldwide.  You see, both Clinton and Trump were playing out a script for the Russians and Chinese, just as Netanyahu and Merkel are playing out similar exit strategy scripts in Germany and Israel.  Everything is under the full control of the NPTB because they have a higher intelligence guiding them as to how to change over humanity’s financial, military, geopolitical, and governmental structure without the public noticing.  Now that’s way hard to believe I know, yet I offer it in love as something to consider.  Again, if  you get a nickel during the RV, it’s because it is safe.  And if it’s safe to give common people that much money, perhaps there’s an evolutionary transition occurring not just a banking transaction.  Take or leave this information, it’s your call.  But please at least consider it.

Q: Why won’t the good guys just take out Soros, Merkel, and Bibi?

A: They are.  They’re just not doing it publicly or with force.  They don’t need to as it’s not in the best interests of humanity.  First off, people freak when leaders are removed for no reason from their countries, even leaders that are despised.  Secondly, the NPTB must also replace the old form of government with original constitutional or the legal form of government so it’s not just as easy as ripping the band-aid and replacing one leader with another.  It’s complicated yes, but done slowly and calculated for the best interests of all.  Try and see all these slow changes as top down strategies versus bottom up desperation and you’ll be much happier I promise.

Q: China is closed for 10 days for their new year, so all your dates are meaningless; why are you still feeding us lies, and won’t accept rebuke or even say sorry?

A: Well gosh Mr. Happy.  So nice to meet you today.  My sincerest apologies, sir.  Now do you have intel you want to share with the group?  Do you speak to people worldwide and gather Intel to share freely?  Please share, if so?  Well… we’re waiting…?  No?  OK then, lets examine your compliant versus question.  First off, the Chinese celebrate for two weeks not 10 days, and they’re banks and markets are closed for three days, not two weeks.  Secondly, please excuse my inaccurate dates as they have ALL BENN WRONG up to this point, nor should you take my new dates or anyone’s new dates as bible because we are all just trying to find our way in the GCR/RV darkness.  However, you bitching up a storm does nothing positive for no one, and thus I don’t accept your anger and return it to you kind sir.  Now here’s two hugs,  Do go find someone that needs one and give away the extra.  May God bless and keep your soul in love.

Q: How soon will the tax laws be changed governing gifting?  Right now there are all kinds of limitations.

A: Tax laws internationally have already changed they just  haven’t told the world yet.  As for the USA, that’s coming in the second quarter if I’m hearing Paul Ryan and the Congress correctly as it relates to tax reforms.  It will be much, much simpler and better in terms of percentage.

Q: Are all 2008-2009 series AA, AB, AC ZIM notes being accepted?  Are 100Ts and 50Ts being accepted too?  What about other denominations in the Trillions, Billions, Millions, Thousands and various other ZIM Bearer Cheques and Agro Cheques from 2008?  And what about the much rarer ZAs from 2008? Are these acceptable?  What about circulated ZIM notes versus uncirculated ZIM notes?  

A: Wow.  You’ve got a lot of ZIM.  Take everything  you have and let the exchange bankers tell you what’s authentic and exchangeable and what’s not is my advice.  They’re going to burn all of it anyway after to redeem it… so… take it in and see what they say.

Q: Should we expect some form of major disclosure and/or distraction to occur just before the RV / GCR?  

A: I used to think so on both accounts, but not now.  They have everything under control and don’t need to play games with public perception.  In terms of disclosure for alien life, absolutely not.  They’ll deal with all those disclosures in time, slowly and cautiously.  There’s no rush or short cuts when dealing in ascension.

Q: Do you feel President Trump is instrumental in releasing the RV to investors? 

A: Yes I do, but not for the reasons your thinking.  He’s not benevolent at his core, but he is following a benevolent script (singing for his supper) to receive his amnesty, currency exchange and keep his real estate empire.  In that way, yes, he’s assisting the Republic and the RV.  But if he had his choice, he would have gladly allowed the cabal (his family by birth) to rule over us for another 13 millennia.  That I know for certain.  Historically, pedophiles and con artists don’t suddenly become saints.  And if they did, they wouldn’t act like Trump.  He’s disgusting all the way around IMO.
Q: Some individuals state unless we’re in a group and give them our currencies we can’t redeem?  Is this true?

