Real Truth Universe – RV Update – Saturday – July 15, 2017

Real Truth Universe – RV Update – Saturday – July 15, 2017

RV Update
July 15, 2017


At midnight Saturday 7.15

Floating rates appeared in all redemption eligible computers last night.

They are the higher sovereign rates for private redemption period.

Whatever you ask for you can receive without an NDA up to the screen sovereign rate.

Above that will warrant a structured program with a built in NDA.

Mossad, Jesuits, ISIS, Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and FARC have all surrendered to NPTB.

Mossad was dead last–and was represented by Jared Kushner’a refusal to surrender until yesterday, Friday morning.

All dark nobility factions that splintered off post Pindar elimination have been defeated, and thus it’s now truly “safe” for T4 redemptions.

Jerusalem will be just another city, in just another country now, and not the energetic center of three of the world’s major religions.

That myth is to be removed slowly with time. As will all the major religions of man.

At 2am Saturday morning active “ghost removal teams” were told to stand down and return to their families.

NPTB primed the media pump all week with Trump’s ouster appearing to be immanent and threatened to be announced on TV Friday, this by just threatening to reveal Trump’s truth would have eliminated Mossad’s negotiating leverage completely.

So they caved in exchange for amnesty versus being hunted by ghost removal teams until eliminated without a time limit.

The Elders waited untill the start of the fiscal third quarter 2017 to have a breakthrough 2018 economic stimulus first quarter.M and year.

It was always their plan to do a fourth quarter fiscal release, which begins on July 15 in the United States (not June 30).

All banks worldwide close ending with the US West Coast at 8pm EDT.

Look for 800#s to flow out anytime after that.

Public rates wouldn’t show until after US fiscal year 2018 or October 1. A global announcement is also expected to made in harmony with public redemptions.

Redemption Schedule:
2017 Fourth quarter private exchanges
(July 15, 2017)
2018 First quarter public exchanges
(January 15, 2017)

God is with us.