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Questions & Answers w/ Yosef – January 29, 2017 – Part 3


Questions & Answers w/ Yosef – January 29, 2017 – Part 3

Received via email at 5:09 PM EST for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles

Questions & Answers – January 29, 2017

Part 1 | Part 2

Q: Will the ZIM be redeemed outside of the redemption centers in local Basel III compliant banks to the General Public and late comers from the Internet Group who were not paying attention enough to go to a Redemption Center during the first 6 to 9 days after the 800 number is released?  

A: Yes, but not at sovereign rates or higher contract rates.  Screen rates and slightly higher.
Q: Do you think they can just go to a teller at a bank a couple weeks later with ZIM with just a note or two for the screen rates or won’t ZIM be redeemed in banks at all?
A: If you bring in ZIM, they will direct you to another redemption facility or bank potentially.  But for the VND, IQD, AFA, IRR and IDR… yes.  They’ll be happy to help you.
Q: I have a couple friends flying here from Sweden to do their redemptions where I live in Florida.  One of them is a dual citizen with addresses in both countries and has owned a Wells Fargo account for many years, and even purchased a trust pre-RV for this event with an EIN?
A: Hmmmmm… the whole point of in country redemption centers is to keep the currency redemptions in country to support their own banking system.  But if they want US accounts, and have existing accounts, them maybe it’s a possibility.  Call the bank and ask.
Q: Since Obama is gone; and WF cabal chiefs are gone; do we have a firm back wall according your best sources?
A: I like to think in terms of front door instead of back wall these day.  The Chinese new year and Basel lll sure feel like a logical front door to me.
Q: Are the Redemption Centers important?  Active?  At full staff now that last memos went out?
A:  By all indications, yes, they are very important.
Q: Can you verify President Trump sign off and or put people in place for next few days without WF management stopping it again?
A: Wells Fargo no longer holds much to any power in the exchange release, only the operations of their exchange centers and personal.  WF won’t be stopping the RV, nothing will be stopping the  RV in fact.  We’re waiting on all the tumblers to fall into place finally.  We’re very close.  Have faith.

Q: Dinarland, I consider Yosef a good man and we feel his frustration and pain these last few months. Like the campaign, things got ugly, tense at times, but his commitment to God and yourself what you believe has educated us Dinarians at every turn.  Good, bad and ugly he’s presented us information like no other teacher you gotta admit.  Will you be teaching us after the RV, Yosef?

A: Doubtful.  I have a big NDA.  22 pages.  My apologies.  Please forgive me.
Q: I have a good friend in Mexico who owns plenty of ZIM.  However, he’d like to exchange in USA due to safety fears in Mexico.  How would he be able to exchange in the US?  Can I give him the 800# when they come out or will those only be for people who reside here?
A:  That’s a tough one.  Old Mexico banking rules do not allow Mexican citizens to hold or own foreign currency.  Not sure if that changes with GESARA, I pray that it does.  Lots of people in need there.  I have thoughts on how to get the ZIM into the USA, but I better not advise on this issue.  I’ll have to take a pass on this question.  Sorry.

Q: Do you truly believe the back wall day is February 1st?

A: I believe the front door is Monday at 12:01pm EST.

Q: What are your three most important personal growths that you have had on this journey as to date?
A: Stick with my gut.  Ignore outside opinion.  Surrender to God through Christ constantly.  And not in that order.

Q: I plan to go for the privately negotiated rates for the longevity of my humanitarian project.   My question is regarding the 15 or 20 percent individual blessing.  It is my understanding that at the initial exchange session, we will be allowed up to  5 money wires.  Is there a limit on the amount of money that can be wired to an individual’s account during this visit, if so, what is the amount?

A: Yes there is a limit, but I don’t know what that is.  Ask the banker at the exchange center. You can always cut a cashiers check if you want to go bigger.

Q: Where is the best place to look/check/watch for the 800 numbers to be published? Can we call it anytime of day or night? Are the numbers based on our location? When we call the 800 number they will then tell us what personal information they need from us? 

A: Dinar Chronicles is good.  Dinar Recaps will have it I’m sure.  Bruce at The Big Call will get the numbers.  Tank at Kre8 Change will have them too.  All good, reliable, honest sources.
Q: What have you heard about taxes on our exchange?
A: No taxation on sovereign transaction events.  Including your T3 currency exchange.
Q: With the understanding that both IRS & Federal Reserve will be eliminated this summer, is EIN still required for a trust at the time of exchange?  What would replace EIN?
A:  Yes EIN’s are still required whenever starting a new financial organization.  It’s how the taxation is assigned.  At what rate is what will change, and by whom.  Not the how so much.
Q: In your opinion, do you think the RV 800# will come out this month?
A: If by this month you mean January, yes.  But early February wouldn’t shock me either.  But a March release would shock me.
Q: How do we ask for the exchange centers (off site) where we get the sovereign rate for Zim (125,000)?
A: You will be assigned a special one for ZIM currency, and all the other exchange centers can negotiate the sovereign rates.
Q: What information and documents should we take to the exchange center?
A:  Take in everything, even if you don’t think  you’ll need it.  Better to be over prepared than under prepared.
Q: Should we take all our bank account numbers or is just one bank account is enough?
A:  I’m taking two of checking accounts checks in to transfer in money automatically.  I’m going to keep my existing checking account for a time so nothing appears out of the normal to friends and family.
Q: Should we take our spouse along with us, is it necessary. should she be on the NDA?
A:  I’m not taking my spouse because these numbers make her uncomfortable.  But IAM cutting her a cashiers check:)  Spouses are not mandatory for NDA’s as individuals are allowed to own and redeem currencies, married or otherwise.
Q: Where and when do I find the 800# posting to call for currency exchange appointment.
A: Here on Dinar Chronicles will do you right.  Just check in a few times day.

Q: I basically follow Garry Larrabee on Youtube.  I also receive daily email updates from dinar chronicles. Occasionally, I will respond to vids on Garry’s YouTube channel. I consider myself a investigative librarian, I love reading and absorbing new information. Due to various disabilities, I’m homebound, but I love life and my window is the Internet.  I stopped watching MSM in 2015.  Will I receive the 800# thru these sources or be left out?

A: Gary is a diligent steward, as is Patrick here at Dinar Chronicles.  You will be fine.  Check in a few times a day to be safe.