A: 100% false.  Hold onto your currencies and treat them like cash because the redemption banks will.

Q: Having been in this now for over 7 years, there has been so many versions, opinions, sitreps on our actual exchange process. Can you please, if you know, what will our actual exchange process entail and where we sit with regard to groups versus independent exchange processes? 

A: Wise question.  Well lets see if we can sum it up in 10 simple steps:

  1. See the 800# off a trusted Internet site like Dinar Chronicles or from a friend that’s also following the GCR/RV.
    2. Call and state the currencies you hold, and where you live by zip code or postal code.
  2. Make your appointment.
  3. Drive to said appointment with anyone you desire to be there (less than two people).
  4. Hand in your currency, identification, receipts, gift letters, trusts, LLC’s, 501c3’s and anything else they request.
  5. Negotiate an sovereign exchange rate, structured payout and NDA (if so desired); otherwise take the screen rate or something less.
  6. Have all cashiers checks cut (5 or less) and any wires sent (5 or less).
  7. Leave the exchange facility.
  8. Drive home safely.

10.Follow the terms of the NDA agreement (if one was signed).

How’s that!  Simple.  Easy.  No struggle.  And you were worried:)

Q: Do you think we could possibly appeal to General Dunford to step in as President until the new elections can be held?  Maybe a group plea?

A: Dunford was asked but the Elders IAM told, and he may take the Vice President job after Trump leaves.  However, we’re not certain on his career path once the RV is completed.  We know he’s the dude in charge of delivering this for the Republic and the Chinese.  Big job.  Thank you Fighting Joe!

Q: What is your opinion on currency holders working together on projects post-exchange, and would it violate the NDA to speak about the process with other ZIM redeemers?

A: In a weird way, who else can you worth with?  Seriously, who else would understand the volume of money or the journey to getting it?  The trick will be not talking about the GCR/RV and honoring your NDA if you take a sovereign rate.  I feel many will opt out of the NDA to preserve their freedom of speech, simply because the ZIM is so much, you can still do everything you want will something less than the screen rate… so why not take less and keep  your voice?  It’s something I’ve considered to be sure.  However, I came to the conclusion that I can’t speak up about top end sovereign rates and not take a sovereign rate, that’s just false advertising.  But I wont’ be going for the highest rate, not even close.  In terms of who to work with post RV, that’s up to you… but don’t EVER expect anyone to understand what you’ve gone through to get this money.  It’s just not real for most possible, let alone possible.  And discussing it with them not only might violate your NDA, but it upset most you talk to because either they missed out or they just can grasp the concepts of infinite wealth given out freely to the meek of the earth.

Q: Would it negatively affect our likelihood of receiving the higher rates if we brought someone with us to the exchange who isn’t as well-prepared and researched as we are?

A: Not necessarily, but don’t burden someone who isn’t prepared to handle these kinds of numbers.  That doesn’t do them any good, you any good or the exchanger any good answer their nervous (is this legal?) kind of questions.  Only bring with you people who are prepared and aware of the larger picture, not just financially adept because those might be the ones that cause the most problems.  Lawyers specifically.  They’re always thinking of the worst case situation, as that’s how they’re trained.  Think of the RV as a gift, and receive said gift the way it was intended–don’t try and restructure the deal to fit in some old paradigm (which most everyone will try to do who is not familiar with the GCR/RV history).

Q: What is your advice re: personal security post-exchange?

A: Do no harm.  No harm will come to you.  And stay low in terms of publicity and fame, as they attract both good and bad attention; whereas humility and invisibility attract God’s favor and ultimately the best physical protection.  I realize this may not be possible for everyone is all cases, but I plan on reducing my public profile to almost nothing and working through public surrogates who take a professional vow of silence in order to best protect my identity.  Think about it, long term, subtlety is the wise, prudent and spiritually highest pathway for protecting both yourself and your family through generations of this scope of wealth.  So less really is more in terms of protection.

Q: Are all currencies going to revalue?

A: Actually most already have.  What we are waiting on are the big movers resetting in value, as well as a few currencies being reintroduced in the sovereign basket of tradable currencies like the ZIM.

Q: Why can’t you give us rates?  

A: I think I have on countless occasions in the past.  And I’m one of the few who always give sovereign rates, but honestly what’s the point now?  Rates are so high, one ZIM not solves all the world’s financial problems permanently.  Put that into context and you’ll see dates and rates are meaningless.  Whereas purpose and service divine.

Q: How can anyone justify needing 1 quadrillion dollars to fulfill humanitarian needs

A:  They can’t.  Unless they can see the future and comprehend what things may cost in 2050.

Q: How does convincing a banker, who will decide my pprivately negotiated rate, make any sense given the size of the sovereign ZIM rates?

A: It doesn’t.  And why it cracks me up that people are fixated on dates and rates.  They’re utterly irrelevant.  We’re headed into a era of evolution beyond what most to all are conceiving.   They money will just be there.  Until one day, everyone realizes there’s no such thing as money and we just give each other whatever is needed without worry of scarcity.  Take that cabal!

Q: What do you think about Kent Dunn. Is he a wacko job or what?

A: Over Under, and Under Dunn.  I think Kent believes in what he is saying, and I think Kent gets somethings right.  And I think Kent is inaccurate on other things.  But I believe he’s offering this Intel up in service of others (as is Gary).  It’s up to you what to believe or not believe.  But it’s wise to consider everything, and dismiss anything that doesn’t feel real or of love.  Simple way to discern all Intel moving forward, does it unite or serrate people?  Anything that separates I’ve found in time is proven untrue.  Anything that unites usually carries some truth in its message and it’s up to me to refine and perfect.

Q: What happens if you don’t pass background check at the exchange? 

A: Great question.  Either they take you to jail because your in violation of  your parole or they make other arrangements.  Your currency is still cash remember.  And it’s in your legal possession regardless of what you did in the past.  That’s a good question to ask the operator when you call the 800#.

Q: How important is it to bring a certificate of live birth to the appointment and must it be an official piece or can it be a photocopy?  

A: It’s important if that’s the only form of identification you have.  Otherwise, it’s just another form of ID.  Everyone worried about them stealing your identity via your social security number and birth certificate NAME are unaware how deep the transition goes.  Those items have been dealt with already and resolved.

Q: I am concerned that recently Australia and other nations have not been mentioned as far as which banks are looking after exchanges. It was said ANZ for Australia and New Zealand. Can you confirm this?

A:  Yes, ANZ and HSBC in Australia/New Zealand.

Q: Is there any chance of the cabal taking our deposits since it has been ruled by the supreme court as a “donation”?

A:  If you’re getting a nickel, you’re safe and so is your money.  Be at peace.  Leave the fear behind.
Q: Would it be safer to deposit ZIM as a “special deposit” set aside for a specific purpose (humanitarian projects) into a non interest bearing account, since the bank is required to return it as a fiduciary arrangement?

A: Non bearing interest accounts are no longer relevant in relationship to the question your asking.  All accounts on the new asset backed system as safe kept to 100% liquidity should there be any theft.

Q: Is the restored Republic real?  And if so, would we be required to pay taxes to the U.S. INC. IRS, STATE owned corporations?  Are we then American Nationals vs. U.S. citizens?

A: Yes its real.  In fact, the USA, Inc. is what wasn’t real and being called out and replaced.   The IRS has morphed into the control of the Republic Treasury.  And I’m not sure on the Nationals or Citizen question.  I will find out.

Q: I am Canadian. There’s not a lot of information here regarding RV/GCR. And the information available coming from USA an other countries.  But I planned my exchange based on information coming from USA.  Is there a better way to gather information in Canada?

A: The Internet knows not national citizenry.  American and Canadian banks are function the same way as to redemption of the GCR/RV currencies.  Stick with this site and you’ll be fine.

Q: Are the 800 numbers will be valid for North America or USA only?

A: 800#s will given out per country, but operators will have list of all national 800#s in case there’s a request for another country.

Q: Are some 800 numbers dedicated to Canada?

A: So I’m told yes, there’s a lot of people in Canada.
Q: Are the exchanging instructions for Canada are going the same as the one for USA or different?
A: They should be identical other than the exchange rate of the CAD vs. USD.

Q: We have ZIM and a huge humanitarian project with business plans ready and waiting on funding; how do the powers that be know that, so we can get in to exchange for that?

A: They don’t.  That’s why they’re asking for presentation materials, which is a fair request.  Now that said, many of your are already doing humanitarian jobs and projects and would like to expand that effort.  But in terms of approaching this event as a professional, have your materials together to help the bankers determine just how amazing you are.  Don’t make them guess–there’s just not enough time or manpower.

Q: A ZIM holder is out of the country. Can he call the 800# within 48 hours (after the number comes out) and make an appointment for a later day in the week?

A: We hope so.  We’re told the initial 800#s will be turned off within six days of their issue, and then to redeem currency you’ll have to call the traditional 800# numbers for branch banks (unless you have ZIM as some of those off site locations will be kept upon).  Again, they want to reward people for paying attention all these years, but not drag out an event they worked very hard to conceal for the masses.

Q: For those I have gifted the ZIM, but are not actively following the news, what international rate would be available to them when they exchange this as part of the general public?

A: The screen rate we are told is 1:1 or 1 ZIM per 1 USD.  That’s a par value.  No matter what sized note they hold, the face value will be honored at a 1:1 ration.  What I would tell them is to take in the note and ask for whatever they can imagine receiving, as most can’t even think about numbers that high.  Also, tell them to ask to see the screen rate, as it is their legal right to do so.   Again, you want your friends and family happy, not burdened by your generous gift.  I’ve been telling my friends to think about number they want and ask for that versus focusing on the rate.  The math is just too tough for the untrained mind.
Q: Even having to leave all deposit in a revocable trust is “fishy” to me.  Any way around it? A TOD should be sufficient, no?  And any update on taxes?

A: Fishy isn’t a good word.  Why?  Because if you’re receiving a nickel both you and your money are safe.  There’s not taxes as it’s both a sovereign event governed by international treaty and a currency exchange.

Q: Related to the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), will currency holders, looking to exchange, be able to discuss with financial professionals (ie. tax lawyers, accountants, wealth managers), how they received their funds?  

A: Yes you’ll be able to speak with licensed professionals in the financial and legal fields about your new sudden wealth.  But that’s about it.  Maybe your spouse and children.  Wealth management meetings will come after the initial exchange, unless you take a sovereign rate and go right into a structured payout investment.

Q: At the closing, and as a USA citizen, will I be forced to exchange into gold backed TRN/USN currency?  Can we choose another global currency like the Australian dollar or Chinese Yuan as an alternative?

A:  Initially your exchange will be in TRN/USNs to speed up the process, then you can exchange into other currencies via a Multi-Currency Account.  But don’t look to profit from such an exchange, as that could be construed as double dipping.  That’s a better question for a wealth management officer of the bank than Yosef.

Q: I have read in posts that at the closing settlement we will have the ability to send up to 5 wires, 5 cashiers checks and take cash amounts up to $10,000 USD. Are there limits as to how much we can send at that time?  (ie. can I wire 50 Million to my church at the closing).

A: Good question.  Ask you exchange banker.  I believe there is a wire limit, but not to cashiers checks.  So that’s another question better left to the professionals.  I’m just here to get you through the initial exchange.  That’s also probably a wealth management second appointment kind of question.

Q: I live in the UK and as you are probably aware, in the US as well, security lorries/trucks with two security guards carry cash to banks, with usually no more than £100,000 pounds per bank per day.  If we are going to be walking in with trillion dollar notes,  what security are WE going to have?

A: Well, those ZIM trillion dollar notes are worthless outside of the bank, where as cash is not.  So the issue of walking into a bank needs no security (although there will be plain clothed and uniformed security) through the exchange route and locations.  And when you leave the exchange center, you’ll have no more than 10,000 in cash in 2,500 bundles… so how much security do you need big spender?  Just go home and put the cash in a shoebox.  I’m keeping mine as a souvenir.

Q: Can you confirm if we would be doing a simple exchange or we would be presenting our humanitarian projects etc.?

A: The exchange is simple no matter what.  Like any other currency exchange you’ve ever done in your lifetime.  This is one just has a lot of people ready to exchange on a moments notice, thus the need for off site locations and added security.  Oh yeah, some of the exchange amounts are in the septillions.  So there’s that.  So bizarre.  If you have humanitarian projects or job creation projects, bring them in and speak of them proudly.  If not, speak of what you plan on doing with your new funds in terms of creating jobs and funding humanitarian projects for the rest of your life.  Either way, you’ll get the exact right amount God wants for you.  Trust the process.  Trust God.  And most of all enjoy the moment.  It’s gonna go fast and never happen again in anyone’s lifetime.

Q: We have all arrived at our perceptions of what the “truth” of our existence is, via our own, individual experiences-and then meet on blogs and calls for Dinarland. Thank you for your dedication, information, and viewpoint on so many topics of existence.  Here are my questions:

  1. Are you one of the recipients for the 800 number packages for distribution?

A: So IAM told. But we shall see. Either way I’ll send them straight away to Patrick at Dinar Chronicles and Enrechi at Ascension With Earth. If you get them first, send them to Patrick for posting.  But I’m not worried who will get them, as I know they will be wide spread and very visible.

  1. Do you know which “sites” will be receiving the tetelestai email and 800 numbers, please will you list where we should look?

A: Dinar Chronicles & Ascension With Earth are my two go-to’s in this arena.  Both already  have the vast majority of the tetelestai email and just waiting on the 800#s.

  1. Is there still such a “group” called General 64/ Wells Fargo group ,to be notified by email/ has that fallen through the cracks and replaced by the tetelestai email to the blogs in dinarland?

A: Absolutely.  Those groups were combined.  And with the creation of off site redemption locations, made irrelevant.  If you have currency, hold onto it and call the 800#s when they come out.  Treat your currency like cash and give it to no one.

  1. So much disinformation has accumulated amongst the information, regarding the GCR/RV–will we be asset-backed immediately?

A: Yes, we are asset backed now as is every country in the world.  The new financial system only functions on a 100% asset backed reality.

  1. Have you visited any of the off site redemption centers?

A:  Yes and no.  I’ve seen pictures, and driven by a few.  But never entered one personally.  They exist.  No worries.  Trust the process.  Receive the gift as it is given and don’t try and take any short cuts.  There’s time to redeem.  Nobody’s trying to hide anything from you.  You won’t miss it.

  1. Do you have any more complete information for redeemers living outside the United States, so they too may know who to call, and where to go?

A: To anyone living outside of the United States with currency call HSBC.  There’s in like 70 countries and are the global paymaster for the GCR/RV event.  They’ll have all the international 800#s on file and hand them out like candy.   Easy.  Simple.  No worries.

  1. Do your sources for all the info come directly from Grandfather?

A: I have a solid source on the decision making committee that speaks to the Elders, but not Grandfather per se.  Anyone that tells you the speak to Grandfather doesn’t speak to Grandfather.  They hide his existence and whereabouts well.

8. Have you personally seen the grey screens for ZIM sovereign values?

A: I have.  Blue screens too for government transactions.  I’ve also seen both authentic bank documentation and tear sheets for the global collateral accounts in every major central bank.  Why God put me in that position, I have no idea.  I’m an poet servant at heart.  But here IAM.  Sobeit.

  1. It has been rumored that much of our planetary wealth/gold has been stored on Venus, and is now being returned. Is this true?

A: My understanding much is stored in alternative dimensions, not sure on Venus per se.  But I doubt Venus for several reasons as my understanding is that is one of the cabal’s genetic origins.  Hence the “V” symbol everywhere.  Oh you thought was for peace.  HA!


  1. It has been rumored the new financial system is running on pleiadian technology, hence hacker-proof. Is this true?

A: Higher intelligence technically absolutely.  But Pleadian?  Maybe not so much.  Might want to look into who and what gave you that Intel.  Feels fuzzy, separating.

  1. How sure are you that Bail-ins for banks is no longer applicable, as the G20/77 had chosen to implement this measure in the past.

A: All Western banks collapsed and were rescued by the Chinese Elders, who are keepers of the global collateral accounts.  So to answer your questions, they were all bailed-in.  However, this happened several years ago and thus  you’re behind the curve.  Catch up, Sister by opening your third eye… you are needed in the new reality.

  1. What recourse would individuals have after signing the NDA , and finding their funding/project funds emptied from their account, due to bank management, theft issues?

A: Same recourse the bank has if you violate your agreement in exchange for your currency. The NDA is in place to protect you both from the banks and yourself. As both must be watched post RV. Remember, if you’re getting a nickel your money is protected and so is your soul.

Q: Only takes once, Yosef! After all of your lies, hate, false prophecies, and false Intel that never comes to pass… I have many questions, like are you a psy-ops? 

A: IAM not a psy-ops.  I’m a guy in my underwear in my basement who likes to solve puzzles. And three years ago, I decided to buy some currency and discover the inter workings of the financial system as it related to currency since I was making a major investment of my family’s wealth.  The end result was Yosef, but I had 7 years into the sovereign game before I ever bought a single ZIM note.  I share what I know because I was once just like all of you… clueless and desperate for information.  Plus, in my own weird way I feel like I’m participating the battle against cabal disinformation or psy-ops against currency holders.  So I guess I’m really an unofficial anti-psyops operative.  Does that get me an extra 10% off at Costco?

Q: How detailed do the humanitarian projects have to be? 

A: As detailed as you have made them.  If you don’t have detailed plans, don’t fake it.  Just write down your humanitarian project goals on a clean sheet of paper and hand it to them.  But be able to speak to each one if asked.  Be truthful.  Don’t exaggerate.  This will build trust with your exchange banker, who has been trained in detecting pushy-caca!

Q: Do you recommended having more than one Humanitarian Project for presentation?

A: Take only what is truthful and what you sincerely intended to accomplish with your life.  Lying creates bad energy witch returns as bad physical manifestations.  Why start off something so wonderful with a lie.  Makes no sense.  That said, if you have huge goals and want to dedicate you life to their accomplishments, list those and ask for help in accomplishing them with your exchange.  Speak from the heart at all times and don’t worry so much about what your saying, or the quality of your prevention and/or number of presentations, rather are your presenting an organic picture of yourself and are you speaking with love… the words are irrelevant… they’ll only remember the love in which you spoke… and then act accordingly.

Q: Yosef, how can we help you?

A:  Thank you Cowboy.  You can help me by reaching the unreachable.  I’m one dude, with one trick up my sleeve in terms of the ZIM being the economic cure for all that ails humanity. After the RV, I go back to being a regular dude with nothing special but my bank account.  By extending your mercy to others, by asking for what your really worth at the time of redemption, by giving more each day to those with less, helps me.  I’ll feel every gesture of good will and every zero in your account that I helped inspire.  I’ve never asked for anything in return, as I always felt that God gave me this insight as a blessing for how I lived my life.  I never surrender what was possible.  Ever.  I always listed to my heart and it lead me here, now, with you.  I believe perhaps just for this transition, and maybe just for ZIM holders.  If so, I would answer a lot of questions as to why other things in my life didn’t work when they appeared to be all set up.  I’ll see the projects as I travel, I know that was ZIM sovereign project just by it’s vibration–and I’ll know I had something to do with helping that get done, even though I had nothing to do with it’s physical creation.  Your raw creative joy and sense of limitless possibility is enough for me.   Truly it is.

Thank you for letting my play in your circus for awhile.  It’s been almost a year.  I’ve learned so much about you and myself.  See everyone on the other side.

God is love.

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